Science and Passion

I am not a science teacher, but I am.  This year part of my teaching assignment is to teach Grade Eight Science.  I am not the only Science teacher and I only teach one Grade Eight class so I don't know if my students aren't getting the same education as the other class.  I worry that maybe they aren't learning the concepts, but I am realizing that I have to stop comparing myself to the other teacher and just worry about what I am doing.  This is harder than it sounds since the school wants us to be using the same teaching tools and handouts for the students.

In this struggle I have discovered some interesting facts about myself.  I struggle with teaching concepts I don't fully grasp, which I am sure is the same with everyone.  However, if I can see th practical application for a concept I can bring it to my students with avegence.  So I have decided to attack each concept I want the kids to learn with the "end in mind".  They teach you this in school but I have never really had to use it until now, or I never had to consciously think about it unitl now. 

What I have done, is I have posed problems to my students that they have to solve.  We do a little lecturing and classroom learning, but now the students must take these things and explain them in practical solutions. This has definitely improved the atmosphere in my classroom.  The students are more receptive and I am finidng that they are more engaged in the task at hand.  I have created learning groups within the classroom that collaborate together and the next step is to teach them how to work together cooperatively to teach learning to their classmates. 

It's been a struggle but the benefits at the end are going to be AMAZING!!!!


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