Thursday, 20 December 2012

I got bored

It was my own fault, really it was I take full responsibility for it!!! I do apologize profusely, but the truth of the matter is I got bored of my 30 day blog challenge.  Not that I didn't want to blog, but the topics in the challenge were just not exciting to me and I could not bring myself to write a blog about knitting or crocheting(even though I am teaching myself how to do both) I just couldn't do it, and then it's been so busy I have not even been able to take my camera out to take photos for a day in the life and where i live blogs.... still blogs I would like to do but I can't do them like this.

Now I will begin again and see where we get from here, but it's more going to be a diary, journal type thing.  I will blog about things I am doing but until I find a really cool thirty day challenge I won't be blogging a challenge for a bit, I maybe need a theme.

I am very driven by purpose, and finding a purpose for doing anything is important!!  So we will see what happens.  Hope you enjoy the direction of the blog!!!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lil Man plays soccer

So Lil Man has been watching his brother play soccer his whole life and has been dying to get down on the pitch to play as well.  It's been painful taking Lil Man to his brothers games sometimes because he just wants to play so much and Lil man is so much more active than his brother was at that age so he was always on the go.

This year we have been able to let Lil Man have his greatest wish and it has furthered my Soccer Mom status.  Lil Man is playing timbits soccer and he really enjoys it, when he's had a nap! When he doesn't nap in the day, which is not something we really let him do, he's a bit cranky by 5 pm and doesn't really want to listen.  On top of my being Lil Man's soccer mom and biggest cheerleader I am his coach this year.  I am certified U4-U6 Coach.

Most of the kids have no idea what soccer is, they either just want to play tag, catch the coach or they pick up the ball and run with it.  It's quite funny and normal really but I am having a lot of fun and it's gotten the whole family involved.  Hubby helps me coach and Chandler is helping us as well.

So not only am I Soccer Mom and Coach, I am part of a soccer family and I am sure in time we will experience the competitive side of soccer.  Not sure if I am looking forward to it or if it's something I might lean on the side of avoiding for as long as I can....  We will see...

I have no pictures as I am always coaching and there are 10 other 3 year olds on his team..... we are busy, busy little bees!!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Soccer Star Chandler

Chandler has been playing soccer for four years now.  He has come along way in his skills and abilities.  From a timid soccer player in grade five to the defensive star that he is today it's been a great pleasure to see him develop pride in a sport to the point that he really enjoys and is looking at other options for him to further his understanding of the sport.

He had one year in the middle of his four years where he did not play soccer.  He had broken his arm in the final game of his season in grade six and then did not want to play again.  His team was not the most skilled and the coaches, parents who volunteered were not skilled as coaches and he became frustrated because he was had a great coach the first year he played.  His team still ended up coming together in the end and he has been on the gold or silver team every year he has played.  He is a bit competitive.

So I am happy to spend my weekends taking him to soccer and watching Chandler as he does something he enjoys and seems to have some skills at.  He may not be the next David Beckham, but with some encouragement I am sure he could go into coaching his brother or being a referee.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dinner Party

So I have decided that for the months of January, March, July and November I am going to host thematic dinner parties for me and some of my good friends.  I like the idea of theme dinner parties because then you can do theme foods, theme dress codes, theme decorations and it makes it something a little different.  I think I have a couple friends in town now that would be willing to come and would bring their significant others.

It's a new experience for me planning a dinner party as I have never done it before but it's always been something I have wanted to do.  To have people over for a barbeque is one thing but this would be a whole big production with invitations and RSVP expectations.  I am not sure what it would all entail besides cooking food, and planning games or activities.  I remember when I was younger my mom hosted some dinner parties, one was a nautical theme, one was a murder mystery theme and one I think was just a party but I remember all the smiles and laughing and it has always been niggling at the back of my mind that I should do something like that.

So for January we are going to do a murder mystery party, I am going to use the web to find me some type of murder mystery game and the costume will be forties style.  I think it's going to be great and to have my hubby and I and two or three other couples I think that would be just the right amount.

In March we will have a Princess ball!!! And because it is my birthday I can make this call.  I am not sure what else we will do but we will have but a lot of appetizers, tiaras for the ladies and whatever else I need to make it a princess ball.

July the theme will be nautical, cruise ship esqu and in November I think we will do Mexican.  Granted these may all change depending on who all wants to come, but I think it's time we start doing other things besides potlucks and beer.  Its time to start doing grown up activities in a child like manner!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Ok sorry there are no pictures for this blog, but there will be when I get the recipe PERFECT!!!

I am a huge fan of guacamole.  I love guacamole, I love avocados and tomatoes and everything about it!!  When I first saw guacamole, I was very turned off by it.  I mean it was green!!!!  I disliked green foods and did not think anything green could taste good, except peas from the garden.  I wouldn't even try it, not for a dollar, not for a bet, not for anything.

Then a couple years ago, I decided to try it, just because I saw some guacamole that looked appetizing. It wasn't the green spread that looked like green mayonnaise, this stuff had textures in it, you could see tomato pieces in it, and chunks of avocado.  I was intrigued, and I knew who made this stuff as I was visit my good friends the Carloses at the time.  So I picked up a chip and dipped in, it was the best and worst decision I made because after that I was hooked, I had to have the recipe!

After asking Alex for the recipe I have spent the last couple of years perfecting this recipe.  It has become an art-form of sorts, but it's not to the perfection level yet of having pictures.  But I have received many compliments and I have shared the recipe as well.  I am even able to downsize the recipe so that I can make individual servings.  So that is the recipe I am perfecting.

One avocado
Half a tomato
onions to taste
half a lemon
cilantro to taste
salt to taste

chop up the avocado and dice the tomato, mix them together and add the onions and cilantro.  Sprinkle in some garlic powder and salt, mix again.  Then squeeze the lemon over top, and stir.  Dip in a chip and it's ready to serve!!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My family at supper

So this is an every day occurrence in most family homes, somedays it's a little more frantic than others, but it is a common denominator for families.  I think supper is the one meal that most families have in which they do together and one night while I was glancing at the boys sitting at my table, I wondered if what a normal supper for me is what is normal for everyone else.

Most nights we have a buffet style supper, there just is not enough room on the table to have four plates, four glasses, and at least three serving dishes.  We eat at a small round table and for some reason when I picked out dishes I wanted I picked out the biggest set of dishes I could find. I loved them at the time but I am kind of over them now, they are just so big and bulky, but I digress.  So after my hubby or I get Lil Man his plate we get our own plate and sit down at the table.  While eating during the week the television is on, it's either on a sitcom we all enjoy or Disney Junior so Lil Man doesn't whine and cry at the table.  It's really a barometer reading on how he is doing as to whether or not we watch grown up television or toddler TV.  After Lil Man has picked at his plate or been told no, he begins to cry and then begs with crocodile tears in his eyes to be picked up so he can sit on my lap.  After I have repeatedly told him no, pushed him down from climbing on me, he will go to dad and pull the same routine.  (I think we may have let him out of his highchair too soon as this is the norm, not an anomaly).  Chandler tends to finish first, he is a teenager and is known to inhale his food, return to the kitchen and begin thinking about what he would like for a snack.  He gets this from his uncle!  Hubby will finish last and I am somewhere in the middle, depending on how needy the toddler has been.

This supper routine has changed from what supper used to look like when it was just Chandler and I and even when hubby first moved in with us, we were television watchers on the couch as we ate supper, the only time we didn't eat in front of the television was when we had company over.  Since Lil Man has come into the world we have family meals.

I am still not really happy with our family meals, I would prefer them to be at the table with no television, but I guess we are slowly progressing that way, I just have to insist on it more.  I also like for everyone to sit at the table until we are all finished before anyone is excused, ( a huge surprise to Chan as this was never the case for the first 11 years of his life)

What do your family suppers look like?  Are you a sit down together or eat on the run?  Do you take the time to have the family meal or does everyone just eat when they can?  I am curious to know!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

ok a bunch of stuff

Ahh I had a whole bunch of blogs done and I forgot to schedule them to post, sorry for the delay, I will be having them posting very soon here!!
For anyone looking for Christmas stocking stuffers make sure to check out There are some great great pieces that will warm the heart of any jewelry lover!!
Also I will be changing some of my future blogs because of some changes I am making in my life.  It will be a journey and this public journalling will give me incentive to stay true.

So stay tuned the blogs are being scheduled for release!!!

Monday, 26 November 2012

A Movie I recently Watched

So the most recent movie that I went to the theatre to see was Breaking Dawn part 2.  It was GREAT!!!  I know some of you out there are thinking what is wrong with her, the Twilight series, some of you are reading this and saying she better not give anything away I haven't seen it yet. Well, I will say this, it was a great movie and I will not post any spoilers here.  I will make allusions to things that occurred in the movie but I won't write specifics.  If that is too much for you then I suggest you skip this blog and read my next blog as it comes out.

Breaking Dawn was the first book in the four book twilight series the I actually enjoyed and couldn't put down.  All the books were easy reads, but I really got into the characters in Breaking Dawn, there were finally some redeeming qualities Bella embraced in the fourth book, prior Bella was a bit of a wet blanket, and Kristen Stewart actually did carry that off quite well.  So I was very excited for the last two twilight movies, I wanted to see if the Powers that Be in Hollywood would stay true to the story or if they would Hollywoodize it.

I think they stayed pretty close to the book.  I was happy with the way it turned out. The twist threw me for a loop, I sat in my seat watching the twist play out, wringing my hands and holding my breathe because I couldn't believe the deviation that the movie had gone, but then the explanation came and I was able to buy into the twist, it made sense and it helped explained things, and it would have given an even greater understanding to those who are only viewers of the movies and not readers of the books.

I had concerns with J Jinks in the movie, he did not look like what I pictured.  He was much too wholesome, and in my head when I read the books he was a bit of a weaselly character.  You know the  bad guy in the Chipmunk movies, that's what I had pictured.

Overall though I was happy and I would go see it again.  I will probably buy the damn movie because I did enjoy it, really and truly.
Happy viewing!!!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dear Children

Education is a gift, but not one that is given freely.  Your parents and neighbours and mailman help pay for your education.  They are contributing tax dollars towards the education system in hopes that you will come out with an education that will help you develop the next big thing, the next thing that so changes our world that everyone wants it, making your life that much easier. 

Adults provide the tax dollars so your teachers can be in a classroom, offering you insight into the curriculum that is supposed to help you on your education journey, but you have to want to learn.  So if you want to learn, you have to tell people what you are interested in.  So many studetns are so focused on their grades, their percent that is a number given based on what?  How well you know something?  Either you know it, you sort of know it, or you don't, so then shouldn't you be given a 0 or a 1 or a 2.  Does it really matter that % mark that you are given?

I understand that sometimes it is hard to feel passionate about a subject because previous teachers have made you feel stupid or inadequate, or maybe you just don't see why something is relevant to you.   So then you have to ask yourself what do you want out of your education?  What is important for you what you want to do in the future?  Maybe by letting your teachers know that they can explain what certain skills are being taught, maybe they can adjust their teaching to help you realize the value in a class that you see no value.  But sometimes you have to speak up, sometimes you have to grab the reins and lead the teachers where you feel you need to go.

As a teacher we are constrained to some beaurocratic guidelines, but as your teacher, or parent, we want to help you reach your goals, whether that is academically or vocationally.  Your desires are your own and there is no shame in wanting to be a mechanic or a plumber, they are needed professions and they make a decent amount of money.  Plus if that is where your passion lies, then it's a rewarding way to spend the greater part of your adult life.

Life is often, or can often be wasted doing something we don't enjoy because it "pays the bills".  Life shouldn't be wasted on just doing something to get by, life should be spent bringing joy to yourself and the people around you every single day. So go forth and find out what it is you are passionate about, whether its in the serving industry, the engineering industry, health care, or on wall what you love so you love what you do!!!  Do something you can be proud of doing!!!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Family in the Morning

The alarm clock sounds and all I hear is a groan.  I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping against all that is holy, that today he will just get up and quietly get ready for the day and allow me to sleep for that extra hour.  Grunts and groans sound from the other side of the bed and I am sure some expletive words are being muttered under his breath.  Quietly, monitoring my breath in and my breath out trying to mimicking sleeping, relaxing as he crawls out of bed and heads into the hallway.  

I know that I have at least 15 minutes to cat nap while he completes his morning routine in the bathroom. 

Ouph, oh wait I have to reposition the littlest bed hog on the face of the planet.  With a king size bed that you could essentially have three grown people sleeping in, I am almost falling off the edge of the bed because the toddler has crawled into bed with me and his father.  After a second kick in the ribs and a whap of hands into my ear, I shove the bed terrorist over and place a pillow in between us, that should hold up for a quick ten minute cat nap. Snuggling back into bed I attempt to get those last few minutes at a restful place.

I must fall asleep because the next thing I know the back door is closing and aside from dog nails clicking on the laminate flooring the house is quiet.  

This is a good morning, bad mornings mean I don't get back to sleep, my husband asks many questions or storms around the house like an elephant.  I am sure I do the same thing, or I would if I had to get up so early but I don't and I really like to sleep in when I can so when I can't I get grumpy.

The bed terrorist is still sleeping, softly snoring as my alarm goes off on my phone, grumbling I hit snooze I need ten more minutes of quiet.  Not sleep now, just quiet.  It is in these quiet moments that I hear the downstairs shower come on, so the teenager, is awake and moving.  He is a morning person, he takes after me, he is much more pleasant in the morning and tends to have grumpy spells in the evening when he is tired.  The alarm goes off again and so I crawl out of bed, tucking the blankets around the little bed terrorist toddler and begin my morning routine.  

I have learned in the past two years with my little toddler, that he is NOT a morning person.  He cries, and grumps and carries on in the morning until he decides he is ready to get up.  How did I ever get a night owl for a child??  I am not a night owl, I am much more one of the morning birds, ten o'clock I turn into a pumpkin.  So ten minutes before we are loading up the car to head to daycare, school and work I then, and only then, poke the toddler awake.  Sometimes we get dressed at home, but more often then not I am taking a bag with clothes to daycare so he can get dressed there. I am not up for a wrestling match in the morning.  

What are your mornings like?  Do you have more early birds or night owls in your family?

It's 9:10 pm as I type this, my toddler, who will come and terrorize my bed tonight at around 3 am is still up, but my 14 year old is nestled in his bed and almost asleep I am quite positive.  I am in bed and watching television, my husband is snoring on the couch, but the toddler, he is still on the go, ready to party.  I dread when he becomes a teenager yikes!!!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Thanksgiving What I am thankful for

Thanksgiving always puts me into a funky mood.  It reminds me that I am not always as grateful for what I have as I should be.  I mean I have my health, my family, my house, my friends, I am not broke, I have some great support and I have a job that I am really enjoying now.  I know I spend way too much of my time worrying about things that have changed that I have no control over, things that have changed that bother me, that hurt my heart but it's small things, things who knows why they have turned out the way they did.

I want to say thanks to all my friends for the five minute conversations every year, to the daily bitchfests you let me expunge.  For all the time you are able to give to me to help make my life a better life THANKYOU!!!

I want to say thanks to my family, you are also my friends, my rocks, my sounding board and I couldn't be who I am today without you! Thank you for loving me for who I am even if I am not always what you want me to be!!  THANK YOU!!!

I want to say thanks to my good health, to my good fortune, and all the good luck I have ever experienced in my life!  It's not always that you reflect on what you have to be thankful for, but it is a daily task you should make important in your life or that I am going to make important in my daily life. Good things always happen, I want to focus on those so that more of those good things come to me.
And thank you to those of you who take the time out of your busy day to read my wondering, crazy thoughts!!!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Edmonton Bed and Breakfast, Haunted or Not??


In November a couple girls and I had to go up to Edmonton for training, our office administrative assistant booked our hotel room and chose the Glenora Bed and Breakfast.  I had never stayed in a Bed and Breakfast but I was willing to give anything a try at least once.  One girl who came was convinced the place was haunted but we could find no records of haunting activity being reported on the internet.  So with hesitation we went forth to Edmonton without canceling our reservations and we were going to give this place a try.

The Bed and Breakfast is a historical site in Edmonton, it used to be old Buena Vista Apartments that have been changed into rooms for rent.  The place was built in the early 1900s or even late 1890s.  The place was old, and the decor was very much reminiscent of days gone by, like way gone.  I would say 1920 was the last time the decor of the Bed and Breakfast had been updated.  I would almost bet that the bed in my room was from then too, but I have no proof.

I was immediately reminded of a horror movie, I think the Shining is the movie that came to mind when I initially walked in.  It was not the best first impression, truly I was laughing because I knew the one girl was going to be freaked out and because truthfully I was a little worried her fears of hauntings and ghosts would prove to be true but strange knockings and pillow floating above me in the middle of the night.

My room was actually fairly modern, if you don't count the VCR/ TV combo, and if you discount the bathroom, which I am sure only elves could use to bath in the bathtub.  I considered the bathtub to only be appropriate for foot baths because if I filled the tub as far as it could go only my ankles would be covered.

I kept this door close, closets with pull cord lights creep me out!!
We made it through the first night, barely. I think the ghosts took offense to our comments about the B&B because it was so hot in my room, stifling hot.  Here is some background for you, I enjoy being warm, even in the summer I insist that my husband close the windows before we go to sleep because I can't sleep with the window open.  I usually sleep with a sheet, a comforter, an afghan and another blanket plus warm fleece pjs.  Now what does this information have to do with the ghosts and the heat, well let me tell you. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning barely able to breathe because it was stifling hot in my room, I thought I was in an oven, I had to OPEN my window in my room so it would cool off, it was ridiculously hot, had my husband been there he would have slept out in the car I am sure.  I had no blankets on, I had the fan on and I considered pulling the air conditioning unit out and plugging it in because it was really that hot.  The weather outside was below zero, it was not warm.

The heat the next night was better and I really did not experience any other haunting activities, but I did have incredibly weird dreams.  So I don't know if it was haunted, the decor was definitely dated, but I did not experience any haunting, my friends may not claim the same though.

I do recommend the Glenora Cafe, it serves a great breakfast.  I LOVED the omelette and ordered it both mornings!! Seriously, it was heaven in my mouth!!

 The Bed and Breakfast was not my thing, I like pools and spas to be attached to the hotels I am staying in, but it was a unique experience and I am glad I got to stay there.  If you like that type of history you will enjoy the Glenora Bed and Breakfast!!  Try it out, if you experience any ghosts or hauntings let me know I think it's neat!!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Remembering my "Last Friday Night"

Katy Perry's Last Friday Night was very popular the year I got married, so when my girls and I went out that song kept playing out in my mind.

So my girlfriend Rolandia organized my bachelorette party, compete with Limo, boat cruize and drinking at the bar.  We started in Sylvan Lake and finished in Red Deer. It was  a great night spent with great friends and I wouldn't have done it any differently.

The boat cruise was so much fun, we went all over Sylvan Lake and we played drinking games as the sun began it's slow decent into the West.  Another group on the boat played socialables with us, truthfully, they included us into their game but we played with the best of them.  After the boat cruise, Rolandia had arranged for a limo to pick us up, when it arrived we headed back to Red Deer to cruise around as we enjoyed many beverages, songs and company in the back of the limo.

 I had a Princess Glass to enjoy all my beverages in for the night as we all know that I am a Princess!! And this has continued on into my marriage, my husband is very understanding of the Princess he married!!

my sister, my maid of honor
My girlfriend Laleh from Vancouver

Mona, Courtney, Alex and I, Alex was another bridesmaid

The end of the night was spent at the bar. I may have danced on the speakers, which let's be honest is quite customary, I am sure more people are not surprised then are surprised.

I had girlfriends from three provinces and from California who came out to celebrate my bachelorette party!! I am so grateful for my friends they made my night and they make my life so enjoyable!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Happy Birthday ChandlerMan

It was a cold October night, the thirty first actually, and I was experiencing some cramping pains, and as my due date was November first I was positive it was the bundle of joy I had been carrying for nine months ready to make his entrance into the world.  We made it through the night and the cramping stopped, so I got up and ready for work, because it was not like I was going to just sit at home.  Then the cramping started again and it got worse as I was moving around, so in my fashionable maternity pants and Buns Master Bakery shirt I headed to the hospital with the father.  After an hour it was determined by my doctor that I was to be off work and stay close to the hospital, the doctor believed he would see me later that day at the hospital.  I called work and told them I was starting maternity leave, and I headed home.

I suppose not having my water break all over a bakery floor was a good call, but I still didn't want to be sitting at home doing nothing.  So I walked and I paced, I did some jumping jacks, I had the father take us out on back roads to hopefully jar the labour into progressing.  An hour turned into an afternoon, into a night into two more days and I was in for my prenatal appointment.  I was dilating 1 cm, woohoo :P, but the doctor sent me home with an induction date for November 9th.

Castor Oil, jumping and even sex did not induce labour, not even a twinge.  I was about to give up but I knew that the 9th would bring this 41 week pregnancy to an end, at 42 weeks.  I baked a lot that week, sugar cookies and my bathroom sparkled, I guess I did get that nesting feeling, but nothing sped up the process.

After supper on Sunday, the night before the 9th, I sat down to watch some television programs.  My roommate came upstairs before she headed out for her birthday party, which I was not going to be able to attend, wishing her a happy birthday I promised Angi that her birthday present would be here by the next day, but she would have to wait.  It was during an episode of the Simpsons, that I got the first sharp pain.  I was so over the braxton hicks contractions, and this felt a bit different that at first I thought it was my supper that was not agreeing with me.  Then the pain reoccurred 15 minutes later, and then every 12 minutes. It was not fun, but I decided to tell the father that it was time to go back to the hospital.

After the assessment, the hospital team decided that they would admit me because I was scheduled to be induced the next day, I was 2 centimeters dilated and having regular contractions.  The doctor was very kind and gave me a shot of Demerol so I could sleep.  Putting me in a large corner room with jacuzzi tub I went to sleep.  I was awoken by some sharp pains at 6:30 am, the demerol had worn off.  A nurse came in to assess me and then they took me to the labour and delivery room.

As we walked down the halls I heard screaming and crying coming from another room.  My eyes must have become saucers because the nurse looked at me shook her head and said, "it's ok it won't be that bad, she came in like that and wasn't even as far along as your are."  I was certainly glad she had confidence but the screeching from the next room was very grating and a bit terrifying.  Then began the day that led to the meeting of Chandlerman.

Another shot of demerol and three fentinol (I can't spell it) and the doctor breaking my water, my labour was underway.  I don't remember much that day, the narcotics were very helpful, I do remember having visitors come in and visit with me.  I think all or most of all my friends came in.  The most memorable friend moment of that day was when my friend Mike R came to visit at the end of the day.  Mike and I went to high school together and we had been working together for the last year, we had a lot of fun hanging out, but I think Mike got more than he bargained for when came to visit that day.  My mom was in the room helping me with coaching, the father had just left to go get something to eat and Mike had just sat down in the rocking chair.  I said hi to Mike then looked at my mom and said, "I need to push now." Mike looked like he was just caught by the police with a trunkful of cocaine and he was looking at the second story window, I am sure wondering if he would survive the jump.  My mom turned to him said that if he wanted to wait outside we would let him know when the baby was born, Mike looking very grateful got up and exited the room.

I began pushing right after that and at 6:58 pm the most beautiful baby was cleaned up and put into my arms 10 minutes later.  He was adorable, my arms ached, not just from my desire to hold him, but because I had exerted those muscles in the birthing.

Now 14 years later I have the most wonderful son I could ask for.  He is helpful, kind, compassionate, and quite smart.  I have loved him since I have known him and will continue to love him for all the days of my life!!!  Happy birthday Mr Chanman!!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

New Thirty Day Blog Challenge

I love a good challenge!!! And a challenge that encourages me to be the best or most honest at things is one I like most!!!  I have thought many times of doing a photo challenge, I have pinned many photo challenges onto my Pinterest boards but I have yet to do one, so I think I will start soon, the blogs won't come out until after I have completed the challenge or have begun it and I am into it for a least a week or more so that I can manage my time more effectively.  Now to choose and pick the topics I want to include in this challenge................

1. My Family in the morning
2. Remembering my "Last Friday Night"
3. Thanksgiving, what I am thankful for
4. New Recipe I am perfecting
5. Jewelry, Jewelry, jewelry
6. My family at supper
7. Lil Man's Soccer
8. Chandler's Man's Soccer
9. Swimming Lessons
10. Memory Tree
11. Edmonton Bed and Breakfast "Haunted or not"
12. Where I live
13. A Day in my life
14. Movie I recently saw
15. Christmas Shopping
16. Decorating the Tree
17. Our Puppies
18. Purging and cleaning out excess 
19. Christmas baking
20. crocheting
21. knitting
22. scrapbooking
23. Dinner Party
24. sewing projects
25. a walk through the town
26. a play date with friends
27. one thing new, never done before
28. Creative Writing
29. Secrets to my beauty regime hahaha
30. Play Play Play

Ok so this is the draft of the thirty topics that will be covered over the next thirty days, they may change as I go through this but this is the basis for where I will begin.  It won't necessarily be in this order but I will get through them!!!  plus I will do a corresponding thirty day photo challenge that I will blog about after I just need to pick one out!!!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Happy Birthday Lil Man

Lil man turned three in October, the years are flying by!!

The top ten need to knows about Lil Man this year:

10: Lil Man is very smart, he knows his colours, he can count to ten, he recognizes a few sight words and he had learned how to manipulate the people who love him to do things he wants them to do.

9: Lil Man is very stubborn, he knows what he wants and becomes very determined to get what he wants, he will bribe, beg and bawl in order to break any adults resolve so that his desires are met.

8: Lil Man has an impressive imagination, he will pretend any number of things and his imagination is limitless.  He plays with imaginary puppies and geckos, he can be a knight fighting dragons, or a race car driver.  He will rescue princesses and sometimes he may even play the role of the princesses.  He is able to create whole worlds and invites any adult into his world to play and have fun.

7: Lil Man is a finicky eater.  He wants to eat when he wants but he only wants to eat what he wants.  He prefers vegetables and fruits to any other food group.  He loves Lucky Charms cereal and apples, he doesn't like cake and is not a fan of chocolate.

6: Lil Man enjoys reading his books and having his books read to him.  He is a fan of all books but has recently begun pretending to read chapter books and pretending to take them to school.

5: Lil Man is anxious to go to school.  In the morning he is always gathering up his backpack to take to "school" with him.  He wants to ride the bus to school just like his brother used to do.

4: Lil Man is very active, he loves sports or anything that has him on the go.  If nothing else I have learned that Lil Man is much easier to deal with when he is able to participate in some type of physical activity in the day that has him moving for at least 40 minutes straight.  He is going to be a very sporty child.

3: Lil Man has a strong sense of his social circle, he knows who his friends are and he loves to hang out with them.  He does have favourites but he's not discerning if it means he gets to play with a peer.

2: Lil Man is a night Owl, not much of an early riser. He likes to sleep in and could outlast me in staying up late some nights.  He has recently started complaining in the morning that he is "still sleeping" or that he "just wants to sleep some more" when we have to get him up to leave for work and school.  He will cry that he is not tired when it is clearly bedtime and if given the opportunity would stay up late watching his Ipod or reading his books.

1: Lil Man is a very loving and very loved little boy.  He cares about people and does not want to see others upset, he will offer hugs and pats on the back to those on his soccer team who get upset.  He loves snuggles and cuddles and will often use those requests to stay up later getting some much needed one on one time with the parent of his choosing.

Happy Birthday Lil Man, we love you and hope that all your dreams come true and that you are able to build yourself the life you desire!!!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies

I was on a roll, and I wanted to make sure I stayed that way, so I am working with this positive energy and treating my family to one of the the things I do best, BAKING!!! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do make some fabulous baking goods, if you need more proof than just my word for it, ask my neighbours, they would give me an excellent reference for sure!!!

So as I was baking supper I decided we needed a dessert as well, so I went back to my Recipes I want to try board on Pinterest and found another recipe to make today, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies.  The recipe was fairly simple and I had all the ingredients I needed in the house.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 Tablespoons butter, softened
1/2 cup peanut butter
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease an 8 X 8 pan.
  • In a medium bowl, stir the flour, baking powder and salt together with a wire whisk and set aside.
  • In a mixer, cream the butter and peanut butter until smooth. Add the sugars and mix until combined.
  • Add the eggs and vanilla and mix until combined.
  • Add the dry ingredients and mix on low until combined.
  • Stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Spread in the pan and bake for 30-35 minutes or until done.
Recipe is from

I also added icing to make an extra sweet treat for my sweets!!  These were great!!  Totally recommend them!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Turtle Lake Girls Weekend!!

Quack Quack, crazy ducks this weekend

Let me take you back to the year 2008, a good friend invited me out for a girls weekend at her family cabin.  I thought it sounded like an awesome idea and so I ventured 6 hours from home to go to Turtle Lake.  The weekend was a Survivor style Just Us Girls weekend.  (our shirts said Sguj, which was an error, but still made things fun)  We played games, drank and had many good meals.  I met some really cool girls that weekend.  I was invited into the second annual Just Us Girls or JUGs weekend and I knew that it was something that I would work hard to attend as often as I could.

In 2009, my girlfriend who had invited me in the first place was chosen as host for the year, meaning she had to come up with the games and activities and theme for the year.  Eighties Extravaganza was born.  We spent this weekend up in Pigeon Lake at another girls family cabin.  This cabin was not right on the lake but it had a huge yard and we had a lot of fun again.  The big event of the weekend was going golfing.  I was extremely pregnant at this weekend so I did not golf but I enjoyed driving the cart around and participating in the photo scavenger hunt.
 In 2010 and 2011 I did not attend Jugs.  I was still breast feeding my little guy when 2010 happened and in 2011 I got married so I was not able to participate.  In 2012 things were crazy and I couldn't afford to attend the first Jugs grouping with the original group, but it was such a fun activity that I felt the need to try to arrange a new group, not because I didn't love the old group but because I needed to share this experience with more of my girlfriends without things getting over populated.

So after a phone call and a couple emails JUGs 2.0 was created.  My girlfriend Estelle confirmed her family cabin for the weekend so we returned to where I had begun my JUGs journey.  We did not pick a theme to follow, it was just a gathering.  Three girlfriends from Saskatchewan came and myself and three girlfriends headed out from Red Deer.  We shared drinks, played games and enjoyed a cool, and sometimes freezing weekend in Turtle Lake.  Not everything about the weekend was perfect, but any weekend where I can spend quality time with girlfriends and create fun, laughable and irreplaceable memories is a weekend well spent.  There are a few things I have learned though from my Jugs weekends that I will share with you so that if you choose to host your own, you will have some things that will work.

Tips for hosting a JUGs weekend:
1) Have a manageable group of girls, I wouldn't recommend going over 10 as it won't seem as close knit a group if you have too many people involved.
2) Plan a theme and activities to go with that theme.  I had a great time at all my JUGs weekends but the ones that had activities and themes were the most enjoyable, just make sure you plan for down time, I would suggest one or two activities for each FULL day you are out there.
3) Photo scavenger hunts are a must, it's a good way to document your weekend but it also gets people working in groups and with people they may not have before to complete.
4) Have a booty, in which each girl contributes a mickey (if you are into drinking) or some other re-gifting prize worth 10-20 dollars that people can play games to win.
5) Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and to try new things, the purpose of the weekend is for girls to get together to have fun.