30 Day Challenge Day 8

Are you a couch potato or Fitness Nut?

I would love to say that I was a fitness nut, that I worked out everyday and loved doing it.  Unfortunately, I have to be honest, which isn't the unfortunate part, and admit that I am more of a couch potato then Fitness nut.  If I am not feeling well I use that as an excuse to not work out, if I don't get enough sleep again another excuse, money is tight so I can't afford to pay to work out classes, even Adrian being up and wanting to watch television is a reason for me not to work out.  I am the queen of excuses for not working out.

I had changed my lifestyle before I met Adrian, I was going to the Collicut center in town at least 4 times a week.  I was running and lifting weights and I had lost a lot of weight.  I had gotten back down to my high school weight which was phenomenal.  Then I met Adrian, and I didn't go to the gym as much because I wanted to spend time with him instead.  Then my dad got sick and I had a lot of stress in my life at that point and when I am stressed I eat comfort foods.  Then there was the whole getting pregnant and now here I am a year after having the baby trying to get back into shape.  It's hard work, but I am determined to do it.  I am determined to get to a weight I am comfortable at and do that I have to stop the excuses and just to quote Larry the Cable guy , get r done.

I am positive that after 30 days of my other challenge on my other blog that I will be more of a fitness nut then a couch potato!!:D


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