30 day challenge day 10

Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

I don't know that I would have pets if it were not for my child.   Chandler loves pets and we have had a few. 

The first pet I ever had was a black and white cat.  Her name was Lexus and she was a very loyal pet and she was quite a bitch.  She did not like males and she only tolerated other people who were not me.  She had a long patience but when that patience wore out she lashed out.  Chandler had many scratches and bites from her because he kept trying to use her as a pillow.  We don't know where Lexus is, she ended up running away from the farm after we had gave her away because Chandler was allergic.  Funny stories about her, she actually got lost twice before but she was definitely the cat that came back.

The second pet I got was Aja.  Aja was a Rottweiler.  She was the gentlest dog ever. I used to tell people to be afraid of Lexus, not Aja. Aja had hip problems and had to be put down I definitely cried when that happened.

Then we had a string of hamsters and a some more caged animals.  There were a few kitties that stayed with us for a bit but none more than two months. 

Now we have a Great Dane (whom we got before the Marmaduke movie made them popular I was finally ahead of the trend lol) and a Crested Gecko.  Chandler was able to talk me into letting him have a Crested Gecko. Lizards, reptiles and the like kind of freak me out, but I like Ninja our little crestie.  She is super easy to take care of and she doesn't stink. Our Great Dane is Sasha, and sometimes she's too big for her own good.  She thinks she's a little dog sometimes which is part of the problem.  She also hates the cold weather and becomes very whiny about any outside activities.  But I like her and would be sad if she left us. 

For our next pet though I would really like to get a smaller dog.  Maybe not a pocket pooch, but a medium sized dog like a king Charles Spaniel or something along those lines.  Unless of course we are living on a farm by that time then maybe I will get something else completely.


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