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New Years New Goals

I am a creature of habit, in the oddest ways.  I stopped blogging in June because I went on a road trip and I was super busy with that, but also my computer screen cracked, and not just a little crack, it was such a significant crack I could not use my macbook pro.  I was devastated and annoyed, I have a back up computer, a HP laptop, and it's a good computer, but it's just not my Macbook.
So aside from not writing anything about what I have been up to for the last 6 months of this year, besides in this last month as I get back into blogging, I haven't been doing any writing at all not even on my novels.  I could say I was mad at myself but I knew what I was doing and I just couldn't bring myself to type on the HP, the tracking pad is much to sensitive and when I type on it I get the urge to throw it from time to time.
That being said I am blogging again, it's time to get my summer blogged, my back to school blogged and all the fun things in between!! I'm supe…

Road Trip 2017 Part 4 Nova Scotia

The main reason for this road trip was to go out east to celebrate the life of a man who was taken from this world too soon.  My friend Estelle was making the journey and I knew it would be difficult and I didn't want her to have to do the journey alone, especially if she felt like she'd want the company.  She was happy to have us and I was happy I was able to make the trip with her.

We travelled from NYC to Pugwash, Nova Scotia in one day. That is an epic drive and really should only have taken 12 hours but with traffic and stuff took us 18 hours.  We have the best children ever though.  There were no complaints in the car, they have been trained by this point to go to the bathroom when we tell them and not ask for extra bathroom breaks. It was a crazy long drive, but we made it to Pugwash and fell into a deep sleep!

We spent 4 days in Nova Scotia, it was an emotional four days! I so love the scenery of the East Coast, it's just beautiful.  There were a few cathartic mome…

Road Trip Part 3 New York City

Even though we were only in New York City for like an evening it still deserves it's own blog post because I mean it was NEW YORK CITY!!!  I have wanted to go to New York City for the longest time and even though I wasn't there for three or four days to explore every area and every borough (which i don't think is even possible in three days) I still had a great time. 

The weather was not cooperating, I mean we drove through monsoon like rain, where the windshield wipers on the highest speed were doing nothing to keep the water off.  We really weren't sure what we were going to do when we got to the hotel because this one did not have a pool.  Originally, we'd planned to spend the morning in NYC then drive up to Maine in the afternoon.  When we got to the hotel in New Jersey it had stopped raining, we were searching up in door pools or amusement centers in the areas that we could take the kids too.  My kids were getting antsy and the hotel room was the smallest hote…

Road Trip 2017 Part 2 Journey to Pittsburgh

When we began planning this road trip, we were initially going to zip into the states and take the shortest way there.  I then started looking at a map and suggested that maybe we could do a little detour and stop in Pittsburgh so Lil Man could see where his favourite hockey team plays.  Estelle was agreeable to this so we began plotting out our journey.

Once we crossed into North Dakota it was a long journey through prairie lands.  North Dakota was pretty, and some of the places were well named.  Devil's lake seems like it had a very appropriate name.

Some how we crossed the Minnesota border without seeing a sign.  This became a trend and a reason why we did not have pictures of the group in each state we drove through.  When you are on the Interstate it's pretty much impossible to see the state signs, next time I do this road trip I may not worry about staying on the Interstate and just take some of the smaller high ways. It would take longer but I might get more places to t…

Road Trip 2017 Part 1


Yeah it's a long hashtag, but it's the hashtag I used for sharing photos of an amazing road trip I went on this summer with my best girlfriend Estelle. We took our youngest kids, her two girls, my two boys and we drove across the United States and Canada for what can only be described as a cathartic and epic road trip!

I don't know about you but I love travelling and I really love travelling by car.  There are things you will never experience if you only fly to your destination.  Can road trips be utterly dull and uncomfortable, absolutely, but then you should pick better people to travel with.  And I don't know there is just something about getting in a vehicle with a friend and driving somewhere random for no other reason than to go some place new.

The boys and I started our trip from Alberta, we headed into Saskatoon to visit with my mom, grandma and sister for a night before we headed to Prince Albert to get ready to leave with Estelle and her…