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State of the union End of May!!

State of the Union May 30, 2014

Healthy Eating                     snacking on junk food
30 Day Squat Challenge

30 Day Butt Challenge
 30 days of watching TV

30 Day crunch Challenge

Loving my body                 focusing on the number on the scale (211)
Enjoying my time with my boys     stressing about what I can't control

So I have started all three of these 30 day challenges. I'm not looking forward to day 30 of any of these challenges but I figure it's a work in progress and I can get there!! If nothing else it will get me active and starting to do something.  As for eating healthy, it's happening I am buying the snacks that are healthy and avoiding those snacks that are not appropriate. Still going to have days when I can indulge in sweet treats but won't deprive myself if a craving comes up and I can't figure out another option.  I think these three challenges will be a good start to my first six weeks of getting fitter and I will update more as time pas…

Choosing a name for Baby T

His arrival was much anticipated!! It was a month prior to him finally arriving that we first thought he would make his entrance, but he kept us waiting, past the first due date, past the second due date all the way to the third predicted due date.
 (I'll be honest I don't understand due dates, I figured baby would arrive May 11, dating ultrasound said the 9th and the 20 week ultra sound said the 15th,
I don't understand how they can all be different but they were and he waited until the last due date on the list to make his arrival)

While we waited for Baby T to arrive we had to choose a name.  Now this is a bit of a funny story, at least I find it humorous.  My husband works away and from past experience, when Lil Man was born, he's not really great at picking names, I basically have to give him options and he'll then help me decide from that point.  So I sent hubby a text with a name and I was in love with the name it was T. Jenson, and I was convinced we woul…

updating a dresser change table

So I completed my first do it yourself project.... ok maybe not my first, but the first one this year.
I took an old change table dresser and painted it.  I wanted to do something just for Baby T, because, well let's be honest, Baby T is the third boy and is going to be living in the land of hand me downs, so he needed something that was just his, which he got when I redid this dresser.

I was thinking of doing an ombre look for the dresser but then I didn't want to buy a lot of different paints so I went with two colours.  A really dark blue for the drawers and door and then a light blue for the rest.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from the project.

It should have only been a day project, but I took a week to complete this project. More because I took 5 days off before working on the project against I ended up only doing two of the drawers the first day and the rest of the dresser the next weekend. The first two drawers were painted with a…

My body Image

To be perfectly honest, I've always had issues with my body image. Not as bad as some people, I've never suffered from anorexia or bulimia, but there has always been a love hate relationship with my body.  I think most people go through this, they look in the mirror or see pictures of themselves and automatically start dissecting what they don't like about their body.   I've had these thoughts and more it's unfortunately not the best mind set to have, it's very discouraging always focusing on the negative aspects of ones body image.

And let's be honest many of the issues people have with their body come from genetics versus the image of beauty perpetrated by the media.  There is no fighting genetics and the amount of airbrushing that happens within the pages of the glossy magazines makes those body images unattainable.  I've started looking at the magazines as really great comics, at least the pictures, because they just aren't real and quite frankl…

The past year...

For the past year, and quite literally, I have been focused on increasing the size of my family.  After my sisters wedding in Vegas, we decided it would be a great time to become pregnant again.  So we began actively trying.  The journey to having a third child was paved with many hurdles that we had to compensate for that I had never faced before.

The timing of getting pregnant was our first hurdle.  I'd never had difficulty before, but to be honest I had never really tried to get pregnant before based on my cycle, I just figured that is what happened with the first two pregnancies.  The hurdles with this one weren't necessarily with my cycle but my husband began to work away from home so he was gone for long periods of time. It was stressful because I did have a time frame for when I wanted to be pregnant by so that I could have my baby by a certain date.  It was the control freak in me that caused the stress.  As each month passed and my menstrual cycle started I was disc…

First day of my last maternity leave

Well today marks the first day of my last maternity leave.  What kept me up last night, thoughts of work and did I let my replacement know this or that.  I had a little conversation with myself as I got up, put those thoughts into a bubble and blew them away.  I'm sure I left her much more prepared than I was going into the role, but it is very difficult to prepare for everything while you are still working the day to day of the job.

My next focus needs to be keeping Lil man busy without letting him watch television all day. I'm not against television, but it's what I feel should be a last option especially since he has so many toys and likes to be outside so much.  I will need to print off some calendars and some schedules for him so that he knows what to expect each day, and then we will have good days.  And maybe he will get some extra learning in as well.

I will be scouring Pinterest and other blogging sites to help set up our days so we have things to do, and when w…