Sunday, 27 February 2011

Almost done

See I was right once I put my mind to it I can accomplish all kinds of things.  I got up this morning, fairly unwillingly if truth be told, but I made Little Man and I breakfast, then I did my planning for school and then I made my shopping list for the week.  I have a little to do list for today then I get to relax and watch television or indulge in my Sims 3 addiction. 

I am so happy.  I got my invites done and I uploaded Little Man's baby book to Costco for printing just have to wait until I have some funds to print off all those pages, gotta make 1 and 1/2 copies to give to one Great Grandma but I am going to print off a disc to give to everyone else.  So yeah to being able to hang out and enjoy my family for the day instead of worrying about all the things I have to do!!!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

What a great opportunity!!

Who out there does not enjoy receiving Free jewellery?  Free jewellery how is this possible?  Well I can break it down for you in a very simplistic manner, and I know that when you find out how easy it is, you will want to ask me to help you get the jewellery items of your choice for FREE!!!


It is a very simple process and all it entails is having a few friends over for a night of beverages and snacks with a glittery display somewhere in the viewing area.  All you have to do is set a date and time when you want to get together with your girlfriends for a girls night in.  I will do all the rest for you, I will help you get some free jewellery and assist you and your friends in having a great night.

My hostess package guarantees that you will get some free jewellery, no matter what kind of sales you have during the get together simply by having two other girlfriends over for a night.  Depending on sales and bookings you could receive more free jewellery and some items at half price as well.  It truly does sound too good to be true, but it is true, I promise!!!

Here is a recent scenario that happened for one of my hostesses. She had an beautiful set that she wanted to get for free for her party, so I had her model it for her guests all night, then I told the guests that my hostess needed to have 2 bookings and $500 in sales so that she would earn $75 in free product plus because she kept her date I was giving her another $25 in free product which means she would get the set she wanted and she would have $10 left to put towards another piece of jewellery.  Plus she would get to purchase two more items at 1/2 price because of her sales.  My hostess ended up having a $800 show that night and she walked away with the set she loved, two necklaces and a pair of earrings for free.  She also got three items at half price.  Her total bill was $124.98.  And her friends all had a blast trying on the jewellery and modelling it for each other.  I look forward to doing my next shows with my two new hostesses from that night.  Things are looking up!!! 

Want to find out how I can tell your story of receiving free jewellery?  Just email me at and I will get in contact with you.  If you aren't interested in hostessing a show, but you know someone who would love to receive free jewellery pass their name to me and I will assist them with blinging themselves out!!!

Thanks so much, have a sparkling day!!!

Whoops, didn't get everything done but....

So I had great intentions, and as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions but I did finish some of my Honey Do list, just not all of it.  I was able to complete my invitations for my Fifth Avenue Collection shows in Saskatchewan.  I just have to send them to Costco then I can get to a mailbox and mail them all off (wedding and show invites (I know I know)).

But I had a great morning and afternoon.  My basketball game ended much like I expected, not what I had hoped for but what I had expected. We lost but the boys had fun and I was able to buy them all a treat after the game with the tournament dollars the tournament gave us.  Then Chandler and I drove through the blizzard and went to Canadian Tire.  There I purchased two Airsoft pistols and some bbs. I also purchased myself a scale to weigh out my portions of food so I can really commit to this diet.  At 2 my brother and his fiance came over and we visited with them.  They also brought over  a game for us to play.  It was called the Settlers of Cataan (sp?).  It was  a lot of fun, I did not win but I had a great time playing it. 

Now, instead of completing my honey do list I am going to go out to play games with Pam and Chad. It's going to be a great evening, it just means that I will be extra busy tomorrow finishing my Honey Do list.

Have a great night everyone!!!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Indulgence Time

I am so looking forward to next Monday.  I know this should be on my Lifestyle Lift blog, but I wanted to write it here.  I have my final weigh in on Monday and then I am going to make Adrian take me out on a date.  I think we will indulge in a nice dessert somewhere so if anyone knows of a great dessert place in Red Deer of a place that serves great dessert let me know I am booking it in and my Chandler is going to do some babysitting for me.  I can hardly wait!!! 

I am also thinking of doing a little extra indulging this weekend after I finish my Honey Do List.  This list includes mailing out invites (sorry i know i know they are late), completing Fifth Avenue Collection invites for the parties in Saskatchewan (SK friends watch your mailbox for a lovely invite from me), completing my lesson plans for Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week, and booking two more parties for March 11-13 weekend for Fifth Avenue Shows at my place.  It's going to keep me busy but if i actually get down to it i can complete it by Saturday afternoon or early evening (depending on the Basketball tourny this weekend).  After this list is completed, and I will blog updates as I complete them, and I will include some more pictures too, I am going to indulge in another addiction of mine and play Sims 3, maybe on both my computer and the X-box.  I am just dying to have a good game where I am not interrupted by a crying or whining child. 

On Sunday I am going to indulge in some family time too.  I think some library time and a morning in the pool is what we need.  It will be great to indulge in a little bit of family activity where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves without worry about what needs to be done around the house for chores.

So now we are starting the weekend of indulgence which will end on Monday with a fantastic dessert!!!

Your Education is always your own

I am sitting in a CTS class and I am watching a group of students work independently creating projects without instruction from the teacher (me, I am subbing today).  It has got me to thinking, and I mean I think a lot on days like these because subbing can be very demanding or essentially putting me in a place of classroom babysitter.  My thoughts are running around in my head questioning why we can't have all classes run this way.

Why can't students work at their own pace just being given an outcome they must show you how they understand it in their own way?  It could work within any class if the teacher is creative enough to set up their classroom that way. The teacher also has to be willing to let go of control.  You can't have the students learn the concepts at their speed but at the speed that they are comfortable with. 

I could come up with all kinds of examples of how teachers could start this in small units which will gradually grow into larger units, until their whole course load is self directed by the students, and the teacher is simply there to facilitate their learning. 

I know things would look chaotic and some students may not complete everything at the same time, but at least they aren't left behind feeling like a failure, they are working with others and completing things at a speed which they are able to fully process and comprehend the concepts.  Is it not better to say that 100% of my students understood the concepts they completed as opposed to I completed 100% of the concepts but not all my students understood them all?

I am going to try to do this in my next science unit, I have already given some control over to my students in the current unit and it's going well, but now I just have to become more creative so my students can become more creative.  Even with my religion class we will see how this goes.  I think it will become a lot of reflection what are the big questions I want my students to be able to answer at the end of their units.

If any science or middle school teachers out there have suggestions I would love to hear them!!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Teaching Religion

I grew up attending religion classes for my entire education career until Grade 11 when I went to a Public High School, so religion class is not a new concept for me.  Teaching it and not being a compliant participant is new.  It's not the first time I have taught a religion class, but it's the first time I find myself struggling with parts of it.

Part of the struggle is the my relationship with the students.  I was about to say the students but that is not a fair assessment.  I am finding it difficult to engage some of the male students and part of the reason is I don't have as strong a relationship with them as I need.  There is not a lot of respect going back and forth so that is definitely something I have to work on.  But I am lost as to how to do that, any suggestions??

I think one of the reasons I really struggle with religion class is because I don't always feel my own views jive with a Catholic Schools teachings.  One thing about me is that I refuse to lie when it comes to my faith, and so I can't stand up in front of a class of students and lie to them if I don't agree with something that is propagated by the Catholic teaching. For example, I do not believe that homosexuals are the work of the devil,  I believe that God created everyone and that he made everyone different so as to teach tolerance in a world that loves sameness. I should say I believe in the Catholic church, I believe that the fundamental teachings of Jesus that created the church are honest and good, I just think that man has once again perverted these teachings to reflect a status quo that never existed. 

Maybe I am too educated to be a religion teacher, maybe I am not educated enough in Catholic teachings, but I am a religion teacher for the Grade 9s at my school so I have to find some way to make my view of what I am and what I want to become the same thing.  There are definitely ways I can improve and as I have typed this blog some ideas have floated into my head, now it's just about taking those ideas and changing them into lesson plans for the students.  But I would appreciate any help or guidance from other Grade 9 religion teachers out there.  If you know any could you please have them contact me at  Thanks everyone!!  Also if you are someone who regularly reads my blog and you have suggestions leave a message or email me I gladly take any suggestions.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Twitter Update

So after some consideration I signed up for a Twitter account, if you want you can follow me at Jewelryjenn79 if you have a twitter account.  It's an interesting expeinece and I am trying to use it for my professional life, but it is a lot of fun to use it for personal stuff as well.  I am trying to keep my personal and professional life separate, but sometimes that's more difficult than not.  I still may sign up for another Twitter account, once I get this one under control because it's hard to figure out all the new jargon and stuff.

I am seriously confused, when it comes to some abreviations on Twitter.  So I am compiling a document of how I learned how to navigate Twitter which I will share on here. 

First in order to tag someone in a post you add an @ sign in front of their name.  Much like tagging someone in a Facebook status.  You can also add in a # in front of a word (or group of words with no spaces) to create something that links you to others doing the same activity.  Like if you are watching television you could say "just sitting at home #watchingtelevision.  That way anyone else watching Television could see your tweets. 

Some abreviations I have not figured out are RT.  I think it means to Retweet, but that's just a guess.  It's hard to make really educated guesses with this since you can't read everything in context.  I wasn't sure what it meant when you would see a speech bubble at the bottom of a tweet, but I think it's to show you replied to someone. 

I am not sure if this is possible, I would think it would be, but I haven't figured out how it works yet, but it would be nice to see other people's replies to tweets to which I have replied.  If someone knows if this is possible please fill me in.  

So far my venturing into the land of Twitter has been semi enjoyable.  I have enjoyed the tweets from others, and finding other people interested in the same things I am, so onward and upward into the learning curve, but I definitely see great potential for my professional life using these tools. I also see great potential for my students to be using these tools.

Terrible Deeds Schenecker Case

I have not kept up on the news lately because so often the news is horribly depressing.  Most news that is reported is about the horrible things that we humans do to one another for not other reason then hatred or intolerance.  Some of the worst things I ever encounter are crimes against children and youth, especially those crimes committed on them by their own parents.

I just read an article in People on the Schenecker case in Florida where a mother murdered her two teens.  I am just sickened by the fact that this still happens, and I am not naive I understand that something terrible must have happened for this mother to have done this, but she has no remorse for what she has done.  She has obviously had a complete break with her reality and now she is non apologetic for shooting her two children. 

How can people do this?  I cannot understand this, but something must have happened to make this woman snap, but it does not excuse her actions.  And now their father must live with the fact that his wife, possibly the love of his life, killed the two stars in his life.  Could you get over this?  I would want revenge, I would be devastated and would definitely plot revenge if someone hurt my children. 

I send my prayers and thoughts out to the Schenecker family and I hope they can find peace and justice in a chaotic situation.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fifth Avenue Collection

I am starting up my home based business again.  I have decided it is the most convenient way for me to make some extra money considering my family and goals that I have in life.  It could be just as easy for me to go out and get another job waitressing on the weekends, but that would take me out of the house and I would spend less time with my family, which for me is not an option.  So now I am spending time every day to do something for my business. 

I started two weeks ago, and it was a slow start, I began carrying my Cash and Carry bag, which is a bag with the Fifth Avenue Collection logo on it and little windows to display some pieces of jewellery.  I then set up three shows this weekend to sell some of the jewellery I had in inventory.  None of the days were stellar days that changed my thinking immensely but I did make almost $200 in profit so that's not too bad.  And I got to do it while being at home with my family and I could have done school work if I had any to do. 

Next step to book some more shows and to get more word of mouth out to potential customers.  So I ask you, my lovely readers, if you know any one or you yourself, would like to see the jewelry line let me know I would be more than glad to share this product with you.  Any referrals that work into shows or sales will result in a gift certificate for you for your own pieces of jewellery.

Happy days to all, and enjoy your Valentine's Day  tomorrow.  I hope it is full of love!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Jewelry show this weekend!!

For those of you in the Red Deer area, I am starting to do Fifth Avenue Jewelry shows again.  I had started them about a year ago actually and then stopped around 6 months ago, because I got busy with so many other little things.  I have decided that I have a lot of inventory and it's a fun activity for me to be able to get together with some great people so I want to try doing some shows every month.  I am not looking to become rich doing this, maybe just make a couple extra hundred dollars a month so that if I have to not be working full time again I have a back up plan.

I will be having some specials all weekend for those of you that wish to stop by, just send me a message and I can get you the information. Don't worry if you leave a post here with your email address I won't publish it I will just email you back. 

Fifth Avenue Collection has some of the best jewelry designs you have seen in a long time.  They have a fabulous warranty and their hostess deals can't be beat.  Seriously,  check out my website, to see all the designs and products you can choose from. If you want you can order right online, or you can come by my place and if I have the item in stock you can leave with it that day!!!

Hope you can make it!! Or if you would like to find out more information about hostessing your own show to get some FREE jewelry contact me and I will help get you some great pieces for FREE!!!!  Who doesn't love free stuff!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

To Tweet or not to Tweet

So I have been contemplating joining Twitter recently.  I am not sure if I really need another social networking site to become involved in, but I sometimes think it may be a useful tool in life.  I mean if you use it for a specific reason in your life then maybe it won't become all consuming.

I had taken against Twitter when it first came out because Facebook was so all consuming that I just couldn't possibly spend more time on the internet updating another social networking site.  Since I have become involved with Facebook, my other social networking websites have been neglected.  I haven't deleted them, but I should since I never access them.  I love Facebook, I am definitely a fan of Facebook, but it is very time consuming, so do I need another site to consume more of my time.

I have some questions about Twitter that I feel I have to have answered before I can sign up with them if I do sign up with them and I felt this might be a site to ask those questions.
1)  What is the premise of Twitter?
2) How do you find people or how do people find you on Twitter?
3) Do you have a profile page that you input information about yourself?
4) Can you have more than one twitter account? (Not sure why I would but if I decide to use this as a teaching tool I would want a separate one from my personal life account)
5) Any other helpful hints as to why Twitter is good or why it should be avoided.

Thanks to anyone who replies!!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Life Stealers Pt 2

The post I wrote last night got me thinking of another time when people could be life stealers.  This always happens when they are in relationships and I am speaking of those romantic relationships. It is definitely something I used to be guilty of, but have since come to realize the folly in my ways and have corrected the behaviour.

What behaviour might this be you ask, well it's the behaviour where one person becomes or tries to become a carbon copy of the person they are with.  This behaviour is dictated when a person's likes or dislikes change, or they start taking on activities that they use to scoff at before they became involved with this new relationship.  

I know in past relationships I have taken up activities that my boyfriends have enjoyed, not because I was interested in them or because I actually had a desire to become involved with them, but simply because my boyfriend liked them and I wanted to spend time with him.  I became guilty of being a life stealer of my boyfriend.  I become friends with their friends, I hang out with their friends girlfriends, I try to involve my friends with theirs so we can all hang out together.  I  stopped hanging out with my friends on our own because I could not function without my boyfriend because I had essentially lost myself while putting myself into a relationship.  Funny, (read a lot of sarcasm here) all these relationships ended up in the toilet, with me having no desire to really see this person ever again.

Now fast forward a few years, to a period of time when I was able to be alone, without a relationship to cloud my judgement of who I truly was. I was able to focus on myself and what I liked and disliked without outside influence from a male.  I was able to embrace myself as I was with my girlfriends and I was able to realize that the "me" who was with my girlfriends was the "me" that initially attracted the guys and it was the "me" the guys wanted to be in a relationship with.  Not the other person I morphed into.  

So now I understand that I can be me and be in a relationship.  I can liked scrambled eggs even if Adrian likes sunny side up. He's still going to love me if I don't want to play his video games with him or watch UFC with him. He's going to love me because I allow him to be himself and I will be myself doing the things I enjoy.  I know that he will let me blog, and read not expect me to do otherwise if it is what I am wanting to do.  So I can be me, and he will support me in being genuine.  And that is the best thing I can ask for.

It's just some interesting thoughts I wanted to share with you!!!

Suffering Soother

Have I ever told you how much I detest soothers?  I find that they are a great tool early on in a child's life, but sometimes they just get out of control.  I felt like my son's use of the soother was fast approaching that point so we have now been weening him off the soother.  It is seriously taking us longer to ween him off the soother than it did to ween him off bottles and breastfeeding.  I am not happy about that.

But in case some of you are in similar situations or find yourself in similar situations sometime down the road here is the path we took.  

My son, bless him, is a very stubborn child, like super stubborn (I am sure he gets it from his dad).  He also has a really bad temper and will throw amazing temper tantrums, which I know are from his dad's side because his paternal Grandmother told me his father was just like that.  So at a very early age we used the soother to help him soothe himself back to sleep or so that he would stop using me as a soothing device.  It was a great tool, but I had said I would cut him off the soother when he cut his first tooth.  Seven teeth later we may finally be close to throwing out the soothers.

We (ok it may have been an I) decided that we would stop giving our son his soother during the day when he was up and about.  He didn't need it, he was content if he didn't have it, so it wasn't a necessary situation for him to have to soother during the day.  But try to lay that child down at nap time without it and it was like having a wrestling match.  That and he would wake up and not just go back to sleep and we would have a very cranky child, so he was allowed his soother during naps and at bedtime.

Well last weekend we took away the soother at bedtime.  I had a three day weekend and I knew I would need at least three days of not having to get up super early to be able to have the perserverence to ensure I did not cave in and give him the soother when he woke up in the middle of the night screaming for it.

So to bed he went on Friday night without his soother.  He was so tired that night because it was after 8, an hour after his normal bedtime, that there was no fight in him when I put him to bed, he just laid down and was out in 5 minutes.  I knew that was too easy.  The night was very interrupted, he woke up twice before 1 and I went into his room and rocked him back to sleep san soother.  He did it again at about 2 and I knew that I could get up and rock him back to sleep but that would teach him nothing so I laid in bed for 45 minutes while Adrian snored and Little man cried.  He fell back asleep and did not wake up until after 6.  But we did make it through the night without a soother, that was a win in my book.

When I tried to put him down on Saturday for a nap, it was like world war three.  He threw a massive temper tantrum and did not settle down even after an hour of crying.  So I decided that I would fight the night time battle but not the war and gave him his soother.  I figured it would be better to break him of his soother habit at night and let him nap properly during the day.  Saturday night Little Man went down to bed with no fight and only woke up once at 4 and cried himself back to sleep.  Score two for the parents getting rid of the soother!!!

Sunday night we repeated this pattern and he only work up at 5 in the morning and came and slept with us for 45 more  minutes before we all got up for work.  And now tonight we are working on our 4th night without a soother and there was no tantrum when we laid him down into his crib.  He was awake for 30 minutes talking in his crib but no crying or whining for a soother, so I think we have one more battle and then we will be done with the soother war of 2011.