30 day challenge Day 11

Name you three favourite bands at this moment

At this moment in time I have many favourite bands, or singers I guess.  It's hard to narrow it down but I will try.
1) Sugarland! I love this band, they have so many up beat songs and I am in love with them.  I have liked them since I first heard them and I love them in concert too!!
2) Zac Brown Band:  I am partial to these guys I really liked their Chicken Fried song and have grown to love them.
3) Aqua: I know they haven't released anything in years and probably won't again but I loved them and I still love them

The others that could be interchanged with the 2nd and 3rd spots would be Pink, Taylor Swift, Eminem( I know bizarre), TLC and Jessica Simpson (pre divorce).  I tried to list bands for my top three since that's what they asked for but as many of my friends will tell you I am a top forty or pop listener those bands will change often.  I am more into songs than bands until I find songs that I love.  Like 3 years ago Mika came out and I loved his song and album but I haven't heard anything from them since so they become part of my albums that I love.

Ask me again in 6 months and I bet my choices will have changed again!!!


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