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Let's talk about Suicide

There are a few things I rarely do on this blog, because I don't want this blog to turn into that kind of blog, I want this blog to be fun, with fun tips and interesting things I do with my family.  It's a way they can look back and see what happened over the years and stuff.  So I don't usually post anything political even though I have very strong views, and I don't usually post anything about those harder subjects either that parents have to face.  But today I'm going to talk about Suicide because it Sucks!!

On Monday there were 4 suicides in Red Deer.  Four families lost loved ones who were close to them, four families now have to face the reality of a world where that loved is not here.  And it SUCKS!! It sucks when you don't know the families because if  you are human you can empathize and you know they are going through hell right now.  It sucks even more when your kids were acquaintances and you have to talk with them about why someone would make that c…

Be-YOU-tiful Blog: Hair 101.2

So the last blog I talked about the hairstyles I've had through the years and which were my favs and why.  I don't think I posted one that I didn't like and really there haven't been any, just ones I like less because of the problems they bring (styling wise).  But today I want to talk about what I think makes beautiful hair and how to have beautiful hair.

I think the best hair is healthy hair!! It's not about the coif, it's about how healthy it looks, if it looks greasy or brittle maybe we need to fix that but hair doesn't have to have a fancy style, up do, whatever it just has to be healthy.

I suffer from dry hair.  It drys out really easy and then it gets frizzy. I have a natural wave (that's what I call it) so it has these kinks in it and can drive me crazy!! But the worst is when my hair feels dry, because then it makes me feel like it's unhealthy and that's when my split ends seem to multiple.  I use Hair masques and deep conditioning con…

I'm losing it!!

I'm seriously losing it!! Now not everything is telling me that I'm losing it, but the most important indicator is saying I'm losing it and that's what's important!

I feel conflicted by this news, I mean for years I've depended on the balance to let me know where I was and now I can't count on that, everything is off balance and nothing is being correctly indicated in that area. Now I've found a new way to test and it's almost compulsive the way I use this tool to check what I've lost, but at the end of the day I'm losing it!!

Now any of you who read my blog on a regular, semi regular basis probably have guessed to what I'm referring or are least know that it's not my mind (let's be honest I lost that a long time ago).  I'm talking about my journey to physical health and I'm getting there and losing the unwanted extras that have attached themselves to my body.

The SCALE, that horrible thing that rates how your body respon…

Friday Five: It's all in the Brand!!

Well today's Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney is all about Brands that we love.  I sort of struggle with this topic because as much as I appreciate brands, I am always looking for a deal and deals and brands aren't always synonymous with each other. So I am that girl that will buy the knock-off because it's that much cheaper, but there are a few brands I love and I can definitely say it has a lot to do with the marketing.  So here are 5 Brands I love!!

1) Anything Saskatchewan Roughrider!! I'm a prairie girl and I love me some CFL and I LOVE the Roughriders!! During the CFL season I bleed green!! This isn't a brand per se, but this company has invested a lot of marketing into it's brand and it's become a recognized name around the world.  I have found Saskatchewan Roughrider Wine from Chile.  Yeah it's made it's mark around the world!! So I love anything Saskatchewan Roughrider, if it's got the S Flag in it I probably want to buy it!


Be-YOu-tiful: Hair 101

I'm going to do a few blogs on things that contribute to outward beauty.  I think beauty is a package deal, inside and out, so your outside has to match your inside and sometimes, just sometimes the outside is easier to understand than the inside so let's start easy.  Let's talk about finding your Hair.

Wait, wait, I know it's on top of your head (yes I have voices of my friends making smart ass comments like that, so I answer those voices in this blog).  What I mean is how do you find the hair style that goes with your personality.  In my life I've had many different hair styles, and hair colours.  Any time I've changed my hair I've loved it (I love change, I thrive on it) but there are some hair styles that I like more than others.

Here I had long blond hair for my wedding, it was great!! I am pretty proficient at doing various up does and it always allowed me to have different styles. Funny tidbit, I didn't think my hair was that long when it was th…

11 Months, seems like Forever!!

I remember getting Lil Man's school calendar in September and thinking it was going to be forever before May hit, 9 months away, and yet here we are two weeks out of May and I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Prince T has grown into a delightful baby!! He's mostly happy, quite stubborn but easy to get along with, he just knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.  He's really started doing some neat things now.  He's not walking yet, but he's pulling himself up and standing with assistance, he claps, he waves hi and bye and he still blows kisses.  He loves his brothers and he enjoys spending time with Daddy.

There are some marked differences between him and Lil Man when Lil Man was that age.  Prince T doesn't fight sleep, he lays down for his naps without fuss and sleeps well during his naps. He's still taking two naps a day and he is in bed by 7 every night.  He's a creature of routine.  Lil Man wasn't quite this easy, he'd f…

Be-YOU-tiful: Defining Beauty

What it beauty? What makes a person beautiful? Who decides what the benchmark for beauty is? These are all questions society struggles with on an universal level.  But every culture, every society, every group has it's own definition which makes defining beauty one of the hardest tasks I've ever encountered.  Beauty is very subjective and we each have our own parameters for what makes someone beautiful, the funny thing is it's not often centred around physical beauty.

I've struggled with this term for most of my life.  I've never had self esteem issues that I wasn't physically attractive, but I've had self confidence issues that maybe I wasn't my best self and that others were better than me.  My friends were skinnier, better at fashion, funnier, had better hair and so on and so on.  And my battles have changed from year to year but they've helped me define Beauty for me.

Here are some of the big triggers of low self confidence for me!

1) I've…

Welcome back from Easter Break

It's been awhile since my last blog!! Not my longest break by any means, but a break none the less.  The last two weeks have been Easter Break in Red Deer.  The first week had the oldest son off and the second week the youngest was off.  I also had my nieces for the second week as they were off school as well. Needless to say this was a busy household and I was exhausted!!

I really don't know how people with lot's of kids do it!! I admire them, I mean I have three which is what I'd consider a do-able number.  Especially since there is an 11 year gap between my oldest and middle child.  So I really only have two children and a teenager, and my middle child, Lil Man, is becoming more and more independent each day so that leaves just the baby.

When my nieces were here they are 3 and 8 years younger than my oldest so they fit right in the middle of my kids.  I then had 5 kids from 16 to 10 months!! Scary thing is they could have all been mine with the age gaps.  I love my…

I Don't Need to Drink the Kool-aid

I like to surround myself with people that have different view points on the world because as they share their view points it broadens my view of the world.  Maybe that sounds selfish, but I feel that when we stop trying to see different points of views we become stagnant and closed minded and I don't want to be closed minded or seen as judgemental.  I guess I should clarify a couple things before I start.

Closed Minded individuals, for the purpose of this specific blog, are those individuals who refuse to see things from another perspective.  They grab onto a view or belief and anyone who does not agree with them 100% are classified as stupid (which is not a true use of the word).  They also push their viewpoint on you vigorously and when you give them facts to refute their claims, they mention their expert and how they wish their expert could set you straight.  Closed minded individuals live in a very black and white world, it's black or it's white there are no colours a…