Monday, 23 August 2010

Wedding 2011: The DRESS!!

Oh my oh my oh my!!! That's all I can say right now. My mother and I went out dressing shopping this weekend.  There are two stores in Red Deer for wedding dresses so you have a selection but maybe not the biggest selection of dresses say if we were in Calgary or Saskatoon even.  

I had gone online and looked for a dress I had even found a dress that I thought would be the one.  I loved the look of the dress on line but I have watched enough "say yes to the dress" to know that you have to try on the dresses before you decide and besides if you don't try on the dresses you might miss that one dress that would be perfect for you.
Here is the picture of the dress I thought I wanted.  I love the ribbon at the waist that can be personalized to your colour.  I love the sparkles and glitter on the bust part and how the sparkles go down the gown part as well.  But again that is the picture on a person that is not me.  So when I went into the store I looked for a dress like this but could not find one and the halter styles I did  try one were a definite no go!!

I tried on so many dresses. Many A-line skirts with fitted busts, some princess style dresses, some straight bust lines, some sweetheart necklines, some empire waist styles and some mermaid styles.  So many friggen dresses and styles.

If you watch the wedding shows, you always hear the girls say, 'I never thought I would pick this style of a dress but I love this dress and it's my dress' I went in thinking, I know what type of dresses I always buy for things like New Years and Weddings that look great on me, so my wedding dress style should be fairly similar.  Right?!?!?  Nope wrong, completely and utterly wrong.  

I found four dresses that I really liked.  Two at each store. However, my favourite dress was a complete surprise to me.  Actually my two favourite were surprises to me.  I don't need to order them yet so I am going to continue to look, I am hoping I can get down to David's Bridal in the States to try to find a cheaper version of my dress that I really love.  Or else I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy the dress.  

If anyone knows of any great places for wedding shopping let me know!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Reality Television: Big Brother Observations

So often I find myself watching reality television shows (Survivor and Big Brother) and then getting frustrated with the contestants on the show.  In both these shows there is a huge social game, a social game that will determine whether you win the game or not.  The last two seasons of Survivor had Russell the Rat, who made it to the final both times only not to win in the end.  He was a great player, but he had the social skills of a gnat, which alienated himself from the rest of the jury members.  So with out the social game you can’t win Survivor and without the social game you can’t win Big Brother.

As I watch season 12 of Big Brother the need for the social game is very evident.  I have no favourites this season on the show.  I just have people that I dislike less than others. 

Last season I loved Jeff and Jordan and they had a great social game.  They were a showmance, and were not the most popular couple in the house but they made it to the end because they knew how to play a legitimate social game that did not alienate themselves from the other houseguests. 

This season I find that house is full of back-stabbing, foul mouthed, poor sports.  We have Brendon and Rachel who are this season’s showmance.  We have Brittany and Monet the popular girls from High school.  The self proclaimed Brigade made up of Meow-Meow (Enzo), the Brain (Matt), The animal( Hayden) and The Beast  (Lane).  There is Andrew, Kristen, Annie, Ragan and Kathy the floaters who go where the power is.

Since the show began we have said good bye to Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristen.  Tonight Rachel left the house as well, she is our first jury member.  I was not sad to see Monet and Kristen leave, I found Monet to be a catty beeotch.  Kristen, whom I didn’t even realize was in the house until the 5th episode, was just blah, she had no personality until the end and then she was just so bitter because she got called out.  Annie was not around long enough for me to really make an opinion, which is often the case when the first person leaves.  Andrew was fun to watch I thought he would make a great player, he was so different but again he was a little socially awkward and that is what put him on the outside.

Which brings us to Brendon and Rachel.  Their problem is that they have wrapped themselves so into themselves that they don’t socialize with anyone else.  And their lovey –dovey behaviour makes the rest of the house ill.  It makes a vast majority of America sick as well, if the Saboteur suggestions are any indication.   Rachel is just so into Brendon that she is forgetting how else to play her game.  She is a great competitor and a great game player, but she became obsessed with Brendon and her showmance that they became outsiders.  Hayden called them out as a showmance and put targets on their backs.  Had Rachel and Brendon spent more time socializing with the other houseguests and less time making out on the hammock or in the bedroom, I think their game would have been extended.  However, they forgot about the social aspect with everyone else and were forced to fight for their position within the house the entire time they were there together.  Now Brendon is left to fight on his own. 

The Brigade, even though I hate their macho- ness, is playing a smart game.  They are keeping their alliance hidden but are working together.  They set out with a goal and it does not seem that they are working out final two at this point they are simply working towards final four and then when they reach their goal they will determine final two. 

I am not fond of Brittany or Kathy.  Kathy just seems useless, and Brittany is just a catty beeotch. She pretends to be everyone’s friends then talks behind their back in the diary room. And the things she says about people just make me feel like she is a heartless beeotch.  I just don’t like her. Kathy is oatmeal.  She is so plain and now she thinks she has aligned herself with the power players so she’s being all cocky.  What is she and Brittany going to do next week when they find themselves up on the block against Brendon if he doesn’t win, or up on the block when Brendon does win??

Ragan is the only player right now that I am enjoying. He isn’t annoying, and he is competing in challenges when he is chosen. I am enjoying his diary room chats. I am glad he is the saboteur, but he is picking the easy saboteur tasks as well, I wish he would do some more tasks that would cause mayhem in the house.  Not just possibly causing panic, because so far the two tasks he has chosen have not done anything but stir up speculations within the houseguests.

Was Annie right though is there a couple of people in the house who are life long friends, who have been friends forever??  If so who could they be??  My speculation is that Ragan and Matt are the life long friends, or it’ Kathy and Brittany as a family relation.  And is Ragan right in suggestion that Rachel might come back into the house.  Because if there is a vote for America to send another houseguest in I am so voting for Rachel, I think that would just piss them off.  And it would create such drama and make for good television.

I don’t know those are just my observations and musing on one of the reality shows I am watching right now.  I may post again about what’s happening. Lol, if you are a BB fan let me know, let’s start a conversation about what we like or don’t like about this season’s contestants and show. 

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Recycling Complaint

Dear Recylcing Agencies of Canada,

I am working hard to start living a greener life.  I am recycling, sorting and composting to help keep this planet Green!!  But I have found a few flaws in some of the rules YOU have established.

I recently took my bottles, cans, milk containers and juice containers in to be recycled.  I would like to thank Alberta for finally accepting Milk containers.  When I was living in Saskatchewan you were encouraged to recycle your milk containers even if you didn't get anything for them so I did.  When I moved to Alberta you guys told me to just throw them out (that irritated me).  I digress, so today here are the two things that happened that irritated me a the Cosmo center.  1) I had one bottle from the states in my collection of bottles,(1!) and the guy told me he could not accept it, and threw it in the garbage.  Now I can understand not being able to give me a refund for the bottle, but to just throw it in the garbage!!!  I am there to recycle not to add to the garbage problem.  The reason we had that bottle is because we bought it in the airport after clearing security to return home.  The point is COSMO should have taken the bottle to recycle, not just thrown it away.  2) When bringing in glass bottles there is a risk that they will break, as a few of mine did.  Again the worker just disposed of these bottles instead of setting them aside to be recycled.  I don't care if I don't get the refund for those bottles but DON'T THROW THEM OUT.

As a recycling consumer I wish to express my deep concerns and hope that these issues will be address forthwith.

Thank you for your time


So with becoming a grown up I have decided that I would rather contribute to saving this planet for my children as opposed to destroying it.  With that being said I have really started to do some different things around the house to help with that. 

In my world of recycling there have been some major changes.  We have always recycled, bottles, cans, milk containers and cardboard.  We haven't always been diligent about the paper recylcing and the soup cans and that stuff.  But last weekend I went to Home Depot and bought two more blue bins to help us with our recycling.  One bin is for cardboard, one for paper, and one for cans that don't have a deposit on them. 

In my garbage world things have taken a huge turn.  We used to throw everything out, left overs, diapers, junk, well quite frankly everything that didn't fit into our recycling categories.  But as of two weeks ago I bought a compost bin from Tail Blazers in Red Deer.  So now we are composting food, (not meat because it just rots and is not good for your composter), dryer lint, some paper, lawn clippings and anything else that came from the environment.

It's a big change but I think it's worth it, I know the world is constantly changing and my kids won't live in exactly the same world that I knew. (Oil Spill in the Gulf anyone?)  BUT I can make a small difference in my life to help them experience a world that is in repair.  I can also teach them these recycling habits so they can continue to help heal the earth.  This isn't really rocket science but it can help.

Any other suggestions for how to recycle and live a more green life send them my way.  Making changes everywhere!!!

Monday, 9 August 2010

August comes and so does the hot weather

Since we got home the weather has been gorgeous (knock on wood).  I am hoping this trend will last for the rest of the month.  I am LOVING the weather. 

I am vacationed out though.  We spent the long weekend in Saskatchewan at Turtle Lake.  It was a good time.  Hung out with Estelle and her family!  Little Man did alright for his first camping trip ever.  We didn't stay in a tent, we got to stay in a little camper that was at the cabin. I caught three fish, and Ade caught three fish. These were expensive fish, they cost about $10 a piece after paying for our fishing license.  LOL

So now I am home for the summer. I was supposed to have one more weekend away, but I can't find a sitter to watch Little Man, and I am flat broke.  Silly vacations cost too much money.  But being home has it's advantages too.

We have so many projects that need to be completed around the house.  We have painting to do and some landscaping to finish.  I am so happy because yesterday we were able to stain and varnish the banisters for the stairs and build a new fire pit area.  And the fire pit area looks AH-mazing.  Again my design but Ade was able to execute it perfectly!!  So with enjoying my Little Man, finding childcare and renos on the house August looks pretty booked up!!

Friday, 6 August 2010

July is over... now August begins

So many times the summers seem to pass by like nothing happened.  Last summer it was the end of the summer and I was like, "WTF... I didn't do anything how can the summer be over already."  That wasn't a completely accurate statement, but I worked all summer and only went away for a couple weekends.  I didn't have any big trips or anything and the summer passed much like the rest of the year.

Now this summer is more than half over.  We have been very busy this summer.  And I am now at the point in the summer that if it is more than a day trip, I ain't doing it.  No way, no sir, no how!!!  I am vacationed out and all I want to do is stay at my house and do renos.  Renos may not be that much fun but the thought of just waking up in my own bed, not having to get into my car if I don't want to, playing in the lawn with Little Man put huge smiles on my face.  I love going back to Saskatoon, but even the thought of making that drive for a weekend trip just sends creepy shivers down my spine.  I DON'T want to do it. 

I was supposed to have one more trip this summer.  It was for our girls only weekend, unfortunately life interfered and now I can't make it.  I am so sad because I won't get to see the girls this summer, but part of me is ok with it... not having to leave my house again for some time is alright with me.

eating chocolate cake at Izzy's birthday!!
Here are some pictures of what happened in July!!!
Little Man opening presents for Izzy... he's learning to open presents already.
Visiting and walking with Aunty Courtney

Little Man learned how to stand and open and shut doors
Little Man has decided that he is too cool for a spoon.
Chan got some new glasses
On another note this is my 101 blog entry.. that is so crazy to me... but kinda cool... Hopefully I can get in some more before another year passes by!!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

California: San Francisco!!!!

We started our day by heading to the BART station.  It was a half hour ride down to the Embarcardaro Station.  This station dumps you right in the Financial District and you are about 10 blocks from Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.  We were going to catch a bus to Fisherman's Wharf but we decided to walk instead.  The buses that went to the Wharf were old fashioned and looked very crowded.  Ade commented that the passengers looked like sardines in a can.  A truer statement had never been made.  It was the first time Chan and Ade and Little Man had been on BART so it was fun for them I think.  I enjoyed riding on BART, it's relaxing.
After arriving in the Financial District we walked down to Pier One.  They have this cool Water Sculpture there, it is metal and has water running out of it.  Chan and I went up and posed for a picture.  It was a pretty cool sculpture, however I couldn't help thinking that at night the homeless may use it as a shower :S

From this location we also had a great view of the Bay Bridge. It's a suspension bridge that connects Oakland to San Francisco.  It's bigger than the Golden Gate Bridge, but not as well known.  One thing that I find cool is it's a double Decker bridge.  When you drive into San Francisco, you are on the bottom level and when you return to Oakland you are on the top level.  I think it's crazy especially since in the 1989 earthquake part of this bridge collapsed on itself.
Our first stop when we finally got down to the Wharf was to walk around Pier 39.  We walked into the various shops and looked over the wharf out onto the Bay.  We were able to see Tug Boats, Alcatraz, Sea Lions, war subs and war ships.  It was all pretty cool.  I thoroughly enjoy walking on the Wharf and truly do enjoy walking in that area of San Francisco.  It's very tourist friendly.  Apparently it's the second most visited location on the West Coast only second to....da da da.. Disneyland.
After walking around the wharf for a bit we decided to have lunch.  We ate at a place on the Wharf, we had fish and chips.  Chan had a hot dog. I don't know why he doesn't like fish but he does not.  He did buy himself a scorpion sucker though.  He won't eat fish but he will suck on a scorpion.  I don't even pretend I understand. 
We decided to go to the Aquarium on the Bay, Chan really wanted to see the exhibits and it got us inside for a bit.  It was pretty cool, it was short, but the shark's were neat and the touch pool was cool. The one shark was going crazy and spitting water at everyone.  Comical but also sad because the shark was probably stressed out from all the people.  The other part of the Aquarium tour that touch a nerve with me was the Sherman Lagoon Comic stripe exhibit.  It was an exhibit that informed people about finning.  A horribly brutal practice of catching sharks and cutting their fins off then throwing them back into the ocean. It actually made me ill. I am not a shark fan, I think they are scary, dangerous creatures, but I do not abide by cruelty to animals.  Fine you want the shark fins for the soup, fine, take the fins but kill the shark and use the rest of the shark for other things, don't be friggen wasteful.  Grrr that just made me so made.  So I will not be eating any kind of soup with Shark Fin in it because the way these people get the fins is deplorable.
After the Aquarium, we headed on our two hour tour of San Francisco.  Chan made a friend out of a street busker. He was all dressed in silver and had a mic on to get people's attention. He gave Chan some advice, "stay in school" which is probably great advice because Chan doesn't like to dress up in costumes so he wouldn't make a good street busker.  There was one kid on the sidewalk that was giving away hugs for free.  I didn't know what to think of that, it seemed a little awkward.
The two hour tour was on a double Decker cable car bus.  It took us all through San Francisco. We were able to see Lombardi street, the crookedest street in the world.  I would like to drive it one day, maybe next time I am in San Francisco.  We also saw the Painted Ladies, those Victorian Houses with three colours on them, the same ones you see in the open credits of Full House.  Yes and I did see the Full House house.  It was right across the street from Hyde Park.  I was so excited.  Ade laughed at me, but I like things like that.  I wanted to get off the bus to take a closer look, and to take more photos but it was not one of the those tours.  We got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and actually stopped at the park to have a quick bathroom break and snack break.  Chan and I left the bus to look around, Ade hung out with Little Man.  We drove through Union Square and the theatre district.  I saw so much of San Francisco  that I had never seen before.  Not in all my years of going to San Francisco, but I am so glad I got to see it.  We also so Mel's Diner, the diner from American Graffiti.  Ade was really excited about that.  It was a good tour and our tour guide was really cool, he had lot's of insight into San Francisco, but he wasn't overly preachy about what was in San Francisco.
That was our day in San Francisco.  We had a great time!! The next day we flew out.  Thank goodness for Little Man he expedited our time through security because he was cute and cranky.  We also got asked why we weren't smiling on our passports and we had to tell them that Canadians are not allowed to smile on their passport photos.  Apparently, we are the only country that must look like grumpy people when travelling.  Everyone else can smile, but Canadians must look like they hate travelling. 

California Part 5

Our next few days in the Golden State were filled with visiting family and shopping.  As I have said shopping is a huge part of almost all my holidays.  I love to shop and California has some of the best Outlet Malls I have ever been too.  They also have some of the best discount stores I have ever been too as well.  (I love Ross it is just like Winners but better, if that makes sense)  Visiting my family was also a lot of fun as well.  I got to see my Cousin Cathy,her husband Mat, my Aunt Vicki and my baby cousins one who is no longer a baby, actually neither of them are babies anymore but one is a young man now. 

Our first big shopping trip was down to Gilroy.  Gilroy is like two hours from Vacaville past San Jose.  We drove past the war ships that are on the Delta.  I told Ade about the time my dad drove me out this way and was sharing some info about the ships with me.  I remember what he said, but the sad part of that memory is that I didn't really care at the time.  Now I wish he was around so I could ask him about this stuff.  It really brings to light that adage "you'll miss it when it's gone", it can be applied to people and stuff.  I do miss my dad which is a 'duh' moment, but I miss his stories and the information he used to share with me.  Things I didn't think I would miss but surprisingly I do miss it.  Especially those stories that used to make me roll my eyes, it's a little funny now.  However, I digress.  Shopping in Gilroy is AH-mazing!!! We only really hit two sides, the two sides I enjoy.  I got some Etnie shoes for a friend, they didn't have any in little man's size, but they only cost me $17 a piece.  I also bought some cute outfits from Carter's for Little Man.  I love Carter's, it is the cutest store.  I wish Costco would carry more of Carter's clothes.  Then we hit the section that is my favourite.  They have Billabong, Fox, Hurley, Banana Republic and so many more stores on that side.  It's the side that fits my style and Chan and Ade's Style as well.  We spent a lot of money, LOTS and LOTS.  But I got so much stuff. 

After shopping we ate at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was yummy.  Then it was time to get home and relax.  The next day we were heading to Six Flags.

Heading to Six Flags was the original plan, unfortunately, Chan got sick with the same thing Ade and I had, and we weren't able to go.  I sent Ade with James to go ride the roller coasters so Ade got to experience that.  I was a little sad because I would have liked to go, but I know there will be a next time so I am ok with it. 

When Ade got back form Six Flags we went to my cousin Cathy's for supper.  We visited with Cathy and her family for the evening.  I wish we could have spent more time with them, but we were under a time constraint and it didn't work out.  Cathy had some cute little puppies at her house, and Little Man loved them.  Chan swam with Ty and I don't know that I saw him the whole time we were there. 

The next day Ade and I took the kids back to Tracy for the night and day before we headed to San Francisco to end our trip.  It was just a day of relaxing in Tracy. We played games and us girls went out that night.  It was a good time.  Then we ended up heading to San Fran and hanging out in our hotel for the night.  The next day was going to be super busy. 

California Part 4

I was sad to leave Tahoe, I absolutely adore it there.  However, we went to Tracy to visit Darlene and her family, and Jeni and Jay.  Darlene fixed us supper while Chan and Chris swam in the pool.  Little Man and I hung out inside with Ade and helped Darlene with supper.  After supper we headed out to watch Melissa play some Junior Giants.  It's a really great organization that gives kids a chance to learn how to play baseball, and it's FREE.  Why don't the Oilers or Flames do this for kids in Canada???  Junior Giants are all over the Bay Area it's so neat!

That night I took Ade to meet Jay.  Jay is married to Jeni and they have their own little man, their little man will be 2 in October.  We had a great visit with them.  Jeni even decided to come with us the next day to Jelly Belly Factory.  

The next day started out early.  Little Man thinks that getting up at 6:00 am on holidays is fun, I can't convince him other wise either.  We got all the kids together and Jeni arrived at Darlene's with her little man.  We got her little man loaded into our rental car then we drove off to Byron.  Our first stop was the Byron Cafe.  It is this little diner on the side of the highway that I absolutely enjoy.  They have the best breakfasts!!!  After breakfast we headed back out to Suisun City, to the Jelly Belly Factory.

The Jelly Belly Factory was pretty neat.  While waiting in line to go on the tour Ade even got a beer to drink. Apparently you can get beer everywhere in the states!!  We got some cool paper hats and I bought the souvenir picture as well.  We wanted to go to the Bud Factory as well that day, but we did not make it.  Ade was a little disappointed (maybe a lot) but I think he eventually got over it.

The next day was my cousin Meladi's birthday so we went out for supper.  It was a cute little restaurant and I have completely forgotten the name, but it was a lot of fun.  I think it was called Mimi's or something like that... but don't quote me, because I honestly can't remember.