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I got bored

It was my own fault, really it was I take full responsibility for it!!! I do apologize profusely, but the truth of the matter is I got bored of my 30 day blog challenge.  Not that I didn't want to blog, but the topics in the challenge were just not exciting to me and I could not bring myself to write a blog about knitting or crocheting(even though I am teaching myself how to do both) I just couldn't do it, and then it's been so busy I have not even been able to take my camera out to take photos for a day in the life and where i live blogs.... still blogs I would like to do but I can't do them like this.

Now I will begin again and see where we get from here, but it's more going to be a diary, journal type thing.  I will blog about things I am doing but until I find a really cool thirty day challenge I won't be blogging a challenge for a bit, I maybe need a theme.

I am very driven by purpose, and finding a purpose for doing anything is important!!  So we will se…

Lil Man plays soccer

So Lil Man has been watching his brother play soccer his whole life and has been dying to get down on the pitch to play as well.  It's been painful taking Lil Man to his brothers games sometimes because he just wants to play so much and Lil man is so much more active than his brother was at that age so he was always on the go.

This year we have been able to let Lil Man have his greatest wish and it has furthered my Soccer Mom status.  Lil Man is playing timbits soccer and he really enjoys it, when he's had a nap! When he doesn't nap in the day, which is not something we really let him do, he's a bit cranky by 5 pm and doesn't really want to listen.  On top of my being Lil Man's soccer mom and biggest cheerleader I am his coach this year.  I am certified U4-U6 Coach.

Most of the kids have no idea what soccer is, they either just want to play tag, catch the coach or they pick up the ball and run with it.  It's quite funny and normal really but I am having a …

Soccer Star Chandler

Chandler has been playing soccer for four years now.  He has come along way in his skills and abilities.  From a timid soccer player in grade five to the defensive star that he is today it's been a great pleasure to see him develop pride in a sport to the point that he really enjoys and is looking at other options for him to further his understanding of the sport.

He had one year in the middle of his four years where he did not play soccer.  He had broken his arm in the final game of his season in grade six and then did not want to play again.  His team was not the most skilled and the coaches, parents who volunteered were not skilled as coaches and he became frustrated because he was had a great coach the first year he played.  His team still ended up coming together in the end and he has been on the gold or silver team every year he has played.  He is a bit competitive.

So I am happy to spend my weekends taking him to soccer and watching Chandler as he does something he enjoys a…

Dinner Party

So I have decided that for the months of January, March, July and November I am going to host thematic dinner parties for me and some of my good friends.  I like the idea of theme dinner parties because then you can do theme foods, theme dress codes, theme decorations and it makes it something a little different.  I think I have a couple friends in town now that would be willing to come and would bring their significant others.

It's a new experience for me planning a dinner party as I have never done it before but it's always been something I have wanted to do.  To have people over for a barbeque is one thing but this would be a whole big production with invitations and RSVP expectations.  I am not sure what it would all entail besides cooking food, and planning games or activities.  I remember when I was younger my mom hosted some dinner parties, one was a nautical theme, one was a murder mystery theme and one I think was just a party but I remember all the smiles and laughi…


Ok sorry there are no pictures for this blog, but there will be when I get the recipe PERFECT!!!

I am a huge fan of guacamole.  I love guacamole, I love avocados and tomatoes and everything about it!!  When I first saw guacamole, I was very turned off by it.  I mean it was green!!!!  I disliked green foods and did not think anything green could taste good, except peas from the garden.  I wouldn't even try it, not for a dollar, not for a bet, not for anything.

Then a couple years ago, I decided to try it, just because I saw some guacamole that looked appetizing. It wasn't the green spread that looked like green mayonnaise, this stuff had textures in it, you could see tomato pieces in it, and chunks of avocado.  I was intrigued, and I knew who made this stuff as I was visit my good friends the Carloses at the time.  So I picked up a chip and dipped in, it was the best and worst decision I made because after that I was hooked, I had to have the recipe!

After asking Alex for the r…

My family at supper

So this is an every day occurrence in most family homes, somedays it's a little more frantic than others, but it is a common denominator for families.  I think supper is the one meal that most families have in which they do together and one night while I was glancing at the boys sitting at my table, I wondered if what a normal supper for me is what is normal for everyone else.

Most nights we have a buffet style supper, there just is not enough room on the table to have four plates, four glasses, and at least three serving dishes.  We eat at a small round table and for some reason when I picked out dishes I wanted I picked out the biggest set of dishes I could find. I loved them at the time but I am kind of over them now, they are just so big and bulky, but I digress.  So after my hubby or I get Lil Man his plate we get our own plate and sit down at the table.  While eating during the week the television is on, it's either on a sitcom we all enjoy or Disney Junior so Lil Man do…

ok a bunch of stuff

Ahh I had a whole bunch of blogs done and I forgot to schedule them to post, sorry for the delay, I will be having them posting very soon here!!
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Also I will be changing some of my future blogs because of some changes I am making in my life.  It will be a journey and this public journalling will give me incentive to stay true.

So stay tuned the blogs are being scheduled for release!!!