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Lemons into lemonade

I am experiencing the blues right now.....  I know from past experiences that I can sometimes have a defeatists attitude towards life.  Right now I am smack in the middle of some woe is me feelings and I do not know how to get out of them.

I can easily see the big picture, I never have a problem with that, it's those smaller pictures that creep up and block your big picture view that I struggle with. Does it sound like I am speaking in tongues, well here I will explain.  I know I am at a HUGE crossroads in my life, I really have three directions and possibly a fourth I can travel down in the near future.  So I have been dabbling with a couple paths, not really going too far down these roads, because I always want to be able to merge into a better path if I need to.  

My choices revolve around career choice.  Option A is returning to the Teaching world as a sub or part time and working that life.  It's not always much fun, but once you are well known you can have fairly steady wo…

new camera

So I went out the other day and bought a new camera.  I splurged and got the Nikon P100.  It is fabulous, it has fantastic features that I am learning how to operate.  Here are some pictures I took with it this weekend, we caught some fun shots of Little Man and Sashabear!!!
Little Man in his highchair!!
Practicing sitting in the living room, he did pretty well!!
Close up at the fussing little man in his jumper, he didn't want any more pictures takes he just wanted to be picked up!!!
Miss Sasha looking so forlorn out in the backyard!!!

Feeding Baby Solids

We began feeding Little Man solids about a month ago.  He is not six months old, but he was screaming after eating and trying to eat constantly.  He was giving the signs that he was ready for solid foods, so I decided to start him on cereal.  He took to the cereal just like his brother, which means he loved it.  He starts to cry if I am not fast enough with the spoon, it is a real treat to watch.  So now we are starting to move onto new foods in other food groups.

When Chandler was a baby there was a systematic approach to feeding babies.  Babies started to be fed at 4 months and the first foods to be introduced were cereals.  After a week you could introduce a second cereal, then a week after that it was suggested that you start with vegetables.  After the vegetables you could introduce fruits and then meats.  Well in the eleven years since things have changed. There is no longer any real restrictions except that babies are not supposed to be fed until they are 6 months but then you c…

Cell phones and Driving

So today I was watching Oprah, which is not something I usually do.  The opening hooked me and I PVRed the episode because I had to leave and then I came home and watched it with Adrian.  Today's episode was a repeat, I had initially thought it was about drunk driving, but it was actually about the 100% preventable accidents due to drivers using their cell phones while driving.  I am not sure what I feel about this topic, but I felt like it was something I had to write out, to put out there for discussion.

On the one hand I definitely agree that texting, emailing, or IMing while driving is needless and extremely dangerous.  To do these activities a driver must take their eyes off the road and type in words into their cell phone.  The driver is forming sentences and thoughts that have nothing to do with the act of driving.  The drivers attention is therefore focused on their conversation not on their driving or the other drivers around them.  This is a disaster waiting to happen, an…

Fixed the comment Issue

Thanks Becky for bringing my attention to my comment issue, I think I have it fixed, it means my comments have to come up in a pop up box but at least now people can leave them where as before I am not sure what happened.  I am still looking into it!!!

So Comment away my readers!!! I always love hearing from you!!!!

Growing Up

Ever hear the saying, "Growing up is hard to do,"??  Well I am inclined to agree with that saying.  Growing up is hard, there are so many things you need to learn to do that you have to experience to learn them.  They are things that cannot be taught in a classroom or on your parent's knee.  Responsibility is a hard concept to learn, and you have to want to understand that concept for you to truly understand it.  

Parents, teachers, grandparents, everyone really tries to teach the younger generation about responsibility.  We ask children to do homework, we ask them to clean their room or to participate in the daily chores of life, but those little things don't actually prepare them for the reality that is real life.  

Now if a child doesn't do their homework, the teacher will become frustrated and the child may lose some marks, but as long as the child gets those assignments in before report cards are due, they will receive credit for the assignment.  School defini…

Trip to Saskatchewan

Driving to Saskatchewan is exhausting.  This past weekend I drove to Prince Albert from Red Deer.  We went up through Leduc and Edmonton on through Lloyd and North Battleford then we FINALLY reached Prince Albert.  When I say finally, I mean it was a long, LONG trip!!

It took 7 hours to get there, which is two hours longer than it takes to get from Red Deer to Saskatoon.  It was a long trip for the boys. Poor Little Man was freaking out in the back seat and Chandler was a great help.  If it was not for him I think Little Man would have lost his voice.  It is a long time for the boys to be stuck in the car.

Next time we go back will be for Roxann's wedding.  The wedding is in Duck Lake so that is a long trip so we might break the trip into two parts. That may help us keep our sanity!!!

Soon when I am rich and famous I will only fly and rent cars lol!!!

Mayhem in March

So much is happening now and it makes me wonder if I should start treating this blog like an online diary.  However, I am not comfortable sharing all my personal thoughts and experiences online.  So I am trying to work out what this blog will be about and I am trying to narrow down the focus so I can keep my topics focused as such.  Meh... I can just about do whatever I wish and it's alright because this is my blog right??

So far in March we finished our Biggest Loser Competition.  I am happy to say that I was the winner, I lost 4.5% of my body weight, I still have another 10% to lose for me to be at my ideal weight, but I am VERY excited about the loss that I have made so far!!!

I also attended mediation for my dad's estate.  I am happy to say that the nightmare is ending, that an agreement was reached and I can now breath easier and so much stress has now been lifted off my shoulders, but that is for another blog altogether.

Then yesterday, oh International Women's Day a…

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

A couple of years ago, for Christmas, Chandler got a set of books from his Aunty Trinity.  I have been buying Chandler books for years because I love to read and I wanted him to love to read as well.  He read the Bones series, which is a graphic novel and he got into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series as well, but he was never the reader that I was.  For those of you that don't know I will pretty much read anything.  I love to read.  Well this series that Chandler received was the first three books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  

He began to read the series on the way home from California after my father had passed away.  I also read them as well they seemed like a fun story to read.  Chandler loved the series and constantly wanted me to buy the next book and the next book.  Both Chandler and I were looking forward to the movie after we found out that they were making a movie based on the book.  It is such a good series, if you have ever been intrigued by the Greek Go…