Thursday, 25 August 2011

Playing Hostess

For years I have asked my good friends the Carlos' to come up to Canada to visit me.  For years I have gone down to California to visit them, they have always opened up their homes for me and been willing to drive me around the Bay Area, helping plan trips to Disneyland, going on shopping excursions and just treating me like family.  I desired nothing more than to be able to do the same for them.  And after 20 years I was finally able to play host to Alex, Monica, James and Oscar.  It was a very happy occasion for me, I love these people as if they were blood family.  They are definitely part of the family I choose.

Of course knowing they were finally coming up I had some planning to do, where was I going to take them, what did I want them to see, how much driving were we going to be doing?  All very important questions you see because I wanted to make sure they had a great time.  So I asked what they wanted to see, and they mentioned Saskatoon and Shannon Tweed Lane, and they wanted to see part of Edmonton or Calgary.  So I began planning around the Stagette and all the other things I had to do while they were here and here are some of the things we did.

The arrived late at night on Thursday.  They were hungry and wanted to go somewhere to eat.  I attempted to take them to Mohave Grill, but apparently we were too late, and they wouldn't seat us.  Mohave Grill is right next to a Canadian must so we went over to Tim Horton's.  It was a hit, James was excited because it was the coffee place in Wayne's World.  They even said they liked the food, which I think is ok, but James did not like the honey mustard they put on everything.  But Tim Horton's became a place we went to everyday they were here.  They even did the touristy thing and took pictures of Tim Horton's, which I can not say anything too, because I have done that to In N Out Burger.

Initially on Friday we had planned to go to Edmonton to show them West Edmonton Mall, but after the long days of traveling they needed to sleep in, so we just hung around Red Deer.  We went out for lunch at Moxie's, then we went to hang out at Bower Ponds.  Bower Ponds is one of the big parks in Red Deer, it's very pretty and it's fun to walk around.  As we were walking around the pond I noticed storm clouds rolling in, I told Alex and James we had about ten minutes before we got rained on so we started back to the car.  At first they hadn't noticed the clouds, but when they did they were impressed with their size.

As we were driving homes the heavens opened up.  And did they ever come down on us.  It wasn't just rain it was hail, so I drove slowly home.  James and Alex took pictures because this isn't weather like they get back in California, James even asked me at one point why I wasn't freaking out.  I just said I was used to this weather.  Growing up in the prairies you get used to our weird weather and it doesn't seem weird or scary, but when you see it through a visitors eyes it's a new perspective.  We made it home and no one was damaged.

That night I took everyone, well James, Alex and Monica, with me to the gym.  Nicole had a killer workout for us and we made it through.  That was the last night I went to the gym and I will be going back again soon, I just have to get things lined up here for someone to be home to watch the child.

Saturday, James was taken golfing and camping with Adrian.  He was surprised that we still left things in the back of trucks while we were in someplace like a golf course.  He felt we should have moved them into the cab because they would get stolen, like back at home.  He was rather stressed about this, but the boys assured him it was fine and that everything would still be there when they were done, and it was.  Not sure all that happened that night with the boys as it was Adrian's bachelor party, but they seemed to have a good time and only one person got punched.  We girls had a less eventful day.  I had to drive to Calgary to pick up Laleh and Chandler.  So we picked up Laleh then went to Cross Iron Mills to do some shopping then we picked up Chandler and headed home.  We then got ready for the stagette and headed out to Sylvan Lake.  Read the previous blog to see how that went!!!

Boys at the Berry Barn

Sunday we all woke up, some of us hung over, but mostly we were just a little tired and we drove to Saskatoon.  Laleh was picked up by her Aunt and we said our farewells then.  It was nice having her over and I was glad she got to see my house finally.  Alex, James, Monica, Oscar, Chandler, Little Man and I all stayed for supper at my mom's then we checked in at the Travelodge for the night. We were all beat except the kids who went swimming for a couple hours.  The next day we did some traversing around Saskatoon.  I took them to the Berry Barn, to the University and down by the river.  We even drove by Shannon Tweed's school but we never found her lane, apparently it's by the school.  We spent another night at the Travelodge then we headed back to Alberta.

I really wanted to take them to Drumheller as it is a really unique place.  So we took the long way home and explored Drumheller for a couple hours.  It was fun taking the kids through it, Little Man didn't appreciate it much but it did enjoy walking around, at one point he was scared because the floor was see through and took some very hesitant steps.  I think the Carlos' enjoyed their time in Drumheller they took a lot of pictures and really spent a good amount of time walking through the museum.

The next day we went to West Edmonton Mall.  The place still holds a lot of charm for me so I try to remember how I felt when I first saw it to be able to explain how Alex, James, Monica and Oscar felt.  It really is an amazing mall with all the different attractions and the shopping isn't too bad either.  We spent the day in the mall walking around and shopping then we headed back to Red Deer.

Thursday the Carlos' left back for California and Adrian and began to finish our packing and preparing for our trip to get hitched.  In the next few blogs we will talk all about that part of the journey.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Princess Jenn's Stagette

I have some of the best friends in the world, do you hear that BEST friends in the world.  I had blogged earlier that my friend Estelle had hosted a shower for me in Saskatoon in July and at the end of July my girlfriend Rolandia hosted my stagette.

Here is some background to my friends that attended my stagette.  I invited everyone but because it was on a long weekend some people already had plans and some people just chose not to show up, but I was not going to let any of that get me down, no sir ree bob.   Anyway onto who attended my lovely soiree.
Rolandia was the host she did all the background bookings and paying for what happened that night.  She is the best, even if she likes to tell the story of how she hated me when we first met.  I was a bit stand-offish when I first met Rolandia, she started at Bo's and we had been through at least ten other girls before she came in and I was sick of training and then having the girls walk out or not show up two shifts later.  It was just friggen annoying so by the time Rolly came around I was done being nice to the new girls at least until they proved they had staying power.  That being said I was just not extra nice I was civil, but not hey let's be friends.

My sister Courtney also came to my stagette, she is amazing really.  She came even though she was feeling sick and she stuck it out most of the night, I was so proud to have her as my sister.  I love her, even if when we were kids we used to fight.

Laleh, my friend from 8th grade on came as well.  We have had a rocky relationship, but we are mending bridges and seeing where things will go.  We used to much closer but changes in our lives, and sometimes people have interfered with us remaining close.  But, one thing I can say for Laleh's and my relationship is that we are both persistent to keep working on it so that we remain friends into our senile years.  Lol, she came all the way from Vancouver with her little Jaika.  We then drove into to Saskatoon together which is a long car ride.

The last two attendees were Alex and Monica, they drove all the way up from California.  To say I was tickled pink by their appearance in Canada, it was the first time they had been up in 20 years of knowing each other, would be a gross understatement.  Alex is one of my best friends in the world, she is my sister from another mister.  And Monica is her younger sister and so by default and by my choice my other younger sister as well.  I was so excited to be able to finally be able to show Alex and Monica where I had lived all those years we have known each other and to have been able to spend time with them where I was the host and not the other way around.  Alex and I have been friends and remained close friends since 1991, We have some similar life experiences and we share many common interests.

Now we met out at Sylvan Lake after spending part of the day in Calgary.  We went on the Zoo Cruise first, it's a two hour boat ride around Sylvan Lake.  We were on the cruise with two other groups and we all played sociables for most of the ride.  It was a great time.  I laughed a lot and the weather was wonderful!!!

After the cruise we went on a limo ride all around Red Deer.  It was a great time, we girls had a blast, drinking, singing, and pretending to be princesses, or famous people.  Not sure what the other girls were pretending to be, but I was being a princess.  We finished the limo ride off at Bo's and had some appies and drinks there, then we headed out to Bellinis to do some dancing.  I was sneaking liquor around every where, and didn't get busted, but it was an interesting scenario.

So here are some pictures of one of my last nights out as a single lady.  I will be posting a video later with the Katy Perry song, Last Friday Night, which I deemed my theme song for the night.

Big Brother Recapping

So this week has been a great week for this Big Brother Fan.  Jeff won HOH and we got to see him and Jordan take a sigh of relief knowing they weren't going on the block and we saw Rachel also take a break from the crazy show.  It doesn't mean that Rachel hasn't been up to any tricks, but she hasn't been cry-bernating like she did in week six.

Jeff was approached by everyone on Sunday's episode where they talked game to find out what Jeff intended to do nominations.  Daniele talked about confirming her deal, which in the flashbacks doesn't even seem like a deal, it just seems like something they discussed to see if they were able to come to an agreement.  She was basically begging Jeff and Jordan to make a deal with her, but they just seemed non-committal.

Jeff had to make three people Have Nots this week.  He choose two, Dani and Porsche, because they hadn't been have nots at all this year and then he made Kalia the third since they are all in an alliance together.  They were none to happy about it.  Dani does not like being on slop and she was not happy to get boiled eggs and jalapenos as a side.  Kalia was very unhappy about it, but she took things a bit more sporting than the other two.

Jeff then nominated Kalia and Porsche for eviction this week.  He was keeping his options open to possibly back door Dani, in all his conversations with Dani he has told her he won't put her up, but in all his DR sessions he talks about back dooring Dani.  No one was surprised by the nominations and his speech was classy.  He told both nominees to bring their A game and show him they were here to play and win the Veto so they could take themselves off the block.

The Zingbot 3000 made an appearance on Wednesday's episode he zinged each houseguest and then he hosted the Veto competition with Rachel, who was the only houseguest not chosen to play in the Veto.  His Zings were funny to some and almost borderline for others.  He zinged Jeff about his soul patch, Rachel about always saying Fiance, Shelly for liking 'guy' things, Porsche for having a roomy backside, Adam for shaving his beard and looking like Uncle Fester, Kalia for knowing more about sleeping than sex, Dani for riding her fathers coat tails (LMAO) and Jordan for having trouble with answering questions.  When he zinged Jordan it seemed like an awkward moment.

During the Veto competition the house guests had to build a femme bot for Zing Bot to marry.  The femme bot was all in pieces and the house guests had to solve the puzzle and attach arms and legs in order to win.  If Rachel was playing she would have dominated this competition.  But as it went Jeff totally annihilated the other house guests and won the veto.  So all the power was in Jeff's hands for what happens this week except for the way people would choose to vote.

Again we saw game talk with Jeff between the girl alliance.  Porsche's game talk is pathetic, her reasoning for wanting to come off the block is that she doesn't want to have to pack her stuff.  Like seriously, that was just lame and it's not like she offered him anything.  No one offered him anything, but Jeff listened and kept his cards close so that he didn't give his game play away.  At the Veto ceremony he took Porsche off the block and put up Dani so come tomorrow we will either say good bye to Dani or mini Dani, I mean Kalia.  I loved Jeff's speech, how he based it on trust and how Dani told him that she told Julie she didn't regret turning on Jeff back in week three and how Jeff hopes that if she leaves she has a different answer to that question.  I can say this that Jeff is loyal, and to fault really, and he will stick with a side until someone turns on him or there is no where left to go.  Ok I secretly love Jeff and I think Jordan is the sweetest thing!!!

Now for what you didn't see on the edited shows.....
-Rachel was pushing really hard for Dani to get nominated... she talked to Jeff and Jordan working to convince them that Dani should be the one on the block.  
-Dani and Porsche and Kalia were all cry babies and pouty heads this week, for all the slander they put on Rachel for being a cry baby when she and Brendon were being nominated and evicted (Brendon not Rachel) they certainly were doing exactly the same thing.
-Dani and her minions stole and hid the chess pieces and they are constantly accusing Rachel of stealing things..... hmmm thou dost protest too much...
-Rachel is telling everyone she is two/three weeks late on her period... could we be having a big brother love child in the house.  Does this mean they will have to evict Rachel twice, once for her and once for her baby??  Just kidding.  It's weird though because she is still drinking at night and stuff, so maybe it's just Rachel saying things to get attention or maybe she is usually late....
-because of tomorrow's double eviction I am going to put some extra stuff in this post because there is probably going to be a lot of missed stuff.  
-Dani is campaigning hard and she is getting Porsche to campaign for her as well.  
-Shelley has even been heard talking to Adam about how they need to vote to keep Dani and evict Kalia even though that is not what Jeff wants.  Shelley is working that angle hard and seems like she is ready to flip on the JJ alliance.  She has really buddied up with DKP, not sure if anything will go to fruit there, but it could be interesting with the Double Eviction.
-Adam shook hands with Rachel and guaranteed her he was with JJR 100%, Adam is listening to what Shelley and Dani are selling but he is not committing to their demands.
-Dani is telling everyone that Jeff swore he would not put her up, however it was shown that the only person swearing to anything was Dani in her conversations with people.  I don't doubt that Dani believed that Jeff said he wouldn't put her up, but he didn't swear to it, Dani just got carried away swearing to everything. 
-Dani is coaching Kalia and Porsche on what they need to do
-All the House guests believe the Double Eviction will happen next Thursday not tomorrow so no one is prepared for this Double Eviction yet.

Ok I think that's all for now, stay tuned tomorrow for what happens in our fast forward week!! 

I'm Back!!!!

Did you miss me blog buddies???  I missed you that's for sure... that is definitely one of the downfalls of traveling you don't always get reliable Internet access or access to power.  I have a lot of blogs to upload here soon, hopefully I will get them drafted and edited by tomorrow then you will all see what's been happening in the world of Jenn!!!

Oh for my Big Brother Blog readers, here are some things CBS took out for their editing of the shows you watched during the past two weeks.

The biggest glaring omission is that Shelley was the one to convince Kalia to put up one of her own, Lawon, and Kalia bought it hook line and sinker.  It was seriously the dumbest move in Big Brother History, much like the other tribe giving Russell the immunity idol.

Some of the edits were out of order for sure.  Jeff and Jordan's talk with kalia in the HOH room was done after nominations so they knew Jeff was going up. even though CBS made it look like they didn't know for sure yet.

That's all I caught again, unreliable Internet makes it hard to keep up with everything, but I am back and soon you will have my Sunday Wednesday recap, I am putting both together, but there had been a lot happening in the house, so stay tuned.