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Long absence

So things in my life have been a little tumultuous for the last little bit. Work's been hectic, my personal life has been in some yo yo rollercoaster and my ambition has been, to say the least, in the toilet.

I have been taking pictures for my 52 week challenge, but getting them from my camera to the computer has been a hit or miss type activity.  I am still enjoying doing all these things that I was blogging about but I've not felt the urge to blog, and when I have felt the urge to blog, an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion would overtake me and I would say,  "I'll just do it later."  Then later would come and well here we are almost two months of silence on my blog, I want to kick myself because I was doing so well, and then all of a sudden a brick wall.

The feeling of exhaustion reached to all parts of my life.  There were projects I wanted to get working on at work, but for awhile the thought of beginning any of those projects was just daunting so I put them…