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Happiness!! Friday Five Link Up

I'm linking up with Mar on the run, Eat Pray Run and You signed up for what

again for their Friday Five Link up.  Today we are talking about our Five things that make us happy. It's like a loaded question, I mean the honest answer is life... but more specifically what about this life makes me happy.

So I started thinking about it, there are many things in my life that make me happy, surprising, or not, they aren't things that make me happy, but activities and people.

1) FAMILY: My family makes me happy. Yes they can drive me crazy, they can frustrate me to the point of wanting to run away at times, but I LOVE them and they make me happy.  How do I know they make me happy?  Mostly, because I recognize that without them I'd be very sad.  Very few people in life can make me smile and feel genuinely peaceful and happy like my family is able to.  So Yes my number one thing that makes me happy is my family.

2) FRIENDS: I love girl time, I love hanging  out with my girlfrie…

Be-YOU-tiful: Beauty blog, BeYOU(TY)

The word beauty is interesting because it contains some very important information right in the word.  YOU.  You can't say the word beauty without saying the word you in fact beauty is a direction as well. It tells you to Be-you-ty.  I am an english teacher and I know that beauty is an adjective, a word to describe a noun, but what it we started to take beauty as a sentence, that would be a direction from the world.  BE YOU TY(thank you)

Beauty or being beautiful is more about being your authentic self.  Be True to you, stop trying to be what you think others want you to be.  It's such a hard lesson to learn at a young age, but if you can take these words and accept them to be true, it will change your life! Stop trying to be like the popular girl in school, stop trying to be like your best friend, stop saying you like everything your boyfriend likes so you can be 'closer', instead look inside yourself and discover who you are.  The funny thing is these people who you …

Good Bye my Muffin Top

So it's been awhile since I last posted. Things have been changing and at some points in the last few weeks I have felt incredibly overwhelmed and ready to quit life...

I have been struggling to lose this baby weight and nothing was working, not adding extra exercising, not watching what I was eating or eating by portion size, it was all just driving me insane.  I needed to do something, I needed to get more energy, I needed to dig myself out of my deep dark hole.

I knew about the Release program with Good bye my Muffin top I'd inquired about it a few years ago, but I was planning to have another baby so probably starting a protocol like that wouldn't be the best time.  But I kept in contact with these ladies and I participated in some Yoga in the Parks with them and went to some of there support meetings.  I really connected with their way of thinking.  I hated that at times I hated my body, that I would body shame myself and they talked about accepting your body for what…

Working versus Passion

Why do politics have to get in the way of you working your passion?  I love my job, I love what I do, and the results I see daily from helping coordinate programs for those in my programs.  It's so rewarding!!

But then politics get involved, be they provincial politics or just plain office politics, and then my passion is smothered.  It's not that I can't do my job in and around the politics, I can, but then the changes I think are necessary for moving the company into the next phase are never brought forward.  Because I can be a very good big picture thinker, but I can also break down the big picture into segments like a puzzle so that we can develop that big picture.

I tend to jump the gun a lot, bring things forward that aren't as well thought out as they could be, especially on the fly or off the cuff, as they come to me.  Sometimes my verbal diarrhea is hard to stop, especially when it's something I'm quite passionate about.

So here's my little Dear …

Summer Fun to begin!! Friday Five

I'm again linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for their Friday Five, I'm a day late, as well I took a mental health break from life just trying to get readjusted to going back to work again after being off for a year!! It's harder than you'd think!!

Today's Friday Five is all about my Five Favourite Activities to do in the summer, so here they are!!

1. Camping!This is new for me, I was never much of a camper, I did enjoy it when I was in high school and lived 30 minutes from the nearest lake, and I even camped in a tent! But as I got older the people I was friends with either didn't like camping or basically we couldn't afford it, so I lost my desire to camp. I for sure lost my desire to camp in a tent!! My husband loves camping, in a tent or camper he's fine either way.  He also likes camping in the bush, like not by a lake!  I don't understand it, I need to be by a lake or some body of water to enjoy camping, just sitting around an area where…