Why is it always Daddy?

There is a meme that is making it's way around the internet it goes something like this"
I carried you for nine months was in labour for hours couldn't sleep properly for almost a year and your first word is Dada.
I completely laugh cried when I saw this, because it's so true, and as those children get older it seems they are always asking for Daddy. Especially, my baby.  I will admit though that my middle and oldest are momma's boys, just not in the bad can't function without me way, but they prefer mom, so why can't the little one just give me a little of that wanting?
Yesterday's blog mentioned how I was writing more and building my writing skills as well as my photography skills, so that's where this blog comes from.
Teddy and I were home alone, husband and Lil Man had gone out for the morning to husband's work and that left Teddy and I to hang out together. Oh the tantrum he threw when he had to stay home and have quality time with mom, ye…

Still here, just not writing much

I know this does nothing to boost my readership, and that is both frustrating and understandable at the same time.  I don't want to just put fluff on my blog, I am honestly trying to build a brand for my blog, something that I can say is my own, but I find my hands are just in too many things, I am good at a lot of things but not an expert at one of those things.

Maybe that's what it is, I am putting too much pressure on myself to be creative with my blog, with my life, that I am not celebrating what my life is and what I have to offer.

So I am making a change, this blog doesn't have to alter the world for anyone person, it's already altering my world. Focusing my writing skills, to make them better, focusing my photography skills to make them better so that is what I am going to do.

I also gave up reading for 6 weeks, 6 weeks I will not pick up another novel, and so to fill my time I used to spend reading I am going to be writing.  I've been working on a novel and…

Chapter 6: So many assessments

Both Chandler and Leigham went to pre school and it was such a good experience for them that I really wanted Teddy to experience pre school as well.  The school districts in Red Deer offer a pre Kindergarten program for students who may have some delays in specific areas and it is open to students who do not have delays but there is a price attached to it.  Either way this is a great program and I had signed Teddy up for the assessments prior to us knowing his diagnosis, but his diagnosis helps him get into the Pre K program so I will take it.

In March, Teddy had both of his assessments completed and both his assessments came back as he had some delays in all areas.  The areas they assess are receptive language, expressive language, gross and fine motor skills and awareness of self.  Obviously, with Teddy's diagnosis of CMT, he would have delays in the gross and fine motor skills and I expected a few delays in the expressive language and possibly in the awareness of self.  We don&…

Truthful Tuesday: Regression and getting a foot hold again

I was really starting to feel like my old self.   My husband and I were communicating, work was going well, I didn't feel burdened by outside pressures and things looked like they were coming into focus.  I was able to start looking at my future and I was feeling confident, secure in the way it was heading. 

Was I where I wanted to be? Was the journey over? No, but that oppressive, I'm never going to get there feeling had shrunk into a quiet whisper in my head that I could watch say what it was saying and I was feeling detached, like it wasn't me, but some weird movie my head wanted to play and thought I should buy into.

Then if you've been reading my other blogs, the Chapter blogs, you will have seen that we've been dealing with my youngest sons walking issues and haven't really known what has been causing it but we were chasing down all possibilities.

When I was given his diagnosis, of CMT I thought my heart was going to break.  Guilty thoughts washed over me…

Chapter 5: How our life is changing

Man do things ever change and flip you on your head when you receive news you weren't expecting! I know stating the obvious, but even though we logically know it will happen it's still super frustrating and shocking when it happens.

So three statements the doctor made when we were there that started us on a path, Disability Tax Credit, FSCD funding, and AFOs. I am so, happy (?!?) that I have had the jobs I have had because none of these terms or acronyms were foreign to me.

Disability Tax Credit and Benefit are two things we will apply for, it's likely we make too much money to see any return in the benefit section but we will be able to use all our costs as tax write offs now.  Which is a small thing, but we are now going to be incurring more costs, with more medical trips, more medical supplies and such so anything to help us counter that will be hugely beneficial. I have the forms I need and I just need my doctor to fill them out so I can submit them to the government.

Chapter 4: What is CMT

So CMT is the diagnosis Teddy got, but what in the actual does that mean? 

Well from what I have gathered and learned CMT is a hereditary condition that affects the peripheral nervous system, mainly in the feet and lower legs and hands and upper arms, but there are many different variations, and different ways CMT may become present in your genetic code. CMT is the most common of the neuropathy disorders affecting 1 in 2500 people.  So let's go through some of the ways it can be passed down and some of the different variants.

CMT can be and is usually passed from parent to child.  This can mean that one parent may pass on the mutated gene to their child, this is in a autosomal dominant.  Another way is both parents have an abnormal gene which causes the mutation of the gene in the child, thus in a recessive fashion.  You can also get CMT inherited in a X linked way, so the gene is located on the X Chromosome.  You can also have no apparent history of CMT in your family and the ge…

Chapter Three: Visiting the Neurologist

Teddy has what the Physical Therapists called drop foot. When you google drop foot the three main causes are cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and diabetes. I was certain that cerebral palsy was not his condition, I was pretty certain diabetes wasn't either, but not 100% certain and most muscular dystrophies, the most common ones anyway, don't present until age 4 and Teddy had been like this since he was walking at 18 months. But it was still terrifying.

We received a letter from the Glenrose Rehabilitation hospital in Edmonton just after Valentine's day, they stated it would be approximately 4 month waiting period before Teddy would be seen by the neurologist there.  My only concern was 4 months away was June or July and I wanted to make sure he was seen before the doctors took their summer holidays. 

My phone rang with an Edmonton Number on February 21st.  It was the Glenrose and they wanted to book Teddy's appointment, they had February 28 or March 13th available. …