Friday, 27 April 2012

This Mother needs HELP!!!

Ok so this isn't my first time with a two year old, and for the most part my two year old is a darling child.  Then there are those OTHER times.  You know the times when he wants to stay up forever, he wants to whine and pout, when he cries whenever you tell him no, and the worst when he still doesn't sleep through the whole night!!!!  I need HELP!!!

Our biggest fight with him is that he has never gone to bed without a fight, NEVER!!!  He wants to be read stories ( I stop at two, because he would have me read all night to avoid going to bed), then he wants to be sung to,( again I stop at two because he would have me sing all night as well), then he asks for the other parent.  So I may not be first, but he will ask for me next, if I am first he asks for Dad.  This is our fault, we have catered to this behaviour, we let him ask for mom, then dad, then mom again.

I am at my breaking point.  I am willing to leave him in his room to cry, and cry and cry himself to sleep or into submission.  I did it last week, on Friday his dad wasn't home, I read him two stories, sang him his bed time songs, gave him kisses and hugs then walked away.  He was still asking for more and more, but I left, went to my room closed my door and listened to him crying unitl 9.  At 9 he was  ready to be tucked into bed, we sang one more song then he was asleep  minutes later. So I know that if we stick to this he will give into our demands for a bedtime routine, I just don't know how to get my husband on board.

The other issue is I can count on two hands, maybe, the number of nights my child has slept through completely without waking up in the middle of the night.  In 912 days he has slept through the night 6 nights maybe.  Most nights he wakes up at 1 or 2 am, and again at 4 or 5 am, then he is up for the day at 7am.  So in the last 912, I have had exactly 12 nights of uninterrupted sleep.  Can you blame me for being at my wits end?!?!! I have learned to function on interrupted sleep, but I know my body is craving a good nights sleep, I just have to get one soon or something is going to break.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions, things they have tried that have worked, things to avoid doing, because I cannot live like this anymore.  I NEED HELP!!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Job New Horizons

So I started a new position at the beginning of the month.  My official title is Residential Program Coordinator.  I am part of a Management Team with Parkland CLASS in Red Deer, and I am really enjoying my position.

I am constantly busy and learning new things, there seems to be room for advancement, maybe not in placement but at least in training so that I can further my education.  Is everything perfect, well maybe not, things are really busy right now, we are working towards changing our accreditation, so things are, to say in a whirlwind would be a bit of an understatement.

I get to help set up programs and I get to  help train staff and create working documents for staff to use.  It's a really interesting job, it's not what I am used to but it has a high learning curve so I enjoy that.  The learning, I feel as if I am improving myself all the time.  I have always said if being a professional student would pay the bills I would have done that instead of joining the work force.

So that's my update!!! The job situation looks great!!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Gardening on the Cheap: Ch. 1 Finding Rocks

Since the vision I have for most of my flower beds is to build up rock borders or create rock gardens I am going to be in need of some heavy duty rocks.  Sometimes my creativity exceeds my ability and it makes projects a little difficult, but I will persevere and create the landscape in my yard that I envision and dream.  First step find some cheap rocks.

Ok I don't know how easy it is to find rocks, I mean in Saskatchewan I could probably just ask my friends that are farmers and pick rocks every farming season if they have any that I could have, but since I am trying to do this on the cheap, driving to Saskatchewan would make that more than I wish to spend.  So I have to think local, and locally I only know one person who has an acreage and I am not sure they have rocks they do not want, so I looked to Kijiji.

Ah Kijiji what a great site!!!  You can really find anything there, like anything.  I posted an ad in search of rocks for my rock garden and then I looked on the buy and sell category and found TWO adds for landscaping rocks.  One I am not sure about they might be small rocks, but the other was an ad for landscaping rocks, and they were landscaping rocks!!! I messaged both and I may have the start of my landscaping sooner than expected which is completely cool with me.

Next step on the agenda is to find out how to lay newspaper down so that weeds do not grow up?  Any ideas??

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ok so I missed blogging

As I sat around on Sunday planning and writing some of these blogs, it occurred to me, I MISSED blogging and keeping up with my blogging community.  I have been a very bad blogger as of late, bad at sitting around and typing stuff the does need to get typed up, like my story and my story's blog.  Which no one knows about because I haven't been advertising it yet.

So for the next month I am going to be insanely busy!!! I am going to be working on my garden on the cheap series blogs as I go about getting plants and finding shrubs to plant or transplant.   I am also going to be working on my Life Style Lift blog and I will be daily logging my meals and exercise programs into a weekly post blog that will come out on different days.  Then I am going to be typing up my story that I wrote last year and I finished the first rough draft now I just need to type up the second draft and begin editing.  That's all on top of all the work I have to do for my new job and my Fifth Avenue Collection Business.  This means I will be creating CHECKLISTS!!!!  I say that like that because I am a nerd and  I like checklists, I love checking things off my checklist to say that I have accomplished those things.  Yup NERD PRINCESS over here!!!

Plus I will blog about this journey, the journey to get back to myself to stop letting the little things stress me out!!!

Welcome aboard my journey!!!  Day three of blogs being posted, I only need to write up 7 more and I will be good for a week!!!  Sort of!!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Gardening season again

And it is time to start planning my garden patches again this year.  I have five areas that need gardening ideas for the summer, so I am going to blog a series of gardening blogs for this season just to see how I am doing with them.  It's going to be epic!!!

So my main garden area is the my vegetable garden, I am not really sure what I will do this year and the largest portion of it will be possibly under construction this summer as we put in a new fence.  I am going to have Adrian measure out the fence so we can take it in to a few businesses around town to get quotes for a fence.  I need a new fence my fence is about to fall on my car, very literally.  So because part of the main garden wall is the fence we may have to leave that empty, if we can get the fence done early enough I can still plant some things in it, but we will have to see what happens.

My second garden area is along the East side of the house, it is just a small flower bed.  I am hoping to plant some perennials , like Lupins and some crawling ivy in there.  But I want to make it into a type of rock garden as well, or at least find rocks to edge it with.  I think it would look great!!!

The third garden area is the flower bed in the front of the house.  I would really like to turn this into a large rock garden with areas to plant annuals or perennials.  I have to carve out the flower bed and then find the large rocks, I think I will take my family for a picnic one day down by the river and see if we can't find some nice river rocks to take back with us.  I seriously hope that is allowed because I don't know where else to find rocks.  I may put an ad on Kijiji to see if any farmers have some rocks they would like to get rid of and I will go get those.

I also have the areas around my spruce trees in the front yard, the one has two rose bushes that need some TLC.  The other is empty because it had a horrible bush that we pulled last year but we haven't gotten anything in to replace it.  I am thinking about doing a raised rock garden around the tree, or getting a few more rose bushes to put around it.

I would seriously like to hedge my whole front yard, but that might be something to do next year, or to leave for the next people who buy our house.  This year it is all about gardening on the cheap!!! So I will be doing that.  Expect to see me get dirty but expect to see some amazing things.

Welcome to the Gardening on the Cheap Blog Serious!!!!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lil Man's Baptism

So after two years we finally got around to baptizing Lil Man, no we did not baptize him Lil Man, but his baptized name initial are LM.  But so are his real initials.  So after so much fanangling and hurdles to jump through we set the date for Lil Man's baptism for April 14th.  We secured ourselves god parents, Kim and Ty, and we set about to have the ceremony.

Catholic ceremonies are hard enough  to understand but I am sure they were very difficult for our guests who were not Catholic.  I don't know what it's like to be in a church you don't go to and how awkward it feels to partake in their services.  It's something of a fish out of water experience.  But aside from that everything turned out really well.

Lil man was so well behaved for the entire ceremony!!! He did awesome, he didn't even cry when he had his head baptized with the holy water.  It was fabulous!!!  Here are some pictures from that night.

I had a BIRTHDAY over a month ago

So I had a birthday over a month ago.  It was one of the best birthdays I have had in a VERY long time.  What made it so great you ask?  Well I am glad you asked that, what made it so great was I was surrounded by friends and family like I haven't been since I moved to Red Deer.

My husband arranged for most of my girlfriends to come down from Saskatchewan to spend the weekend with me.  Some of them brought their kids, some did not but it was a great time all around.  The house was full of people and I loved it.  We sat around, had some drinks, visited, watched television and did some shopping, we even went out dancing and to karaoke.  It was a great weekend.  I miss my girls from Saskatchewan every day and they are TRUE, REAL friends.  It doesn't matter if we don't talk for months at a time, when we get together it's like we were just together the other day. Back into the old groove and I LOVE it!!!

Here are some pictures from that night!!!
It was a take picture with Nellie Night, not sure why, he wasn't the birthday girl lol!!!

Estelle, Nellie and Sharon

The running joke of the weekend was that Kota looked a lot like Nellie.  We were wondering if there was something we hadn't been told!!

Shazzer and I

The girls from Saskatchewan

The sisters!!!

Love was all around

Michelle and I