Friday, 31 May 2013

Week 12 52 Week Photo Challenge Black and White

Just east and north of down town Red Deer you will find Kerry Wood Nature Center and just south of that is my office.  Week Twelve’s theme was black and white.  Everywhere I looked there was white, white and more white, but do you think  could find black, not so much. However, I love editing, and changing photos to black and white is probably one of the easiest edits to do, at least now.  While I was training a new supervisor I noticed movement outside my office window. Now as cars drive by my office window to park at the school or for our office, this isn’t unusually, but this movement was loping.  So I did a double take and saw a huge moose outside.  In the middle of the city there was a 6 and ½ foot moose!! 
            This is actually less unusually then one might think since Red Deer is very much a parks city and the river is a natural
travel route for many animals, but I had never been that close to a moose before so I took a couple shots and one of them I edited to black and white and that was my picture.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Week 11 52 Week Photo Challenge Warm

Initially I took a by on this week.  It was cold, and not at all warm, and I couldn’t get my creative juices flowing.  But then I came across this photo I took with my iphone and thought it fit the criteria of being warm.  I had used the “wood Camera” app to edit the photo to make it a sepia finish and as the day was actually pretty warm, with the Sepia finish it did feel warm and it was a great day.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Week 10 52 Week Photo Challenge Light

Interesting Light was my focus this week, and it was hard to find something that would fit the theme and not be something the I had already photographed.  For my birthday, my best friend Estelle came up to Edmonton, for the Brier. 


Estelle invited Adrian and I up and we all went to a curling game then went drinking at the Patch!! It was a great night you can read more about it in the Brier blog I wrote previously, but here are the pictures I used for this week!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Car Wreck

So as I was being driven home from my night out with the girls, Lily and I were talking about her new job.  She had just been hired to work for the Kipp Scott group as a Car Salesperson.  She is a very personable lady so I could see her doing very well in that role.  As we turned onto 76 street and approached my house, I noticed something really weird.  I could see through my car, I could see the backseat clearly.
            This may not seem like it should be a weird thing, but my Explorer has very tinted back windows so to be able to clearly see that my interior is beige seemed odd.  At first I thought someone had broken into my car and stolen my Easter Gifts for the kids, I was pissed but it was a, ‘oh well, it was only $40 worth of stuff”.  As we got closer I gasped, audibly gasped and said, ”What the hell is wrong with my car?!”
            Lily pulled up to the curb and I got out, my car was wrecked!! It had been hit! And hit hard, it had been pushed up the street, ten feet and the whole left rear side was caved in.  I was FURIOUS!!! I called 9-1-1 and then I called my hubby, he was mad as well, he’d heard the crash but when he looked out he couldn’t see the car so he didn’t think anything of it. When he saw the damage he knew exactly who had hit the car, one of our neighbours. 
They hadn’t left a note or anything, we waited for the police and told the responding office everything, but because this occurred on Good Friday no one was going to do anything until Monday or Tuesday.  The police took our statements and then drove around the block to see if he could find the culprit (my husband had already found the truck, but the police don’t work like they do on CSI). 
Saturday morning I got up and decided to walk the neighbourhood with my camera, just in case I came across the truck that hit me, and what do you know just down the block and around the corner on Norby I found the truck.  It was a company truck, and it even had a phone number on it, so I snapped some pictures, noted some paint transfer and was willing to submit the rest to the police and my insurance. 
Later the next day we had a good Samaritan stop by and explained that he had witnessed the whole incident. This big black dually truck  had turned the corner going very fast and had smacked right into the Explorer, then backed up and took off down the street.  A couple hours later, we had another knock on the door, when I answered the door, a young kid stood in my doorway.  He explained that he had hit the Explorer last night, hadn’t meant to leave the scene but that he’d just put new tires and he took the corner to wide, plus he suffered from migraines, so he wasn’t drinking and driving, just not feeling well and he was really sorry.
I’m probably more forgiving then my hubby, but even to me, his story stunk, of please don’t call it in that I was impaired.  Now since he was sober when he came by we couldn’t do anything but I am pretty sure, he was drunk when he hit my Explorer.  For three weeks I was without a vehicle, lucky for my insurance company I spent a week in Mexico and a week in Vegas!!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Girls Night Out Friday March 29th

I don’t usually go out, at least not anymore, it’s just not really my first choice.  I can’t say that it’s not my thing because I do enjoy going out and dancing and having a good time.  But I also like staying home with a couple drinks and playing games and visiting just as much.  So on Good Friday when Stacey came over and asked if I wanted to go out, I decided that it sounded like an ok idea.
            So after a bottle of wine at my house, Lily came by and picked us up, so us three girls went out on the town.  We bar hopped, and Lily was our designated driver.  We started out at Canadian Brewhouse, went to Bellinis, Billy Bob’s, and then finally to Chef’s in Sylvan.
            Our first stop at Canadian Brewhouse was the busiest venue we saw all night.  It’s a sports lounge though, so it was loud and there was no room for dancing.  After one drink, we left to hit up a dance club.
            Bellini’s and Billy Bob’s are right next door to each other in the Sheraton in Red Deer. We tried Bellini’s first as it usually plays top 40 style music, but it was empty. Not so empty that the crickets were the only one’s making noise, but empty enough that we were the liveliest group around, if you don’t count the two girls making out on the dance floor.  There was a very weird vibe in that place that night so we left quickly.  Billy Bob’s is the country bar, it was busy and there was definitely a good time vibe flowing through the place.  We stayed for a couple dances and then Stacey and Lily wanted to go try Sylvan. 
            I was up for anything so I tagged along.  We went to Chef’s in Sylvan, which I had never been too before, but I heard plenty of stories from events at Chef’s.  It was like travelling back in time to when I was 19 and partying in Prince Albert.  That’s the vibe you get, small city bar, where everyone knows everyone somehow.  And here  I was big city girl (not really but in this situation yes) a fish out of water.  I was initially so shocked to feel like I was back in a place like Uncle Charlies or That Bar from Prince Albert that I think my mouth was gaping open like a fish.  Then I got into the groove of being there and things settled down. We danced had some drinks, and just like back in my Prince Albert Days, some drunk ass chick wanted to pick a fight with one of my friends.
            Lily and I were sitting around after dancing finishing our waters when some dude came up to Lily.  He starts to engage her in conversation and Lily being a friendly person answered him, when Drunky Mctrain-wreck came up and started yelling at Lily.  She was belligerent and wasn’t making sense, but was accusing Lily of making eyes at this guy all night.  Lily just said whatever and Drunky pulled her man away.  Then he came up to Lily a second time and asked for her name Lily puts out her hand and goes to shake the guys hand and Drunky comes up and yells in Lily’s ear, you touch him and we will have a problem.  Lily was sitting on a stool at this point, but when she heard this she spun around and stood up, she was no standing over Drunky.  Drunky back off a bit realizing that she was out matched but she kept screaming at her man telling him, she couldn’t believe he was going after Lily when he had her.  His friends had gathered around and were laughing at the spectacle she was causing.  They finally left, and we left as well as the ugly lights had come on, and well there was not a lot at which to look. 
            Lily and I walked to the car and picked Stacey up in the front, Drunky and her man were stumbling across the street.  As they had invited us to a party, we decided to play with them for a bit and asked where the party was, we even offered a ride, but Drunky got self righteous and started making ignorant comments so Lily told her that her fat ass would not fit in her car and that she was too ugly to hang out with.  It was funny, and the comments were much better zingers than that, had I been smart I would have wrote them down then. 
            All in all it was a good night and I am glad it happened, but what happened next, well that sort of sucked.  That’s in the next blog.

Happy Memorial Day American Readers!!!

Friday, 24 May 2013


I enjoy Easter, but mostly only as a family holiday, the Easter eggs and Easter Bunny and those things are often forgotten by me, much like that silly Tooth Fairy.  (Just ask Chandler about my track record with the Tooth Fairy).  So this year my mom came to Red Deer for Easter.  She stayed with me until Saturday then she went to my brothers for a few days.  My brother was also hosting Easter Supper at his house. 
            This Easter was a great little family get together. We went to my brothers at noon and had Turkey and potatoes and fixings.  Then we played games and visited.  Nelson even set up an Easter Egg hunt for the Lil Man, and was LilMan ever excited about his Easter gifts. There were chocolates and Play dough eggs for him to fully enjoy. 
            The whole family played Settlers of Cataan.  I really like this game, but I have yet to win it against my brother or Rhiannon.  They play it more frequently and have better luck with the dice.  It was still a fun game and it took hours to play. 
            I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as I did.  It was the first indicator of spring that Easter Sunday, so nice and the snow was all melting. Lil Man did his first set of puddle jumping that day.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Week 9 Photo Challenge

New Toy or just a box
New was the theme for week 9.  Interestingly enough, not much new was going on in my life during this week. Nothing I could claim was new, my life is generally pretty even keeled and things don’t change that much for me, so I posted the only new thing that happened, my kids got new hair cuts.  Best news about this was that Chan lost his Beiber hairstyle and “flow” and got a real haircut, sorta like his Uncle.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Photo Challenge Week Eight

Week 8 was my view.  During the week my only views were work, my kids and the open road on a drive to Provost.  This isn’t a complaint or anything, I mean really my kids are awesome to look at and driving on the open road every once in awhile is nice change. Since the weather was good it was a great drive, and I was able to get some great pictures!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Happy Birthday to ME

So this year on March 8th I had another birthday, surprised I was not it comes every year, but it was less then eventful this year again.  Yet this year again, I missed Chan’s soccer final, so next year I have to be there, no matter what!!
            I didn’t work on my birthday, I enjoy not working on my birthday and if you are able to I suggest that you not work on your birthday, it’s very nice!! For my day off I just hung out and then went for lunch with the girls from work.  I am still in love with my job, which is such a weird thing to say, even if I do have periods of less productivity, I am happy to go to work everyday and I am happy to be at work.  For years, I mean really since I was working at the Bakery, I haven’t felt this way about any job that was on my career path.  I’ve enjoyed my waitressing jobs, but they were just tide me over jobs, they were not jobs I was going to have forever.  This is a career for me and I am happy to have this as my career.  But this isn’t even what I’m supposed to be writing about, sorry for the side bar.
            My bestie Estelle called me up at the beginning of the week to see if I would be interested in going to the Brier to watch a game with her and her husband.  Adrian and I decided that going to the Brier would be a fun trip for us, so Estelle booked a hotel room in Edmonton and Adrian and I travelled to Edmonton to meet them.  I enjoy curling but I had never been to a brier or the Scotty’s, so this was a new experience for me, and Adrian too I presume. 
            We went to the Semi Final game with Brad Gusshue.  It was a great game, Estelle is in love with Brad, or Bradley as she calls him.  She went down in the third to take a picture of Brad, and Brad noticed so asked if she wanted a picture with him and she said of course so he told her to come back at the end of the fourth and he would take a picture with her.  Estelle was ecstatic, like over the moon, and at the end of the Fourth, Brad came down, looked for Estelle and called her down to have her picture taken with him.  I think this was as good as Estelle’s birthday for her, she was so happy. To bad he started to lose after this occurred.  Estelle’s husband, said that she was the reason he ended up losing the game, Estelle disagrees, but Brad ended up losing. (insert sad face here)
            After the match we headed over to the Patch and spent the night drinking and dancing.  It was a lot of fun, Estelle was in Curling celebrity heaven taking pictures with every skip she found.  I had to be her photographer. 
            All in all it was a good night, really any night I get to hang out with my bestie is a good night, but I truly did have a great time.  I am looking forward to my next girls night out, I need to arrange them more often.