30 Day Challenge Day 22

Do you play a sport?  If not talk about a hobby you have.

I don't actually play any organized sports.  I would like to play soccer or ultimate Frisbee in the summer, but I have never really pursued either of these as a team sport.  I would even play softball if I could find a team that wasn't worried that I was afraid of the ball.  ( I have been hit with the ball too many times not to flinch when it comes at me)

As for hobbies, I love to read and write (blogging, poetry, short stories, beginnings of novels (I say beginnings because I usually run into writers block and can't finish the story)).  I also love to do scrapbooking, and I have found a new love for digital scrapbooking, it makes things much easier, and it's not as messy as the other way.  I also love to bake, it's definitely a hobby, I would never do it professionally, I think that would be stressful, but maybe one day I will take some baking and decorating classes and branch out into the world of my own bakery.


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