Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

YEAH!!! I saw it , finally!!! And it was worth going to at the theatre!!! I was so excited with the movie and the way the director transferred the book onto the big screen.   And there was no noise over the voices and background that gave me a headache this time!!

I truly enjoyed the movie and even though there were some changes from the book, I don't think they took away form the overall story.  There were some characters that were cut out and some scenes but they added other things into the scene that helped explain different aspects of the story.

I am stuck as to what to write at this moment, because I don't want to give anything away, but there are parts of the story that I wish they would have kept.  One example is the first scene with Harry and his uncle and aunt and cousin.  In the book, Harry stumbles over a tea cup set outside his door.  He believes that Dudley had set it there as a practical joke on Harry.  As Harry and his family are getting ready to part ways, possibly forever, you can tell there is no real love lost.  Then Dudley asks why they are leaving and why Harry isn't coming with them.  It's that simple question from one of the biggest bullies in the book that lend a vision of hope to the ability for people to change and to see how relationship dynamics can change and not everyone is aware of them because of preconceived notions.  This scene however was cut from the story and it made me a little sad.

I do get that the book was a super long book and they were already making the one book into two movies, so they had to take some creative liberties and make some changes, but sometimes it's those small scenes that really bring those small themes to light in the movie.  So all in all I would give this movie many many thumbs up or many, many stars!!!  I can't wait to see the movie again!!!


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