Chapter 7 Genetics testing

May 30 we had our last appointment for awhile, as now we are just waiting for genetic testing to see what turns up and what we will need to do from there.  Our Genetics testing took place at the Stollery Children's hospital in Edmonton.

Now my first impression of trying to find the Stollery is that it is VERY DIFFICULT! Google maps doesn't take you to the entrance, and when you try to walk to find the entrance, at least for us, we ended up going in a restricted area that did not get us to where we needed to go. We were in the general location that we needed to be, but for all intensive purpose we were lost.

Now my first impression of the staff that work at the multitude of hospitals in this location, because there are many, many hospitals that operate out of this location, the Stollery is only one of them, is that they are AMAZING! In the restricted area we ran into a gentleman who took us through the Staff only area to the main hub and walked us right up to one of the Stoller…

Friday Five: Five things I am going to do this summer

Welcome to another edition of Friday Five!

This Friday Five is dedicated to making five goals for myself this summer! Five things I want to do and how I am going to incorporate them into my summer.

1. Reading, reading and reading.

I put myself on a reading hiatus for June.  I did this because I was reading a lot and I didn't want to clean out my school library before the summer hit!  I also used July to focus more on my novel writing so there was that too.  For the Summer I am going to read 14 books, I have already started book number 5 so I think I am on pace to reach this goal!

2. Writing, writing and writing.

I love writing, but I find I always make excuse why I can't write, or find other things to distract me with so that I don't actually write.  But I am putting aside an hour a day to do some writing.  This is turning into an hour in the morning before my kids are allowed to get up for he day.  Teddy doesn't listen to this but he is usually willing to sit and let …

Summer Cleaning

I just cannot adhere to Spring cleaning, our life is much too busy during the winter and spring months to take a weekend to clean the house. I mean I complete understand why people do it, but I cannot figure out where they find the time.  In my little world spring cleaning is a nice idea but it always gets pushed until the Summer holidays.

Yes, yes I get it, summer holidays are for fun and relaxing and not busting yourself trying to do things that are boring and monotonous.  This all makes sense if you work a regular job where you only get two weeks off in the summer.  No way would I, or did I, want to clean my house as part of my summer holidays.  It just wasn't happening!

Now that I have a teaching job and all of my summers are off I have to find things to fill the days.  If I could just ignore the cries of "what can we do?" "I'm bored" "Can I watch tv" and get lost in all the books I am trying to read this summer (there are 14 titles) then I co…

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I love the Fourth of July holiday! I have so many great memories from my summers in California with my dad celebrating the Fourth with our neighbours and friends. 

So even though I am living in Canada and I am proudly a Canadian Citizen, I will wave my American flag today celebrating all that America has done and will do in it's past regardless of the who is sitting in the Oval office at the moment!


Another Surgery

Since my third baby was born my body has been in revolt.  It has been revolting against it's current state and causing me all kinds of problems that I had never even imagined.

Truly, when I entered into puberty and the whole menstration cycle began, it kind of began without any pomp or circumstance. I didn't have abdominal cramping, I didn't feel sick, I was hardly moody at all.  I got a tiny leg cramp, I thought it was from gym class, so I went to the washroom and was disgusted and excited at the same time. 

But that's how most of my periods worked.  They were like clockwork, I was a full 28 day cycle and the only thing that threw me off that cycle was pregnancies.  But even pregnancies weren't so bad until the birth of my third child.

Now I am not blaming my third baby, but I think it's more than coincidental that my body start rejecting the natural state of things at the same time my periods began after nursing this cutie!

I know, get to what happened, expla…

Why is it always Daddy?

There is a meme that is making it's way around the internet it goes something like this"
I carried you for nine months was in labour for hours couldn't sleep properly for almost a year and your first word is Dada.
I completely laugh cried when I saw this, because it's so true, and as those children get older it seems they are always asking for Daddy. Especially, my baby.  I will admit though that my middle and oldest are momma's boys, just not in the bad can't function without me way, but they prefer mom, so why can't the little one just give me a little of that wanting?
Yesterday's blog mentioned how I was writing more and building my writing skills as well as my photography skills, so that's where this blog comes from.
Teddy and I were home alone, husband and Lil Man had gone out for the morning to husband's work and that left Teddy and I to hang out together. Oh the tantrum he threw when he had to stay home and have quality time with mom, ye…

Still here, just not writing much

I know this does nothing to boost my readership, and that is both frustrating and understandable at the same time.  I don't want to just put fluff on my blog, I am honestly trying to build a brand for my blog, something that I can say is my own, but I find my hands are just in too many things, I am good at a lot of things but not an expert at one of those things.

Maybe that's what it is, I am putting too much pressure on myself to be creative with my blog, with my life, that I am not celebrating what my life is and what I have to offer.

So I am making a change, this blog doesn't have to alter the world for anyone person, it's already altering my world. Focusing my writing skills, to make them better, focusing my photography skills to make them better so that is what I am going to do.

I also gave up reading for 6 weeks, 6 weeks I will not pick up another novel, and so to fill my time I used to spend reading I am going to be writing.  I've been working on a novel and…