30 Day Challenge Day 17

Your Thought on Ugg boots

My honest opinion.... well I don't like them. I can say they look comfortable and cozy and I am sure they would keep my feet warm on a cold day, but I just don't like them.  I find them too bulky for my liking.

I am sure it is my only personal demons coming out to hate these boots, but when you are built like I am (or think you are built like I am) pants tucked into boots is not a great look.  I am not even sure leggings are a good look for me unless it is with a super long sweater, one that comes to my knees.  I feel very awkward when I have them on, like I am the fat girl trying to be skinny... I am also not a fan of flat shoes.  I have some flats, but not very many, and no flat soled boots at all except for my snow boots.  So there are some strikes against the Uggs for me, but to each there own.  I have seen Uggs look great on some people, but on me I just feel like it's not an option.


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