Pet Peeve

My words are my words, and my feelings are my feelings.... so it does irritate me when people make blanket statements about facts that are not necessarily  true. 

It is unfortunate that there are times when you write things that you would like to take back.  It's never fun having to hierarchy your friends.  Who's closest, who's not that close anymore, but the fact of the matter remains that as people grow they become closer and sometimes people grow apart as well.  It's the way life goes. 

I have been dwelling on a situation in my life at this point, and I have blogged about it.  My blog is my words and I will not apologize for them...... I do watch what I write because I do not want to offend anyone, but sometimes it's bond to happen. 

What does bother me is when people make aggressive moves without first waiting for a response from me.  I will have grown up conversations about my words, I will not take them back, but I may be able to repost something clarifying things.  I make sure that what I say is not slandering anyone and I write it so that those who know about past situations can read about them, but so that it does not paint anyone person as a villain.  Especially when talking about things in the past, because obviously, if I am still talking to you it's long and forgotten, and is only brought up because it has a baring on the topic. 

So now I have a "friend", who used to be one of my closest friends.  She just read my Day 4 blog and is upset by it.  She's not in the list of closest friends but she does know the people who are in it.  So she has been offended by this, she apparently tried to call me twice today, I am assuming to discuss said blog, but I was taking some me time because I have been dealing with a sick child.  I know it sounds like I am trying to justify myself, and providing excuses but here's the thing, she has now deleted me from Facebook.  Which is laughable, but what an extreme measure.  Obviously for her, this is not something she wants to discuss and she is insulted that she isn't one of my close friends, that she is now at this point in my life just a friend. 

If she had taken the time to look at my facebook profile she might have seen that I have been dealing with a great deal of shit this past week and maybe she wouldn't be acting like the middle school kids I teach.  Facebook deletion is a big thing, you can't take it back.


  1. lmao. sorry. i know its not really a funny issue, its just how it was dealt with that made me laugh... i just recently went through the whole process of being deleted off of facebook, though for me it was because i had added someone that this other person didn't like... I agree with you Jen. People need to grow up.


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