Friday, 10 June 2016

Photo Blog Today

I'm going to do a Photo Blog today and every month I will do a blog of just some of my favourite photos that I have taken this past month.  This will be a away for me to take photos with purpose and work on that passion of mine. I love photography, I love taking pictures but I need to learn more and practice more.  I am very much a candid photographer, I could be a paparazzi for my friends and family and those are the pictures I love the most. Capturing those moments and those are the photos I want to share with you. So here are some of my favourite Candid photos that I have taken in the past.

 Here is Lil Man lifting the hammer of Thor, he was so excited to meet his superhero idols!! This was such an amazing trip!! Can't wait until we can go back with Prince T!
 Prince T is so candid and expressive in what he does, He loves smiling and dressing up, here he is putting on his glasses!
 Prince T with his bestie Miss J.  They are so fun to watch together!
 This is a shot of Lil Man receiving his certificate for being Loving, with one of his friends who he loves a lot!!
 And Prince T is a superhero on the Potty>>>> he's super Potty boy!! yet he hasn't used it yet!!
 He even likes to dress himself!!! I can't take him anywhere!!

 Here's my friend posing as a foot ball player this was such a fun night during Arbonne's GTC!!
And Chandler and his buddy Eli posing on Chandler's graduation night!!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Calendar Tool

Sometimes our biggest downfall to filling in our goals is not being organized.  Not being organized and falling into those pits of despair so I am battling that.  It's not a perfect plan right now, but I am pretty confident I can make this work and slowly integrate it into my daily schedule.

So one of the tools I am using is my desk calendar.  I am a very visual person and I like to have things   in front of me to see and I like to use my calendar on my phone.  I used to be really good at this when I had a variety of appointments always being scheduled but then when my job changed I stopped feeling the need to be so organized.  However, now with having a full time job, three kids, a personal life and a part time home based business I need to have something that is going to organize me so I can reach all my goals.

I am using this calendar, it's supposed to be a weekly calendar to track all your kids events and things, but I am using it to track all the things I want to accomplish each week.  I can track my physical activity, my Arbonne stuff, my blogging and Vlogging, my novel writing and my kids activities.  It's great I love it and it very much helps with my personal accountability!!

Check out my youtube video for more organizational tips that I use!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Soccer Season is in full swing

I never played organized sports growing up.  Aside from a few school teams when I was in middle school I never played any sports.  I guess they were out there but we lived in a small town and there weren't many options.  You could play hockey, ringette or figure skating in the winter and ball in the summer.  And that was it! I mean I barely recognized that other sports existed until I moved to the bigger city.  But by then I was not interested in being sporty, I was interested in boys.....

So when I got to university I started dating this guy who introduced me to soccer, a sport I had always admired from the sidelines.  When I first started going to the all girls school a few girls were on this city soccer team and I so wanted to play but I really had no idea about it, so when I got the opportunity to play for fun I was pumped!! And I loved it! I loved the running the fast pace movement on the field and the camaraderie that exist on the field.

Then I moved to Red Deer and lost all my sports contacts and I spent a lot of time trying to get myself into a mindset and acceptance of living in Red Deer.  I mean Red Deer is great, but it was a change and all my best friends lived back in Saskatchewan so there were a few years when I was like, "I should just move back, I should just move back," but I stuck it out, made some new friends and well the rest is history.

In 2014 my friend posted on Facebook that her indoor soccer team was looking for new players. I inquired and ended up joining her team.  This was 11 years after I had played my last Rec League Soccer at the University of Saskatchewan.  I started out playing defence and I was good with that, it wasn't a lot of running but it was enough that I felt really workout afterwards.  I had great team members and I tried to ensure I was always taking all suggestions and advice to heart and applying it the next shift or game.

I remember when Tanya told me to just go for the ball and not back down, and I started doing that, not worrying that I might steamroll someone or might get hurt.  I also remember when she came up to me after the first time I was being more aggressive on the field and her compliment that I was doing great going after the ball.

Now I am playing in my fourth season (2 indoor, 2 outdoor) and I love the team and the sport!! It's great I can feel my speed improving as well as my ball handling skills.  I know I could use more practice and if I want to get even better I should practice with Chandler just dribbling and passing the ball which maybe something we do here this summer.  But I know that the person that showed up the Wolfpack's first indoor practice of 2014 is not the same person that plays today.  I am playing forward and I almost scored my first goal this season and I am forever grateful I answered the call for more players 3 months after having my youngest baby!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The beginning of MY Change

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

I don't even know where to begin with this book, it's amazing and everyone should read it!! Or listen to the audio book like I did!

I set the book in my car for my drive to Saskatchewan the other weekend and I couldn't believe how on target this book was, how it absolutely said everything that I was thinking but couldn't put into words.

How often does one come across books like this?  Books that speak on the frequency of where your life wants you to go, not on the frequency you are stuck in, but in that higher frequency of where you know this life can take you.  That's what this book was for me.

I found it was real, not some mythical new age crap (which for the record I actually subscribe to for the most part), but it got to the real heart of the matter.  I mean I totally need to listen again and take some notes on what was all said but this book gave me my first AhHa moment that I shared on Youtube.  It also got me motivated to get passed this darkness that is surrounding me.

Here's the truth and this is so hard for me to admit but as I am trying to treat this as a journal, slash blog, slash motivational platform I am going to put it down.  I suffer from the sads, and not seasonal affectiveness disorder, but sadness.  It's so hard to describe, because I don't want to take anything away from people that are in this same situation but I don't feel it's insurmountable, it's just sadness.

I would say I have a form of depression, it's not clinical depression I am not on any meds, I am not cowering in a corner crying every night, I am not having thoughts of suicide and I am not unable to cope with my normal life. In fact I carry on much like I have always done, one foot in front of the other....and eventually I will get past this molehill that feels like a mountain.  I just know I am not happy.  I have moments of happiness and energy and I still go out and do things, but my general mood is not of happiness.

I know people that have suffered from depression, seen famous people speak out about it and what they describe seems so much further down the rabbit hole then where I am.  But I am still in the rabbit hole of depression, my head gets to peak out every now and again, but there are many things dragging me down..... and it kind of sucks.

So I suffer from an over all sadness.  I have little motivation to do anything but what is absolutely required of me and I spend a lot of time in my bed watching television to escape my reality.  But it was this book that sort of pointed it out for me.  I am not the me other people see, in my own world my friends no me but the woman I look at in the mirror is a sad version of me, the light doesn't quite meet the eyes.

So we've identified the problem, and I could go on and on telling you exactly what is making me sad but that is really a long story, just trust that I have identified those things and I am working to ensure I don't let them drag me further down.  I'm using the voice I was given to speak out and to help others. How do I know maybe there are many of us out there that suffer from sadness, we don't think it's depression but in actual fact it's the gateway to depression and if we aren't careful we could fall straight down into what I can only imagine is a deep abyss of all the negatives in our lives.

So I thank Jen Sincero for her book it's been eye opening and provided me with some self reflection I very desperately needed.  If you need a book that's real and will cut through the BS this is a great book!!  I will do a more full review later!!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Arbonne Pamper Baskets

I am always thinking of different ways to improve my customer service.  How can offer those who choose to support me in my business an exceptional experience that they are excited to do business with me again?  What do people want in customer service?  What do people consider to be exceptional, why do people return to do business at different areas?

Here are my answers to those questions and my ideas to support a wonderful customer experience in my business for those who want to support me.

What do people want in customer service?
I want to talk to people.  I don't want emails and texts and Facebook posts, I want people to talk to me.  I mean emails, texts, posts all have their place and are a great way to start a discussion but I want to talk to people who are selling me things, I want a relationship with them.  I really dislike all the impersonal ads that I come across or the terrible emails trying to get you to try a new product but with no real person behind you.  It's also why I hate commercials.

So I want to give people a relationship with me.  So they know that I stand behind my products that I am going to be there to help them with purchases or returns so they know I am honest and trustworthy.  In the end I am hoping they will also provide me with an opportunity to help them, and that they understand that by purchase from me I am going to take my earnings and help my family but also support my community by shopping local!!

Why do people return to do business at different stores?
I've always returned to stores to shop and do my business there because of two things.  One is deals, I love a good deal and I love a wonderful bargain.  So I will go back to a store if it offers good deals but has quality items. I am not going to spend good, hard earned money on senseless deals for items that weren't even worth the deal price.  Two, I will go back to a store if it is local and offers good customer service.  I can go to Walmart/ Superstore/ Costco and get many products for a great price, but if I can find those same products elsewhere and have to spend a little extra money I will do it if the customer service is good to great to exceptional.  Many stores often get some leeway that if the customer service wasn't amazing one day it could be because the salesperson wasn't having a good day so I will go back but only once or twice and then they are written off.

With Home based businesses this can be different I won't write of the business but I will write of the consultant if the consultant doesn't offer a good service.  If the consultant offers good customer service then I will ensure that they get my repeat business.

What is exceptional?
I think this is going above and beyond.  Working so hard to ensure that my time with them is almost like time with family or loved ones.  It has to set a great feeling, that they are the most important people around. I can't be distracted with other people, or texts, or emails when I am offering a service to someone. I need to be there fully and presently and that's what makes for exceptional customer service!! Being there, being present and being honest!

How can I offer exceptional Customer service?
Well one is to be present with my customers, to listen to their concerns and provide timely follow up. I can make sure I make offer knowledgable suggestions that will enable my customers to make informed decisions on what will work best for them.
I can provide samples for my customers to try before they buy. PAMPER BASKETS!!!
And this is what I am focusing on right now.  Providing my customers with pamper baskets.  Baskets with full sized products that they can try before purchasing to see if they like any of the items and which ones they like the most.

So do you want one?  What are other examples of exceptional customer service?

Friday, 3 June 2016

House Hunting

"It's time to find a new house," I thought to myself one day and continued the contemplation, "There are so many homes out there, how does one decide what is right, what they need and where do they start??"

And then the answer hit me, like a tonne of brick falling from a twenty story building, SHOWHOMES!!!

Not only would I get an idea of what builders are currently building, but I would get an idea of the type of features people want to see in homes they are purchasing!! Right on two birds one stone.

But when would I be able to go and when would my husband want to go, and how do we tell the children? On the weekend, Sunday seems like a good day, Husband wasn't busy so check, and well just explaining to the kids that we were going on an adventure to see what else was out there and they were all in!

Sunday came and we loaded up the car and headed out to see some show homes. We were really excited and got out two hours before any of them opened (OOPS) but we were able to explore some neighbourhoods and hubby and I got a chance to really talk about what we wanted out of a new home.


larger bedroom with a full ensuite

laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms

on a non busy street preferably a close

backing on to a green space

open concept for entertaining

a den/ office on main floor to use a guest room for my grandma (ok this is negotiable but I'd really love it!)

I have to say the first home we looked at was a Colbray Home and it took my breath away.  Some of the design features I wouldn't choose (tree wallpaper..... brick walls randomly appearing) but the layout.... OMFG I was in love and it was so well thought out!! Best style we saw all day.

This is the layout and some pictures of the Colbray home we toured, the mudroom (new must) and the walkthrough pantry that connects to the garage (so smart)!!
pictures taken from Colbray homes website not my own
pictures taken from Colbray homes website not my own

pictures taken from Colbray homes website not my own

pictures taken from Colbray homes website not my own

pictures taken from Colbray homes website not my own 

Then we saw this other house and the ensuite, yup it was my dream ensuite. It was a rent to own situation too! But ohmygod it was beautiful and backed onto a greenspace right next to a yeah really wishing I was ready to sell now!
pictures taken from website not my own

pictures taken from website not my own

pictures taken from website not my own

We then went through a few others and they were nice, but they just had features that I wasn't sure about.  I don't think I like the modified bilevel, I prefer a two story.  I love a walk out basement but I would be ok without one.

There are so many options out there and it's nice talking to people in the know because I feel that that will help us make a more informed decision again.  So yeah.... five year plan now we have work to do!!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Five year plan!!

I've decided that I have a new five year plan... I mean you should always have a new five year plan and to be honest I've never really had a five year plan,  just a wing and a prayer!  And really it's done well for me so far, but I wan to be more organized and really plan out what we are going to do, how we are going to get further ahead.

Things aren't great right now, the recession has hit our house and it is a little scary!! I am working at the moment, but my husband is not and there are just no jobs out there.  But this too shall pass and my husband will be working again and we need to be ready with the important goals when that happens.

So where do I want to be in the next five years

- A permanent teaching contract with Red Deer Public Schools as a Foundations Teacher!

-A new home in a new community either in Red Deer or one of the communities within 20 minutes of Red Deer.

-A new Mercedes paid for with my Arbonne earnings (RVP here I come)

-A lake property lot that we are setting to develop

-working on completing my Masters in Special Education

-my husband working a job he loves filling in his passion

Yeah that's where I want to be in five years!! Where would you like to be?

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

That terrible voice..

So I may have over done it yesterday.... I was so sore today and I am sure it will be worse tomorrow, but I made it through the day.

And I kept trying to talk myself out of everything.... no run at lunch legs too sore... no walk after school have to get ready for swimming.... oh I already climbed into bed so no yoga tonight.....

But then this other voice came into play, it was small but it was ferocious!!! "Get your butt out of bed, put on some workout clothes and just do Day three of yoga!!"

The louder, excuse making voice kept making it's excuses, but the small voice it got louder and louder and finally I got out bed put on the yoga routine and just did it.

It was very Horton Hears a Who-esque.... but you know what?? I feel so much better now that I did that workout, not more energetic but more relaxed, more centred. I love how I feel after yoga, like I've just had the most extensive workout but the most wonderful release of all those negative things.

That small voice is getting louder, it's cheering me on!! I know I can do this, I can reach the goals I have set for myself, it's going to take time, discipline and probably more than a few tears, but it is so going to be worth it!!

Never give up, always try your best!! It's the least you can do!!! It's how you get those wonderful before and after photos!! here's my before video reveal on youtube