Favourite Childhood book

The best book I ever read as a kid was I Want To Go Home by Gordon Korman.  I loved all Gordon Korman books, This Can't Be Happening At McDonald Hall, Beware the Fish, No Coins Please., all of them but I Want To Go Home is the best.

My friend, Sharon, and I will argue this because she prefers No Coins Please.  She believes it's funnier but I think I Want To Go Home is better. 

In this book a very smart, and unwilling participant is sent to camp by his guidance counsellors. He does everything he can to escape and refuses to participate in any camp activities except arts and crafts and activities where he will be given an advantage and possibility to leave camp.

I remember the first time I was reading this book, my mom had friends over to play Kaiser.  I was in our living room laughing so hard my mom came in to make sure I was ok.  The first time she came in I was laying on the couch regularly, the next time my feet were on the top of the couch and my head was hanging to the flo…

Dream Job

Would you believe that I currently have one of my dream jobs as my 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs?  Well I do! I went to school to become a teacher, and I wanted to become a teacher so I could help kids discover their passions and full potential.  Guess what I do? I teach students that have some disabilities when compared to the "normal" "mainstream" student, but I get to teach them how to work with in their abilities and how to chase after their dreams!! BEST! JOB! EVER!

In our classroom we don't have a curriculum to follow, which is both a blessing and a stressor.  But we do get to participate and change our teaching to that of the students interests.  It's amazing watching them grow, mature and find their confidence! I wouldn't want to be teaching anything else!

A Day in the life of Jenn

Hi welcome to my life's commotion! Things are always busy and life is always happening! 
I'm late, I'm late but not really, here is what a typical day in my house looks like.
5:50 Alarm goes off, reach for phone check out the social media  (this is something I am hoping to eliminate but it is still happening)
6:15 get out of bed and head to the bathroom. This is where I wash up, do my hair, do my make up and get dressed.
6:30 leave bathroom mid getting ready to wake up Lil Man so he can go have his breakfast and start getting ready.
6:35 return to bathroom to finish getting ready.
6:45 head downstairs to make my Arbonne Smoothie.  Right now it's a Vanilla Chia Smoothie and it's delicious!
6:50 wake up Prince T if he isn't already awake, get him some breakfast that he won't eat but at least I provide it. \/O\/
7:15 say good bye to Husband as he leaves for work, finish getting boys ready to go.
7:30-7:45 head out the door to go drop off Prince T at daycare …

What is in my handbag?

A better question might be what's not in my handbag, because that is the one area of my life I can't, for the life of me, keep organized.

Seriously, I have bought thousands, ok maybe only hundreds, of handbags, trying to find one that will keep my organized and not be a junk collector.  I've tried just a wallet sized purse, but then I can't fit my lip gloss and some other things in there.  Then I try a large messenger bag and well in a week it's over flowing with receipts and other pieces of paper I have collected along the way.

Lately, I have been using my Lululemon festival bags.  I have found that these are the most useful and a pretty decent size.  The only thing they don't fit in them in my agenda, but for the most part I am ok with that.

 The back pocket is where I keep my lip balm, extra charger thing for my phone, my phone when I am out and my floss.
 The front flap has a zippered pocket that will sometimes find headphones, jewelry and my registration f…

Words to live by

There are a few people in the world who have sparked in me a spiritual connection like nothing I've ever experienced before.  Mostly because these are people I've never met but I feel like we are kindred spirits, at least I try to live my life as they have, I'm not perfect but I think I'm hitting about 80%.  Those two are Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland.

I have two quotes by them that I absolutely love and try to live my life by, because I think they speak to the need and fulfillment of living an authentic life.

What are your favourite quotes?  
Leave a comment below and share, share, share!!  Thanks for reading!!

Most Proud Moment

I'm trying to think of my proudest moment, I've had a few proud moments that I take a lot of pride in but my proudest moment really has to do with my children.

I am proudest of the strong working young man Chandler has become, he never gives up and he always does what he needs to do.  He's kind, grateful and has a great sense of humour.

I am proudest of the compassionate, loving, space invading young man Leigham is, he loves everyone and is always first for a hug and quickly goes to those who look down. He's a genuinely kind soul who isn't afraid to show his emotions.

I am proudest of the determined, outspoken little boy in Theodore.  He knows what he wants and he will go for it and don't you stand in his way, he is not a push over and will not let anyone be the boss except mommy and daddy.  He's a go getter, he just needs to learn to pull in his temper with his brothers.

I am proudest of all the moments I get to be a mother and friend to my three boys.  Th…

When I win the Lottery

When I win the lottery.... man that  is a loaded question really.

Would I continue working, or would I venture out to work on my own doing what I love most? (I don't know what that is except helping others reach their potential)

Would I travel or maybe move somewhere far from home? (this is a possibility but only if I can move all those I love with me....I'm greedy that way)

Would I go back to school to continue learning and get a bunch of useless degrees simply because I can? (there is a 60% chance that something like this will occur.)

Would I donate to charity or maybe start up my own charity to help single teen age moms realize their full potential and give them a chance to prove that being a young mom doesn't stop you from reaching your dreams.  (It didn't stop me!)

The day I win the lottery, it will be a surprise, an off chance that I buy a ticket or decide to join some co-workers in purchasing a bunch of tickets.  That day will be going well, it will be as if I t…