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Well now that I caught up on the PEI trip......

It's time to talk about the rest of the month of June.  It was a rainy month until the end and now it's been nice out.  It almost seems like, shhh don't say this too loudly, summer is here and it's looking nice.  (knock on wood)

Little Man had caught a cold while in PEI and it has taken him all month to get rid of the darn thing.  I had to take him to the doctor twice and once was a middle of the night visit to the hospital.  Thankfully the antibiotics have kicked in and he's my happy little guy again.  For awhile he was absolutely miserable and was not happy unless he was attached to my hip.  It made getting things done a little difficult.  It also spoiled our work with getting him into a bedtime routine.  We almost had it, but then he was sick and I am a softy and let him snuggle with us and sleep in our bed.  Ooops... now it's back to square one of getting him to sleep on his own in his own bed... but I have determined that I am more stubborn than he is.

We h…

Last Day on the Island

It was bittersweet waking up this final morning in Prince Edward Island.  Though the weather had not been kind to us upon our arrival, with all the rain and what not, the last two days had been hot and so enjoyable.  And our final day also had us waking up to beautiful weather.  We decided to get up a bit earlier because we still had some more sight seeing to do.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, but it definitely makes life interesting.

Stacey and I had decided that we wanted to find Profit's Point to find the unique rock that was completely carved out in a circle.  That was the goal of today's journey's, that and buying some lobster to take home!!!
After a fabulous brunch with her mom, Stacey and I loaded up the car and took the boys on another excursion around the island.  Stacey's parents live fairly close to where we were travelling so it wasn't a big journey but we had to be cognizant of our flight and getting to the airport on time.  Would hate …

Another Day of Sight Seeing!!!

So another busy day was had by the travelling foursome.  It is amazing how well Little Guy and Little Man did with all the travelling... I am actually quite impressed with both of them. 

The day started off with sun shining and birds chirping.  Again we were up by 9:00 and out the door by 11:00 ish.  Little Man and I took some pictures outside the cabin of the flowers and of him on the deck.  Little Guy got involved too, it was a fun morning while we waited for Stacey to get ready. Stacey and the humidity didn't get along so well... it played havoc on her hair.
Our first stop of the day was at Rick's Fish and Chips.  It was a cute little place and the fish and chips were so delish!!!  Then we got back in the car and headed off to Souris.  We ran into some road blocks at Souris, mostly with ill directed construction.. there were no detour signs and then when they did detour us they didn't tell us how to get around.  We even stopped to try and ask but no one would come and he…

A Day in Anne's Shoes

So this was the day we did our first big tour of sight seeing.  It was a busy day and I am pretty sure we saw half the island.  Unfortunately, many of the images we saw this day were not captured on film or camera as my camera decided to be a pissy pants and die on me after the beach.  I was not impressed, but I had my camcorder so I made due.

Little Man and Little Guy were awesome travellers for the day, they did not fuss and rarely did they cry, which is frankly amazing for Little Man since he hates to be in the car.  It may have been better because the roads were bumpy so he was bumped into sleep and Little Guy kept him company in the back seat when he was awake.

The day started with getting the children ready, having breakfast, getting ourselves ready and making lunches.  Stacey cursed the humidity in the air as it played havoc with her hairstyle. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and was content with that.  Once the preliminaries were complete we loaded ourselves into our little…

Anne Land June 6th

So Sunday morning dawned on us bright and early again, well early by any standards.  Stacey had to go to a Flea Market to sell some of her stuff and we had to be there by 8.  So we were up at 6 o'clock which was 3 o'clock in the morning back home.  I had a desire to text home but I refrained from doing so and I carried on with my day.  I helped Stacey out at the Flea Market that day.  She sold a lot of her stuff and gave more of it away, but it was a neat venue and we had a great morning.  Stacey's mother came to visit and helped out a bit too.  After we had finished with the Flea Market we went out to Stacey's aunt's to have a barbecue.
The barbecue was a lot of fun, Stacey's relatives were very friendly and easy to talk to.  Little Man crawled all over the place and played with they puppy then he got tired and fell asleep on Stacey's aunty.  It was fairly adorable.  We had another relaxing day because the next day was going to be busy with all the sight se…

Day Three, but really Day 2 in Anne Land

After a rather restless sleep in the cabin, Little Man woke up many times and I kept listening for Stacey to get back from being out with her sister.  (It's the mom in me, I do it all the time)It was morning, and when I say morning I mean 9 o'clock.  That is the time Little Man usually gets up at home, but it was 6 o'clock back home, I tried to get him to sleep for a bit longer but he was not having any of it so I got up.  Being on Vacation though I was hoping to convince Little Man that sleeping in was a good thing, however, he's the boss and we got up.

Little Man and began getting ready slowly, Little Man woke up Stacey, she says he didn't but I disagree, he gets very excitable in the morning and was squealing away.  At least he's happy when he wakes up, even if he does have a cold.  That was the other thing that made Little Man's night rough, he caught a cold while on the plane.  He was congested and coughed but no fever and he he was good to go all day l…

Day Two June 4th PE Island here we come!!!

At 6:15 the radio in the hotel room started going off, it was a Christian talk radio station or something.  After much fumbling trying to find the snooze or the off button I was able to end the talking and silence filled the room.  The sun was shining and it looked like a great day to start our holiday.  Little Man was in a great mood, smiling and cooing at me as we got up for the day.
I got us dressed and fed Little Man some breakfast.  It wasn't much of a breakfast, just some left over sweet potatoes from the previous night, but he enjoyed them.  Besides he's not old enough to know that that's not really a breakfast meal yet.  Once we were dressed and the luggage cart load we went downstairs to meet the shuttle.  The hotel staff was again very helpful and assisted me with getting my luggage and myself on the shuttle.  We were on our way!!!
We were flying with Westjet, I am a very loyal Westjet customer.  The attendants were super accommodating.  They began helping me as I…

Thursday June 3, 2010 Day One

Little Man and I left for our Prince Edward Island Adventure today.  We hung out in Red Deer packing and organizing until Chan was off school, then we sped south for a night in Calgary.

While in Calgary we stayed at the Quality Hotel on Edmonton Trail.  As I drove up to the hotel, fear gripped my stomach.  It looked a little run down and like it might be a bit of a dive.  I quickly took in my surroundings to find a place to eat after we had checked in, there was a Tim Horton's and a Denny's within walking distance.  I just kept saying it's only one night, just one night. 

Upon checking into the hotel I encountered some of the friendliest hotel staff EVER!!  Everyone offered to help me with my luggage and I kept getting discounts and deals, it was a good day.  The hotel room itself was a little dated, but it was clean and warm.  Little Man and I shared a King size bed!!!  I decided to have supper down in the restaurant that is attached to the hotel. 
In Monty's Little M…

Wedding Woes

I went so long without blogging and now today I have already written three blogs now.  Check out my new blog regarding my lifestyle lift!!
 Now onto what this blog is about, but that big event in my life that is fast approaching.  The Wedding!!!  (play dramatic music here). 

When I was younger I pictured a princess wedding.  I would have a huge princess gown of white with beading up the train.  My veil would be long and white and my shoes would be fabulous heels.  My hair would be down to my waist and eyes would be shimmering with excitement at seeing all my friends and family.  My father would walk me down the aisle and give me away, he would have tears in his eyes for seeing his little girl growing up.  My best girls would all be in my bridal party.  We would all have matching jewellery, and it would be the biggest event the town had seen in years.

Now practicality has set in..... I can't have everyone in my wedding because I can't afford that big of a wedding.  I also don'…

May Memories

May has been a surprisingly big month in our household.  We have seen Little Man reach many milestones and it almost seems like you can see him growing daily.  We have also made progress with landscaping the backyard and have begun work on the bedroom hallway.  I didn't expect May to be this busy but there you go, you always get what you least expect.

For Little Man's achievements and first have been plentiful this month.  He has learned how to crawl and how to make it up one stair.  He will now stand with help and can pull himself up into a standing position.  He has also cut his first tooth at 6 months 3 weeks of age.  I see the second tooth coming but it hasn't broken through yet.  The weather was so nice I was able to take Little Man to the park where he rode a swing for the first time.  He also had his first grown up food meal, cauliflower, meatloaf and toast.  He also got his first bee sting, thankfully there was no allergic reaction.  Little Man also went to his firs…