Morning Glory

Adrian and I have been neglectful of our dating life over the past year.  I think we have been on four dates since Little Man was born.  For our anniversary last February he made me some coupons for special treats like massages, nights out, weekends away ect.  So on November 7 I handed the coupon for a fancy dinner and movie date and told Adrian that I wanted to have in cashed in by the weekend of November 19th.  I told him I did not want to arrange anything with babysitters or anything like that it had to be all done by him.

So the 20th came, sitters were found for the boys (Chanman went to the collicut center with a friend little man was at grandma and grandpa's) and Adrian and I were off for a long overdue date.  First we went to Moxie's for supper, we actually sat in the lounge which is something we haven't done in FOREVER.  It's hard to sit in a lounge when you are carting a child or two with you.  The supper at Moxie's was very good.  I am usually quite impressed with their servings and I usually try to try something new every time I am there.  After supper we went to the Movies.  We decided (and read I here if you must) to go and see Morning Glory.

I loved this movie.  It was funny and sweet at the same time.  I found the storyline to be interesting and the interactions between the characters were believable.  I really enjoyed Rachel McAdams portrayal of a young producer trying to make a place for herself in the world.  I also like Harrison Ford's cynical portrayal of a news anchor that has been put out to pasture to die on the morning show.  Diane Keaton was interesting as well, her character was slightly less jaded, but you could see if someone proved themselves to her she would support them and be in there corner.  If you are looking for a romantic comedy to go and see I strongly suggest this movie.   

Here is the link to Galaxy Cinema's website to read the synopsis and view the trailer if you wish...Morning Glory.

If you need some further incentive to go to this movie with a significant other, there were more girls than guys in the theater, but the percentage was a lot higher than say a movie like SATC2.  And the men that were in the theater were laughing out loud during all the funny parts as well.


  1. what's a lounge? hahaha glad you had fun!


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