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Hi, waving sheepishly over here

I've been avoiding my blogging for some time now, it's been weird, I went from blogging all the time to not, and when I would sit down because I had time to blog, I'd just sit and stare at the flashing cursor on the screen and NOTHING!!
I'd tell myself I'd have time on the weekend, or time after I put my kids to bed, but the reality was I just never made the time.  I could have made the time, there was time in my day to devote to writing, to devote to things I love, but I pushed them all aside.  I wasn't depressed, I just had no interest in doing things I loved, even going to my exercise class. There was always some excuse why I couldn't go.
I was in a FUNK!
I hate being in funks, it's so hard and tiresome trying to get out of them, and for me they always sneak up out of no where.  I mean I was uber stressed out from my job that I left August 13, and I think that definitely added to my overall motivation, or lack there of.  Then I started a new job in a…