30 day challenge day 5

Tell us your 3 favorite colours

My three favourite colours are typical girl colours. And not surprisingly my most favourite colour is going to be part of my wedding.

1) My favouritest colour is blue.  I love all shades of blue from navy blue to aqua or baby blue.  I find blue relaxing and refreshing.  It should be a neutral because I feel that blue goes with everything..... and I guess some blues are considered neutrals. 

2) I love the colour pink as well.  I am not necessarily a fan of all shades but most of the shades of pink I do enjoy very much. 

3) I love the colour purple.  Purple represents royalty and power to me and I love the deep shades of purple, maybe not all the lighter shades but the deeper saturation with the hue purple the better!!!

your favourite colours??


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