30 Day Challenge Day 2

 Talk about your piercings + tattoos, if you have any

Piercings and Tattoos.... well that just doesn't seem like a very interesting topic for me.  I have four piercings that I can actually put earrings into and three piercings that have grown over.  I have absolutely zero tattoos and zero desire to actually get a tattoo.

I have four piercings in my ear lobes, two in each ear.  I had three in each ear lobe but the furthest ones up have grown in and grew in so long ago I almost forgot about them.  The last piercing I had was my navel. I had that one until I was five months pregnant with Little Man.  I then took it out and it's closed up so I can't put my navel rings back in.

I don't mind the piercings, I like to wear earrings, and I loved my navel ring, it gave me motivation to be skinny so I could show it off ;).   I have never wanted to get anything else on my body pierced, I just don't see the point to it.  I am not much for inflicting pain upon myself.

As I don't like to inflict pain upon myself, this is a perfectly good explanation for not having tattoos.  I also hate needles and the thought of a needle repeatedly piercing my skin, makes me squeamish.  I agree that there are some very nice tattoos out there, but I don't have anything that I am so passionate about that I would want it forever etched on my body.  Maybe one day, when I become a millionaire from writing a great Canadian Novel, then I will have the novels cover tattooed on me with my kids names on the bindings.  But until that happens I will be a blank canvas, or a canvas that plays with Henna tattoos.


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