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Coming back to blogging

So it's been some time since my last blog, no excuse for it really other than I have been working full time, raising the boys, hubby has been working away and my creative writing seems to have hit an immense road block.  A gargantuan writers block had set in, I just couldn't write three words together if I had to try.  Even my emails were painful to write and they were definitely purposeful writings.
Since my last blog a lot has changed in my little family life.  Hubby started his own company so he is working away a lot right now.  That means it's just me and my two boys at home.  I've been getting the boys off to school, off to soccer and swimming, and just doing things with them on my own most of the time.  Hubby and I also decided to try for one more baby, and back in September we found out I'm  expecting again.  In case you don't follow me on twitter or Facebook, that means I have 19 days left until my due date.  Yup a lot has changed, including my bodily ph…