Friday, 23 October 2009

Doctor's Appointment Update

Went to the Doctor yesterday for a prenatal check up. Nothing out of the ordinary. not really. My doctor and I discussed how I was feeling, had another internal exam (yucky), my blood pressure was taken, listened to the baby's heartbeat (137) and discussed an issue that came up with work and my due date.

My doctor, who is my favourite person right now, is at a conference on my due date. This made me a little agitated, but well I wasn't too worried about it really. I would like my doctor to deliver my baby but if he can't he can't, c'est la vie. But he told me that they usually like to make a person go ten days overdue (this is unacceptable for me lol I don't want to wait that long) but, he said he thinks if I made it to my due date I could be induced on the following Monday. That would be November 2, 4 days after my due date. I got right on board with that!

As for my work issue, I have been subpenaoed to court and court is on the 2, 3, and 4th of November. Well as that is 4 to 6 days after my due date I am not going to be able to go. So I have asked my doctor to write me a note saying I can't be there for medical reasons. He was very agreeable to this suggestion.

My blood pressure has done something really weird now. At my last appointment my blood pressure was up, I still had edema but I was feeling fine. My blood pressure was high again this last appointment so my doctor sent me to Unit 25, the maternity unit, to do a non stress stress test. What I find really weird is that my blood pressure has been perfect up until last week. While I was working and feeling stressed my blood pressure was perfect every time, now that I am off work my blood pressure has risen.

The non stress stress test is a test used to see if the baby is distressed because of my blood pressure. During the test the nurses hook me up to the TOCO monitor and measured the baby's heart rate and movements. I had to press a button everytime the baby moved. It was easy. After the test the nurses called my doctor to give him the results. During this conversation my doctor said he wished to set up an induction date for me for Friday (that's the next day). Apparently I had protein in my urine as well. So this is looking like preeclampsia, which can be dangerous. After much discussion between my doctor and the nurses, it was decided that I would have some blood work done and do a 24 hour urine collection (yes it is as gross as it sounds). So I have to take my collection into the lab and go visit my doctor on Saturday at the clinic. Also I am scheduled to be induced on Monday.

I am a little terrified by this, it seems like the pain is going to start hard and fast and no work up like with Chandler. But on the bright side I may be having this little bundle sooner rather than later. I will keep you posted!!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Raspberry Tea Anyone

So I found some raspberry tea and brought it home to test the raspberry tea inducing suggestion.  So far nothing.  I may have had a contraction or two, but I don't really attribute that to the raspberry tea just to the fact that my due date is 8 DAYS AWAY!!!

See this is my problem, I am impatient.  Completely impatient for waiting for things to happen.  If I want to induce my labour I want to do what they ask and then labour to begin within the hour.  I am aware that it does not work that way, but I really do want it to work that way.  So I have to do some extra research, because I have come to the realization that if some of this theories take some time to get started my labour could become very intense and not fun at all.  For anyone who has been induced with the drugs at the hospital can tell you that when hard labour comes on that quickly it is painful.  Pain and I do not get along so I am going to be forced to do some extra research so that the natural induction theories do not knock me out from pain.

For now I have stuck to the food theories, they seem safest but also I love food so even if labour does not start then I get to enjoy some good food.  

Tonight we have to move furniture, then we have to set up the living room and dining room.  Tonight or this afternoon for that matter might not be the best time to go into labour, but maybe that will make it happen.  Tomorrow evening is also not a good evening for me to go into labour, I have too many shows to watch and well I don't want to be watching them in the hospital.  However with such a busy schedule in front of us, maybe this baby will come out because it will be an inconvenience for us.  

Friday though I am going to try some of the other theories I may even try Castor Oil Again :P

Friday, 16 October 2009

Inducing Labour Attempt Two

So in keeping with the documenting of labour induction I attempted to get this baby out again today.

Yesterday's stretching of the membranes did not work. It was uncomfortable and a little painful but no contractions followed. So I have now gone to try the next item on my list. My list, by the way, is not written in any particular order, it's basically what is easiest that day.

Today I tried spicy food. Today is a day I wish I were in California hanging out with Alex and her family because then I would have gotten some real spicy food. Alas, I am in Alberta where we do not get a lot of spicy food. I guess that might not be an accurate statement but there are not a lot of options for spicy food that i enjoy.

My friend Tara came and picked me up and we went to the mall. Tara had to do some shopping and I had to do some walking around and looking for spicy Mexican food. Unfortunately, the only Mexican option was Taco Time. But some type of spicy food is better then nothing. I ordered Mexi Fries and a Beef Burrito. I sampled all the hot sauces and added them to my meal. The mild sauce was more like ketchup then a mild hot sauce. The original was a hot sauce but not really a hot sauce and the diablo hot sauce, though hotter than the other two was not that spicy. However, Taco Time was what I had to work with and I did my best to eat some spicy food. The food was spicy, but so far nothing has happened.

Now I am waiting and I have plans to go out tonight with my brother. We are going to have a great time and as much as I want this baby to come it can wait until after I am done with my plans. There you are Shazzer, I have plans that would make it an inopportune moment for this baby to come. If this works, well then I shall bow down to you.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Starting the process to get this labour going

So today was officially my last day of work before I go on Maternity leave. I am very excited to be on Maternity leave. Work was getting stressful and I am so tired from not sleeping that I needed to leave. I had contemplated leaving six weeks earlier but I toughed it out and have made it to the end of my pregnancy.

With my due date being 14 days away, I am now trying to induce labour early. I have been doing research (read looking on line) for ways to induce my labour. There are a few that everyone knows about and some that I had never heard of before. So from now on until this little child enters the world I shall be trying to induce labour.

There were many suggestions online to induce labour. These suggestions included acupressure, nipple stimulation, sex, spicy food, raspberry tea, pineapple, and Castor oil. With my first pregnancy I tried Castor oil, four by fouring, and sex. None of these options worked then, the only thing that worked was contractions starting and the doctor breaking my water in the hospital. But I am willing to try these and the other options again, anything to get this pregnancy over with. I am tired, sick and tired of being pregnant.

So today I had a doctor's appointment and had an internal exam. As I am now 38 weeks along my doctor suggested doing an internal exam to stretch the membranes to see if we could get this labour moving along. It is seriously an uncomfortable experience, but I am willing to try anything. So the Doctor told me my cervix has not started to open ( What the hell are these contractions doing then??), but that the stretching could help get this process started. I have been warned that there could be some show but that it might not start labour.

So if anyone has any suggestions on how to start this labour, I welcome them. I am willing to try and will post pictures of some of the suggestions where the pictures are appropriate.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Joining the trend

So over the past year many of my friends have started blogs. Mostly just to speak of their experiences in their life. Some speak of Motherhood, wedding planning or just other things that happen to them. I have had blogs in the past, on my myspace page and on my facebook page, so this will be my first attempt at a blog on a blog site.

I enjoy checking my friend's blogs but with work and just wanting to watch television I admit I have not been the best reader of their blogs. That shall all change now, as I am about to go on Maternity leave for a year. I know I will be busy with raising a newborn and keeping my eldest in check, but I feel I will have some spare time on my hands. Time to put into a Hobby I love. I love to write and I love to share my thoughts on different events. Maybe have some discussions start on new topics or bring up new views on old ideas.

If all goes as plan, starting next week, the Week starting October 19 my blog will be up and running. I would like to update daily, and that is my goal, whether it's with some insightful words of wisdom, a feel good news story, or creative writing something will appear daily. That is the plan.

I hope you enjoy reading and if you would like me to share my thoughts on any topic just let me know and I will write up a blog on that topic.