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Where did April Go....

Man I can't get out of this funk!! I've tried and in some areas of my life I am almost back to normal, but in so many areas I am unmotivated, I have absolutely no desire to get on board.

I've looked at my computer every night after the kids have gone to bed and I'm like nope not today.  I'm not a great at writing at night, yet that's the only time I really have to write.  I'd love to get up before my family and do an hour of writing but that means I have to get up at 4.... and even then who knows if the kids would get up as well.  I can't sneeze in the morning without hearing the baby call out, "Hi, Hi" repeatedly.  And the thought of waking up at 4 am sends me into a mental exhaustion just having the thought.

I like to sleep.  But here is what I am promising myself to do.  I am going to start May 1 and I am going to diarize my day.  On this blog, so that means 7 days a week I will be blogging about my day, my boring, boring day. But it's…

Tuesday Truth

Ok for the month of April I am going to be doing Tuesday Truths.  This is where I will take one question that I would want to know from other people and answer it truthfully for myself.  These won't be those get to know you questions of a first date, but they will touch on topics that can be a bit touchy and may reveal to some people my thoughts and deep beliefs that they didn't know.

So the four questions I am going to answer are these:

1) Are you a spiritual Person? (April 5)
2) What are your political leanings? (April 12)
3) How do you feel about transgender washrooms? (April 19th)
4) Would you ever live in a communist state? (April 26th)

So let's get started with one of the easier questions!!

Are you a spiritual person?

I am a spiritual person, I am also a religious person.

I was baptized, and confirmed Roman Catholic.  I believe in the teachings of Jesus, but not all the doctrine of the Church.  So this is a very convoluted topic for me. So I will start with where I …

Life Needs to Slow Down

I love being busy, busy with friends, busy with my kids, busy with all the things I love but there has to be a balance.

I have very recently just stopped doing everything, mostly because there was so much to do that I just did not even know where to begin.

I'm in a new job, I'm still working my old job, I'm still doing all the things with my kids, I'm still trying to get my training under way for my half marathon. I'm launching my home based business so my husband doesn't have to work away so much, so many things are going on and my oldest is graduating from high school and I am trying to get that all figured out.

Last month I felt I was in the eye of the hurricane, watching the world I am in spin completely out of control and knowing if I moved one step forward or one step backward I would be sucked up by Hurricane Busy and who knows where I would end up.  It was terrifying. It was not the first time this has happened to me.

I took some time as I stopped doing…