Weekend Update

I am struggling with this post.  I just don't know what to include in it.

I have made it to the gym once this week, and I played soccer once this week, which is totally not on track for my goal, and my eating was better, there were no chips, chocolate bars or unhealthy snacks.

I've been moving a lot during the day getting my steps in (I have gotten 8000 steps each day and some days I've doubled that).

The weirdest thing is that my wake up is 5 am every morning! This is completely nuts because I had set a goal to be up at 5 so I could go work out, but when I first set that goal it wasn't happening, I could set alarms and they'd go off and I would want to die.  So I said nope, morning workouts aren't going to work for me.  And now that I've cut the 5 am wake up, I'm up at 5am.  I just fear that if I start using this and try to get up at 5 and go to the gym I'll have a hard time waking up!

I did lose another pound, and no I am not looking for it! hahah…

Six on Saturday #2: Six things I just can't toss

I have a few collections in my life and some of them are fairly pointless, while others, they are super important to me.  Not everything I have on this list is part of a collection but some things are.

1. My Carebears.  I love the carebears! They are adorable and cuddly, and I bought a lot in the early 2000s when they were re-released.  Currently, they are in a duffle bag downstairs and will be given out to my future grandchildren or grand nieces/nephews.

2. I have some old jewelry, I NEVER wear it, and it's in a draw of one of my jewelry stands to be taken away and sold, yet I look at it and every time I am like nope, I'll do that later.

3.Hockey cards from when I was a teenager.  And I don't even just mean those hockey cards that might be worth something, I mean all of them, and there are even some baseball cards.  They have moved everywhere with me and I don't even look at them anymore yet I keep them.

4. Old Journals, this one might be normal, but I have so many ol…

Friday Five: Sorry guys this one is not of the happiest nature

Today I am going share with you five images in the media that have given me pause, five images that show something more in them each time I look at them.  This post is mostly starting off because of the Florida School Shooting, seriously, another school shooting in the states.

Is anyone really surprised?

1)This is the image I remember seeing back when Columbine happened.  An event so shocking and out of the norm that just seeing the grief on these kids faces, people roughly my own age, I would think that once they could vote they would want something to change, a Columbine law brought forth to protect schools from needless violence.  No one knew what to do back then, and bak then it was two shooters, taking revenge on those that they felt had bullied them, does not make what they did right, but it definitely brought things to discuss, and after Columbine, bullying was a huge topic in all schools.
2) Who remembers Sandy Hook?  Yeah we all do, and I really take offence to anyone who say…

Winter Activities with the boys

I spent most of my life growing up in the prairies and it would not be unreasonable to assume that I would learn to love some winter activities.  And to be complete honest I do like to go skating, skiing (cross or downhill) and sledding but I have NEVER liked the cold.  I just hate being cold, I hate ski pants, mostly because I don't have any that actually fit me, and winter activities like skiing are so expensive if you don't have the equipment.  So I've always struggled to find things to do with my boys in the winter.

 Lil man is easier, he loves hockey and skating, so even if it's -20 he is happy to go out for a bit and skate it up, often I am sitting in the vehicle trying to warm up before he's even considered that it's time to come off the ice. 
 But sledding and skiing haven't been something Lil man has ever wanted to try, and when he learned to skate, Prince T was born so only one of us (his parents) could go skate with him and usually dad did that …

Wanderlust Wednesday: Alcatraz

I'm going to have two different posts on Wednesdays, some Wednesday it will be Wanderlust, about places I have travelled and done.  And sometimes it will be Wondering Wednesdays where I answer a question I have had and the answer I have found to that question.

Today I'd like to share about my trip to Alcatraz!! In complete honesty, I have never in my life been to Alcatraz, two or three times we've talked about and tried to plan to go, but we didn't realize how far in advance you would have to buy tickets so we've done other things instead.  In November when I went to the states I told Alex that the only thing on my list of things to do besides visiting everyone I could was to go to Alcatraz.

Alex booked the tickets, I let my cousins know when we were going and then a whole group of us got on the Ferry and headed to Alcatraz.

Talk about a place that has a vibe to it, there is an energy at Alcatraz unlike anything I have really experienced before, and the feeling hit…

Truthful Tuesday: Further signs of my depression

Yesterday, I blogged about my trip to California, it was a great trip, but I went on that trip because I felt an emptiness in my soul, and I couldn't place where it was coming from.

I felt that maybe I was burned out, maybe I was overly stressed and needed to take a time out.   A time out from my life, and maybe the best way to do that was to go somewhere that was like home, but wasn't my home.

So I looked into flights, and found a cheap one for the fall break down to San Fransisco.  I sent out messages to everyone I knew in San Fransisco area and we made plans to meet up.  It was great to see everyone and I don't regret the trip, not one bit.

While on this trip I had a great visit with so many people that I love, that I connect with on a whole different level. Who I know I can share things about my life with them and there is absolutely no judgement and no suggestions for how I should do things. They only listen and allow me to talk out my thoughts until I find my soluti…

California Trip 2017

Way back in November during the fall break I jumped on a plane solo and flew to visit friends and family in California. I hadn't been back to California since my wedding, so this visit was long, LONG overdue. 

It was a great flight, it was on the smallest plane ever, I think there were a total of 12 rows so we were all in coach, but I was in row two so that was super nice and I was able to read and disconnect from everything around me for awhile.

Upon arriving my California Sister, Alex picked me up from the airport.  It was my first time meeting her husband Ethan and her two young sons.  They were amazing and felt like I'd always known them, and Alex and I got to catch up.

The next day I headed out to see my dad's grave site.  That was a definite bitter sweet moment for me, I realized that having my dad interned so far away from me, limited my ability to seek out his guidance.  That is actually weird to say, because I shouldn't need his resting place to do that, but I…