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new blog hahahha
This is a new blog that I am creating that is going to be devoted completely to the trials and tribulations of my life as an independent jeweller, check it out, follow me and receive opportunities to receive FREE jewelry!!!
Catch you up on the rest of what's happening soon!!!

Reaching my goals!!

So I have to write all my goals down and work them all out so I can post them in my room, on the fridge and by the computer, maybe even in my car, since these are the areas in my house where I spend a lot of time.  I have decided that I have all I need in order to reach these goals, all I have to do is put the time and effort into them. 

Whoever thinks that working for yourself is as simple as staying at home and occasionally going out to do home parties, is mistaken.  It does take work to run your own business, but if you work it like a business you can get it done, and see the rewards for that business.  If I expect my business to just work itself, then it won't happen, but if I decide what I want for my business then put in that amount of time I will see the rewards.  For example if I want an extra $500 a month for myself in spending money, that means I have to do at least 2 shows a month, with each show being an average show of just over $500.  I will have to do the actually …

Goals for the next year of my life

Goals, goals goals!!!
I have narrowed down some goals that I would like to accomplish by the time I turn another year older.  That means I have less than 365 days in which to accomplish these goals, and I have to make out a plan so I can stick to these goals.

I have divided the goals into 4 categories, family, health, wealth and job.

My family goal is this: Plan and go on a family vacation somewhere warm after the wedding.
    This vacation will be somewhere warm and mostly likely during the November break if Adrian can take the time off.  This vacation has to be completely paid for in advance so that we do not end up with extra accumulated debt when we return.  This trip will not be attached to our wedding plans.  I am thinking Disneyland, or Victoria.

My health goal: To reach my desired size and/ or goal weight and maintain that goal weight and/ or size for 6 months.
     This health goal will have me focus on maintaining healthy eating habits and healthy exercising habits even whil…

It is another year gone by

So now I am entering a new year of life.  I need to decide what I want to accomplish this year in my life. I have decided that I would like to have goals for each year of my life that I attempt to reach but the time I turn the next year older. 

I don't know if I have been so effective as of late of completing my goals.  I know I am a late bloomer with some of my goals, and an early starter with other goals.  So what would I like to accomplish in my 32nd year of life?  That's a really good question.  Now I have to consider what's on my bucket list, and how I will go about reaching those goals.

Any suggestions..... I will post later what my exact goals will be and how I plan to accomplish them.

Oh yeah Happy Birthday to all others born on this day!!!

Cupcakes for Basketball

So I decided to make some cupcakes for my basketball team and for my homeroom class for tomorrow.  I decided I wanted to decorate them as well.  In the spirit of wrapping up our basketball season I decided to make basketball cupcakes.  It was an arduous task but I had a lot of fun and I found that I really enjoyed doing the decorating.  It's not surprising really since I love baking, but I didn't think I would like it as much as I did.
So I had initially set out to make everything from scratch.  Cupcakes and all but after some careful consideration I decided that cupcakes from a box mix would be simpler.  So out Adrian went to get me some cake mixes (seriously I usually do everything from scratch so we have no cake mixes in the house) and a block of cream cheese.  I always feel that boxed cake mixes can be improved upon and that's exactly what I did.
I made a cream cheese icing mixture and injected it into each of the cupcakes.  Kind of like a hoho cupcake, or a dingdong cup…

Using new ideas in the classroom

So I have been reading many educational blogs as of late and I have been trying out some of the ideas in my own classroom. 

In my religion class I allowed the students to grade themselves.  I spoke with each student and I was able to gather a better understanding of some of the students in my class.  It's sometimes hard to connect with Middle school students, but I found taking that time in my class to talk with each of them independently opened new doors of communication between us.  It's working and I do believe that next I will be letting the students self-evaluate in a written form their mark in class. I want them to be honest with me and themselves, about what their level of effort and comprehension has been.  There are still some hiccups but I think it's working out.  I do not feel like I am an expert in assigning students a mark on their spiritual journey.

In my science class I have given my students a project to research a system of the body, they had to come up w…