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New Moon Book Review

New Moon the second book in the Twilight Saga.

How many pages can an author write about depression in a novel that is geared towards teenagers?? Well apparently around 400 pages or so. Can you find a more pathetic child in all literature?? You want to tell me that Bella is suicidal because Edward left her??? Huh?? It doesn't work with the character they began to create in the first book.

Bella in the first novel started out as some what of a loner. She was boring and a little plain. Maybe that was the authors intention to make her so plain in comparison to her Vampire family, if it was then she succeed!! But to have Bella turn into a snivelling zombie in New Moon, well that's ridiculous. You mean to tell me that Bella can't be whole without a boy in her life??? Is that really the message we want to send out to teen age girls?? Then Bella becomes happy again because she's hanging out with another BOY. She couldn't hang out with her girlfriends and become…

Christmas Celebrations

This year was a busy year for Christmas in our house. Not as busy as some people's Christmases but busy enough. We had Christmas at my mom's house first and then we came home and had Christmas at our house with Adrian's family.

Christmas travelling is interesting. The boys and I flew to Saskatoon on a seat sale with Westjet, then Adrian drove out on Christmas Eve. Adrian, Leigham and I then drove back to Red Deer on Boxing Day. And no I am not sad I did not go Boxing Day Sale shopping. I hate shopping during Boxing Day.

While in Saskatchewan I was able to make it to Prince Albert to do some visiting with my Aunty Lila, my step-dad Emile and my friend Estelle. Then my Grandma, Leigham and I drove back to Saskatoon to prepare for Christmas. I was not able to see everyone I wanted to visit in Prince Albert but next time maybe I will stay longer. While in Saskatoon I was able to visit with Karen and Michelle but I was not able to meet up with Sharon or Roxann. Next t…

Twilight Book Review

So after much delay I have finally read the Twilight Saga. I have a few concerns with this series, and I am not sure how any parent of a teen girl could let their child read this story without having a conversation with them either before or after. Seriously, I...... well I will break down this series review to each book, that may keep my rantings down to a minimum.

The overall writing of the book was moderately pleasing. She was able to create a setting that was believable and well described. It was easy to picture the story as it played out. The plot was interesting if nothing else, but not especially captivating. Her description of the characters was clear and I was able to picture these four vampires trying to blend in with society. I am not sure if the casting director of the movie made the right decision, but I was able to mold my view of Edward into the actor from the movie. As for the main character of Bella, well I didn't like her. I don't like her and I had di…

Christmas Shopping

I think I may finally be done Christmas shopping, well almost. I feel like I say that every year. Every year I want to be done early and every year I am still buying Christmas presents right up until the last moment. It's ridiculous really.

I am not sure if the people in Red Deer have heard this or not but we are in a RECESSION!!! I am sure that most of the citizens of Red Deer did not receive that memo. Point in fact today, today is a Monday, schools are still in session and people have JOBS that they need to be at. So I was surprised, shocked really, to find that half the population of Red Deer had converged upon Costco this afternoon. It was Saturday afternoon busy in there today. I wanted to go on Monday because I thought it wouldn't be as busy. Boy was I wrong. What should have been a fifteen minute trip in and out took an hour because I stood in the check out line for twenty minutes, and then another ten minutes in the get out of the store line. I also spent a …

Christmas Cards

So it is the season to send out holiday greetings to those near and dear to us no matter how far away. It is at this time that my road to hell is paved. I have the best intentions to send out cards and most of the time I actually do write these cards out but it takes acts of God to get those cards to the post office. Seriously, I found a card addressed to my cousin that had a picture from Chandler's first Christmas, that's how bad I am at this.

So I have all my Christmas cards written up now and I am gathering all the addresses I need and I am going out to deliver the other ones. That is my plan and I hope that I accomplish it soon. I am going to go this week and send out those cards because I have to do it this year!!

Wish me luck!!!


So this year I was able to purchase my first house. It is a four level split with a huge yard. Well I think the yard is huge. It's on a corner lot and faces to the north. The only real downfall of the house is that it faces a trailer park. But the trailer park isn't that bad at least what I can see of it look esthetically nice. It's a little sketchy in who lives in that trailer park and the problems the city has with some of those residence but other residence in the same trailer park are working to make it a safer place to live. So really it is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

The house was built in 1980, next year it will be thirty years old. So needless to say, but I am going to say it anyways, it has some projects that need to be completed to make it a real home. I am not sure what the guy who owned the place before we bought it was thinking but he was insane. He painted a huge room sunflower yellow and a hallway. It's not a horrible colour but in…


So I have places to go and things to do... as everyone does, but in the winter it's so damn difficult to get anything done. Not because of the busy holiday season, or because there's more events coming up that you have to plan for. No none of those things make it difficult to complete tasks, they force you to be more organized with your time, but as soon as you think you are organized that evil entity enters the picture. You know who I am speaking about, Mr. Weatherman. I refuse to blame this situation on Mother Nature because a Mother would know how important it is to be able to complete things in a timely manner.

Today for example I wanted to take a quick trip to Innisfail, it's a small town, twenty minutes from my driveway. To get to Innisfail I must drive on the Queen Elizabeth 2nd(QE2) Highway or take Highway 2A. Now the QE2 is a double lane highway and it basically runs from one end of Alberta to the other north and south. The 2A is a secondary highway that was replac…

December 8, 2008

So yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my father's passing. It was a horrible day. The only good thing about it is last year the temperature was warmer where I was.

I was in California trying to get my dad's estate organized because he was on life support in the hospital and the doctors refused to cooperate with the family so as it looked like he would be there indefinitely we were planning on heading home. We had already been down for five weeks by this time. The doctors said he was not going to come off life support but because of outside influences the hospital would not move him to comfort care where he could pass away with dignity and with his family surrounding him. While my mother and I were taking care of his business so we could keep his house up and running from Canada my dad laid in his hospital bed alone. Only the sounds of the ventilator and cooling blanket for company.

Traffic sucked on the 580. There was a big accident and it literally took us an …

Pictures with Leigham

Took little man for pictures today. They turned out ok, but he would not smile and he didn't want to look in the direction of the camera. It was a process to get the photos we got. So I ordered my pictures and they should be ready the day after I leave for Saskatchewan. I am just going to have Adrian bring them to Saskatoon at Christmas and hopefully I will be able to get most of them out to people!!

We also have Canadian Babies Photography coming to show us pictures we had done last week. We will see how those photos turned out, they are more expensive but if they are really cute I may not be able to help myself and I may end up buying some more pictures of little man. Honestly I may have a problem, when Chandler was little I took him for like four photo sessions before Christmas, so it's not like this is really unusual.

Preparing for Christmas

Tis the season!! So that's what people say. I find this time of year to be insanely busy. I have Christmas shopping to do, Christmas parties to attend, Christmas baking to complete, Christmas cards to send out, Christmas decorating to hang, and then the regular normal everyday activities.

To be honest, I am not feeling the Christmas spirit as I used to. It's really quite sad, but I have the same feeling I had last year, if Christmas just passed by and slept through it I can't say that I would miss it. It's a terrible feeling to have, absolutely terrible because I used to be the girl that loved Christmas. I have a new baby to celebrate this season of giving with and the things I usually do to get into to festive mood is not working. I find this terribly sad.

I am not unaware of why Christmas has taken a not so festive turn, I know it stems back to the events of last year. Last year on December 8 my father passed away, it left a very dampened mood over Christmas. …

Winter oh Winter

Winter Oh Winter
How I loath thee
Your bitter cold
miserable wind

(pictures of the storm on Dec 4, 2009)

You turn the streets to
skating rinks
sidewalks to
death traps

If it weren't for Christmas
Who knows what I would do

(Even my dog was unimpressed with Winter's arrival)


So many times credit card companies send out your information to outside companies that offer to "protect your credit" or "offer assistance if you should get hurt/ laid off etc". I have five credit cards (yikes) and I have recieved calls from all these people, they want to give you a free thirty day trial of their product then after that they will charge you X-amount of dollars a month to continue their service that they are sure we will "love".

In order to get these people off my phone as quickly as possible I will say yes to whatever they are offering. I find when I say no, they try to use up more of my precious time explaining why i "absolutely need this service" and how it is "such an amazing deal". Quite frankly they are asking for my money, in the off chance that I will use their product, I don't use it, I never have. I have been unemployed and don't use my insurance or care to read my credit report daily. This was t…