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Two Years!!

It sometimes seems hard to believe, but Adrian and I have been together for two years now.  It's hard to believe because it feels like it should be longer. I do feel like I have known him forever, but it's only been two years.  It hasn't always been easy, but it's never been hard, if that makes any sense. 

I can't say I know without a shadow of a doubt what the next few years will bring, but I am confident of this. As long as Adrian and I continue to keep our communication up and are willing to work through things, everything will be fine.  He's a great guy and I have definitely fooled him lol, just kidding, I am not that evil.  We have fun together and at times it feels like we have to work through different areas of life, it never feels like we are working against each other, just with each other. 

I don't believe relationships should everalways be super easy, and if yours is then that's wonderful, but I believe to keep a relationship going strong you …

Random Musings

To my Children I spent 9 months anticipating your arrival
I spent approximately 24 hours labouring for your birth
I spent 6 months teaching you to sit up
I spent 8 months teaching you to crawl
I spent 12 months teaching you to walk
I spent 18 months teaching you to talk
I will spend my whole life teaching you respect, love, and responsibility.
I can spend all this time with you and not once will it feel like work
I will spend the rest of my life loving you and protecting you as you move further and further from me.
This is the life of a mother.
Love mom

New friends, old friends, acquaintances and close friends
My new friends share my present,
those everyday battles we all face.

My old friends share my history,
growing up and maturing together.
My acquaintances know me what of me I allow.
My close friends are the chosen, the ones who extend my family.
But all are treasures that I hold dear.

Recovery Day 2

So yesterday's procedure went well. I think there are a lot of horror stories out that about having teeth pulled but mine went fine.  There was some  discomfort, and a gross taste in my mouth, I could feel pressure as he was digging the teeth out, but that was it.  That was it for the actually procedure, now it comes for the recovery.

I don't think the Ativn worked, I never felt "out of it" and I have not forgotten what happened yesterday.  I remember it all.  The only thing I can say for yesterday is that it seemed to pass by very quickly.  I couldn't believe when it was 9 pm last night, I didn't realize that most of the day had passed my by.  But I can still recall everything that I did so there is no amnesia.

I woke up today and I wanted to cry.  My mouth hurts so much.  I can't fully open it, so I am using baby spoons to eat my yogurt.  The thought of chewing on food brings tears to my eyes.  My face is swollen and sore to touch, so finding a comforta…

I have SURVIVED.....for now

Well I made it to the dentist, and my dentist thinks he's a comedian.  I was pretty nervous so it was hard for me to laugh at his jokes.  They froze my entire mouth and then they got to work on taking out two teeth at t a time.  First they did the two on my left side, then they gave me a break.  They came back and took the two on my right side.  I have all four wisdom teeth now at home with me I want to show them to Chandler.  I have gauze in my mouth for the bleeding, they say I didn't bleed that much, but I am still with a piece of gauze in my mouth and it's been three hours since I left the dentist office.

So far I have taken no pain medication, mostly because my mouth is so frozen i choke when I try to intake liquids.  I didn't mind the whole yanking and stuff it wasn't too bad, at least not what I had worked up in my head.  It's this recovery time that is going to suck.  I can already feel pain radiating in my jaw.  Once this freezing passes Tylenol and I …

Wisdom Teeth Removal

So after about ten years of waiting to have this procedure done I am finally having my wisdom teeth removed.  I was scheduled to have it done about ten years ago in Saskatchewan, at some office in the Midtown tower, but as I didn't have health insurance and it was going to cost more than my student budget would allow for I put it off.  They weren't really bothering me back then so it was no big deal.

Then three weeks ago, they really started to hurt, the bottom two anyways.  So I made an appointment to have them removed and that brings us to today.  I am sitting here typing this waiting for the Ativan to kick in.  I am scared that it won't kick in and after the nightmares I had last night well let's just say it wasn't any fun waking up and then realizing that it was all in my head and I still had to go through the procedure.

The first nightmare I had last night I dreamt I had taken the Ativan, placed it under my tongue and it would not dissolve, and you aren't…

Weight Loss Tracking #3

So soon our Biggest Loser Competition will come to an end.  We have another two weeks left.
Unfortunately, or fortunately I guess, I have not lost weight like the competitors on the show.  I have lost weight and it's been a good amount, I can see changes in my body from the weight loss.  I have some good eating habits now established, but I do recognize that I have work left to do and when this competition is over I am going to continue on my weight loss path.

So far I think I have lost about 7 pounds, I am aiming for 10 by the end of the competition.  So I have just over two weeks left to lose 3 pounds.  I think I should be able to do that.  If that happens I will be at my pre pregnancy weight!!! So very excited!!!

The next goal will be to lose another 15 pounds to be at my ideal weight.  I know I can do it, because I did it before, two years ago, then it will just be a matter of maintaining that weight which, barring any unplanned pregnancies, shouldn't be too hard.

The wei…

Someone please Explain

Do you understand why you are required to write a will or set up a living trust?  Do you have a will or trust set up for your loved ones?  Does it even matter in the long run if you set up a will or trust?  Why am I asking these questions well I will explain.

My father set up a living trust for his estate in the event of his death.  He distributed in that trust his possessions and his estate.  He laid out in the trust how he wished the trust to be handled after his death.  His trust even laid out guidelines for what was to happen if he became incapacitated, he had advanced Health directives.  He spent all this money setting up this trust and working to protect his estate from the government and any other evil little spawn who may try to access his money.  He did this because he did not want me to have to worry about money after he was gone, he wanted me to be taken care of, or to at least have a little "nest egg" as he called it that I could use in the event of an emergency.…

The Olympics

So my brother is in a competition to win to be the face of the games.  he would like me to spread the word of his video so people will vote for him.  Here is the link to go and vote for Nellie.  Thanks for your support!!Nellie's video

Remarriage of a parent

I am all for your parents being happy and doing those things in life that will make them happy.  I would hope that if my mother found someone that made her happy she would do whatever it took to keep her happy.  If that meant remarrying, or moving in with him or adopting another child if that's what makes her happy then she should do that. What I don't agree with is your parents doing something that will not fulfill their happiness even if they think it will.  That is a very convoluted statement, let me qualify it.

My father told me he was going to remarry back in 2007.  He said he had been talking with a girl from the Phillipenes and had decided to marry her.  I asked how long they had been talking and how old she was.  He did not want to answer either questions, so I knew he was embarrassed by the answers but I pressed on and he answered.  They had been talking for two months and she was 24 years old.  My father was 62.  I was disgusted, I couldn't understand how he coul…

Please read link first to understand this rantRed Deer Advocate - Prayers for a family

Red Deer Advocate - Prayers for a family
When is enough enough???  
My brother informed me about this incident in Red Deer on Sunday.  I just now pulled up the Advocate to read what happened to these poor people.  This tragedy just makes me ill.  It was a completely preventable accident.  Are all accidents preventable, yes but some, like this one, are more preventable then others.  How do we get people to start paying attention to the facts.  Drinking and Driving kills!!!! There are so many alternatives to drinking and driving.  You could call a taxi, call a sober friend, arrange for a friend to be the designated driver, be the designated driver, walk, Red Deer even has a program called Driver Take home where some one comes to the bar and drives you home in your vehicle while another person follows.  There are so many safe alternatives so why do people continue to make these idiotic choices??
Responsible choices, being responsible, being a grown up, that's what this comes down to.  …

Kipping and skipping

So now that the new year is well underway and we are into February I thought I would reflect on my new year's resolutions.  It's been a month and I have been working very hard at most of my resolutions.  I write most days, maybe not for an hour or more, but I usually sit down and do about half an hour of writing a day.  I am working at doing nice things for others, it's not always easy, but I am keeping my eyes open for those opportunities to do nice things for others.  

My one big resolution, one of the most popular resolutions, to lose weight has also been going well.  I am going to Crossfit at Ignite gym at least two to three times a week.  I am moderating my food intake and trying to keep from eating unhealthy foods.  It's not always easy, but I do the best I can.  I have not eaten fast food, with the exception of A & W in Provost, since the New Year.  I am losing weight, it's not coming off dramatically, but it is coming off and I am feeling better every da…

New Career, new possibilities!!!

A few weeks ago I began contemplating starting a home based business. I love staying home with my little man and I do not want to have to go back out into the work force full time leaving him to be raised by someone else.  Unfortunately, Adrian and I are not in a position where it is feasible for me to stay home without earning some kind of income.  Also I refuse to be dependent on a man, absolutely refuse.  So I have considered doing a day home, but I really feel I need to do something, at least part-time, that would get me out of the house and have me socializing with adults.  Enter Tamara, my Fifth Avenue Collection Jeweler, she presented me with the option of also becoming a Fifth Avenue Collection Jeweler.

Fifth Avenue Collection is a home based business that started in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It has fabulous pieces of jewelry and it feels like something I would like to do.  So I signed up!!!  I am very excited to announce that I am now a Fifth Avenue Collection Jeweler.  It is s…

Wedding 2011: The Date has been Set

So after the proposal, and acceptance of that proposal, was announced everyone asked us when we were getting married. "When is the big day?" "When will you get married?" were questions we were asked every time we told people about our engagement. 

We speculated that we would possibly get married in May 2010.  We had reasoned that we were supposed to be going on a family vacation to Mexico for my mothers birthday, so while we were down there we may as well get married too.  That way we would "kill two birds with one stone", and not force two trips on my family in one year.  (We are very conscientious of others)  With all that has gone on this year we haven't been able to get those plans set up.  And now it felt like May of this year was way to close so we needed more time.

I will admit that I am a micro-manager.  I like to know everything that is going on and have all my plans made and confirmed.  I like to give people ample time to prepare for big trips…

Wedding 2011: Location Location Location

When Adrian and I first became engaged we talked about where we would get married.  I am from California and grew up in Saskatchewan and he is from Alberta.  We had three different locations to choose from and big decisions to be made. I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to go away to get married.  The idea of getting married on a beach had always appealed to me.  Adrian is such a great guy he just wants to give me everything I want.  That's one of the reason's I love him lol.

So we talked with our parents and we considered getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We figured it would be a nice tropical location and we could do both our wedding and honeymoon at the same time.  That was the initial decision.  After much contemplation a new idea came into being.  We still wanted to go away for our wedding, but we decided that Mexico was not going to be the place.  I will explain more about why we cut out Mexico in the blog about setting the date.

My favourite place Earth…