Tuesday, 27 July 2010

California Part 3 (kinda in Nevada too)

July 6th, our fourth day in the Golden State, began our journey to Lake Tahoe.  My cousin drove me to the car rental place and I picked up our rental car.  I got a Kia Optima, it wasn't that bad, but after the expense of renting cars and everything I have determined that for a family of four to travel it is probably cheaper to travel via car.  Flying is great, but with all the travelling we had already done within the Bay Area, it would have been much easier to have had our own car. 

So we were heading up to Tahoe for three days.  I was feeling crappy because I had gotten sick after the A's game, I believed it was because I had eaten quite a large quantity of greasy food that day.  Turns out it may have been a virus because everyone got it at different times afterwards.  It was not a fun virus to have. 

As we were driving through Vacaville, we made a stop at the Outlet mall (Hi Becky, we did make it to the Outlets but didn't spend much time here because I much prefer the Outlets in Gilroy).  I picked up some sunglasses and a watch.  We bought some clothes for Little Man and Adrian bought himself some clothes as well.  Then we began our drive up to Tahoe.  It was a two hour drive, but it didn't seem to take that long.  I drove the entire way and I didn't get lost, thanks to the GPS we also rented. 

We went to the beach after we checked into our hotel room.  I love Lake Tahoe, it is so clear and pristine.  I can't even begin to tell  you how much I love that place.  I am always overcome with a sense of peace when I am there.  After spending an hour at the beach we decided it was time to eat.  I took Ade and Chan to the Forest Buffet in Harrah's casino.  It was fabulous again!!  After supper we hung out in the casino and in the arcade.  I think everyone had a good time. 

The next day we walked around Tahoe, just walked around. I found Chan again after we got him a haircut (he was starting to resemble Justin Bieber and so we joked that he was J. B. until after his haircut).  Then we talked with Tahoe Mountain Wedding Chapel about our wedding.  She gave us some venues to check out and some accommodations to speak with about setting up group rates.  We then went to check them out, but then it was time for supper. 

The next day before we left Tahoe we checked out some more areas and photographed those areas for possible wedding sites.  Ade and I both agreed that Reagan Beach would be the best location for us, but that we want to go out and have pictures taken at some of the other Lake Tahoe locations.  It is such a splendidly beautiful place!!!

After it was back to the Bay Area.  No thanks to the GPS which took us on the back roads.  It was ridiculous what should have been a two and half hour trip back took us three and half hours almost four hours.  I was not happy, but we saw some great sites and maybe in the future we will visit those places, but I just wanted to get to Tracy to relax and Little Man was not enjoying being in his car seat for that long.

California Part 2

So we spent the Fourth of July with my cousins.  We had a barbecue and Darlene, Dave and their kids came over from Tracy. Unfortunately,  no one else was able to come out as they already had plans, but we had a great time.  The kids played, the girls got to visit, the boys visited and we got to watch some pretty awesome fireworks right on the Delta. 
The next day we hung out with my cousins and went down to the ocean. As Ade had never been to the ocean it was something we had to do.  We were not able to get down to Santa Cruz, but we made it to Stintson Beach.  It was overcast but it was a super nice beach.  The children played in the ocean, Little Man was not a huge fan as it was pretty cool, Ade dipped his feet in and then took pictures of the waves crashing the shore.  Chan looked for sea creatures and actually found a couple.  That's my oldest, always finding strange creatures.  We drove right by the Nascar race track in Vallejo and right by Six Flags on our way out. It was a fun afternoon at the beach.

That evening we went to the Oakland A's game.  They were starting a home series against the New York Yankees.  We had great seats, right along the third base line.  The A's didn't win, but they played a good game.  They kept Jeter and A-Rod from making it to base, and I think that was a great thing.  Considering that the following two games were not good for A's fans.  We also got commemorative baseballs after the game. 
On another note, I want to comment how great most drivers are in leaving event venues.  Most people are patient and take their turns while driving, alternating as they make their way to the exits.  With that being said, there is always that one idiot.  Lucky for us (tongue in cheek) this guy decided to try to force his way into the line by driving over the parking lines and then he tried to edge his way in front of my cousin JD.  JD did not let him in, but he did hit JD's car.  There was no damage to JD's car, but the guy got a big scratch on his beemer and a chewing out from my cousin's wife. 

California Part 1

We left for California on July 2.  It was Adrian's first vacation but we had all been on planes before.  Lucky Adrian got to fly for work :P.  The first frustration at the airport happened when we arrived.  I attempted to sign us in via the self serve terminals, however, because Little Man is an infant that did not happen.  So in line we stood.  After tagging our baggage and the stroller and car seat we were on our way.  It took some time to get going because she had to enter all our names into the computer and since last names are all different she had to type it all in. 

Then it was off to customs. I was dreading customs, I always dread customs, because so many times we have problems with customs.  Because Chan's last name is not the same as mine questions are asked, and now I was beginning to feel that because we (Chan and I) were travelling with Adrian (another different last name) that we would have more explaining to do.  But my worrying was for naught.  We were barely questioned and they didn't even ask to see the letter from Chan's dad.  The American Custom's agents never do, it's getting back into Canada that seems to pose the problem.

Finally we were waiting on the other side of security and waiting to board our plane.  The plan ride was fairly uneventful and then we landed in San Francisco.
chan reading his book, schools out and now he reads?!?!

Upon finally arriving in Newark, we got some picnic supplies and headed out to the park to have supper with my friend Vanessa and her children. (Newark is significant to me because that is where I spent every summer of my childhood. My dad lived in the house I was born in until 2005 or 2006.  So I wanted to share with Adrian that part of my childhood.) 

We met Vanessa and her children at the lake in Newark.  We had a great visit then it was back to the Carlos' house, the house right next door to my dad.  Three bedroom windows actually open out and look onto my dad's bedroom window.  I didn't think about the effect being in that house would have on me now that my dad has passed on, but it was not a fun feeling.  After hanging out for a bit we decided to head out to the Carlos Ranch for the evening. 

We spent the night and until 3 pm at the Carlos Ranch.  It was my first visit and it was so relaxing and there was so much to do.  Chan swam with Osc for 4 hours, he got a bit of a burn.  Ade and I took Little Man swimming and we even had him swing in a hammock as well.  Afterwards my cousin JD came and picked us up and we headed out to the Vacaville area.  Here are some photos from our stay!!
More about our trip in another post!!!

It's been awhile

Much like everything else in my life, if I stop doing something regularly, I let it slide and almost forget about it.  But have no fear, I am back to blogging and will be setting up time everyday to do some blogging I have a few topics I want to talk about, some observations to share and some stories to tell.  I am trying to not let my life run away with me just being a passenger so I am working to take control of my life and working in all those important events.

With that said, stay tuned there should be a few blogs today about our trip to Cali and some other blogs about what's been happening since we got home.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Momma's Sucks.....Momma's independent men?!?!

I am becoming very frustrated with my youngest child, and it is a real testament to be careful what you wish for.  I remember telling Ade that Little Man would be a Momma's suck because he was a boy and that he really would not want to have Daddy or anyone else if I was around.  I never said it as a "I wish this would happen", more as a I am certain this will happen.  And now it has!

I have seen signs in the past where I am convinced that my youngest is a huge Momma's suck.  He cries when I leave the house at night to go out with girlfriends.  He cries when we leave him at GG's and Grandma Dianne's place.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night no one else can calm him down.  He cries when I leave him with babysitters, even if the baby sitter is not a baby sitter but his father.  He reaches for me and clings to me and doesn't want to have anything to do with any one else.  If I am around he is fine with other people but I have to stay in his sight.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night and I am not there to soothe him back to sleep he screams and screams until I show up.  I have the biggest Momma's suck in the world.

I don't know what to do about it anymore.  He is Momma's little Man, and no one else is good enough for him.  I try to convince his father that it will just take time and he will adjust to everyone, but I'm not so sure anymore.  He's getting better with Ade, but when he really gets going, he only wants his mom.  I am wanting to go back to work soon, I want to start making real money again and I need to be able to get out of my house and away from him for a bit.  However, I am a mother and I don't want to leave him somewhere screaming for 7 hours while I work,  I don't want to do that to him or his childcare provider.  Especially to someone else, that's just cruel and unusual.  Especially since if they meet him with me he will seem like the happiest baby in the world, until I walk away.  So what options does that leave me??

I could be a stay at home mom, running a business out of my house, like a childcare facility.  He would then be at home with me all the time and I wouldn't have much to worry about.  It would limit my trips back to Saskatchewan, unless I went into business with someone else, and we opened a Daycare in a rented facility.  Then we could take turns having time off and hire a student to work in our absence.  As you can see I have put some thought into this, but then that still does not solve my issue with how do I get time to me with out him freaking out and how do I get time with Ade to do adult stuff without him screaming himself hoarse??  I know without a doubt that if I did a daycare or a dayhome in my house I would need to have some outside activities away from my child.  I love my child but holy man, I need to be a separate person too.

Any suggestions my friends??