30 Day Challenge Day One

Your middle name, and how you feel about it.

It's weird thinking about my middle name.  It's always been a name I have had, but not one that I would celebrate having.  I generally do not volunteer my middle name, and when I think about why it has to be that I just don't really like it.  It's not a horrible name by any means, but it's not a name that I think suits me.  But then it must because it's stuck with me through my life. 

In the 90s the movie Thelma and Louise came out giving my middle name some notoriety.  But then this was a movie about two strong women that drive a car into the Grand Canyon!?! maybe not quite the notoriety I wanted for my middle name.

But when I think about my middle name now I am happy with it.  It is not a common name, it isn't even a really common middle name.  I have many friends with the middle name May spelt in any variation of the name, but that is a common middle name.  And I think I would have cried if I was Jennifer May.  Not because May is a bad name, but because then I would have had the two most common girls names and there would be no uniqueness about my name.  Could you imagine if my last name were Smith or Miller??  God I would be S. O. L in the name department and would have really had to work to make a distinction for myself.

So I came up with and Acrostic poem for my middle name and here it is:

Did you catch my middle name?? What about you, how do you feel about your middle name??


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