Monday, 29 May 2017

Prince T turned 3

 My littlest turned three just a little while ago, and I am at a loss for words to describe how I feel about this.  I can't believe my last baby is three, and he's becoming a threenager for sure.  But he's still super sweet at times but is definitely figuring out where he fits in this world.
 Prince T and spend the day together, just the two of us. After getting his brother off to school Prince T and I went for a play date then we hit up the library to get some books. Prince T is in the challenge to read 1000 books by the time he's five, so we have some reading to do ahead. He loves to read and insists on reading the book we just read to us after each reading.
 Sometimes Prince T will even indulge me in a selfie, sometimes he's even willing to smile!

After a lunch at Macdonald's (his choice) we headed to pick up his big brother from school.  Then we headed to the park to play for a little while.
 His big brother loves Prince T, and 50% of the time Prince T returns that love, but his brother is full of love and sometimes it's just too much and the boys are scrapping.  I only had one brother but it seems like it is probably pretty normal behaviour!

 At three Prince T is able to zip around on his strider, he can even peddle his trike, he's walking, running, galloping and skipping.  He is very determined to get his way and it isn't unusual to have a melt down when we say no popsicles for supper.  He loves to read, he won't say water, instead he says l'eau.  He loves Paw Patrol and super heroes.  He would much rather be outside all day then inside.
 Prince T is happy, he's healthy and he brings limitless joy to his family! May his personality continue to grow and be nurtured so he becomes the boy he's supposed to be!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Five: Yoga poses to master

I have been doing yoga pretty consistently for the last few months.  I am a huge fan of Yoga with Adrienne, but I am determined to master a few yoga poses by the end of the summer.

1. Sitting Pigeon: I love the stretch I get with this pose, but the balance and core strength you need to ensure you are doing it properly, well I have a long way to go.

2. Downward Facing Dog: I am constantly in this pose in my practice but my heels do not touch the ground so that is what I want to get better at.

3.Tree Pose: This is an amazing balancing pose that I really want to get better at, usually I am just hovering my toes off the ground and on a good day I can get them to my shin so I'd love to get them to my thigh.

4. Warrior two: I love this pose but feel a bit week in the legs when I am trying to sustain this pose.

5. Warrior three: Yeah this isn't a pose I can do with any kind of success yet, so definitely have to work on this one!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

When will things change

So this post is going to be a bit deeper than some of my past posts, as I am really curious, when will humans stop repeating mistakes of the past or is that just how things are going to be?

I grew up in a time before social media (Thank God) but we were no less able to get the word around than people are now.  Folded notes, telephone conversations meeting in the smoke pit, if something was going down in a school we knew about it.  And when I was growing up it was always some group against the next. The preps versus the jocks, yeah these were painfully pathetic fights, the skids against pot heads, not the most interesting fights either, girl fights, probably the most stealthy fights, people didn't know what was happening until it had happened. But it was always one social group against the next and it is still happening today.

Now those the groups seem to garner a more political feel, some feel it's the Christians versus the Muslims (UMM hellooo Crusades...) or maybe it's just the immigrants versus the Canadians (again ummm hello colonization).  But things get so blown out of proportion because of social media and people not being fully informed.

Here is a scenario for you think back to when you were in high school, and there was a big fight somewhere on school grounds, you aren't friends with anyone involved but you've heard about the fight, maybe you've even seen some shakey camera video, hell maybe you were the person involved.  Now be honest, did you ever know the specifics about the punishment that was handed out to the people in the fight? If it was you did you know what the other person got as a punishment? Now if I reflect on these questions the answer to both is no, I never knew the specifics, and I never cared either.

The truth is fair isn't always equal, and equal is never fair.  But you have to trust that the adults are going to take care of things, they are going to handle things fairly and justly and to just say, in today's hyper social media age, that anyone is trying to just sweep things under the rug is ludicrous.  It's not like things can stay hidden for long, but the worst thing that ALWAYS happens now is that people start saying an authority is trying to hide something and that snowballs into a huge mess that never should have been in the first place.

We all know how the fishing story goes.  Person was out fishing and the come back all excited.  The first friend they tell is that they caught so many fish but all had to go back (this is probably the closest to the truth).  Next person they tell they caught so many fish and all had to go back but one except that one flopped off the boat.  Third person the tale gets a bit more elaborate, by the tenth person the fish was the size of a narwhale and dragged the person around the lake for ten days before the line snapped and person came home.  It may not even be the original person to tell the tale that many time but with each telling things get a little more descriptive or a few more details to spice up the story.  The final story has nothing to do with the truth and often just riles people up to go fishing to catch the monster fish.

So will things change or do we have to do some more educating on how to appropriately use social media so school yard fights don't get turned into political platform agendas??

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Photos, and photography, are a passion of mine.  From the time I was really little I have loved looking at photos, having my photo taken and taking pictures.  If you know me in real life this is something that you are probably saying yeah no kidding.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that this is true, but it's always been a hobby, something to do to catch those moments.  Now I am really interested in taking it to something else, a semi-professional hobby let's say.

I have been taking photos since I was 12, I got my first camera at that age and then since then I've always had a camera of some sort.  So I know how to point and shoot, but my new camera has all kinds of new options, I can control shutter speed, I can control Apeture I can use presets and I get all these amazingly different photos.  Not all of them are great, but I would bet anything no photographer takes amazing pictures with every shot!

So my plan this summer is to teach myself photography and how to use my camera.  The idea is if I can get really good at using my point and shoot then I can upgrade that camera to a camera that has interchangeable lenses.  And then I can further expand my photography skills.

See I love photos, I love taking photos, but I would never have the patience to be a studio photographer, or a photographer that sets up the shot.  However, I am going to start building a portfolio of pictures that I would be willing to do for others.  These photos would be in a real life situation.  You are taking your kids to the park and you want to capture their playing, fighting, joy and tears.  You are having a birthday party and want photos of the goings on but because it's your kid you don't have time to take all the photos.  Those real life times when you want to be present with your kids but wish someone was being a paparazzi of your family.  That's the photography I want to do.  My photography is Jenn's Real Life Photography and here are a couple of my first shots.

Yes I have edited them, just to give them an extra pop, but my first set of photos are the photos I took on T's third birthday!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Riverdale Episode 11 Recap


A time of celebration, a time to remember days gone by.  Mary Andrews comes home to see Archie, things are looking up for Hiram Lodge and there may be some leniency in his case.  FP seems to be getting things back under control, he eve read Jughead's manuscript.  Are things about to start getting better even though Jason's murder is still unsolved?

Veronica is not into continuing her moments with Archie, but she is interested in getting to the bottom of the Jason's murder. Betty however, is not interested in finding out if FP has anything to do with Jason's murder because she has already been there and knows that FP told Jughead he had nothing to do with it.  Veronica teams up with Alice Cooper and enlists Archie to find out the truth about FP and whether or not he had anything to do with the death of Jason Blossom.

Polly is on a mission to discover what the Blossom's are hiding.  She has been exploring the mansion and feels that there is something hidden in the Blossom's master bedroom that will lead her to knowing that they had something to do with Jason's death. She even agrees to be homecoming co-queen with Cheryl the night of homecoming hoping to distract Cheryl from what she is doing.

Alice invites Jughead and FP over for supper as a way to keep them from FP's trailer so that Veronica and Archie can search it for any clues that would tie FP to Jason's murder.  Betty is non too pleased with Alice's antics but agrees to attend dinner. Alice makes the dinner some what awkward by grilling FP on his past and present endeavours, you would think she was a lawyer and not a reporter.  Veronica and Archie find nothing in FP's trailer, nothing to link him to the murder, but it causes a break down in the relationship between Jughead and his friends because they did this behind both Betty and Jughead's backs.  Betty tries to let Jughead know she had no idea that Veronica and Archie were conspiring to search FP's trailer but Jughead is too hurt to believe her.

Cheryl and Polly continue to bond over homecoming, and then they go to explore the Blossom's master bedroom together.  In this exploration they find the antique engagement ring that Jason had on him the night he was murdered.  How did it end up in the jewelry box?  Mrs. Blossom claims that Jason threw the ring in Cliff's face when he denounced his involvement in the Blossom Family business.  Polly then finishes her milkshake, but it's been laced with sleeping pills and Polly misses the dance.

At the dance Betty figures out what Veronica and Archie have been up to.  She is upset but again not as upset as Jughead.

Some one tipped off Sheriff Keller and he goes to search FP's trailer.  What he finds leads to the arrest of FP for the murder of Jason Blossom. News reaches the high school and Jughead takes off to figure out what happened.   The rest of the teens really have to process what FP's arrest means for each of them. Will he implicate Hiram Lodge and bring down Lodge Industries?  Will Jughead spiral out of control? How will Mrs. Blossom cope now that FP has been arrested?

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Riverdale Episode 10 Recap

The Andrews: Fred decides to head to Chicago to finalize his divorce with Mary.  Archie wants his dad to maybe reconsider the divorce, but Fred insists he stays home, so Archie and Jughead are home alone.   Archie gets decidedly drunk the night of Jughead's birthday, calls his dad but doesn't say anything.

The Coopers: Betty tries to be good girlfriend and plan a surprise for Jughead's birthday as well as a birthday party.  Betty and Veronica are all in for a quaint gathering at Archie's house, Archie acquiesces because he knows better than to argue.  Chuck Clayton returns to school and sits with Ethel, it cause Betty to see red, but he was only trying to apologize.   Chuck calls out Betty for what she did the night at Ethel's.  Jughead leaps to Betty's defense and punches Chuck straight in the jaw.

The Joneses: It's Jughead's birthday and Betty and Jughead are going to the Bijou to see the double feature.  Betty and Jughead got out to the movies but head early to meet up with Archie and his friends.  That is when the masses crash and then FP Jones shows up to wish Jughead a happy birthday.  Jughead is quite upset that Betty through a party for him, showing that Betty and him are so very different that they shouldn't even be together.  Things start to look pretty rocky for Jughead and Betty. It's a good thing FP showed up at Jughead's party to break up the fight that breaks out, the he has a run in with Alice Cooper. Seems Alice Cooper used to be part of the Southside of Riverdale, but clawed her way into to upper middle class.

The Lodges: Hiram's attorney is in Riverdale looking for character testimonies from Hermoine and Veronica. Veronica and Archie have a few close encounters and even spend the night together.  Veronica gets called out by Cheryl for being a destroyer of lives just like her father.  But is that really what her intentions are?  Veronica then testifies for her father.

The Blossoms: Why is Clifford possibly the reason for why Hiram is in jail?  Cheryl decides the Betty and Veronica and Archie all need to pay for what they have done and gets together with Chuck to crash Jughead's birthday party.  Cheryl fulfills her life ambition to cause chaos wherever she goes so that people know that she is in charge.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Riverdale Episode 9 Recap

We finally get a look inside Thorn Hill and learn a little more about the Blossom family.  And the Blossoms are into Maple Syrup, it's everywhere in the town.  What will happen to the Blossom Family business now that Jason is dead?

So many questions and so few answers, and really is maple syrup that much of a lucrative business or is there more to this story?

Betty just wants to know why Polly isn't talking to her, Alice just wants to paint the Blossoms as a horrible family. Betty learns from Archie that Polly is fine but Betty finds it hard to believe that Polly won't even talk to her.  When that doesn't satisfy her curosity she approaches Cheryl, who is less than helpful. Alice loses her patience with Hank and hurls a brick through the door of his shop.

Veronica and Hermoine are dealing with the fact that Hiram Lodge knows that Hermoine has had a tryst with Fred Andrews, but Fred Andrews still does not know that Lodge Industry is his new boss. Veronica also reaches out to Ethel again and puts on her nice girl cap.  It was always true in the comics that Veronica could be really nice but sometimes she was evil, seems the show wants Veronica to take on the nice rich girl role.  I enjoy it, but I really like to see Veronica as a mean girl to those that need it (ie. Cheryl).  Veronica then learns that Ethel's troubles came because they invested with Hiram Lodge, Veronica now sees the hazards of investing.  Hermoine comes clean with Fred which ends their budding romance and leaves them just as partners.  Ethel's dad then attempts to commit suicide, Veronica admits to Ethel's mom who she is and apologizes for what her father did, Ethel's mom loses it on Veronica but Betty stays close and supports her friend.

Cheryl has to attend her annual family event of the tapping of the maple tree.  She hooks Archie into joining her.  Because Archie is usually a hapless sap, he goes along but it costs him.  Archie tries to convince Cheryl to ask someone else, but Archie gives in because he's naive and wants to be the nice guy. But is he really the nice guy or is he doing this to get ahead, since he finally agrees to attend after Mrs. Blossom says she will put in a good word with an influential music program if Archie agrees to go.  The tree tapping is a big to do with all the Board of Trustees coming to see the tree tapping, scroll reading and all.....seems a bit pretentious! Archie does talk to Polly but gets no answers. Archie attempts to negotiate a deal between the Blossoms and Andrews so that Fred's company doesn't go under, Cliff Blossom seems to be willing to talk but is it a ruse? Archie then attends another function with Cheryl and it causes Archie and Valerie to break up.  Archie doesn't realize his integrity is at stake.  When Archie finally wakes up, learning that the Blossoms had something to do with Hiram Lodge's arrest and that Polly believes that the Blossoms had something to do with Jason's death, Archie walks away.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Riverdale Episode 8 Recap

Is there really such a thing as a perfect family?  Can the golden couple from high school grow into the shining example of the what makes a family perfect?

Jughead tells us as the narrator that the Coopers were high school sweethearts.  They had two beautiful girls and wonderful careers and the perfect life. That is until they get shoved into their own Romeo and Juliet story, when Polly and Jason fall irrevocably in love.  These two star crossed lovers met by chance, even had a nasty, short lived break up. But when Polly found out she was pregnant, Jason and Polly got engaged with his grandmothers ring, and planned to run away together.  Which all ended tragically with Jason's death and Polly being locked away by her own parents.

How and can the golden family of Riverdale ever get back together?

Veronica thinks so.  She feels that by throwing a Baby shower for Polly and inviting the Coopers and Blossoms, maybe this old feud can finally be put to rest for the benefit of the  baby that Polly is carrying.  It's a big Lodge to do, but the Blossoms do not let that stop them from making an entrance.  Alice desperately wants Polly to come home, she doesn't understand why Polly doesn't want to return to her family home.  Mr. Cooper absolutely refuses to partake in any of this as he will have nothing to do at all with anyone or thing related to the Blossoms.

Seems that the Blossoms are now causing trouble for Andrew's Construction.  The crew Fred had ready to start the project backed out because Blossom made an offer they couldn't refuse.  But it is putting Fred in a tight spot, looks like the business is going under and there isn't anything Fred can do.  Fred finally tells Archie what's happening and Archie works to help his dad find a solution.  The solution is that Archie and his friends come out to help, except someone comes and starts breaking equipment and even attacks Moose!!  But who is behind it, the Blossoms, the Southside Serpents, the Lodges??

Archie, Moose and Kevin head to a Serpent Bar to find out if they were behind it. Moose thinks he may have seen some and Archie approaches the guy, pretty heated, almost starting a bar fight.  In walks FP, which is when Archie finds out that Juggie's dad is a Serpent. Did I mention that FP has Kevin's boyfriend hide Jason's jacket. Yeah that happened but does FP have something to do with Jason's death?? And Kevin's boyfriend is using Kevin as an in on information with the sheriff.  FP then brings a crew to work the new project, Fred agrees and Hermoine and FP discuss who was behind the attack. Turns out they were likely from Montreal, and connected to Hiram Lodge, and were sent to send more of a message to Hermoine than to Fred.

We find out that Mr. Cooper is absolutely against having a Blossom baby in his house.  That he even offered to pay for an abortion so that Polly wouldn't have to live with her mistake. Seems this wasn't the first time and Mrs. Cooper kicked him out, because having her daughter home was more important than continuing with some ridiculous feud.

Polly makes a choice, even though Alice did everything to get her to come home, Polly still chooses to live at the Blossom's estate.  What is going on with that girl?

Monday, 1 May 2017

Riverdale Episode 7

How are you guys enjoying Riverdale?  It's definitely not the Archie Comic Universe I grew up with but I am really not mad at it.  I am very anxious to see Mrs. Andrews and I would really like to see Jellybean and Mrs. Jones, but for now they are just mentioned characters.

Well let's get started with Episode 7!

So Juggie is living in squalor and know one knows. His dad is not only a Southside Serpent, he's also an alcoholic who has chosen the bottle over his family time and time again.  Juggie works really hard keeping his secret but he gets busted by Archie and finally comes clean with his problems to Archie. Even admitting that since his dad lost his job at Andrew's Construction it's been extra tough at home. Archie and Juggie then join forces to help FP get his job back with Andrew's Construction.  Juggie confronts his dad on his alcoholism and the fact that it is his drinking that is destroying their family.

FP and Fred Andrews make amends and FP starts back at work. But it's not all rainbows and flowers, FP still has to deal with his addiction issue and the fact that he is part of the Southside Serpents, which makes Hermoine Lodge uncomfortable.

Veronica is resorting to old tactics to get back at her mom for kissing Fred Andrews and betraying Mr. Lodge. Veronica has started shopping online to relieve her stress. Veronica then goes out on the town with her friends, drinking and dancing ensue.  Her credit card gets cancelled and reported stolen by Hermoine, Veronica has cash and talks out of getting in trouble since the club served alcohol to minors.  At tis point it becomes a draw and Veronica and Hermoine finally talk and come to an argeement on what to do.

Betty and Juggie are also involved with finding Polly.  Cheryl tweets out that Polly escaped from a mental hospital and killed Jason.  The race is on to find Polly.  Many, many rumours come out about what Polly may or may not have done, forcing Mrs. Cooper to make an announcement that Polly is pregnant with Jason's baby.  This creates an uneasy alliance between Betty and Cheryl as they both want Polly to be safe to keep the baby safe.  In the end Betty finds Polly by remember where Polly used to run away to when she was upset at her parents.

The uneasy truce between Betty and Cheryl is being built to do what is best for Polly.  Betty meets with the Blossom's to negotiate Polly's safety.  The Blossom's aren't looking out for the best interest of Polly, but for the baby, with plans to take the child from Polly and have her declared unfit. Cheryl warns Betty and Polly who leave before mom and dad Blossom show up, in steps Veronica and saves the day providing Polly with a safe place to stay while her family figures out what it is they all want to do.

But things aren't over for Juggie.  He gets taken in for questioning because of some questionable incidents in his past. As he sits in a cell waiting for his dad, Betty, Archie and Fred Andrews come to his rescue, providing an alibi for Juggie for the week Jason was suspected to have been killed.  FP is no where to be found and when he comes around he is completely inebriated.  Juggie has to make a choice between the Andrew's and his dad, Juggie chooses his dad, but FP gives him permission to stay with the Andrews, maybe one of the only selfless acts he makes.