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Playing Hostess

For years I have asked my good friends the Carlos' to come up to Canada to visit me.  For years I have gone down to California to visit them, they have always opened up their homes for me and been willing to drive me around the Bay Area, helping plan trips to Disneyland, going on shopping excursions and just treating me like family.  I desired nothing more than to be able to do the same for them.  And after 20 years I was finally able to play host to Alex, Monica, James and Oscar.  It was a very happy occasion for me, I love these people as if they were blood family.  They are definitely part of the family I choose.

Of course knowing they were finally coming up I had some planning to do, where was I going to take them, what did I want them to see, how much driving were we going to be doing?  All very important questions you see because I wanted to make sure they had a great time.  So I asked what they wanted to see, and they mentioned Saskatoon and Shannon Tweed Lane, and they wan…

Princess Jenn's Stagette

I have some of the best friends in the world, do you hear that BEST friends in the world.  I had blogged earlier that my friend Estelle had hosted a shower for me in Saskatoon in July and at the end of July my girlfriend Rolandia hosted my stagette.

Here is some background to my friends that attended my stagette.  I invited everyone but because it was on a long weekend some people already had plans and some people just chose not to show up, but I was not going to let any of that get me down, no sir ree bob.   Anyway onto who attended my lovely soiree.
Rolandia was the host she did all the background bookings and paying for what happened that night.  She is the best, even if she likes to tell the story of how she hated me when we first met.  I was a bit stand-offish when I first met Rolandia, she started at Bo's and we had been through at least ten other girls before she came in and I was sick of training and then having the girls walk out or not show up two shifts later.  It was j…

Big Brother Recapping

So this week has been a great week for this Big Brother Fan.  Jeff won HOH and we got to see him and Jordan take a sigh of relief knowing they weren't going on the block and we saw Rachel also take a break from the crazy show.  It doesn't mean that Rachel hasn't been up to any tricks, but she hasn't been cry-bernating like she did in week six.

Jeff was approached by everyone on Sunday's episode where they talked game to find out what Jeff intended to do nominations.  Daniele talked about confirming her deal, which in the flashbacks doesn't even seem like a deal, it just seems like something they discussed to see if they were able to come to an agreement.  She was basically begging Jeff and Jordan to make a deal with her, but they just seemed non-committal.

Jeff had to make three people Have Nots this week.  He choose two, Dani and Porsche, because they hadn't been have nots at all this year and then he made Kalia the third since they are all in an allianc…

I'm Back!!!!

Did you miss me blog buddies???  I missed you that's for sure... that is definitely one of the downfalls of traveling you don't always get reliable Internet access or access to power.  I have a lot of blogs to upload here soon, hopefully I will get them drafted and edited by tomorrow then you will all see what's been happening in the world of Jenn!!!

Oh for my Big Brother Blog readers, here are some things CBS took out for their editing of the shows you watched during the past two weeks.

The biggest glaring omission is that Shelley was the one to convince Kalia to put up one of her own, Lawon, and Kalia bought it hook line and sinker.  It was seriously the dumbest move in Big Brother History, much like the other tribe giving Russell the immunity idol.

Some of the edits were out of order for sure.  Jeff and Jordan's talk with kalia in the HOH room was done after nominations so they knew Jeff was going up. even though CBS made it look like they didn't know for sure …