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Starting out...

It's going to take some work, but I think I can, I know I can do this!!

I woke up today and I meditated, I woke up today meditated and did YOGA!!! Whooohooo!!!!

I am really loving Yoga with Adrienne its a nice relaxing way to start my yoga practice and get my butt in gear.

I then worked all day but knew I had a soccer game I had to go to that evening.  It was up on the North end of town and really not too far from my house so I decided to be extra healthy and bike there.

Now I used to love biking, I would bike everywhere as a kid.  It was great! And then I had kids and I am terrified of biking with a baby seat on the back and I've never had a bike trailer so for many years we did not bike.  About four years ago my husband bought me a bike for Mother's day, it's a fun cruiser bike and I love it!! I rode it all of four times, and I have not ridden in almost 3 years.

Things you forget when you haven't ridden a bike in FOREVER...... those muscles in the inside of the…

I suck.... but I'm going to be better

For my entire life I've been very good at making plans, starting plans and being able to see the big picture or the long term goal.  I just suck at following through.

I tell myself it is because I have poor self control, poor discipline and I lack motivation to keep working at a goal. 
What horrible negative self talk that is?  It's disgusting and when I see it written down I'm so confused because that is not who I am that person who makes excuses for why I am in the same place I was, the same place I wish to escape from.  That's not me!!!
It's a trap, I mean this self fulfilling prophecy I am creating in my head, it's a trap.  But what am I afraid of?  I think I'm afraid of success.... that is so dumb!! I'm afraid to succeed at my goals, to show everyone exactly what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it.  
For all my life I've watched the story of my family struggle in poverty, struggle with weight issues, struggle with labels, where we weren&…

IMG 3755

My first video on my new youtube channel!!
Watch for more and better ones to be coming soon!!

May 3 day 3

So I didn't quite get this done last night. I was so tired and really stressed out about the fires. The fires aren't actually affecting me, I'm in no personal danger. But it's so sad to think of all those people losing their homes and being separated from their friends and families not knowing. 
I took my students for multiple walks yesterday to get my steps and stuff in! The heat is decidedly dangerous for my physical activity desires but my students enjoy taking phys breaks so we walk. 
Anyways, gotta get ready for school so this post is short but I'm trying to stay on top of this goal. Building it into the schedule!!

May 2 day two

Well this day felt much less productive then yesterday!!
My whole plan to bike to work, yeah, that got shot out the window, stupid flat tires!!
Then well work was work, it was there we did it, the kids did the work and we made it through!
Now I am home, after a lovely visit with my best friend!! I feel like my family and I need a sit down meeting, we just need to all be in the same room and talk for bit about what needs to happen in our home while things are the way they are.
I'm rambling, no physical activity today as it became a rest day, but we will get onto it tomorrow again!
But two blogs done so there is that!!
Chat later everyone!!

May one day one

Oh man holding to this commitment is going to harder than I thought, mostly because it is going to be tough breaking my unmotivating habits.  Television, I am talking to you!!
But I'm doing it now, and yes Chicago Fire Is playing on the background, so this five minute post may take longer than the five minutes because the excitement of the show is drawing my attention.
So this morning I woke up with only the thought that I had to go into work to get my lessons planned for the next week.  See I'm teaching again and teachers work on weekends.  I try to do it as little and I frequently as possible but it's something that has to happen.  
My wonderful husband got up with the kids and had breakfast ready when I rolled out of bed. He can be such a sweetheart sometimes, most of the time.  So after a breakfast of elk sausage and farm eggs I packed up my bag and headed to school.
I got right to work at school, Faith Hill Greatest Hits playing on my iPhone.  I worked for eighty minutes …