Movie going

So on the weekend I went to the Harry Potter movie in Sasaktoon.  We decided to go to Center Cinemas because it was cheaper and I didn't have much money. That was a HUGE mistake.  I am sure the Harry Potter Movie is great, but my viewing oof that movie was less than enjoyable.

Unfortunately the theatre had some issues with thier sound system and all I heard for an hour and fifteen minutes was scratching noises over the talking.  I was so upset.  My two friends and I left the theatrea dn spoke to the the manager.  Her personal skills were less than desirable for her postiion.  After some pointed complaining though we were all given two movie passes and we left the theater.  Chandler and his friend stayed until the end of the moviesand they got one movie pass a piece. 

So now I have ot go and see the Harry Potter movie on my own.  I have no one in Red deer to see it with.  So I have decided to go on my own, it will be my treat to myself.  I really want to see the movie so I guess this is what I have to do.


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