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Thanksgiving in Saskatoon

I've always been a family person! To be able to spend time with my family just hanging out or playing games is one of my most favourite things to do in the whole world. So on holidays or when we go back to Saskatchewan that's one of the only things I want to do.  I also know that it makes my grandma happy to play games with us and as she's getting older I like to do things that will make her happy.  Plus I really enjoy that time with my family.

I admit to being selfish, especially when it comes to spending time with my family when we go back to Saskatchewan. And I know that I have a lot of fun playing games with my grandma and mom but it's not really for everyone, and my husband didn't always enjoy it.  Where I could sit and play games for 3-4 hours in a row,  Hubby may have joined for a couple games but it wasn't really his thing and just sitting around would get bored.

Hubby is a doer.  He likes to be doing things or going places so to just sit around and pla…

Cherish Me for I am Child

My mother works for Healthy Moms Healthy Babies with the Saskatoon Health Region and in her office this poem hangs
It says: (sorry the picture is so horrible) Comfort me when I cry I need to feel you close Watch over me keep me safe from harm Give me your guidance I need to know my limits Smile at me let me know I am your joy give me hugs and kisses show me that I make you happy Play with me I can show you how to have fun read to me it will help me learn talk and sing to me I will learn to speak Answer me when I talk I will learn to communicate Wonder what I am thinking I want you to understand me Give me quiet time I need time to rest and think teach me about my family I need to know I belong guide me through my life I want to follow the right path be patient with me I have a lot to learn I need to know I am important to you be in my life always
I'm not sure who the author is or where this came from but I love it!!I think it's great and a wonderful reminder of all the things …


People are always telling me how much Lil Man and Prince T look alike, mostly it's how much Prince T looks like Lil Man.  As they are siblings this is a good thing, at least my husband can't say they came from different dads hahahaha just kidding he'd never say that.  But as I look at them I see differences, tiny differences but sometimes those tiny  differences are huge, they make them look like different kids altogether.

And I'm not sure where there attributes come from, some people say me, some say my husband but I think it's a good mix whether it's from me or my husband.  Sometimes I see all my husband in my children, especially when they are mad hahaha, but sometimes I see my family in them so then I know I'm seeing a reflection of myself.  I do know that my kids are cute kids, and yes I may be bragging, but if I don't brag about my good looking children who will??

So here's a little side project I did today, I've taken photos of each of m…

5 Months has gone by

I'm so bad at this sometimes!! I just get out of a groove and forget to post and then I get behind and blah blah blah... anyways, it seems like it's been so much longer than 5 months but there you go, Prince T is now 5 months old!!

He's so expressive and active that he's doing something new each day!! He has some of the best smiles I have ever seen, when he's really happy or excited about something he smiles so big his eyes turn into quarter moons!! He is talking more and more each day, not with words as I have to explain to Lil Man, but he's exercising his vocal cords and I fear I have another chatter box on my hands.

He's mastered rolling over and he's trying to crawl.  He loves his jolly jumper and his exosaucer!! He's starting to sleep better through the nights and is even starting to soothe himself back to sleep should he wake up momentarily.  We've got a 7-8 o'clock bedtime which works really well and he'll sleep until midnight  b…

My new Nephew

Well it's been 15 years since I blessed my siblings with their first nephew and finally my sister has given me my first nephew that is rooted in my family tree.  I've many wonderful nephews and  nieces from my amazing girlfriends and I cherish that these kids want to call me Aunty and I wear that badge with just as much pride and honour as I have for my sister's little guy.

But this isn't a post about the craziness that is my extended family, this is a post about my adorable, squeezable, sweet and innocent new nephew!!  He's an eager beaver that one, he came three weeks early, but he's also a determined little guy!!

He was so small when he was born, and I guess small by today's standards and what I'm used to for average weights of babies, not necessarily small for other people and stuff. But he was just over 5 pounds which I think is small.  But was he put together just right!! He is a little perfect soul and I just love that little bugger.

Now he's …

Going on a Lion Hunt

I am trying to ensure that Lil Man and I do something active each day he does not have school.  Something outside of organized sports so that we can have some fun playing, because we all love to play and it's a great learning experience.  Lil Man can be a bit, hmmm lazy I guess, but not really lazy, I mean he likes to run and jump and play and if he's with a friend at a park he can play for hours, but when we go for walks, I often get "I'm tired, my legs are sore" etc and he wants me to carry him or put him in a stroller. So I have to come up with some imaginative ways to get him to think he's not exercising even when he is...

I remember back to my days in Wakaw school and one of the most enjoyable activities that we did was "going on a lion hunt".  It was such a fun song to play in gym, so I decided to play a version of that with Lil Man while we went for a long walk the other day.

Do you know the song?  here's a video from youtube to check it …