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POV Episode Recap I hate their editing!!

So tonight's episode was full of editing to create a bigger story. I have been watching the live feeds and reading the spoilers for the creating a timeline for when things happened and there is enough happening in the feeds that I am curious as to why they did these edits, but I guess they have a story they want to tell, which may or may not be the truth.

So the episodes starts with a recap of what happened and some DR sessions with Dani further saying she wants to backdoor JJ.  The next scene is Dom and Adam discussing why they are on the block.  They come up with scenarios as to what could happen, one of them going home,  or backdooring another duo.  They consider Kalia and Lawon, but then Rachel is standing outside the door, she comes in and tells them that this week is not about nominations it's about POV.  So they are to fight for the POV, and then she will have to nominate someone else.

We then see the Jelly Bean Game scene and the bath scene that I mentioned in a previo…

Sunday's Big Brother Recap!! Nominations

Rachel won HOH and now this is the episode, much like two weeks ago, goes over all Rachel had to consider for picking her nominations.  It was a rather dry episode and a bit of a dry live feeds period, so not much happened.

The house guests had a diary sessions about the eviction of Cassi, Shelly was upset because of her voting Keith out, and Dominic was comical saying the Regulators were the worst alliance ever.  One thing I found funny, is that as soon as Cassi was out of the house Porsche was draping herself all over Dominic.  I don't like Porsche she is too full of herself, watch her interview if you don't believe me, and she may have been the one causing more problems in the house than even Cassi.

The Vet alliance celebrated, quietly in the candy bedroom, the fact that Rachel won the HOH.  Dominic and Lawon both voiced their concerns since they were members of the Regulators and members of the only two alliances left for Rachel to choose from, if she choose to stick to …


On July 13th, NKOTBSB was in Calgary for a concert.  My friend Becky and I went to the concert together.  I had another friend, Tara who also went but she sat in another section.  Becky and went to the concert a little early to find our seats, while we were getting settled into our seats, these two girls, ladies, came up to us to see if we wanted to have floor seats.  Turns out that Zabrina, had two tickets for her mom, but her mom was unable to come and she couldn't sell them so we were lucky enough to get them.  I was super excited I haven't been to very many concerts and I have never had floor seats.  The opening act for the show were Neverst and Mr. Schuster from Glee. I can't remember his real name lol.  Both acts were excellent, Neverst was a surprise, and they are signed with Howie from the BSB.   Mr. Schuster's act was great, he did a lot of covers and some of his own material, I would like to get some of his songs for my ipod, they would definitely be worth it.…

Surprising Eviction?!?! Nope....

Definitely saw the eviction coming last night. It was inevitable that Cassi would be evicted in last night's episode.  I was surprised that no one voted to keep her in the house, not even Dominic, but I guess he needed to show that he was loyal to the Vets now, in hopes of saving himself.  I really hope they back door Dominic this week, I am not a Dominic fan.

Shelly was all upset because she was up on the block with Cassi, and didn't want to be the reason she went home.  Shelly had a lot of guilt in being on the block with her, especially since she didn't tell Cassi that she was one of the Newbies who voted out Keith.  I was surprised Shelly didn't tell her in her good bye message, but maybe she did but they just edited it out, so that it would make Shelly look worse.  I don't know.

Cassi took the admirable route and wouldn't campaign against Shelly, which would probably be her final nail.  Sure Rachel wanted her out, but if Cassi had tried to make deals she w…

Big Brother Recapped POV

Jordan is HOH and she has nominated Dominic and Adam to be eliminated since Jordan really feels like Dominic and Adam cannot be trusted. She needs to do what is best for her and Jeff.  Dominic is her main target but she isn't sure she can trust Adam either.  Rachel and Daniele are upset that she made this nomination and are now "questioning" their ability to trust Jeff and Jordan.  FYI the producers love Rachel because she is so emotional and just stirs up drama all the time!!!

Cassi and Dominic talk and it is very apparent they are still working together.  It seems the Regulators are still in action even if they are down and out right now.  Adam has a deal with Jeff and Jordan and he is supposed to throw the Veto competition.

Rachel says that Cassi is a floater and the leader.  Rachel needs to know what the definition of a floater is, and she might be a floater but she can't be a floater and a leader at the same time.  She's either floating along relying on some…

Sunday's Episode..... What you didn't see

Well after much technical difficulty, it seems my pvr is having new issues and I am not a happy camper.  I only caught the first 9 minutes of the episode so I had to wait for the later episode to see what happened.

So Keith was evicted, Jordan won HOH and the Vets were back in control of the house.  Shelly is playing both side, as is Kalia, but no one suspects Shelly they think it's Lawon or Adam who were disloyal.  Now there are a few floundering members of the Newbie team.  They need to break up that Vet alliance but I don't know if they can, and they need to be smart about how they do it.

The newbies had a little meeting and discussed the votes (this is where my cable crapped out the first time grr).  Lawon explained that he was pissed, Dominic called out everyone. Adam said he told them yes but voted against them,  Cassi couldn't understand why Adam would have done that.  Dominic left in the middle of the conversation which raised suspicions with the other Newbies.  Sh…

And guess who got Evicted????

So let's recap this show as CBS wants us to see it.

They stress how the Vets were in jeopardy, because Dick left.  In a numbers game, definitely they were at a disadvantage, but truly they were at the advantage for having been in the game.

The nominees both thought they were safe, they both thought they had the votes, and in actuality only one of them did simply because of the pure persuasive genius that is the Vets game MO.  The nominees decided to be amicable, and after the many blow ups Keith orchestrated this week, so they buried the hatchet so to speak.  The Regulators alliance decided to stick together to get Porsche out of the house.

The Vets left panic mode and started to think straight. The realized they didn't need all the house, they needed only one.  So they began to step up their social game and started interacting with the newbies.  Jeff even admitted to whoring himself out to get the vote by any means necessary.  Dominic was the only one who questioned what the…

Big Brother Update!! *What you didn't see*

So after getting home today, from going to the NKOTBSB concert in Calgary last night I sat down to watch Big Brother.  Here is a recap on what's happened in the first two episodes.

Everyone came into the house there were 8 new people and 6 vets.  Everyone was paired off, the 8 new people chose a partner from their group and the 6 vets were previous people who ended up playing the game together.  The partners broke down like this Keith and Porsche, Shelly and Cassi, Lawon and Kalia and Adam and Dominic for the newbies, then we had returning partners, Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan and Evel Dick and Daniele.  Right away I joined up with team Vets, I love all the vets, they were my favorites on their original seasons.  Yes even Brendon and Rachel, they provided all the drama I wanted in my life!!

Rachel then one the Head of Household.  After talking with the vets and forming a tight 6 alliance they worked out a deal on how to evict the Newbies.  Dick really worked out the deal b…

Where's Franklin??? *live feeds entertainment* *no game spoiler*

When the House Guest first arrived in the Big Brother Home there were all kinds of things in the house for which they could use as props.  One of these props was a stuffed turtle, whom was named Franklin.  maybe creativity is not the house guests highest quality, but at least they gave the turtle a name.

They spent time playing with Franklin and entertaining themselves in a house that has them completely cut off from the world.  Brendon and Dominic even did a re-enactment of superheroes one night where they had to rescue Franklin. Now we need the real superheroes to come in a save the house guests because Franklin is missing.  Audible gasps are being heard around the world, because who would steal the house guests one form of entertainment.  Something that illustrated imagination and would help teach others to use their imagination for fun instead of turning on the television......oh maybe that's why Franklin has gone missing.

I would like to know what happened to Franklin, but I …

Vandalism sucks

I can't remember if I posted it here or not, but maybe it was on my tumblr blog .  Anyways some stupid kid through rocks at my front picture window.  so now my picture window has two holes in the outside panes of the windows.  Then I had an estimate done and tow get it fixed it will cost me $975.  hiphiphooray.  Oh can you see the sarcasm dripping off my typed words???  Yup I was not impressed but here is what my front window now looks like.  I mean it's going to look that way until after the wedding, and we have to say good bye to fixing our fence this summer after the wedding since that money is going to go to replacing these two windows.  gahhh.... so frustrating!!!

Cat Person

I am totally a cat person. I love cats, they are so cuddly and cute and, most importantly, independent.  But Chandler is allergic to them so until he was at an age in which he could choose whether he wanted to live a life where he might have to take allergy medicine daily or not.  So we talked about it as he is 12 now and I asked if he wanted to have a cat.  Without pause, he said he did, Chandler, too, is a cat person.

So we went out and got ourselves a cat to add to our family.  And here he is, (we initially thought it might be a girl, but it wasn't it's a boy).  We named the cat Bast, which is the name of the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, but I think it will stay even if he is a boy. It's not like he will know really and Bast could be one of those Uni-sex names right??

Big Brother Recap Alliances??

So what did you think??  It was an interesting episode that's for sure, but not something I didn't expect to happen.  I mean who couldn't see the Vets joining up and the newbies joining up in large alliances.  It seemed rather predictable.

The Quest for the Golden Key, seems interesting, I mean it's like Brenchel said, The Golden Key are now the Floaters life vests.  And the newbies, are so excited about this golden key.... Lawon comparing it to Charlie and Chocolate Factory, so funny.  But it is true, and the vets are at an advantage, they know the game and how to work the game to their advantage, the newbies are at an advantage because they have the numbers if they can stick together. (hear ominous music that predicts a demise of the newbies).

Then there was Evel Dick, I mean he joins up with Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan.  The vets are banded together they know they have to stick together in order to have a chance to survive.  Evel Dick says they need to bring in on…

Live Feeds for Big Brother *no spoilers*

So while Little Man naps I am using my time wisely to watch the live feeds. They are so boring.  Seriously, it's like watching a real life sims game.  Maybe that's why I like Big Brother so much???

Anyways lot's is happening and will be seen, at least the exciting parts, on the upcoming episodes.  Should be a good time.  My one complaint though, is why are you focusing 4, FOUR, cameras on Jordan doing her make up, with Jeff watching and they aren't talking, while there was a bunch of house-guests in the kitchen conversing.  That's at least a little more exciting then watching J & J sitting in the bathroom.  Whoever is in control of the cameras, PuhLease!!!

I also think that whoever is monitoring the cameras today is in LOVE with J & J.  They are following them around everywhere.  Nope scratch that it's Jordan they are in love with.  Why follow her into the storage room to watch her put bread away, when EVERYONE else is in the kitchen???

Oh well here is …

Big Brother 13 my guilty pleasure

So Big Brother has started again for another season and again I have the live feeds so that I can see what happens before it's shown on television.  But like my favourite Big Brother interviewer, Ross Matthews, I will not post spoilers on here.  What I do want to do is post so this is what they didn't show recaps after each episode.  Since cameras are going 24/7 there is a lot of footage that will hit the editing floor each week, but sometimes things get passed over that are important for the viewers.  It is something that Survivor editors are forgetting which makes my fall/ winter guilty pleasure a little unbearable.

So here is a run down on what happened on tonight's episode.

This is season 13, which I am going to call Dynamic Duo season.  The first twist of the season is that the 8 newbies had to each pick a partner to play the season with, or at least a portion of the season with.  This partner would be safe if you won HOH and you would be safe if they won.  Also they …

The Summer is stretching before us.

I look out at what's going to be happening this summer, and there is so much coming up that I don't even know how I will fit it all in.  The biggest event is obviously the wedding, but there are some precursory events that are coming up that I am really looking forward to.  But I have a lot of work to do to be prepared for all these events.  Things I must finish and organize so that I can be prepared for the big 'I DOs" and all that comes after it, not to mention I have to continue to apply for jobs and stuff.

Some of the things on my to do list include finishing favours, ordering m&ms, finding table clothes for the tables, order the cupcakes for the wedding, apply for jobs, apply for EI (gag me), and making all my other plans daily activities for Lil Man.  It seems like a long to do list, but really most of those things could be completed in a morning, and in all actuality I applied for jobs and applied to EI this morning.  Lil Man and I will be doing playdates …