Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Traveling Curse

I am wondering if there is a traveling curse that has been put upon me.... or if God just has a cruel sense of humour that makes my trips always about sickness.  Yes I said it sickness.  

First, I was upset about leaving, I knew I would be having a great time in Vegas, but I was upset to leave my little man behind for the first time in 410 days.  It won't be the last time I leave him for a holiday I am sure but it was hard and sad all the same.  So the trip started out a little sad to say the least.  

Second, my sister woke me up an hour before I had the wake up call booked for. Why would she do this?  Was it because of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming five days???  If you thought, "yes that's what it must have been!" you would be wrong.  If you thought well she mentions sickness up in the first paragraph, maybe she wasn't feeling well, then you would have hit the mark on the head.  Yes my sister woke up feeling ill today, she had a sore throat, then she almost got airsick on the plane, and finally she had to call it in after lunch and she slept in the hotel room all afternoon.  She seems to have caught a mixture of bugs, a little sore throat bug and the G. I. bug that had infected my house Dec 22 and 23rd.  

So I have now spent the afternoon meandering around the hotel and looking for deals, trying to organize the trip from here on out because I am not wasting time.  This is going to turn into a great trip, but seriously I must be cursed.  This isn't the first time a sickness has interfered with my trips.  The first time was back in 2008 when my friend Pam and I went to California for Easter break.  It was a great trip but Pam got sick part way through the trip.  She was a trooper though and powered through so we didn't get to side tracked, just had to watch what we ate.  Then this summer when we were in California, I got sick, then Adrian got sick and then Chandler got sick, all with the same bug.  It affected our time in Tahoe and our Trip to Marine World, Africa USA theme park. Meaning I did not get to go, but Adrian went with James.  And now this, my sister is sick on our first day here.  

It's never usually me but it's always some one with whom I am traveling.  I will post some pictures later, the lights are on the strip is bright and I have energy to burn!!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Anticipation and Apprehension

So how is this for a conundrum: I am anticipating a fabulous holiday in Vegas with my sister, a GROWN UP holiday, yet I am super apprehensive about leaving.  Not because I have any fears of flying or any fears of anything bad happening while I am down there.  Nope super apprehensive about leaving Little Man alone for five days with his dad.  I have never spent the night away from Little Man his entire life.  I have wanted to, but it's just never happened and now that it is, I am upset about it!!  It's all silly.  It's all those irrational fears coming up and it is driving me crazy.  

Here are some of the irrational fears I am dealing with.  Sometimes  think I am just nuts, but whatever.  So one fear is that maybe he will think I have abandoned him in the night and that I won't return.  I put him to bed tonight but I won't be there in the morning when he wakes up and that is definitely something out of the norm for him.  Or maybe he will forget about me when I am gone for so long, I am not really sure how long babies memories are, I hope I have made a bigger impression on him then someone he has only seen a few times but who knows.  Or that he will start talking or doing something else as a first and I will have missed it.  

I am excited about my trip and I know I will have fun, I just have to talk myself out of these irrational fears.  I wonder though am I the only one this happens to?

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

YEAH!!! I saw it , finally!!! And it was worth going to at the theatre!!! I was so excited with the movie and the way the director transferred the book onto the big screen.   And there was no noise over the voices and background that gave me a headache this time!!

I truly enjoyed the movie and even though there were some changes from the book, I don't think they took away form the overall story.  There were some characters that were cut out and some scenes but they added other things into the scene that helped explain different aspects of the story.

I am stuck as to what to write at this moment, because I don't want to give anything away, but there are parts of the story that I wish they would have kept.  One example is the first scene with Harry and his uncle and aunt and cousin.  In the book, Harry stumbles over a tea cup set outside his door.  He believes that Dudley had set it there as a practical joke on Harry.  As Harry and his family are getting ready to part ways, possibly forever, you can tell there is no real love lost.  Then Dudley asks why they are leaving and why Harry isn't coming with them.  It's that simple question from one of the biggest bullies in the book that lend a vision of hope to the ability for people to change and to see how relationship dynamics can change and not everyone is aware of them because of preconceived notions.  This scene however was cut from the story and it made me a little sad.

I do get that the book was a super long book and they were already making the one book into two movies, so they had to take some creative liberties and make some changes, but sometimes it's those small scenes that really bring those small themes to light in the movie.  So all in all I would give this movie many many thumbs up or many, many stars!!!  I can't wait to see the movie again!!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Friends:New, old and Lapsed

So with it being the festive season and all of us about to embark on many family gatherings, I decided to write a blog about friendship (again!) but in a bit of different mood than previous blogs on friends.

So for many of us, the holidays are a time to spend with various family members and a time to really enjoy your extended family that you don't get to see as often as you would like.  Some of us have HUGE families and have more Christmas celebrations than I would know what to do with.  They really give a true meaning to the 12 days of Christmas.  Some of us have smaller families or families that are geographically separated by many kilometers so our Christmases are less extended but no less special. Some of us won't be spending Christmas with our blood relatives, but with friends that have become family because they rank higher up in our priorities or because they are geographically closer during this celebratory time.  Whatever the reasons for your holiday gatherings I hope they are all fantastic.

To my friends, though I have this to say.  I am happy I have all of you in my life.  I hope you are all spending your holiday as you want to and that you get everything you want for Christmas.

To those friends that I talk to on a regular bases, I will be calling or texting you around the holiday and I hope that you get everything you want for Christmas.

To those friends that I don't actually speak with regularly, know that you are in my thoughts and in my heart during this time of the year.  (Maybe this will be my New Year's resolution, to reconnect with a few friends whom I only talk with online....)

To those friends that it appears our friendship has lapsed, I don't think that all friendships that lapse are a bad thing or a negative reflection on anyone person, I believe that it is just the way things sometimes are. But I still hope things are well for you and that you get your Christmas wish, whatever that is.

I actually started this out thinking I was going to vent about a situation in which I have been cut from a "friends" life since this "friend" has gotten engaged, but I just don't think it matters.  In fact it's that persons loss, not mine.  I wish them well and I hope they are enjoying their life!  Tis the season I guess.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Movie going

So on the weekend I went to the Harry Potter movie in Sasaktoon.  We decided to go to Center Cinemas because it was cheaper and I didn't have much money. That was a HUGE mistake.  I am sure the Harry Potter Movie is great, but my viewing oof that movie was less than enjoyable.

Unfortunately the theatre had some issues with thier sound system and all I heard for an hour and fifteen minutes was scratching noises over the talking.  I was so upset.  My two friends and I left the theatrea dn spoke to the the manager.  Her personal skills were less than desirable for her postiion.  After some pointed complaining though we were all given two movie passes and we left the theater.  Chandler and his friend stayed until the end of the moviesand they got one movie pass a piece. 

So now I have ot go and see the Harry Potter movie on my own.  I have no one in Red deer to see it with.  So I have decided to go on my own, it will be my treat to myself.  I really want to see the movie so I guess this is what I have to do.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

DAY 30 of the 30 DAY challenge!!!!!

Find a recent photo of yourself and post it.

So I have given you two photos.  One is of me a little Man after the first snow.  We had fun playing with Jett and Krista outside, even if Krista hates the cold. 
The second one is after I had my hair done in Saskatoon and we played with a partial up do for my wedding.  I think I am going to be able to do my own hair and make up for my wedding and save me a couple hundred dollars. YEAH!!! Also my cousin used to be a hair dresser so she said she would help me with my hair!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mineraleyez Make Up

So here is a shout out to my friend Lexus. She has completed a few business school courses and started up her own mineral make-up company, Mineral Eyez.  She is now based out of Vancouver and had been doing many trade shows and exhibitions to get her make up line out to the public.  I bought a start up kit from her and have been using her make-up now for 6 months.  I find the make up easy to use and easy to apply and the pigmentation of the colours is wonderful.

Here are a few close up pictures of my face all done up with the make up on. 
So this is the whole face.  I am wearing foundation, blush, eye shadow and eye liner from Mineral Eyez.

The lid shade is saskatoon berr-eh.

The cheek colour is -40 Flush.
All her products can be bought on line by visiting her website!!!  Here is the linkMineral eyez

Christmas shopping

So I started and finished my Christmas shopping today.  Sounds glorious?  No?  Well it was alright. We have opted out of buying Christmas gifts for family members this year, we are only buying for the kids.  So Adrian and I split that task. He will buy for Leigham and I will buy for Chandler.  I am buying stuff for Chandler in Vegas so I don't have to worry about him.  But we did have to get Santa gifts so I did my portion of the Santa gifts today. I may have one more to go out and grab, but I will get to that when I get to that.  It's not essential.

I am getting that Christmas spirit more and more every day.  Even the crazy people in Wal-mart today couldn't even dampen my mood.  That is truly saying something, because they were crazy.  I have my Christmas tunes playing and I have such a mood to give and give and give.  I have two girlfriends that have had baby girls in the past three months and it was so hard not to buy little Christmas dresses for their babies.  I have a shopping problem, but then I didn't know their older child's size and it just wouldn't be fair, so I contained myself.  However, if those girls read my blog and want to send me sizes when I am in Vegas I will look for some cute little outfits, I have to fulfill my shopping desires on someone!! lol

Merry Happy Ho- Ho Everyone!!! I hope you all get to spend time with your family and loved ones this holiday season!!!

30 Day Challenge Day 29

Your opinions on the TV show GLEE

Well to be perfectly honest I have never watched it.  Not one little episode.  It seemed to High School Musical-ish and just not my thing.  Do I think I have missed out on some episodes that have aired?  Yeah I have always said to myself "oh they are doing a tribute to (insert musician here) I should watch that show." and yet I have never done it.  If they ever come out with a DVD release of all their tribute episodes I may sit down and watch it, I think the music is great on the show, I just don't see myself sitting down for a weekly episode viewing.

30 day challenge day 28

Your first celebrity crush

The earliest celebrity crush that stands out in my mind is Joey MacIntyre from NKOTB.  I just thought he was adorable, and I wanted to be his girlfriend.  I think that was my first celebrity crush but if there was someone else I can't remember who they would have been now.

Monday, 13 December 2010

December 8th

The morning light nearly blinded me as I woke up from a restless nights sleep.  Over the past 4 weeks my life had been in a constant state of upheaval so why should I expect to wake up peacefully or even get a restful night sleep.  I could smell the roasting coffee in the kitchen and it encouraged me to sit up and crawl out of the hide-a-bed in the living room.   

"Good morning mom," I called as I stretched and reached for my slippers.  Chan was already eating cereal at the kitchen table and mom was surrounded by folders.  Some were open, some were stacked on the island of the kitchen but they all dictated a problem we had to deal with.

"Good morning Jenny, did you sleep alright?" Mom asked as she quickly glanced up from the list she was making. 

"It was ok, but I can't wait to get home.  So are we leaving tomorrow for sure then?"  I asked anxious to get home, living out of a suitcase was not a way of life.  Nor was leaving in the state of things but this life of limbo was enough to drive a person crazy.

"Well hurry up and get ready to go we have a big day ahead of us," Mom absently instructed as she turned her attention back to the affairs of the estate that had to be dealt with.

Hurrying into the washroom I turned on the shower.  I needed some time to relax and think as the scalding water crashed down on my skin.  I didn't want things to be over, but I needed something to happen, I wanted him to get better, I wanted him to make a recovery, I did not want to see him lying in that hospital bed anymore, with cooling blankets and tubes in every orifice of his body.  It was not a pleasant sight and I knew he would not want to be laid up like that.  I knew he would not want the last memories his family had of him was of someone who was not even strong enough to breath on his own. 

I was lost in thoughts and did not realize that my face was not only wet from the shower but from the tears that overfilled my eyes.  In this time in my life, I could not believe I was having to deal with this situation. It was a horrible situation and the instigating factors were so absurd it played out like a sweeps story line from a soap opera. 

Chandler was dressed and watching cartoons by the time I got out of the shower.  Grabbing a cup of coffee and pouring in some caramel creamer I sat at the kitchen table.  Mom was talking on the phone with another company, getting contact information to cancel another account or to put another account on hold.  The canned laughter from Nickelodeon reminded me of another time I had been here, a time when all those things that made my life absurd now did not even exist.  Chandler would have been sitting beside the recliner, on his beanbag chair, not in the recliner.  The sofa would have been a sofa, not a bed and my father, not my mother would have been sitting at the kitchen table with me. My father and I would have been discussing the plans for the day, the fun we would have with Chandler, not the jobs we had to do for my father's estate.

Mom got off the phone and got ready.  I finished my coffee and joined Chandler in the living room.  Picking up "Marley and Me" I began to read another chapter.  After the show ended I had Chandler gather up some of his school work and put it into his book bag to take with us during the day.  It was going to be a long day of driving.  I brought my book with me, hoping that the day would go by without incident but not counting on anything.

I fired off a text to my girlfriend Alex, to give her an update on the situation.  I had not seen her much this time since I was doing more running around with my mom, but we had been calling and texting regularly which was the only semblance of normalcy in my life at the moment.

Taking the road out of Discovery Bay, Mom headed out to the Freeway on her way to Fremont and Newark.  Because we were leaving at 9 in the morning we hit the tail end of rush hour traffic.  It was foggy, like the steam clouds that escape from steam rooms at the gym. Once we got above the Altamont the fog cleared and the sun shone down on us all.   Switching radio stations to something we would all enjoy, I sat back and closed my eyes.

To be honest, I found it a miracle I could close my eyes at all.  My eyes were so puffy, so very puffy.  With the lack of sleep and the crying that had happened since Thanksgiving, I did not think my eyes would ever return to their normal shape or size.  I caught a glimpse of myself after one painful crying session at the hospital and it looked like I had just lost a fist fight with someone.  Seriously, each eye lid was so swollen you could see the eyelash rim in front, they appeared to be 20 times their normal size and they were lined with bluish green bags and red rimmed on the inside.  It was not a pretty site, in fact it was down right scary.

After an hour we had made it to Mission Boulevard in Fremont.  Mom turned in by Wells Fargo to go in and talk to a Bank Manager.  We did not have an appointment, because we did not know whom we needed to speak to, but we were hoping that something would finally go our way.

Poor Chandler was so bored, all I heard was variations of "mom I'm bored" or "are we done yet" or "I'm hungry mom when are we going to eat."  He was good though, considering all factors the kid did well under pressure.  He wasn't too annoying and I promised I would buy him a treat when we finally finished with everything that we needed to do.

I think the God's had conspired against me until this point, but something had shifted during this day.  For days we had been told "no, you can't do that" or "sorry we can't tell you that" or " no you don't have the right documentation" and it was like a No wall had been placed in front of us making our advancement in dealing with the estate impossible.  But today, things had turned around.

Suddenly, the bank said we had the right documentation and that we could get into Dad's Safety Deposit box.  It was just a matter of going to his branch and going in to see if the documents were in there.  I could have kissed the Bank Teller.  We left the bank and the cell phone rang.

I answered the phone and our lawyer was on the other line.  She had called to let me know that the Hospital had told her they would not honour my father's advanced directives because he did not fill out their form.  Effin Kaiser!!!  Fighting the hospital was a battle in futility and I was done battling with them, and as much as I wanted to be there for my father until his time was through I had bills to pay and job to work.  It was not feasible for me to spend anymore time in the States especially if the Hospital was being so friggen pig headed.

"Who was that?" inquired my mother as she unlocked the truck.

"Oh it was just Daphne telling me she had run into another obstacle with the hospital.  You know if it favoured them not to use a law that had not been put in place yet they wouldn't but because it does favour them they are going to use it." I complained, "I just don't get it, he didn't even put her down as his next of kin, she isn't even in this country or continent and she has more authority then his living child, his only living child."

"I know it's frustrating Jenn, but maybe things will turn around for us, maybe things are finally going to work out for us." 

It wouldn't have been a big issue to get into Dad's Safety Deposit Box if we could have found his Advance Health Directives sheet that stated who could make health decisions for him in case he was ever in a situation where he could not speak for himself.  Obviously, with a breathing tube down his throat living on life support he could no longer make decisions, but the hospital was not listening to us, no they were listening to his new "wife" from the Philippines.  Did this situation make me angry, oh you bet it did!

This was my second journey to the states in a 4 week time period, usually I only make it down once in a 104 week period.  I don't know that I would have decided to come this second time if the hospital hadn't called me Monday before the American Thanksgiving and had a discussion about his situation.  Dad had been moved out of the ICU into the Cardiac ward, but then he had taken a turn for the worse, and now the hospital needed to know what the family wanted to do. 

Under any circumstance I want to hope for the best, but unfortunately, the Doctors had no hope.  The fact was Dad's body was shutting down.  His hearts ejection factor was at 7 %, he couldn't breath on his own, his oxygen intake was never more than 92%, he had an infection that was systematically attacking his other organs.  It was not a pretty site.  Dad had directives in his Trust that he did not want to be kept alive on life support if there was no hope that he would get better.  I, more than anyone, know my father is a fighter, and if there was a way he could overcome this situation then I know he would have, but the outlook was bleak, so bleak that the hospital gave him a 5% chance if he could beat the fever.  He never beat the fever.  In the family meeting his "wife" was on the phone, she agreed that when the family could all be together to say good bye we would move him to Compassionate Care.  So I got my things in order to fly back to the states, take more time off work, and to ready my heart and soul to say good bye to the man I knew as Dad.

The most frustrating part is the hospital knew I was planning to come back down to California by Thanksgiving, they knew I was making arrangements, yet the day after our phone meeting, Dad's "wife" phoned and exercised her "wifely" rights and told the hospital they could not take him off life support.  But when  I called to talk to the hospital they did not inform me of this change and I proceeded to make it down to the states.  Then when we get there two days later the hospital decides to tell us that they will not be moving him to Compassionate Care because his "wife" didn't want that, even though his advanced directives stated that is exactly what he wanted.

So we held out hope that we would be able to find his form that listed his durable power of attorney for health decisions.

Waiting in the Newark Safeway while mom went into the back with the safety deposit boxes, Chandler and I waited out front.  I looked around the Safeway of my summers recalling shopping trips for barbecues and snacks.  I remembered standing at the Teller Windows while Dad wrote cheques and I remember getting suckers and candies from the ladies that worked there.  They were always happy to see Dad and he always had a smile for them.  In private my dad may have said some racist things, but in public he could turn on the charisma and he made friends with everyone.  It was always a wonder to me how he could charm so many people into genuine smiles and laughter, yet he could be so quick tempered other times.  Sometimes it was like watching Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde simultaneously.

"Well thank you," I heard mom say as she came out from the back room. "I took everything out of the safety deposit box so you can close that box."

"What was in there?" I asked Mom as we headed outside.

Mom just shook her head and we continued to follow behind her to the truck.  When she got in she turned her eyes towards me and stared at me, her eyes were wide and she her mouth was open, her head was shaking slowly back and forth.  "Do you really want to know what's in there?  Because I am going to hit your father with it.  I can't believe what he kept in that Safety Deposit Box."

"So it wasn't the durable power of attorney form?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

"No," she said simply taking a small break, "nothing as useful as that, no your father had an ivory tusk, an old geometry set and some old coins.  That's it, that's all he had in there, and he had the biggest box you could get.  Why would he spend money on that?"

Shaking my head, shoulders rising and falling I laughed at the absurdness of everything.  We would get one step forward but would then be set back three steps.  It was never letting us get ahead. 

Our next step was to Pleasanton to a building that Mike Meyers told us to go to in order to pick up a cheque for Dad's investment dividends.   We were then going to need to cash that cheque but we did not want to go back to Newark, so we had the bank authorize a deposit and cash withdrawal for the same amount for the same day of the cheque we were going to deposit.  After much finagling and driving we were finished our errands for the day.  But it was already 3.

We proceed on the 580 heading back to Discovery Bay.  Traffic was at a stand still. I literary could have gotten out and walked faster than we were driving.  It took us 45 minutes to get from one exit to the next exit. Apparently there was an accident just before the Altamont and we needed to find an alternate route home.

Mom got off the freeway and we went shopping for a bit.  Just to get out of the car and to stretch our legs.  We stopped at a Target and bought a couple dresses and some Lego for Chandler.  We wandered around the store and spent 45 minutes there hoping that traffic would be moving more than it was now. 

Back on the highway we took the alternate route home.  Darlene called while we were driving and said they would come over for supper to visit for a bit.  Not wanting to argue or cause issues we agreed to meet her at Dad's house at 6. 

Mom and I stopped at Safeway in Discovery Bay and bought supper. I can't remember what it was, I have tried but I don't remember.  Darlene and the kids were at the house when we arrived and we all went in and hung out through supper.  I left my Canadian cell phone in the truck, because I was using Dad's cell phone to talk to people in California so I didn't really need my Canadian cell.  After Darlene and her kids left, I got Chandler to get ready for bed, and then cleaned up the kitchen.  Afterwards, I realized that my phone was in the truck so I ran out to get it, in case someone had called.  It was that intuition that tells you, it is important that you have the phone, something was nagging at me that  I would need my phone tonight.

Running out in my pajamas I opened the truck and pulled my phone out of the door.  I looked at the screen and saw that I had missed two calls and I had two voicemails.  The calls were both American, California, Antioch numbers.  That was my thought process as I processed the number on display on my cell phone. 

A rock sunk into my stomach, I hit 1 then talk and went through accessing my voicemail.  The first one was from Tom at Kaiser Antioch ICU department and he wanted me to call the hospital as soon as I could.  The second one was from Susan with Kaiser Antioch's counselling department who wanted to talk to me.  Taking in deep breathes I called Kaiser.  I was transferred to the ICU department and asked to speak to Tom, I identified who I was and waited while they looked for Tom. 

"Miss Lacourse," came the voice from the phone, "I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but your father passed away tonight at 7:30."

Gasping, I wildly searched for a clock, I needed to find out what time it was.  My eyes landed on the DVD player and it's red lights displayed 8:30.  An hour ago, my father had taken his last breathe. "Did he suffer?"
I am not sure why I asked this question, I knew Dad had been suffering, I mean his breathing tube had cracked in his throat on Saturday and had to be replaced.

"No the nurse said he simply opened his eyes and looked around then took a breath and closed his eyes and his heart stopped," the voice continued.

"Thank you.," I sobbed. I hung up the phone and was enveloped into a hug by my mother and son.  My father had lost his long battle, he was in a better place now and would not hurt anymore, but I had decided to have supper with friends instead of heading to the hospital to visit him.  The gut wrench, rib shaking sobs racked my body the devastation that befell me in that moment was so complete, so total that it felt as if I were being crushed by all that was negative in the world. 

I made calls that night to cousins and close families friends, to deliver the inevitable yet undeniably devastating news.  I heard more than one person choke up and I couldn't talk for long.  Chandler sat beside me with his head on my lap, I ran my fingers through his hair and made my quick calls. 

That night I had a fitful sleep. I was full of guilt, I had not been there for my dad's last moments.  No one had been there.  We had all been there the day before but on this day, we were all wrapped up in our lives outside of this horrible situation.  I did not think I could ever forgive myself for not being there when he would have been at his most vulnerable.

As time has passed I have come to terms with that day.  I have accepted that I could not have known, I could not have foreseen the future and been able to predict the time of his untimely demise.  I know that I was there for all the times I could give, I know that I was thinking of him and hoping he would be fine.  I know that had things gone as we had planned and his "wife" had not interfered and been selfish, we would have been able to surround him in love at that fateful moment, but for whatever reason fate stepped in and denied us that opportunity.  Fate can play a cruel joke at times. 

I know this is a super long blog, and I don't blame you if you don't read it but it has definitely been cathartic for me to write.  If you want to post a comment I will welcome them!!!  Thanks for sticking it through.

Science and Passion

I am not a science teacher, but I am.  This year part of my teaching assignment is to teach Grade Eight Science.  I am not the only Science teacher and I only teach one Grade Eight class so I don't know if my students aren't getting the same education as the other class.  I worry that maybe they aren't learning the concepts, but I am realizing that I have to stop comparing myself to the other teacher and just worry about what I am doing.  This is harder than it sounds since the school wants us to be using the same teaching tools and handouts for the students.

In this struggle I have discovered some interesting facts about myself.  I struggle with teaching concepts I don't fully grasp, which I am sure is the same with everyone.  However, if I can see th practical application for a concept I can bring it to my students with avegence.  So I have decided to attack each concept I want the kids to learn with the "end in mind".  They teach you this in school but I have never really had to use it until now, or I never had to consciously think about it unitl now. 

What I have done, is I have posed problems to my students that they have to solve.  We do a little lecturing and classroom learning, but now the students must take these things and explain them in practical solutions. This has definitely improved the atmosphere in my classroom.  The students are more receptive and I am finidng that they are more engaged in the task at hand.  I have created learning groups within the classroom that collaborate together and the next step is to teach them how to work together cooperatively to teach learning to their classmates. 

It's been a struggle but the benefits at the end are going to be AMAZING!!!!

Christmas Season

Tis the season to be... baking.  Apparently in my house, this is what I am doing. I LOVE baking though so it makes the season so much more fun!!! I love to bake, cooking and I don't see eye to eye all the time but the baking concepts that's where I excell.  I should have gone to school to be a baker, because I love working with dough and creating new desserts. 

I made maple cinnamon buns this weekend. They were delicious. I like my cinnamon buns plan, meaning no nuts or raisons.  But I like to experiment with differnt tastes and add things in that I think would be a little tasty.  And the maple cinnamon buns were exceptionally tasty.  I also made regular cinnamon buns and bread this weekend.  I have my Great Grandma's bread recipe and it is a phenomenal recipe.

Adrian made chocolate chip cookies on Saturday.  They were pretty tasty but I still think mine taste better.  I may be a biased judge though. 

The house smelled delicious all weekend. There is something completely soothing about the smell of baking bread.  I am calmed down and relaxed whenever I can smell homemade bread.  Even mass produced bread like at the big bakeries still has that main fresh bread smell and I love it!!

I will edit this post again to include some of the mouth watering pictures I took as well.  Hopefully, tonight we will get our tree up and it will start to feel like Christmas.  I am still waiting for the Christmas spirit to descend upon me, it's now two years and I am not feeling the Christmas spirit as I used to. This year is definitely better than last but not by much.

30 Day Challenge Day 27

Share your three favourite girls names, boys names and pets names

1. Auroura
2. Tacia
3. Kalleigh

1. Chandler
1. Leigham (it's a tie because I wouldn't want either boy to think I prefered one name to the other ;))
3. Ryleigh ( this is one of my son's middle names the other has the middle name Michael, I like Ryleigh more than Michael, but Michael is in honour of my father.)

1. Lexus
2. Sasha
3. Ninja

Sunday, 12 December 2010

30 day challenge day 26

Name one place you would like to visit and why

I would love to visit Greece. I have been in love with Greece since I was in grade 6. It stems from my passion in history and my passion for mythology. I want to go and explore all the areas that the stories and myths talk about. I want to see the culture to see the seas, to travel the narrow roads that climb up on steep banks. I can’t wait until I can get there and it will be one day soon!!!

30 day challenge day 25

Tell us about the last book you read

The last new book I read was The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. It was a great book, I so enjoyed it. But the last book I read was Marion Keyes’ The Other Side of the Story. It’s a story of miscommunication and the interlocking lives of three women and their struggles to overcome their obstacles in their personal lives.

30 day challenge Day 24

Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres

The last movie I saw in theatres was Morning Glory. I loved it. It was such a cute movie and it will be the last movie I see in theatres for awhile that’s for sure. Too broke and not enough time, although I do want to go see Harry Potter, I have to see that movie in theatres and i can’t believe I haven’t gone yet.

30 day challenge day 23

YOur opinions on Lady Gaga

I do not like Lady Gaga or her music. I find her shock value outfits and I couldn’t be bothered to really pay any attention to what she does. I am definitely not a Little Monster.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

30 Day Challenge Day 22

Do you play a sport?  If not talk about a hobby you have.

I don't actually play any organized sports.  I would like to play soccer or ultimate Frisbee in the summer, but I have never really pursued either of these as a team sport.  I would even play softball if I could find a team that wasn't worried that I was afraid of the ball.  ( I have been hit with the ball too many times not to flinch when it comes at me)

As for hobbies, I love to read and write (blogging, poetry, short stories, beginnings of novels (I say beginnings because I usually run into writers block and can't finish the story)).  I also love to do scrapbooking, and I have found a new love for digital scrapbooking, it makes things much easier, and it's not as messy as the other way.  I also love to bake, it's definitely a hobby, I would never do it professionally, I think that would be stressful, but maybe one day I will take some baking and decorating classes and branch out into the world of my own bakery.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

30 day challenge day 21

Your favorite subject to study

I have two favourite subjects, and I cannot differentiate between which is actually my favourite.  My first favourite is English, I love reading and writing and I just love everything there is to love about language.  I find so many small joys in books and I find that books are a way to reach so many different people at one time. 

My other favourite subject is History.  I love history and I love learning about the impacts of events on the lives of the citizens.  I think that Social Studies and Current events are also very interesting but I like to look back to see why things that happened thousands of years ago are still relevant today. 

To be perfectly honest I just love learning. If I won the lottery I would quit my job and I would become a full time student I would probably end up being a professor at a university or a guest lecturer on many subjects because I love learning then imparting that knowledge to other eager or not so eager learners.

Monday, 6 December 2010

30 Day cHallnege day 20

Do you wear glasses? If so what for?

I used to wear reading glasses, but since I have finished school my eyes have corrected themselves and I do not need glasses anymore.  I still have my reading glasses and if I get a headache I will put them on but the eye doctor says I don't need them anymore.

30 Day Challenge Day 19

What are the initials of your crush?

Well the first and most important crush is ALR, or as I more commonly refer to him AGB.  After that celebrity crushes are now so few and far between it is hard to even remember them sometimes.  But here is the top three list.
1. SM
2. JD
3. PW

Can you guess who they are??

30 Day Challenge Day 18

Do you drink soda more often then milk?

I would love to say I drink milk more often than soda, but that is just not the case.  I hate milk.  I will maybe have a glass of milk once every two to three weeks.  I do enjoy Soy milk, but I am not in the habit of drinking milk with meals so that makes it hard to finish the Soy milk before it goes bad.  So even though I have cut down my soda drinking (I used to drink at least 500 ml a day, yes it's sick I know I had an addiction) I will still have a glass or two of soda a week.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Teaching with Passion

I have been posed with the question whether I was passionate about teaching or not.  This is a self posed question and I have had to think about what my answer would be.  After careful consideration this is the answer I have composed.

My passion lies in the shaping of young minds. My passion lies in finding new opportunities to learn from the subject at hand and the students in my class.  My passion lies in the words and art and dramatizations.  My passion lies with the look in a students eye when the concept becomes apparent.  So am I passionate about teaching, yes I am very passionate.  However, I am struggling to convey that to my students.  I think they see glimpses of my passion but I am struggling to convey this passion on a daily basis.  You may ask why.

Well the reason I find I am struggling is my internal perfectionism.  I am a perfectionist at heart and I do not like to lead my students down paths that are not perfectly smooth.  I love presenting labs to students because it allows them to explore on their own, but if they don't get it right I feel like I have failed them.  I have corrected a few labs and the students results are inaccurate or confused and now I am struggling with how I can fix this discovery to meet the curriculum goal.  I struggle teaching right now because the subject matter is not the subject I am or was most passionate about in school. 

Obviously it is science, which was tied as my worst subject with math, go figure right.  I didn't struggle with math or science per se, I just somehow caught onto the concepts and was able to apply them over and over. Maybe my science and math was more rote memorization of formulas then actual higher level thinking which is why I did well, but did not develop a passion for it.  I am trying to develop a passion for my science curriculum that I am teaching, but because I struggle with the concepts I don't know that I can present them to my students in a conducive manner. 

So from the teachers out there, how do you teach a subject you are not passionate about in a passionate manner?  What strategies do you employ in your classrooms that are more easily transferred from subject to subject?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

30 Day Challenge Day 17

Your Thought on Ugg boots

My honest opinion.... well I don't like them. I can say they look comfortable and cozy and I am sure they would keep my feet warm on a cold day, but I just don't like them.  I find them too bulky for my liking.

I am sure it is my only personal demons coming out to hate these boots, but when you are built like I am (or think you are built like I am) pants tucked into boots is not a great look.  I am not even sure leggings are a good look for me unless it is with a super long sweater, one that comes to my knees.  I feel very awkward when I have them on, like I am the fat girl trying to be skinny... I am also not a fan of flat shoes.  I have some flats, but not very many, and no flat soled boots at all except for my snow boots.  So there are some strikes against the Uggs for me, but to each there own.  I have seen Uggs look great on some people, but on me I just feel like it's not an option.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ok I have a question for the mom's out there...

I have a very serious question that has been haunting me since my youngest was born.  I tend to have many thoughts running through my head at any given time, and sometimes I kind of whisper those thoughts out as I am doing something.  But I have noticed something that has become more apparent since my youngest son was born.  So the question is this.....Do any of you moms out there find yourself talking to yourself as you go through your day?  I had gotten into the habit of narrating all parts of the day to Little Man as I interacted with him.  They say that it encourages speech and helps the baby learn to speak faster.. not sure if there is any truth behind it, but I didn't mind doing it and as he has gotten older I have started talking with him more.

So today as I am going through my daily chores I realize that I am talking to myself dictating out loud all the things I have to do and how I am going to explain them later to Adrian when he gets home.  I am not saying them loudly, it's like loud thoughts or quiet whispers but I am hearing them.  I know I have a habit of talking out my plans when I am trying to organize my thoughts, but not to this extent.  Twice in an hour I was like "omg I am talking to myself!!" So then I would stop, only to notice it again.  Maybe I just need to talk with more people, or maybe get out of my house more, or maybe more people need to come visit with me so I can have real conversation instead of conversations with myself lol.  So has any other mom noticed this, or anyone else for that matter?

30 Day Challenge day 16

Your favorite Disney Princess movie

In respect to Disney Princess movies this post is written in pink!! Without a doubt, my favourite Princess movie is the Little Mermaid.  I loved the story before they created it into a movie, but I also believe it was one of the first Disney Movies of the new era.  It was one of the first really musical Disney movies that went main stream.  All Disney movies incorporated singing, but not to the extent that they did when they made The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas, etc. etc. 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

30 day challenge day 15

Tell us your favorite junk food
My favourite type of junk food is any junk food. LOL just kidding.

If I had to pick a favourite of all time it would be a tie between Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and Pepsi. Both unfortunately for me have become comfort foods. I will crave them when I am feeling down or missing my dad. There is a definite tie to my father with both these items as he always kept me in supply in the summers when I came down to visit. Ask any of my California friends, they will tell you, if they came over to my dad’s they would open the fridge and find a pepsi and in the cupboard beside the fridge was a box of Reese’s. I don’t eat or drink much junk food anymore, but when the cravings start those are my first two choices.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

30 Day challenge Day 14

Do you have siblings? Talk about them or what it's like to be an only child
I have two siblings. Both my siblings are younger than me but I believe we are all really close.

My sister is three years younger than I am. We have gone through phases in our lives where we are really close and then there have been times when we didn’t like each other much. At this point in my life my sister is one of my best friends and I don’t know what I would do without her.

My brother is six years younger than I am. He lives in Red Deer with me so I get to see him a little more frequently than my sister. We are close and I love my brother but he’s very busy with his social life and I am very busy with my home life so they don’t always mesh well. We do what we can though to hang out as a family and I can’t really ask for more.

30 Day Challenge Day 13

Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls
Mean Girls, the movie, the book and the real ones in my life.....

I loved the Mean Girls movie and book. They were very enlightening bringing to focus in a positive way a huge problem in our society. No one would have paid attention to girl bullying if the movie hadn’t been funny. Girl bullying is so covert and implied that it is often hard to really identify it for anyone who is on the outside looking in. Makes my job as a teacher that much harder.

Real mean girls in my life, are few and far between. I am sure in high school we have all gone through a time when we may have been considered the mean girl in some one’s life. I think that can be normal. But I knew mean girls. They are what pop culture calls frenemies now. They are those girls that are your “friend” but they will steal your boyfriend, steal the guy you like, choose boys over friends, lie, back stab, talk behind your back, give you back handed compliments. All the while they are smiling in your face. I don’t have any desire to hang out with people who are like that. It’s just not in me to be playing those games anymore. So I work hard to pick my friends cautiously and make cuts when I have to for my own sanity or well being in the self esteem area. It’s hard to pick out the mean girls, and often those mean girls who were such in middle school and high school are not the same mean girls in adulthood.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

30 day challenge Day 12

Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter

I am absolutely in love with the Harry Potter franchise.  Finally, a group of characters have been created that both male and female students enjoy and can relate to.  I have been a fan of Harry Potter since I came across the first book and waited on pins and needles for every other book to come out after I had read the third book. 
I love the movies and I truly believe they did a great casting job when they chose the actors to play the characters.  I have had a few issues with the movies and I understand about creative licensing, but sometimes they take it to far.  I believe the Goblet of Fire was the first movie where I took against the Harry Potter movie section of this franchise.  It cut out so many wonderful parts of this story and it appeared chopping in some scenes where characters were almost forced to interact.  Had I not read the book I may not have been able to put the story together.  That was the first movie in the franchise that my son had seen and complained about a little because he had gotten lost.  Thus confirming my belief.
I do love the movies, but I so love the books more.  I think it would have made a great cartoon series as well.  That way you wouldn't have had to cut out parts of the book because of issues with reality getting in the way of fantasy. 
I am looking forward to seeing Part 1 of the final Harry Potter book.  I hope it can live up the expectations I have. 

Saturday, 27 November 2010

30 day challenge Day 11

Name you three favourite bands at this moment

At this moment in time I have many favourite bands, or singers I guess.  It's hard to narrow it down but I will try.
1) Sugarland! I love this band, they have so many up beat songs and I am in love with them.  I have liked them since I first heard them and I love them in concert too!!
2) Zac Brown Band:  I am partial to these guys I really liked their Chicken Fried song and have grown to love them.
3) Aqua: I know they haven't released anything in years and probably won't again but I loved them and I still love them

The others that could be interchanged with the 2nd and 3rd spots would be Pink, Taylor Swift, Eminem( I know bizarre), TLC and Jessica Simpson (pre divorce).  I tried to list bands for my top three since that's what they asked for but as many of my friends will tell you I am a top forty or pop listener those bands will change often.  I am more into songs than bands until I find songs that I love.  Like 3 years ago Mika came out and I loved his song and album but I haven't heard anything from them since so they become part of my albums that I love.

Ask me again in 6 months and I bet my choices will have changed again!!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

30 day challenge day 10

Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

I don't know that I would have pets if it were not for my child.   Chandler loves pets and we have had a few. 

The first pet I ever had was a black and white cat.  Her name was Lexus and she was a very loyal pet and she was quite a bitch.  She did not like males and she only tolerated other people who were not me.  She had a long patience but when that patience wore out she lashed out.  Chandler had many scratches and bites from her because he kept trying to use her as a pillow.  We don't know where Lexus is, she ended up running away from the farm after we had gave her away because Chandler was allergic.  Funny stories about her, she actually got lost twice before but she was definitely the cat that came back.

The second pet I got was Aja.  Aja was a Rottweiler.  She was the gentlest dog ever. I used to tell people to be afraid of Lexus, not Aja. Aja had hip problems and had to be put down I definitely cried when that happened.

Then we had a string of hamsters and a some more caged animals.  There were a few kitties that stayed with us for a bit but none more than two months. 

Now we have a Great Dane (whom we got before the Marmaduke movie made them popular I was finally ahead of the trend lol) and a Crested Gecko.  Chandler was able to talk me into letting him have a Crested Gecko. Lizards, reptiles and the like kind of freak me out, but I like Ninja our little crestie.  She is super easy to take care of and she doesn't stink. Our Great Dane is Sasha, and sometimes she's too big for her own good.  She thinks she's a little dog sometimes which is part of the problem.  She also hates the cold weather and becomes very whiny about any outside activities.  But I like her and would be sad if she left us. 

For our next pet though I would really like to get a smaller dog.  Maybe not a pocket pooch, but a medium sized dog like a king Charles Spaniel or something along those lines.  Unless of course we are living on a farm by that time then maybe I will get something else completely.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

30 day challenge day 9

Favorite meme at the moment

I had no idea what this was until Becky posted her blog, but I can't say that I actually have a favourite.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depends on how you look at it, I don't spend a lot of time on the Internet looking at Youtube or seeing any of those forwards that have gone Viral.  I can't even think of one that I have seen in the past, that I really liked.................

Well there is this one that I have saved into my hotmail account I am not sure if it is considered a meme but it was sent around via email and I got it a few times so maybe it is.... Here it is, it's called Life on a on a train I found the You tube link for it!!!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Morning Glory

Adrian and I have been neglectful of our dating life over the past year.  I think we have been on four dates since Little Man was born.  For our anniversary last February he made me some coupons for special treats like massages, nights out, weekends away ect.  So on November 7 I handed the coupon for a fancy dinner and movie date and told Adrian that I wanted to have in cashed in by the weekend of November 19th.  I told him I did not want to arrange anything with babysitters or anything like that it had to be all done by him.

So the 20th came, sitters were found for the boys (Chanman went to the collicut center with a friend little man was at grandma and grandpa's) and Adrian and I were off for a long overdue date.  First we went to Moxie's for supper, we actually sat in the lounge which is something we haven't done in FOREVER.  It's hard to sit in a lounge when you are carting a child or two with you.  The supper at Moxie's was very good.  I am usually quite impressed with their servings and I usually try to try something new every time I am there.  After supper we went to the Movies.  We decided (and read I here if you must) to go and see Morning Glory.

I loved this movie.  It was funny and sweet at the same time.  I found the storyline to be interesting and the interactions between the characters were believable.  I really enjoyed Rachel McAdams portrayal of a young producer trying to make a place for herself in the world.  I also like Harrison Ford's cynical portrayal of a news anchor that has been put out to pasture to die on the morning show.  Diane Keaton was interesting as well, her character was slightly less jaded, but you could see if someone proved themselves to her she would support them and be in there corner.  If you are looking for a romantic comedy to go and see I strongly suggest this movie.   

Here is the link to Galaxy Cinema's website to read the synopsis and view the trailer if you wish...Morning Glory.

If you need some further incentive to go to this movie with a significant other, there were more girls than guys in the theater, but the percentage was a lot higher than say a movie like SATC2.  And the men that were in the theater were laughing out loud during all the funny parts as well.

30 Day Challenge Day 8

Are you a couch potato or Fitness Nut?

I would love to say that I was a fitness nut, that I worked out everyday and loved doing it.  Unfortunately, I have to be honest, which isn't the unfortunate part, and admit that I am more of a couch potato then Fitness nut.  If I am not feeling well I use that as an excuse to not work out, if I don't get enough sleep again another excuse, money is tight so I can't afford to pay to work out classes, even Adrian being up and wanting to watch television is a reason for me not to work out.  I am the queen of excuses for not working out.

I had changed my lifestyle before I met Adrian, I was going to the Collicut center in town at least 4 times a week.  I was running and lifting weights and I had lost a lot of weight.  I had gotten back down to my high school weight which was phenomenal.  Then I met Adrian, and I didn't go to the gym as much because I wanted to spend time with him instead.  Then my dad got sick and I had a lot of stress in my life at that point and when I am stressed I eat comfort foods.  Then there was the whole getting pregnant and now here I am a year after having the baby trying to get back into shape.  It's hard work, but I am determined to do it.  I am determined to get to a weight I am comfortable at and do that I have to stop the excuses and just to quote Larry the Cable guy , get r done.

I am positive that after 30 days of my other challenge on my other blog that I will be more of a fitness nut then a couch potato!!:D

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

30 Day Challenge Day 7

How you came across blogging and how your life has changed since joining

I came across blogging by reading friends' blogs.  I had known about it before but when I actually saw people I know doing it I figured why not. 

I started blogging back in October of 2009, right before I went on Maternity Leave. I continued blogging through the year but there were definitely months where I got distracted and didn't blog.  I am doing this 30 day challenge to keep me writing so that I can get into better habits.  It has helped and it has definitely given me a platform to vent from time to time.

I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs.  I just hope people enjoy reading mine.  Maybe one day you will hear about my story being made into a movie.  Lol

Monday, 22 November 2010

I phone 4

Just got me a new phone today!!! It is the I phone 4 I am so excited about it!! I can't wait to get it activated and start perusing all the features... if you get random texts from me and stuff that would be why!!!

If only Bell would answer their phones and not leave me on hold with the phone ringing for 45 minutes maybe then I would become a happier camper!!!

30 day challenge Day 6

Your favorite season + why

My favourite season has always been and always will be Summer.  I love everything about summer.  I wish it were warmer for more days than three like it usually is here in Alberta, but I will take what I can get.  If I could live in a place where it was always hot and green then I would be happy.

I enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, boating, water skiing, tubing and fishing in the summer.  I love campfires and camping (as long as I have a toilet to use and a shower).  I love all the flowers in bloom and the leaves on the trees.  I find the colours of summer are my favourite.  The only thing I can complain about with summer is the mosquitoes... and bugs.  They could be cute if they weren't so annoying and didn't bite you.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Pet Peeve

My words are my words, and my feelings are my feelings.... so it does irritate me when people make blanket statements about facts that are not necessarily  true. 

It is unfortunate that there are times when you write things that you would like to take back.  It's never fun having to hierarchy your friends.  Who's closest, who's not that close anymore, but the fact of the matter remains that as people grow they become closer and sometimes people grow apart as well.  It's the way life goes. 

I have been dwelling on a situation in my life at this point, and I have blogged about it.  My blog is my words and I will not apologize for them...... I do watch what I write because I do not want to offend anyone, but sometimes it's bond to happen. 

What does bother me is when people make aggressive moves without first waiting for a response from me.  I will have grown up conversations about my words, I will not take them back, but I may be able to repost something clarifying things.  I make sure that what I say is not slandering anyone and I write it so that those who know about past situations can read about them, but so that it does not paint anyone person as a villain.  Especially when talking about things in the past, because obviously, if I am still talking to you it's long and forgotten, and is only brought up because it has a baring on the topic. 

So now I have a "friend", who used to be one of my closest friends.  She just read my Day 4 blog and is upset by it.  She's not in the list of closest friends but she does know the people who are in it.  So she has been offended by this, she apparently tried to call me twice today, I am assuming to discuss said blog, but I was taking some me time because I have been dealing with a sick child.  I know it sounds like I am trying to justify myself, and providing excuses but here's the thing, she has now deleted me from Facebook.  Which is laughable, but what an extreme measure.  Obviously for her, this is not something she wants to discuss and she is insulted that she isn't one of my close friends, that she is now at this point in my life just a friend. 

If she had taken the time to look at my facebook profile she might have seen that I have been dealing with a great deal of shit this past week and maybe she wouldn't be acting like the middle school kids I teach.  Facebook deletion is a big thing, you can't take it back.

30 day challenge day 5

Tell us your 3 favorite colours

My three favourite colours are typical girl colours. And not surprisingly my most favourite colour is going to be part of my wedding.

1) My favouritest colour is blue.  I love all shades of blue from navy blue to aqua or baby blue.  I find blue relaxing and refreshing.  It should be a neutral because I feel that blue goes with everything..... and I guess some blues are considered neutrals. 

2) I love the colour pink as well.  I am not necessarily a fan of all shades but most of the shades of pink I do enjoy very much. 

3) I love the colour purple.  Purple represents royalty and power to me and I love the deep shades of purple, maybe not all the lighter shades but the deeper saturation with the hue purple the better!!!

your favourite colours??

Saturday, 20 November 2010

30 day Challenge Day 4

Write about your closest friend(s)

This has been something I have been thinking about lately.  Who are my closest friends?  Who are the friends that I depend on the most and who are the friends that have shifted in my world.  If I had to choose without thinking long about it the names that pop into my head are Courtney, my sister, Michelle, Estelle, Sharon and Lexus and Alex.  I have known all these girls for different lengths of time.

Courtney and I have known each other all of her life.  We have had a love hate relationship through our childhood and teen age years. Once Courtney had finished school we moved to Saskatoon and lived together very well for years.  She is still one person who I always depend on when I need to talk something through.  She lives in Saskatoon and is going to school to become a nurse.  She is definitely someone I can always count on and she can always count on me.  She was my sister by birth but she is also a sister through choice.

Sharon is my closest friend that I have known the longest.  I have known her longer than I have known my own brother.  One of her favourite memories to tell about me is the time I brought my brother into school for show and tell.  Sharon and I have drifted apart from time to time over the years but now we are as close as ever.  Sharon also lives in Saskatoon but we talk and text regularly and we make an effort to see each other as often as possible.

Michelle and Estelle both live in Saskatchewan.  They are both parents of boys who are around Chandler's age.  That was the first common ground that we had. As we spent more and more time together we found more things in common.  Both girls are near and dear to my hearts. We spend a lot of time on the phone because we now live more than 5 hours apart, but we always make time for each other when I come back to Saskatoon.  

Lexus and I have been friends for almost 10 years. After overcoming some misconceptions that were portrayed to us by other people.  We just knew we had to talk and lay everything out on the table if we were going to be able to hang out.  Which we did and we were all the better for it.  With Lexus we have great communication and sometimes we don't always disclose everything right away, but eventually we do.  There are no secrets between us because from our development as friends we knew we had to be honest because those secrets that we may have tried to keep from one another might have been used to turn us against each other.  Lexus now lives in Vancouver so we don't see each other very often, but thank goodness for Fab Five calling!!!

Alex is from California and she was my summer sister growing up when I would go down to visit my dad.  Alex and I were pretty much joined at the hip.  We were very similar in personality and we became fast friends.  There will be times when Alex and I don't talk for months, but then we will pick up the phone have a gabfest and it's like no time has past.  Alex was definitely a huge support to me during my father's illness, she knew things were tough and she did everything she could to make things easier for me.  I don't know what I would have done without her. I would definitely have been a lost soul.

It's sometimes hard living in Alberta because I have friends here, but they aren't my close friends.  Something is still keeping us apart from creating those relationship definitions and then I miss my close friends from Saskatchewan.  I wish they would all move to Alberta, but I know that won't happen so I make do with what I have and hopefully soon I can start bridging some more distances between the friends in Alberta to develop stronger relationships with those friends, but definitely not at the expense of the friends who are near and dear.

I truly believe that Friends are the family we choose!!!

Friday, 19 November 2010

30 Day Challenge Day 3

Your favorite television program

I can't pick just one. I was really trying to pick just one, but I can't limit my choices.  If I had been asked this question four years ago, I would have been quick to provide an answer, Friends.  Friends is still one of my favourites and I have all ten seasons on DVD, but there are have been a few new shows that have caught my attention in recent years and they aren't edging Friends out, but they are making Friends balance on the top to share that pedestal.

My new favourite comedy is Big Bang Theory.  I think those guys are hilarious!! The comedic timing and dry sense of humour is very indicative of the type of humour I most enjoy.  I really hope this series stays around for the long haul.

I used to love CSI, and I still like it, but in the drama department Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy would be in top spot.  I enjoy the story lines and the mystery that is in every Criminal Minds is great.  When I was in High School I read books by Patricia Cornwall (still do) and her stories incorporated the BAU and I really wanted to be a profiler.  I thought it would be an interesting career. I still think it would be interesting but the stress surrounding that job would be too much for me.

Reality Television is so big right now that almost every other show on Network television is a reality series and most shows on cable networks are reality series.  For the most part I am not a fan, I find many of the reality tv shows to be contrived and not entertaining at all.  But, well those who know me know, I love Survivor and Big Brother. They are my reality television fixes.  I have also become partial to Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

So I may watch a lot of television, but I am trying to cut down, I have not begun watching many new series because I know I am busy with the series I have and I can't give up any more time.  But we will see what the future holds.  May have to cut down my cable for a bit, just to break this trend for awhile.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

30 Day Challenge Day 2

 Talk about your piercings + tattoos, if you have any

Piercings and Tattoos.... well that just doesn't seem like a very interesting topic for me.  I have four piercings that I can actually put earrings into and three piercings that have grown over.  I have absolutely zero tattoos and zero desire to actually get a tattoo.

I have four piercings in my ear lobes, two in each ear.  I had three in each ear lobe but the furthest ones up have grown in and grew in so long ago I almost forgot about them.  The last piercing I had was my navel. I had that one until I was five months pregnant with Little Man.  I then took it out and it's closed up so I can't put my navel rings back in.

I don't mind the piercings, I like to wear earrings, and I loved my navel ring, it gave me motivation to be skinny so I could show it off ;).   I have never wanted to get anything else on my body pierced, I just don't see the point to it.  I am not much for inflicting pain upon myself.

As I don't like to inflict pain upon myself, this is a perfectly good explanation for not having tattoos.  I also hate needles and the thought of a needle repeatedly piercing my skin, makes me squeamish.  I agree that there are some very nice tattoos out there, but I don't have anything that I am so passionate about that I would want it forever etched on my body.  Maybe one day, when I become a millionaire from writing a great Canadian Novel, then I will have the novels cover tattooed on me with my kids names on the bindings.  But until that happens I will be a blank canvas, or a canvas that plays with Henna tattoos.

30 Day Challenge Day One

Your middle name, and how you feel about it.

It's weird thinking about my middle name.  It's always been a name I have had, but not one that I would celebrate having.  I generally do not volunteer my middle name, and when I think about why it has to be that I just don't really like it.  It's not a horrible name by any means, but it's not a name that I think suits me.  But then it must because it's stuck with me through my life. 

In the 90s the movie Thelma and Louise came out giving my middle name some notoriety.  But then this was a movie about two strong women that drive a car into the Grand Canyon!?! maybe not quite the notoriety I wanted for my middle name.

But when I think about my middle name now I am happy with it.  It is not a common name, it isn't even a really common middle name.  I have many friends with the middle name May spelt in any variation of the name, but that is a common middle name.  And I think I would have cried if I was Jennifer May.  Not because May is a bad name, but because then I would have had the two most common girls names and there would be no uniqueness about my name.  Could you imagine if my last name were Smith or Miller??  God I would be S. O. L in the name department and would have really had to work to make a distinction for myself.

So I came up with and Acrostic poem for my middle name and here it is:

Did you catch my middle name?? What about you, how do you feel about your middle name??

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

30 day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

"I saw this on another blog that I enjoy reading and I think I am going to give it a try. I will start tomorrow. I think you guys should give it a try too. If you don't have a blog, you can do it via the Note application on facebook or whatever social networking site you may use...."

Thirty Day Challenge

1. Your middle name, and how you feel about it.

2. Talk about your piercings + tattoos, if you have any

3. Your favorite television program

4. Write about your closest friend(s)

5. Tell us your 3 favorite colors

6. Your favorite season + why

7. How you came across blogging and how your life has changed since joining

8. Are a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits

9. Favorite meme at the moment

10. Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

11. Your top 3 favorite bands

12. Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter

13. Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls

14. Do you have siblings? Talk about them or what it's like to be an only child

15. Tell us your favorite junk food

16. Your favorite Disney Princess movie

17. Your thoughts on UGG boots

18. Do you drink soda more often then milk?

19. The initials of your crush(es)

20. Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for?

21. Your favorite subject to study

22. Do you play a sport? If not, talk about a different hobby you may have

23. YOur opinions on Lady Gaga

24. Tell us about the last movie you saw in theatres

25. Tell us about the last book you read

26. Name one place you would like to visit and why

27. List your favorite 3 girls names, 3 favorite boy names and your 3 favorite names for a pet

28. Your first celebrity crush

29. Your opinions on the television show GLEE

30. Take a photo of yourself right now and post it, or post the most recent photo you can find.

Thanks Becky for the idea!!!