Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Riverdale Episode 6

What are you afraid of? Failing in front of people, being too much for other, hurting others, the dark?? Well this episode of Riverdale's theme is around Fear and how it is important to face your fears.

Jughead and Betty are getting closer this episode.  Jughead comes over for breakfast and aids Betty in spying on her mom and dad.  The spying pays off and Jughead and Betty discover where Polly is, so they head off to find her and find out what's happening.  Polly is in a home for disenfranchised youth and when Betty finds her, we discover that Polly is pregnant with Jason's baby.  Polly tells Betty about her and Jason's plan to run away to have the baby together and that is when Betty realizes that Polly didn't know about Jason's murder.  Betty's mom shows up and is very unimpressed with Betty being here, but Polly is absolutely distraught that Jason is dead.  In the end Polly goes missing and everyone starts to wonder if maybe Polly was the one who killed Jason.

After coming home, Betty confronts her dad about the possibility that he killed Jason Blossom.  Alice Cooper thinks this is the funniest thing since sliced bread.  Alice then accuses Betty of being crazy, seems this family has a go to that shaming people into thinking they are crazy is a way to control them.  Betty doesn't let up and with Jughead's help they discover that Polly was telling the truth, they find Jason's car where Polly said it would be, loaded with Jason's things and drugs!! What was Jason into?

Archie is trying out for the Variety Show, but he develops a case of stage fright where all his Football Buddies jeer him and turn into wolves.  Then Archie gives into his fears and doesn't try out.  Thankfully, he has some great friends who believe in him and go to bat for him getting him a spot in the Variety Show.  Veronica even agrees to sing with Archie to help him overcome his stage fright. Valerie agrees to sing with Archie, but in the end neither girl sings with Archie and Archie faces his fears and sings alone. He does an amazing job!

There are troubles in the PussyCat's world and Valerie ends up quitting the band.  Valerie and Josie have a fight about creative differences and doing things outside the Pussycat's.  Valerie wants more time, but Josie is afraid because Valerie is the song writer of the Pussycat's.  Josie's mom, turns out she is very demanding that Josie do things the way she wants more than the way Josie may want to keep her brand recognition. Josie is stressing out about her dad showing up at the Variety Show, she really wants to impress him with her talents, but it seems that Josie's dad is less than impressed with Josie's brand. Valerie re-joins the Pussycats the night of the talent show, but their song does little to impress Josie's dad.  Josie is devastated, but she has her band back.

Veronica has to deal with two betrayals, her mom and Fred Andrews starting a relationship, and Archie replacing her with Valerie after Valerie quit the Pussycats and decided to sing with Archie.  Veronica then becomes the new Pussycat and the girl can actually sing, her dancing feels a little hesitant.  Veronica's mom needs help to award the contract of the land development to Fred Andrews, but Veronica refuses. This does nothing to stop Hermoine Lodge as she forges her daughter's signature and the contract goes to Fred Andrews.

The biggest development that happens is the burgeoning friendship between Jughead and Betty grows into something more, something new and something that I totally love!! Jughead kissed Betty and Betty responds!! There is a new romance in town!!

Oh on a side note, the show ends with a cut to Jughead's father's, FP, closet showing Jason's jacket hanging there!!!

Monday, 24 April 2017

DNA Heritage test kits

I've been thinking of doing this for a long time, and I am curious to find out which test is the best one. I'd really like to learn about my heritage, but I'd also like to learn about my genetic disposition, I think it would be so neat to learn those things.

I've had family members who have done these tests and there results have been interesting.  According to my Aunt's test we are 8% African American (my cousin and aunt both got similar results) so it would be interesting to find out more about my mom's side of the family and see what distant family trees pop up.

I know a lot about my genetics from my mom's family but I don't have a lot from my dad's but I definitely have questions.  My paternal grandfather passed away when my dad was young and we don't know his brothers family because there was some kind of feud.  But what did he pass away from? Was it a genetic predisposition? My father passed away at 63 he had some pre existing health concerns, but were his genetics at play?

So I think I am going to order one and maybe I will order one for Chandler and Leigham as well, and Adrian if he wants one.  Then in a few years we can get one for Theodore, but now to decide which one is the best one for us.

Have you ever done a DNA test to find out your ancestry and stuff?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Riverdale Episode 5 Friday Five Edition!

This is what I would call the truth episode.  Many, many truths are revealed to most characters, and the truths that aren't revealed are deducted out by our mystery solvers.

The first truth that comes out is that the Blossoms believe that someone in Riverdale killed Jason. So they invite the whole town to Jason's memorial before they bury him in the cemetery on their property.  Everyone comes and you see some heated exchanges between Mr. Cooper and Mr. Blossom and some disdainful looks rom Mrs. Blossom to Mrs. Lodge.  It looks like the founding families of this town have a lot of unresolved issues.  What issues could be brewing between all these families?

The second truth is that Jason was acting very strangely before he went missing. He was disengaging from his friends, refusing to return phone calls and then he started selling all his stuff.  Anything that had value he was selling. There were rumours that he was selling drugs, but these were neither confirmed or denied.  All this strange behaviour started happening when Jason started getting involved with Polly. What was Polly wanting or what were the two of them planning that had Jason behaving so strangely?

The third truth came when a box was unceremoniously deposited in the middle of Pop's Diner while Hermoine Lodge was working alone.  When the Lodge matriarch came to check on the box a snake was inside.  Looks like the South Side Serpents were not happy with her pay off and were letting her know this. Hermoine called Fred Andrews, seems there may have been some romantic interest between the two, but what will they do because they are both still married?  Why does Mary Andrews live in New York?

The forth truth that we find is that the Coopers and Blossoms had a Blood Feud dating back to Betty's Great Grandpa.  The maple business in Riverdale seems to be a booming enterprise and the Patriarch of the Blossom family murdered Betty's great grandpa and stole the business.  This is why the Coopers were so against Polly and Jason being together.  Polly was sent away after being hurt by Jason because she tried to kill herself, so obviously there are a lot of mental health issues in Polly's world.  Do those issues extend to Betty? Is the fact that they Coopers Blood Feud motive for murder to keep Jason and Polly apart forever?

The fifth truth, and a big bomb that ties into the forth truth, is that Polly and Jason were married. No one knew except Grandma Blossom.  She mistook Betty for Polly at the memorial service and asked to see the ring.  Consoling "Polly" for losing the love of her life.  Is this a modern day take on Romeo and Juliet?  What is going on in the town of Riverdale.

There were a lot of truths revealed, but as per usual, more questions came from the truths that came forth.  So what's in store for the next episodes.  Stay tuned.

*For those of you who read my blog and don't want Riverdale sorry for the multitude of posts on Riverdale lately as I try to catch up before the season finale!*

Thursday, 20 April 2017


So I LOVE pictures, I know you can't tell from this blog a lot of the times, but taking pictures, printing and framing and putting them in albums is something I absolutely love.  A few years ago I really got into scrapbooking and I was even doing digital scrapbooking which was much cleaner and easier to do with little ones, then the company I used went under and I sort of stopped.

Recently, I was invited to join a crop club (Scrapbooking Club), I was hesitant at first, because did I really want to get back into this cutting and pasting hobby.  The truth is yes I did, I have loved every minute of it, I finished my Disneyland Scrapbook album, I finished an album for my friend and I am currently working on my Wedding Album.  I am feeling so productive and my kids love looking through them so I know it was worth it, completely and utterly worth it to get back into.

This is a hobby that allows me to be creative which was one of my goals this year.  Find a hobby that allows me to be creative. I have to get working on my creativity, and really start plotting out my pages but I really think this will be a great little hobby for me.

Are you a pictures person? Or do you prefer to share memories in another way?

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

My first Lip dub

So I am new to being a Leadership Advisor at my school, and it's been an interesting experience. We've definitely had some rocky roads along the way but all in all it's a growing experience and I think next year it's going to be even better, but I will never forget the lessons I have learned.

The most recent lesson I have learned is that things that look easy and that people say are easy aren't actually that easy.

You look at lipdub videos online, here are a few that are really good.

They look simple, and in reality shooting them is probably the easiest part, because its a single take video, there's no editing and splicing and stuff, so once the video is taken all you have to do is put the sound on it and it's a go, what you don't see though, that's where it gets choppy.

Organizing a big group of at least a hundred people is problematic.  We had a leadership class that was about half of this number so you think each person brings one or two, should be no problem, yeah it doesn't work that way.  Seriously, and getting other groups to want to participate to commit to being apart of everything that is a lot of background work, and I would say you need to confirm the date at least 6 weeks in advance.

Practicing and finding time to practice something like this is another hurdle.  We had a few key players that were well versed in our route, but everyone else walked through it only today, so that was difficult.  Keeping key players in all areas where they were needed but then also getting them into areas where we could showcase them, that was something I wish I had mapped out better so that it didn't seem so disorganized.

Getting the music chosen and played through the school for the video was another hurdle we had to get past.  Finding away to put the music over the intercom would have been best or having been organized with a bluetooth speaker that could  have been attached to the camera people even better.  We made due with our blue tooth speaker and a person to carry it, but again something more set up would have been better.

Getting the word out there about the Lipdub more than was done would have been even better.  That was a definite failing in the Leadership class to get more of the school involved, being more insistent that this was an event of all events that people would regret not being apart of.  Definitely working our PR angle more is going to be a big undertaking in future Leadership events.

All in all I am happy to have done it and I have a HUGE idea for our next Lipdub if we do one!!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

F*#$ing Perfect by Pink

I was out for a walk the other day, listening to my playlist when Pink's F*#$ing Perfect started playing on my headset.  I don't know why but I feel like this is the first time I have ever truly listened to this song.  I am a HUGE Pink fan, I think she is amazing and such a wonderful role model for young women, and I when I really listened to this song, this opinion was reinforced even more.

Has that ever happened for you?  You have a song that you listen to a lot and then one day you really hear the song, and the message in the song really resonates with your core beliefs?  It was such an ah-ha moment on that path as I was walking and I was like wow.

So here are some of the lyrics to the song and my thoughts on those lyrics:

Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel
Like you are less than, less than f####' perfect
Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you're nothing
You're f$$$$' perfect to me

So after the intro that details the different times Pink felt pushed down or devalued, she states that she is still here, then she implores her listeners to not feel like they are anything less than perfect.  She wants them to know that being themselves is enough and they are perfect the way they are.

I find this interesting because even with the whole body image, and I know I am trying to lose weight and be better, but that doesn't mean I hate myself right now. If something happened today I wouldn't shame myself or think I was less of a person because I couldn't become more fit, I still love myself, but that is something I have gotten from maturing, not something young people have innately.  So you have to love yourself even if there are areas you want to improve because you are perfect just as you are in that exact moment.

You're so mean when you talk about yourself, you were wrong
Change the voices in your head make them like you instead
So complicated, look happy, you'll make it
Filled with so much hatred, such a tired game

The second verse talks about the voice in our head, that voice that we let say all those mean things about us when we look in the mirror.  Wow has that voice been ignorant to me, and if that were someone outside of me, coming from another person, I would never talk to that person again, so why do I ever put up with myself talking that way about myself.  It's hard to get out of that self-loathing, it's hard to start to feel you are worthy of self-love, but the fact is you are and everyone deserves to have self-love that is all encompassing no matter what your outward appearance is.

Done looking for the critics, cause they're everywhere
They don{t like my jeans; they don't get my hair
Exchange ourselves, and we do it all the time
Why do we do that? Why do I do that
Why do I do that?

The third verse into the final chorus talks about how outside people criticize people all the time, and how we react and try to change ourselves to fit into a mould that they think we should fit into and not the one that is our authentic self.  And the questions why do we/ I do that? almost brought me to a stop yesterday because I didn't have answer.  Really, it just shouldn't matter what people think we should be because it takes away our authentic selves, but as teenagers we put so much value into what our friends think, and it's almost a mob mentality.  If all your friends like wide leg jeans but your preference is slim boot cuts, you will look out of place in the group.  And because we don't have the confidence at that age to just be who we are we listen to what everyone else says.  This isn't true for everyone but I would hazard a guess that it affects more than it doesn't.

So to all my readers, Love yourself, Like yourself, and be YOU, because you are exactly who you are supposed to be!!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Biking and Exercise Parks

 In trying to stay active and healthy with exercise I made it my goal to be active to some degree every day for 30 days. I have a workout plan that I am following that is a full body Bikini workout and some yoga that I am doing as well.  But some days you need to rest your muscles to prevent injury so I need other things to do!! Enter my beautiful and active children!!

One day when I was really dreading doing any kind of workout Leigham wanted to go for a bike ride. Usually he goes with his dad as I put Teddy to bed, but this night Teddy wanted Dad so I got to go on the Bike Ride!! We rode around our neighbourhood and headed to the Exercise park, which is one of Leigham's favourite parks to go to.
 I was able to get a 30 minute bike ride in as well as 15 minutes of circuits on the equipment on the park.  It was a moderate workout, but for me that's all I need sometimes. Just something so I am not being lazy, and as I do these little workouts more and more it's easier for them to become part of my routine.
 What are your go to exercises?  Where are your favourite places to workout?

Friday, 14 April 2017

Friday Five: 5 Exercise Routines I'm doing right now

I love Pinterest and if you check out my Pinterest account you will notice two things. I am not always on Pinterest but I got in waves and pin pin pin then nothing for months.  But I do have a lot of exercise routines that I use when I am working out at home.

Here are the current ones I am using at home:

1. Biking around my neighbourhood and too work. It is just over 5 kilometers to my school.  On the way there it's a slight incline then a lot of hills down into a final flat stretch.  The way home we bike up out of the river valley.. it's killer on the legs, but we've never done it before and we made it all the way without stopping and walking the bikes so I am going to call that a win

2. 12 Yoga poses to get a good stretch: I found this on pinterest and it really has no instructions so I am just going through the poses holding them for 5 deep slow breaths then repeating the sequence another time up to three times.  It's a great stretching routine and I really like that I get very relaxed afterwards.

3. Bikini Circuit from Sugar Pop: This one is killer, like my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts afterwards, but as I get through this one it's easier to do each time.  I just have to remember to turn on some music working out with the music is a little boring.

4. Ab workout: This is just a targeted workout, basic crunches, oblique crunches, frog crunches, leg lifts, v sits.  Do each 15 times then plank for as long as I can and repeat two more times.

5. Walking at work: I have a prep in the afternoon so those days I do not bike to work I am going to take some time in my prep to walk.  Right now 40 minutes gets me to the overpass at 67th street and back, so I am hoping I can pick up the pace and get further as I do this more frequently and even turn this walking into some running!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Riverdale Episode 4

I LOVED that this episode revolved around the Drive In.  A nostalgic relic from the past that I still think most families enjoy partaking in.

Jughead is the main character of this story along with the South Side Serpents, and Archie and Miss Grundy.  Let's start with the south side Serpents.

The South Side Serpents are a biker gang in Riverdale.  The generally take over territory in the south area but they have been hanging out at the Drive In a lot. We find out the Hermoine Lodge has dealings with the Serpents for her husband, and that she has also given a bag of cash to the Mayor for her help in purchasing the Drive In property.  The South Side Serpents are hanging around the Drive In at the behest of Hiram Lodge to bring the property value of the Drive In down so he can purchase the land for a business deal.  It has worked and Lodge Industries or a private LLC that he owns is now the owner of the Drive In.  It is set to be demolished the next day and Juggie was not able to convince anyone otherwise.

Kevin Keller and his dad discuss his love life and how he is the only nice gay boy at Riverdale High School.  Kevin goes to the Drive In with Veronica,  but then he meets up with a boy and they have an intense make out session.  What's going to happen for these two, well who knows, Kevin's dad is the sheriff and the other boy is a member of the South Side Serpents....

As for Archie and Miss Grundy, well Betty put two and two together from the last episode that Archie was at SweetWater the same day as Miss Grundy and was likely with her. While Juggie is lamenting about the demise of the drive-in, Archie comes into Pops with his Dad and Miss Grundy so Betty asks to speak to him outside.  She confronts Archie who doesn't deny that he is in a relationship with Miss Grundy.  This sets Betty out to do some research, and we discover that the real Miss Grundy is an old lady who used to live in Riverdale but who has now passed away.

Who is this imposter?? Turns out her name is Jennifer Gibson and she has a gun in her car.  Betty and Veronica break into Miss Grundy's car then tell Archie what they found.  Archie then asks Miss Grundy about her past and she admits that she is using an assumed identity because she was in a abusive relationship and she is trying to stay away from him.  Betty records all she knows in her diary (Why she doesn't have a locked diary with her mother I have no idea?)

Enter Alice Cooper, and man this woman is just a bitch.  She finds Betty with Archie and Veronica and makes her leave.  Betty fights with her mom and tells her she isn't Polly and that Alice has to stop treating her this way.  Alice, suspecting something is up, snoops through Betty's room, finds Miss Grundy's gun and Betty's diary that outlines all that is going on with the kids.  Alice confronts Betty, tracks down Fred Andrews at the Drive In,  and they all go to find Miss Grundy.

Miss Grundy and Archie are at the school, about to embrace when the classroom door burst open and in struts self-righteous Alice Cooper, followed closely behind by confused Fred and ashamed Betty. The whole sordid affair comes out and Alice threatens Archie and Miss Grundy.  Betty finally steps up and tells Alice to stop otherwise she will tell everyone she made it all up and then everyone will think she finally lost it too, and that Crazy does run in the Cooper family.  Alice backs down after Miss Grundy agrees to tenure her resignation and leave town.  Archie is upset but Miss Grundy agrees and leaves the room.

Miss Grundy, I get the feeling that she is actually  a predator.  She looks all innocent and sweet, but she approached Archie that summer day slowing her car down as he was walking by, and dropping her heart shaped glasses to make eye contact.  And she does it again to another guy as she is leaving town, so was she in love with Archie as she claimed or was she taking advantage of him??

Now onto Juggie, who I love!! He is so passionate about the Drive In because this is where he works.  He tries to ask Fred Andrews not to demolish the drive in, but Fred says he can't put it off, it's work, to which Juggie replies, well you already put one Jones out of work and now you will put another.  WHAT?? Apparently, Fred Andrews is the reason Forsyth P Jones II is not working, but we haven't even met Juggie's parents.  Juggie does bring up his sister but we haven't met her yet either.

Juggie plays the final show at the Drive In, and the episodes ends with Juggie clean up the projector room.  What we see is that a cot is set up with a hot plate and Juggie has a picture of him and Jellybean on the wall.  Seems that Juggie may have been living there for sometime.  When Juggie leaves the projector building her spray paints Jughead was Here on the wall.  The South Side Serpent, that took the money for Hermoine Lodge approaches Juggie, they have a short talk, and it is confirmed by the South Side Serpent that Juggie has been living there.  Juggie tells the South Side Serpent he's not sure where he will live now but that he will figure it out, he always does and then calls him Dad.  DAD!?!?!?! This gang member is Juggie's father, this is so out of character, but so is Juggie being homeless.

What's in store for us in episode 5?

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Western Development Museum: Saskatoon

Last time we were in Saskatoon I took the boys to the Western Development Museum.  I hadn't been to the Western Development Museum since I can't even remember if I've gone since I became an adult.  So the boys and I head off to see Boomtown.
There are so many fun little things to see, Leigham had been here about a year ago so he remembered a lot of what we saw.  Theodore had been too, but he still enjoyed walking through all the exhibits.  I explained what I could and we listened to the different sound clips.  I think the boys favourite was the North West Royal Mounted Police room.  We listened to all the sound clips there.

 Leigham liked to show off his muscles and how strong he was, he figured he could work in the stable or blacksmith shop.
 We really liked the train too, it was huge! I mean it's probably regular size but it seems huge.  They also have model trains and the boys loved those, Theodore didn't want to leave we had to haul him away while he had a tantrum.
The other two exhibits we saw were the Quantum Exhibit and Game Changers exhibit.  These aren't always there but the kids really enjoyed them and I got to play some of the classic video games it was a lot of fun.  

I loved going there and I didn't know that if you buy a pass for one day it's good for two, which is kind of neat, because then you can go back. So next time we go to Saskatoon we will make another stop here.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Drowning Lessons

I am a firm believer that everyone should know how to swim so I make my boys take swimming lessons.

Chandler was a bit of fish and he did so well growing up.  At one point I thought he might be a life guard but then we got behind on lessons and that never happened.  He did finish up to level 10 just didn't got for his Bronze Cross and stuff. I don't worry about him and water.

Leigham and Teddy, though, well that's a different story.  I take them swimming and Teddy loves the water, Leigham was more like my brother and would wear a life jacket to play on the beach in case someone splashed him.

So for three years Leigham has been in swimming lessons and he's finally coming along, he's still scared to put his face in sometime but since he's had goggles he's improved immensely.  He struggles with his back float and back glide, my brother did too, and if you ask my brother it's because they are too dense with muscle mass.  Leigham is now taking Level 2 for the third time and I am considering doing private lessons, but they are just so expensive.

Now Teddy who LOVES the water, and has always loved the water, at lessons was this whole other child. If you were to see him at his lessons there is a period of time where he behaves as if I am trying to drown him.  He claws at my bathing suit, screams in my deaf ear, and carries on and on.  It's almost embarrassing, then all of sudden we do an activity he likes and Mr. Fish appears.  I just don't get it!

We finished our first set of lessons and now Teddy will take un-parented lessons. I'm going to pay to swim while he is in lessons just in case he throws up a fuss, and if he doesn't then I at least get a chance to do some swimming workouts.  I know once they get it, once it clicks everything will be fine, and once Leigham learns he can go swimming with his friends at 8 or 9 without me having to hover I am sure he will take off like a rocket.  For now we just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Wouldn't you know it!!

I complained in a previous post how I find it very difficult to get up and work out in the morning.. and what happens???  I wake up extra early and could have worked out but I decided not to.

I did however get a workout in and feel great. It was after work and I finished the workout I had done the day prior adding more reps and man do I feel it!

I love feeling sore like this though and I know it is all worth it in the end.

Last week here is my workout break down and my weight difference:

Weight Difference: down .5 lbs

Workouts: Sunday 46 minutes of Aerobics and Yoga, Monday 25 minutes of Aerobics and 9000 steps, Tuesday 40 minutes of swimmng, Wednesday biking and the exercise park circuits (45 minutes), Thursday rest day but I did 7101 steps, Friday went for a walk for 40 minutes, Saturday played soccer with the boys for 20 mins.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Five Pop Culture Phenomenons I just don't get

The other day on EW Morning Live they were talking about things in Pop Culture that everyone loves but you just don't get.  I heard some weird comments, but some I was like ok yeah I get it, so I thought I would dedicate this Friday Five to the Five Pop Culture Phenomenons I just don't get.

1. You know those movies about fighting in Space with different planets and stuff, Yeah Star Wars, not episode 4, 5 or 6 but 1, 2, 3, 7, 8..... yeah those extra ones we've been making I just don't get it.  Here's the truth, I love the original Star Wars shows, episodes 4, 5 and 6 are amazing.  I love how when you watch all three you can see the story, the happiness of part four, juxtaposed to the darkness and bleak future in the fifth to the feeling of hope in the sixth.  Plus the 6th has the Ewoks, have there ever been a cuter race of beings??  I am particularly fond of the Ewoks, but these other Star Wars movies that have come out, I saw episode 1 and I just don't get it.  Not one little bit of it, I think it's all second rate versions of amazing classics.

2. Speaking of movies the other movies I am not really picking up what is being put down, Superhero movies.  I don't know why we have 4000 Spiderman movies, and a billion Batman movies and innumerable other franchises with Superheroes.  I don't get it it's not my thing, and even the ones people are like "omg you are going to love this movie because of xyz," generally I end up hating that movie for those same reasons.  So if we could just stop with the superhero movies, I'd be ok with that, or at least not flooding the market with them.

3. Moving on from movies, let's talk about music.  I'm going to just put this as one post, but there are a few aspects of music that I just don't get, rapping in country music, rapper disputes, Rhianna.  Yup don't get them, I can't say I never cared for rap music, I mean I own all the Eminem CDs, and I love me some Tupac, Biggie, but this stuff that's coming out now the gangster rap, I'm like what.  And Rhianna, she's useless, I just have nothing that I like about her.

4. Television is a big part of my life and I generally enjoy all parts of television.  But two shows I can absolutely not watch, you can't pay me to watch them, and now they seem to be franchises, are the Real Housewives of (insert city of your choice) and anything related to the Kardashians.  I would rather watch the stock market channel, or the channel screen that used to be the bars of colour when the network was off the air, then subject myself to either one of these shows.  I am even willing to sit through the Bachelor and Bachelorette as long as whomever is with me is ok with me commentating how stupid those people are, but I will not watch those other things, I just don't get what the draw is.

5. Ok I left my most controversial for last, because I can imagine the flack I would get about this one.  I have never watched it and I will never watch it because it has zombies in it. I know zombies are the big thing now and like Vampires were in the early 2000s now we have zombies.  Vampires were at least made to be romantic, I can't see anything romantic about zombies.  I've literally only watched one zombie type movie, Warm Bodies, and I only watched it because in the preview it showed the infected zombies gain back their humanity.  So the big thing in Pop Culture that I just don't get is The Walking Dead, sorry Dalton Ross, but I just don't get it.  I know everything that has happened in that show thanks to Dalton's recaps and interviews with the stars, but never once have I ever even considered turning it on and catching an episode.  Can't do, won't do, sorry not sorry.

So do you have any Pop Culture things that you don't get it??

Thursday, 6 April 2017

When do you exercise??

More than anything else in my life that confounds my schedule is my exercising.  I want to be a morning exerciser, get up before dawn and do sun salutations as the sun rises, seriously this is a dream, like a bucket list item.  And it doesn't matter how hard I try, or how much I plan for it, it just never really happens.

I don't know why it is, maybe I stay up to late watching television, or maybe I just like to sleep until the time I was born.  I was born at 7:08 am and when I don't set an alarm clock I generally wake up at this time.

I have gone weeks trying to get up at 5:30 and all that's happened is I get grumpy, I really want to be a morning exerciser but it just doesn't fit my schedule then.

The only time it's going to fit my schedule is going to be in the early afternoon or early evening.  Maybe in three years when my young boys are older and can be trusted alone and to get ready for school this can change, but my reality is that exercising in the morning is not working, has never worked and the sooner I embrace that the better my life is going to be.

I have always had it in my head that working out in the morning is best, I am sure I read that somewhere and it stuck.  The best way to boost your metabolism is to work out in the morning, but it just doesn't work for me.  So I am going to alter my schedule, and yes it's going to suck a little, because running in the afternoon is the worst!! But maybe it will help with my consistency.

I'm also going to try to write a blog a day, even if I have nothing really to say, but before I go to bed at night I am going to sit down and type a blog and write on one of my novels.  I almost feel like my second novel is almost done, I have 5 chapters I forsee another 10, which doesn't seem like it's almost done but I have things mapped out, I have a plan and it's going to be great.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Riverdale Episode 3

How often do your comic book heroes come to life?  Well in this day and age almost always, and now we have this wonderful show bringing to life the characters of the Archie Comics universe.

We've found that the Jason Blossom didn't actually drown but was shot in the head. Episode three opens with Cheryl explain that Jason's disappearance was all an elaborate ruse that Jason and Cheryl concocted to allow Jason to escape his parents.  Cheryl is coming clean about Jason faking his own death and now we know that the July 4h gunshot means nothing and really has no correlation to the murder.

Betty is again at odds with her mother. As Alice is the owner and reporter on the local newspaper, she is definitely taking the murder of a teen in her town to new levels. She wants to make sure that she is on top of every story and makes all these crazy claims.  Then she calls Betty a Lois Lane type, which sends Betty to want to reboot the Blue and Gold.  The Riverdale High newspaper.  And who better than to report on the newspaper then Juggie, the resident writer who is writing a novel about what has happened at Riverdale recently.  Betty and Juggie are going to team up to find out what happened on July 4th, first stop interviewing Dilton Doiley about what he and his scouts saw that day while in the woods.

Veronica is starting to make inroads in the social circle of Riverdale High and goes on a date with Chuck Clayton.  Chuck Clayton is a big deal in Riverdale, one of the top football players and the coaches son.  Veronica thinks it's a good thing, but soon learns that she is just another notch in Chuck's headboard.  He sends out a photo to all of the Riverdale high students that shows Veronica with a maple syrup stain on her head, a sticky maple.  An updated slut shaming trend that sends Veronica into full Bitch mode.  Betty wants to take it to the principal but Veronica is going to make sure that Chuck pays for what he did.  When he doesn't respond to her first demand, Veronica is forced to push things to the next level.

Jughead talks with Dilton about July 4th, Dilton at first dnies anything, but Jughead notices one of Dilton's scouts looking nervous.  Jughead follows up with that scout to find out the Dilton had fired the gun.  Looks like Dilton might have more to hide.  Dilton does come clean but also tells Jughead and Betty that he saw Ms Grundy down at the River that day as well. Uhoh looks like Ms. Grundy won't be able to hide her relationship for much longer.

Archie is struggling with Ms. Grundy and she cancels his music lessons.  So after Archie helps out Cheryl by telling the police that he heard the gunshot too.  Archie then asks Cheryl to help him by seeing if her friend Josie would help him out with his music.  Archie then goes to a Jam session with the Pussycats and helps them with their song.  It ends up being played at The Taste of Riverdale, Archie sneaks out to see them play and notices his dad speaking with Ms. Grundy.  In the end, Mr. Andrews builds Archie a place for him to practice his music in the garage and supports his sons desire to pursue music.

Betty teams up with Veronica and the rest of the slighted girls of Riverdale High to take down the Football team whom keeps a book of conquests.  Again we see crazy Betty, they set up a ruse to get the Football team to admit their slut shaming, and to get justice for the girls that were taken advantage.  Betty gets Chuck to agree to a date at Ethel's house, Veronica is there as well.  They end up trapping Chuck in the hot tub and grill him until he admits that he made it all up.  Betty gives Chuck his own Sticky Maple but calls him Jason and wants him to apologize to Polly for what they did.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Riverdale Episode 2

I started trying to watch this series with my husband, but then it gets me way behind on my blogging so I am watching it on my own then again with him.  I actually like it enough to do that.

So in episode one all the players were introduced and we found out that many had secrets to hide.  I love a great mystery and I really want to know who the murderer is, and who is hiding more than they are letting on.

After the recap of the first lesson we come in to the narration of Jughead giving his overview at what has been happening with the residence of Riverdale.

Archie is living with a guilty conscience, he and Ms Grundy heard a shot but didn't tell anyone about it.  And really why would they have, it happened July 4th and they didn't know at that time that Jason was missing, so Archie needs to give himself a break, but he does need to give Betty some space if he wants to have a friendship with her again. Also I know that it happens that teachers fall for their students, gross gag me, but I don't buy that Geraldine Grundy as this innocent fell for her student, I get the feeling she is a bit more predatory.  I find it weird that Archie is willing to jeopardize so many of his relationships for this relationship with a woman he likes, I'd be more willing to believe it if Archie was professing his love for Grundy.

I still cannot get over how much of a Bitch Alice Cooper is!! Like I've met controlling parents, I've seen them growing up and now in how I interact with them in my life but Alice Cooper takes the cake.  She has this whole "Oh I care so much for you Betty but don't you dare be yourself with thee people!"

I also don't get why Jughead is the town pariah.  How he doesn't seem to have any friends except for his tenuous friendship with Archie, and really Archie and Jughead are supposed to be the epitome of bromance. Archie seems to be throwing away his friendships and because he threw away Jughead now no one likes him.  I like that Jughead plays that it doesn't matter because that is really true to Jughead's true character.

Cheryl Blossom is such a queen bitch, like Regina George queen bitch.  She is weird, like I am not sure why she is in classes with Archie, who is a Junior and Jason her twin was a Senior, so why isn't she a senior.  But she makes some funny comments about her lackies, or "mannequins" as she calls them.  She also has a lot to say about who possibly hurt her brother.  They seem to have this weird relationship.  I'm not a twin, and I don't know but the portrayal is that their relationship was a bit incestuous.

I am liking Ronnie and her relationship with her mother though.  I am not sure how she fits in with the usual triangle we see between Betty Archie and Veronica, but I really like Veronica.  I think she has a much nicer heart then she sometimes gets in the comics. I kind of like that Veronica is taking a mediator role, I think that is a nice role for her.

And Betty, nice girl, good girl next door, she has a crazy side.  I like to see her bring the crazy side out being assertive to not letting people walk all over her. I really wish she could stand up to her mom more than how she does.

Reggie hasn't been in the show that often, but I really like the actor that plays him.  But he is an arrogant prick, that is a true manifestation of the character from the comics. I'd really like to see more of the storyline showcase some more on Mr. Mantle, but maybe that will happen in later seasons. I really hope we are getting more seasons!!

The end of the episode ends with Cheryl being questioned by the police.  It's an interesting cliffhanger.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Where oh Where has she gone

I know I'm not consistent, it's what kills my blog.

I know I need to be more consistent with sitting down to read, but my bed is so comfortable.  Like so utterly comfortable that to not be in it after work is really difficult. And then once I get into bed it would take a crowbar to get me out.

I'm taking April by storm.

I am going to really focus on myself and building a schedule that gives time to my kids and time to my own interests.

That's my trouble is that I give way more of my time to my kids and to just finding excuses to not do things than I do to doing those things I know make me feel good.  So here we go.  30 days of healthy eating, 30 days of exercising, and 30 days of writing.  Even if it's just an update on the exercise routine I did that day.