Thursday, 28 July 2011

POV Episode Recap I hate their editing!!

So tonight's episode was full of editing to create a bigger story. I have been watching the live feeds and reading the spoilers for the creating a timeline for when things happened and there is enough happening in the feeds that I am curious as to why they did these edits, but I guess they have a story they want to tell, which may or may not be the truth.

So the episodes starts with a recap of what happened and some DR sessions with Dani further saying she wants to backdoor JJ.  The next scene is Dom and Adam discussing why they are on the block.  They come up with scenarios as to what could happen, one of them going home,  or backdooring another duo.  They consider Kalia and Lawon, but then Rachel is standing outside the door, she comes in and tells them that this week is not about nominations it's about POV.  So they are to fight for the POV, and then she will have to nominate someone else.

We then see the Jelly Bean Game scene and the bath scene that I mentioned in a previous post that happened before the nominations, so the editing is wanting to tell the story that BR and JJ are coming apart and that their alliance won't last.  After this scene we have Dom coming in to plead his case to BR in the HOH.  He wants to 'work' with BR and Dani, but really he is still all about furthering his own game.  We then see more scenes between Dani and Dom, there is some flirting going on and it's becoming apparent not only to use live feed viewers and the episode viewers, but JJ are seeing it as well.

Next we have the Veto competition, which again I am going to say the bag is stacked, i mean they picked JJ again, really, they have been the only ones competing, how is this even possible??  Rachel then told Dani that Dom is going to throw the Veto, and she got very upset about it.  Dani's desire to get rid of JJ has caused BR to consider that maybe Dani is playing and trying to get into the best position so that she can sit and watch the JJBR war.  But JJBR talk because they want to see where they all are.  It seems like BR and JJ are going to continue working together.

Now we get to see the Veto competition.  The house guests had to pull hairs from a leg and spell out a word.  The had ten minutes to find all the letters they could to spell the longest word they could.  This was Jeff's demon competition in his season with Jordan. But he didn't do to badly this season.  Jordan spelled little, dominic spelled standings, Adam spelled fractions, Jeff spelled excesses, Rachel misspelled moisturizing, she added a U after the i, Brendon spelled understanding, which gave Brendon the Veto to use.  BR were very excited to have won, they love having the power.

Shelly is in an excellent position in the house, the Newbies still trust her and so do the Vets, I think her allegiance is with JJ.  So she goes and tells JJ, who then go up and tell BR, which puts the final nail in coffin.  They continue to make sure Shelly plays both sides, she is a great informer.  It definitely puts stress on the Vet alliance that starts to fracture in a new place, but it is strengthening with BR and JJ.    Jeff and Brendon then talk, and cement their alliance to final four.

Brendon then calls the Veto meaning and decides not to use the Veto, surprised??  Nope not at all.  So then what will happen how do Dom and Adam campaign to stay.... watch tomorrow and wait for my next blog, because there is a lot of stuff happening that you won't see on the live show!!

What you didn't see.....
-Daniele had a long conversation with BR and told them that if they didn't save Dom they were screwing her over.  She says that they told her to go and make the alliance with Dom, and she did, but now they are saying they don't want to work with him so BR are screwing her over. Brendon and Rachel were concerned because why was she so concerned about keeping someone she had just started getting to know and getting rid of someone in her own alliance.  Brendon and Rachel also did not want to do Daniele's dirty work.  
-Jeff and Jordan were very upset with Daniele and didn't talk to her.
-it all culminates into a big house blow up.
-Kalia has now started ignoring Jordan and become Dani's sidekick....

Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday's Big Brother Recap!! Nominations

Rachel won HOH and now this is the episode, much like two weeks ago, goes over all Rachel had to consider for picking her nominations.  It was a rather dry episode and a bit of a dry live feeds period, so not much happened.

The house guests had a diary sessions about the eviction of Cassi, Shelly was upset because of her voting Keith out, and Dominic was comical saying the Regulators were the worst alliance ever.  One thing I found funny, is that as soon as Cassi was out of the house Porsche was draping herself all over Dominic.  I don't like Porsche she is too full of herself, watch her interview if you don't believe me, and she may have been the one causing more problems in the house than even Cassi.

The Vet alliance celebrated, quietly in the candy bedroom, the fact that Rachel won the HOH.  Dominic and Lawon both voiced their concerns since they were members of the Regulators and members of the only two alliances left for Rachel to choose from, if she choose to stick to her Vet alliance.

Then they show Brendon and Jeff having a conversation in the storage room, where Brendon says, "I feel like we have to put up Adam and Dominic" which was who JJ wanted out last week, and now BR are thinking of evicting them.  It's so funny, because Rachel would have probably beat Cassi and Shelly in the HOH competition and would have been able to put them up this week, instead they had Jordan pull a backdoor situation.

The house guests were able to pull off a prank on Rachel.  Everyone grabbed pillows and hid around the house waiting for Rachel to come out of the DR.  She came out of the DR and screamed, "Who wants to see my HOH room!" She looked around for everyone, then they all bombarded her with pillows.  Rachel laughed and took it all in good spirits. Everyone came up and saw her HOH room.  She talked about being engaged because of her sister's letter, Jeff then in the DR jokes that he just found out Rachel was engaged, did you know she was engaged.  He is so funny!!

Then you have the parade of Newbies coming up into the HOH room, pleading their case for why they should stay.  First Adam comes up and throws Lawon and Kalia under the bus, calling them ultimate floaters.  Then you have Lawon up in the HOH room, talking in circles, because he says he is playing the game, and will continue he says he needs BR in the game, but I didn't even really understand his pleading case.

The Have Have Not competition was replaced with a Luxury competition, promoting, shamelessly I might add, CBS's new show Same Name.  The house Guests got three clues to guess who the celebrity was, the first clue was three bars of soap and opera glasses.  The second clue was a microphone and the third clue was the Zingbot carrying a lifeguard floatation thing.  Then in the backyard was Kit with David Hasslehoff in it.  Jordan then tells us how she came up with Baywatch from the first clue, which I still don't understand how she got Bay from Soap, I get the Watch part by turning the opera glasses into binoculars to watch but how she got Bay from soap I don't think I will ever figure that one out.  She asked Jeff who played Mitch Buchanan and Jeff told her David Hasselhoff.  Jeff didn't understand either.  Brendon thought it was stupid to guess on the first clue.  None of the other house guest guessed David Hasslehoff so Jordan won.  So Jordan picked Jeff, Shelly and Kalia to go with her on the luxury reward.  Rachel was pissed.

Rachel and Brendon had a huge fight because she helped Porsche, by having her guess Michael Jackson, Porsche is an idiot.  Brendon was upset that Rachel would help the competition, Rachel was upset because Brendon was always talking down on her.  She was also pissed because Jordan didn't choose her and Brendon.  The rest of the house guests sat in the kitchen and listened to BR's fight.  Rachel told Brendon to leave, but he didn't.  This opened the door for Dani to start scheming to further her game without getting her hands dirty.  Dominic came in and began pleading his case for why he should be allowed to stay in the game.  Dominic then told Dani about his conversation and that got the house going on the idea of backdooring Jeff and Jordan.

Rachel then makes her nominations, JJ are safe as are Kalia and Lawon.   Adam and Dom are back on the block.  It looks like it may be a backdoor scenario if Adam or Dom can win POV.

What they didn't show you.......
-there wasn't much that you didn't see in this episode.  There were a lot conversations going on about who to trust and who to nominate.  But nothing major, until Porsche had a talk with Rachel about Dani playing the game.  I think Porsche had this talk because she sees Dani as being in her way to getting to Dominic.  But she had some good points and it got Rachel thinking. She then started talking to Brendon about what they should do.
-Dani is in an awesome position, she is playing a great social game and is getting everyone to like her and trust her.  So she is a dangerous competitor.  It's going to get ugly in the house.

Friday, 22 July 2011


On July 13th, NKOTBSB was in Calgary for a concert.  My friend Becky and I went to the concert together.  I had another friend, Tara who also went but she sat in another section.  Becky and went to the concert a little early to find our seats, while we were getting settled into our seats, these two girls, ladies, came up to us to see if we wanted to have floor seats.  Turns out that Zabrina, had two tickets for her mom, but her mom was unable to come and she couldn't sell them so we were lucky enough to get them.  I was super excited I haven't been to very many concerts and I have never had floor seats.
 The opening act for the show were Neverst and Mr. Schuster from Glee. I can't remember his real name lol.  Both acts were excellent, Neverst was a surprise, and they are signed with Howie from the BSB.   Mr. Schuster's act was great, he did a lot of covers and some of his own material, I would like to get some of his songs for my ipod, they would definitely be worth it.  The only one I didn't enjoy was Golddigger, twas awkward watching him do that song.
 Then the main act came on the stage.  NKOTBSB!! The got the crowd cheering and chanting and it was a fantastic concert.  I was so glad I had brought my P100 with me so I could take pictures to remember this event.  I was taking pictures through the opening acts, after Neverst, one security guard from Patman security told me I could take photos but I couldn't take video, I was like ok, but wanted to quip back at him if they were telling everyone with an iphone and blackberry this as well?  Seriously, how stupid are people now a days.

The first two songs were over when I felt a rough tap and yank at my arm.  I  turned to my right ready to yell at the girls beside me, when I noticed that it was an Asian guy in a Patman security uniform.  When he had my attention he roughly told me, "Put that away" pointing his fat finger at my P100.  I looked at him and said, 'Pardon me."  He repeated his instructions, "Put that away."  I then asked him why to which he replied, "It's a professional camera." I then argued with him and told him it wasn't and that someone else had already spoken to me and told me I could take photos just not video.  He shook his head at me and told me "no put it away."  So I rolled my eyes and said fine, then muttered under my breath that I would just take video with my iphone.  I was so pissed off, he was so rude and ignorant.  The guy must have been a roid monkey he couldn't string more than 4 words together if he needed too.  I was so angry but I shrugged it off and promised myself to write a letter to Patman, explaining my interactions with their employees and how they may want to work on their hiring or training so that their guards can tell a professional from a personal camera. 

Regardless, of the little bump I had a fantastic time!! Thank you to Becky for going with me and getting the tickets.  It was a great time!!!

Surprising Eviction?!?! Nope....

Definitely saw the eviction coming last night. It was inevitable that Cassi would be evicted in last night's episode.  I was surprised that no one voted to keep her in the house, not even Dominic, but I guess he needed to show that he was loyal to the Vets now, in hopes of saving himself.  I really hope they back door Dominic this week, I am not a Dominic fan.

Shelly was all upset because she was up on the block with Cassi, and didn't want to be the reason she went home.  Shelly had a lot of guilt in being on the block with her, especially since she didn't tell Cassi that she was one of the Newbies who voted out Keith.  I was surprised Shelly didn't tell her in her good bye message, but maybe she did but they just edited it out, so that it would make Shelly look worse.  I don't know.

Cassi took the admirable route and wouldn't campaign against Shelly, which would probably be her final nail.  Sure Rachel wanted her out, but if Cassi had tried to make deals she would have been able turn a few votes her way, I haven't been watching the live feeds much but when I did she didn't campaign.  She did try to smooth things over with Brenchal, but I am a Brenchel fan, so let's just say I took a different view on this conversation then most people.  Cassi tried to clear the air with Rachel in the have not room.  Rachel said she didn't like her game play, and Cassi was against them, and that's what Rachel took against her.  Cassi then said that everyone had said that and that she felt Rachel just didn't like her because she was female.  And I mean come on!! Seriously, that was a stupid argument, both of you had picked sides, Cassi side lost so she started saying Rachel just didn't like her because she was pretty.  I felt that was Cassi trying to place the blame on Rachel for being petty, and Cassi not taking any of the blame for her decisions to stick with the Newbies, and her closeness to Dominic.  Rachel is a terrible arguer, she just sucks, but Cassi lost it and walked out.  Later she tried to clear the air with Brendon to find out why she was such a target.  Girl you came out playing hard, scheming with Dominic and he didn't help you case.  But of course Brendon didn't tell her that, he said they didn't trust them.  Cassi never agreed to be with them, she said that if they said they were going to be with them they were going to be with them.  She didn't actually say she was aligning herself with them.  She is doing a lot of back pedalling.  Brendon definitely didn't trust Cassi and Cassi felt that she was the only adult, I don't think it was a good move on her part.

Rachel had a cry fest with Jordan about her argument with Cassi.  She is a terrible crier, she sounds so fake.  Jordan was so honest with her, and just laid it out on the table for Rachel. Rachel listened to her.  Daniele joined them, and told Rachel to let Cassi call her names and stuff then just let her look bad.  Brendon then advised Rachel to just stay away from Cassi, and it looked like she did for the most part.

Julie then talked to the house guests and remininsed with them the Have Not competition, the Veto and how Dominic won. Then we were treated to a inside look to Adam and Dominic's home life.  It's interesting to see their home life and how they view what he house guests are doing in the house.  It's also nice to know that what I think are game moves, are game moves, like Dominic's flirting with Cassi and now Daniele amd Adam lying low to come out in quizzes, so I don't know we will see how these too do, I hope Dominic goes soon, because for me it would be funny, the house would have annihaliated the Regulators alliance except for Lawon if that does happen.  You don't go against the Vets you try to get a set of Vets on your side. 

The live vote went 9-0 to evict Cassi.  I know is sadden by this, but it was going to happen, as soon as Rachel put her target on Cassi, it was au revior Cassi.  Cassi hugged EVERYONE good bye, even Rachel, which I was surprised by.  I figured she would not hug Rachel, but maybe something happened and Jordan got her wish to mediate a conversation between the two girls.   Then Rachel went to the bathroom and didn't take off her mic so we heard her pee on live television.  Cassi talked with Julie and all the nice things she said about Shelly just made my guts twist for when she finds out that Shelly was a turncoat in the first week.  She even talked about how some girls didn't like her in the house based on her looks, I still disagree with her, I wasn't there, but I don't think that was it, I think it was that she was on one side and they were on the other.

Lastly, we had the HOH competition.  It was based on a survey you could take online at  Julie asked the house guests the questions and the house guests had to answer based on what they thought America answered.  Kalia was the first to be knocked out, then Jeff.  Then two questions later, Adam, Dominic and Lawon were taken out leaving Brendon and Rachel.  They answered two more questions before Rachel won her second HOH.  So Rachel is in charge again, what will she do this week??

What you didn't see.....
-Rachel and Cassi's discussion was much longer than they showed, there was a lot more said, Rachel never said she didn't like Cassi, she always maintained she did not like Cassi's game play. 
-Jordan when talking to Rachel about her argument with Cassi, told Rachel that she had to watch what she said and that she may have got Cassi thinking that because she was so pretty was why some people didn't like her.  Jordan called her out on her behaviour but she did it in a nice way so Rachel didn't get upset. 

My predictions:
Rachel will nominate Kalia and Lawon, because she wants to keep Dani happy, for some reason she is right up Dani's butt for what needs to be done.  Dani is playing a really sneaky game, but she is doing it well.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Big Brother Recapped POV

Jordan is HOH and she has nominated Dominic and Adam to be eliminated since Jordan really feels like Dominic and Adam cannot be trusted. She needs to do what is best for her and Jeff.  Dominic is her main target but she isn't sure she can trust Adam either.  Rachel and Daniele are upset that she made this nomination and are now "questioning" their ability to trust Jeff and Jordan.  FYI the producers love Rachel because she is so emotional and just stirs up drama all the time!!!

Cassi and Dominic talk and it is very apparent they are still working together.  It seems the Regulators are still in action even if they are down and out right now.  Adam has a deal with Jeff and Jordan and he is supposed to throw the Veto competition.

Rachel says that Cassi is a floater and the leader.  Rachel needs to know what the definition of a floater is, and she might be a floater but she can't be a floater and a leader at the same time.  She's either floating along relying on someone else to be the target or to get her through, or she is the leader making big moves and decisions in the house.

Dominic has teamed up with Daniele, which I hope Daniele keeps some of her dad's senses when playing this game so that she doesn't get sucked into the vortex that is Dominic's exiting of this house.  Dominic is still trying to stay and he is throwing his closest allia, Cassi, under the bus.  It's not really a cool move, but I guess that's the move he wants to make and Daniele is a good person to team up with, Daniele also has Rachel on her side so I am sure she will be able to pull Dominic in, but it may be at the expense of Jeff and Jordan, which makes me sad.

The whole motto of this show was "Cassi cannot be trusted!!" That's what everyone said, and Jordan is being bombarded by her own alliance and she is a very nice person but I think this makes it the most difficult part of the game for Jordan.  She seems to have the social game down but because she is so nice and gets caught up in trying to be nice all the time.  There are times in this game that you have to be cut throat.

Cassi goes into the diary room, either before or after her conversation with Jordan, which you can't tell because the editors take things from where ever, and says that she didn't tell anyone she was a model in this game because she didn't want to deal with the petty girl shenanigans of people being jealous of her.  Yes, it appears that people are jealous, (Rachel) but I am a more objective viewer, and I think it's because of her actions that Rachel has decided not to like her.  Cassi is a gorgeous girl, but in week one, Cassi chose to side with Keith and her alliance, which is fine that is her prerogative, but her side lost and had Cassi really talked to the Vets and not been parroting the speech her and Dominic came up with I think she would have been in a better position.  I really don't think it has anything to do with her looks, it's not Brendon or any of the guys besides Dominic are fawning all over her.  I hate the pretty argument, besides she told everyone about her  modeling, not that she is still modeling but that she has modeled all over the world (this was on the live feeds).

The POV competition was a single competition, so one person could win to take off a duo.  Brendon and Rachel were the other duo to compete, I think it may be set up by production, I mean how is that Jeff and Jordan got picked last week, and now Brendon and Rachel get picked this week, something smells set up to me.  Brendon and Rachel talked about using the POV against Jeff and Jordan's wishes, which could cause a lot of problems.  So the gum chewing competition where it showed whether they could chew gum and walk at the same time.  Jordan fell off first and said that she was going to take two weeks of slop to join back in, but Jeff told her not to, because she wasn't going to win anyways.  Rachel got pissed and said "well if the HOH isn't going to take the slop pass maybe they shouldn't even be competing." Jordan didn't hear her, but Jeff did and Jeff got pissed.  It caused a big rift in their alliance, and it didn't help them because Jordan sat down, Rachel fell off took the slop, and then Rachel fell off again.  Then Dominic wins the Veto anyways.  I did not like his celebration in the Diary room, it was annoying.  Ok I will admit that I do not like Dominic.  Then the blow up happened between Jeff and Rachel.  Brendon tried to diffuse the situation and told Rachel that she wasn't playing smart, that she had to take the emotions out of the game.  The funniest part was when Rachel went into the tree to cry.  She is so dramatic, and she was in the wrong, she can't say things like that she has to play smart.  Jeff is right as well, because she wasn't going to win, why should she punish herself with slop??

So then Dominic used his POV on him and Adam, so Jordan had to nominate another duo.  There was much talk in the house.  The possible scenarios were putting up Cassi and Shelly, putting up Kalia and Lawon or back dooring Brenchel.  There were lot's of conversations, but in the end Jordan put up Cassi and Shelly to go along with her alliances wishes.

What you didn't see in this episode....
-Cassi and Shelly did talk to Jordan about back dooring Brenchel, but they did not talk to Jeff and Jordan about it.  They only put the bug in Jordan's ear, but they didn't push the issue.  Cassi and Shelly didn't go to far into explaining why it was a good idea, they just gave her the idea.  
-Kalia has become Jordan's shadow, they had a bath together so Kalia could shave her legs, and Jordan can't go two feet without Kalia being underfoot, she is like Jordan's lap dog, so now Jordan has two newbies eating out of her hand, Kalia and Shelly.
-The conversation between Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel was a lot longer than what they showed.  They talked game and decisions and talked about how they needed to work together better and had to keep any disagreements between themselves to themselves so that the Newbies couldn't pick at it break them apart.

Why Jordan didn't backdoor Brenchel....
There are many reasons why you should backdoor a couple or a competitor.... Brendon and Rachel are both strong competitors, they have a proven track record of winning, and Brendon has a lot of game smarts in this game.  Rachel if she could keep her emotions in check she would do much better.
But the truth is Brendon and Rachel have larger targets on their back with the rest of the house guests, it would not be ideal to give either Brendon or Rachel a golden key, because they would still be around to compete for two more weeks, and many things could happen in the individual portion of this game.  With that duo removed, Jeff and Jordan become the largest targets in the house.  It would also show that Jeff and Jordan are only loyal to Jeff and Jordan and they will always be a flip risk when the numbers are advantageous for them to switch.  So that is why it was smart that Jordan did not backdoor Brenchel, give it two weeks when the golden key is not in play then try back dooring them.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sunday's Episode..... What you didn't see

Well after much technical difficulty, it seems my pvr is having new issues and I am not a happy camper.  I only caught the first 9 minutes of the episode so I had to wait for the later episode to see what happened.

So Keith was evicted, Jordan won HOH and the Vets were back in control of the house.  Shelly is playing both side, as is Kalia, but no one suspects Shelly they think it's Lawon or Adam who were disloyal.  Now there are a few floundering members of the Newbie team.  They need to break up that Vet alliance but I don't know if they can, and they need to be smart about how they do it.

The newbies had a little meeting and discussed the votes (this is where my cable crapped out the first time grr).  Lawon explained that he was pissed, Dominic called out everyone. Adam said he told them yes but voted against them,  Cassi couldn't understand why Adam would have done that.  Dominic left in the middle of the conversation which raised suspicions with the other Newbies.  Shelly and Kalia were the two turncoats, but they weren't admitting it to anyone.  Rachel then walked in and asked what was going on, she played dumb and got upset because she likes Porsche and didn't like them talking about her that way. (Read more on this later)

Jeff and Dominic discussed the votes, but Jeff would not tell Dominic who they got to swing their votes, Dominic wouldn't tell Jeff the other as well.  Both are playing with their cards close to their chest not wanting to sell other people out.  Everyone is freaking out about what is going on in the house.  Shelly is coaxing people to play individual and not play with their partners.  There is so much dissention in that house it's hilarious.

Shelly has the best seat in the house, she is the one that is playing both sides well, she just has to be smart about how she plays because the first whiff they get that she isn't a straight shooter, then she will be gone.

There was a scene from the show last night after Jordan showed off her HOH room, where Brendon is playing with Franklin (see previous post).  If you are watching closely you can see KEITH is still in the house.  No this is not a twist this is TERRIBLE editing on CBS's part.  I don't know how many people watch just the CBS show and not the live feeds, but all of us who watch the live feeds saw this display 13 days ago in the Big Brother house.  And as for Dominic's DR about the situation, well I just think the DR is set up to help CBS edit the show to the outcome they want.

Adam and Dominic both went up to the HOH room to garner deals with Jeff and Jordan.  Dominic's talk with them was painful to watch, he doesn't know how to play the game, he can't think of ways to help people..... if you can't even come up with ways to go against these vets then don't even offer it makes you look like a pansy.

The Have Have Not competition was also painful to watch.  But I have to hand it to Brendon and Rachel they can really work together and they seemed to have the easiest time of it.  I don't know exactly what happened to Kalia, but I think she was nursing her failure to compete in hopes of triggering Rachel's sympathies so she would stay off slop.  If that was her plan she did well.

Jordan was being told to put up Cassi and Shelly but she decided to put up Adam and Dominic.  I think that's a better move, as Shelly is already willing to work with Jordan and Jeff, they need to get Adam or Dominic to work with them as well, so they can build their secondary team when it comes time to break apart.

Now for what you did not see on the episode.....
-Rachel and Cassi had a big fight, it was a lot bigger than what they showed on the air.  It was Rachel going out and plumping her feathers and showing the Newbies that she still had power and they were in trouble.  It wasn't a kind thing to do, but I think Rachel thrives on that drama.  I still like her and I think Cassi has it out for Rachel and is a bit bitter because things didn't go her way.
Whatever, I think they both need to grow up and put their prides aside and admit they are both in the wrong.
-Jordan is a good HOH, although she spent a lot of time in her HOH room and didn't interact with people.  She hasn't been without company though, Kalia seems to be attaching herself to Jordan much like Porsche attached herself to Rachel.  Maybe if Dom and Adam win the POV, Jordan should just put up Kalia and Lawon and give Kalia the golden key.
-Ok the Franklin thing pissed me off.  Especially because you could see Keith in the background. I mean if their wasn't much happening in the house then maybe you should have shown how Brendon and Jordan and Jeff had to talk Rachel down after the fight with Cassi.  Spend more time on what's happening and don't create DR sessions to help with your editing.
So that's about it.  I am off to watch Harry Potter some more so I can go see the new movie this week.  My life isn't all BB just most of it right now!!

Friday, 15 July 2011

And guess who got Evicted????

So let's recap this show as CBS wants us to see it.

They stress how the Vets were in jeopardy, because Dick left.  In a numbers game, definitely they were at a disadvantage, but truly they were at the advantage for having been in the game.

The nominees both thought they were safe, they both thought they had the votes, and in actuality only one of them did simply because of the pure persuasive genius that is the Vets game MO.  The nominees decided to be amicable, and after the many blow ups Keith orchestrated this week, so they buried the hatchet so to speak.  The Regulators alliance decided to stick together to get Porsche out of the house.

The Vets left panic mode and started to think straight. The realized they didn't need all the house, they needed only one.  So they began to step up their social game and started interacting with the newbies.  Jeff even admitted to whoring himself out to get the vote by any means necessary.  Dominic was the only one who questioned what the Vets were doing, and didn't look like he was ever having fun unless they were playing his Big Booty game.

There was trouble in paradise when Rachel drank too much and called Brendon Bookie and then the other house guests (Dominic) started calling Brendon Bookie.  Brendon then proceeded to talk down to Rachel ( not all of this was seen in the episode) about her behaviour.  Rachel was intoxicated, though they showed the less obnoxious parts on the episode.  They showed on the episode they made up but it was a much more in depth fight than CBS showed.

There was all kinds of game talk happening.  The Vets talked to Shelly and Adam to swing them onto their side.  Cassi talked to Kalia, Shelly and Adam to get their votes to keep Keith.  Cassi had good points but I wasn't buying what she was selling and she is not very persuasive.  When Shelly asked what was in it for them for keeping Keith, the only thing Cassi could come up with was that he would be a target that both sides would go after once he was out of safety.  Huh, really Cassi, sometimes you should just smile and look pretty, because when you make asinine comments like that you sound ridiculous, no one wants to piss off competitors to keep a possible target in the house.

Then there was a real bethos moment in the house when Dick sent his message to the house guests telling them why he left.  Julie asked Daniele to comment on it, but it was really right on the spot and Daniele got all tongue tied.  Julie asked if Daniele loved her dad, and it was seriously awkward.  She addressed her feelings in the diary room, but couldn't address it in he room in front of everyone.  Daniele looked like she couldn't even focus on her dad's message when he was giving it, like she was fighting some emotional response.

The live vote went down like this Lawon, Cassi, Adam and Dominic voted to keep Keith; Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Daniele, Shelly and Kalia all voted to keep Porsche so Keith was evicted.  He was surprised and his eviction definitely sent shock waves through the house.  There was a lot more paranoia in the house with who voted with who, and the newbies were scrambling to plead their case, especially after the HOH competition.  I digress though, while Keith spoke with Julie, you found that he was quite surprised by the outcome.  Keith threw the Veto competition and trusting in the people in the house, why do people do this.  Keith was played by his fellow players in the house.  The good bye messages to Keith were interesting.  Cassi said he was playing the dating game, Lawon said he was a ticking time bomb and that he exploded which is why he was outside the house. Rachel said they flipped the script and used the newbies against him, Porsche pointed to her shirt for her final message and told him he could look by he couldn't touch.

The HOH competition was a golf competition, the closest to the first hole was the winner.  Rachel got to select the order of the competitors. She sent all the newbies first followed by the Vets, Jordan, Jeff then Brendon.  Dominic went first and got his ball in the six hole, the rest of the newbies went and one by one the sent their balls into the pool, until Kalia, she was the last newbie and got her ball into the six hole as well.  Jordan was next her strategy was not to get it into the first hole, but to just get it passed the five hole, and she DID.  She got hers into the third hole and knocked out Dominic and Kalia.  I was so excited, then Brendon and Jeff threw the competition and let Jordan win her HOH.  They just didn't try to eliminate her so Jordan is the next HOH!!!

Now for what you didn't see in the house!!!

-Kalia and Shelly were working in secret with the Newbies, they were going around the house talking to Lawon, Dominic and Cassi saying they were going to vote for Porsche to leave.  They did very well Kalia even went to Shelly and Shelly to Kalia at one point and were playing their spiel on each other.
-Brendon and Rachel's fight was much bigger and more involved than they showed.  Cbs definitely sugar coated that, but they are still showing Rachel in not the most positive light.  
-Keith thought he was going home at certain points, but still trusted that his regulators had enough influence on their partners to swing all the votes!!
-The house guests got to practice on a similar putting green for two days.  When it first came out they all practiced lot's of them could get it in the close holes, but Jordan was the only one to consistently get it into the holes at the end consistently.  She was very good at the game, better than Jeff and Brendon.  So Jeff and Brendon may not have tried very hard, but I don't know if they could have beat Jordan on the long putt, if it was reversed, Jeff was really good at the close putts.  
-One of the other problems in the house is Porsche turning into Rachel's shadow.  She follows Rachel around everywhere she goes.  Especially when they are drinking!!!  

*Spoiler Alert*
Cassi and Dominic think that Lawon and Kalia are the two newbies that switched.  They are very paranoid and Cassi and Rachel come to heads a bit based on Cassi being upset that Porsche didn't leave.  I am sure some of it was shown on Showtime after dark.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Big Brother Update!! *What you didn't see*

So after getting home today, from going to the NKOTBSB concert in Calgary last night I sat down to watch Big Brother.  Here is a recap on what's happened in the first two episodes.

Everyone came into the house there were 8 new people and 6 vets.  Everyone was paired off, the 8 new people chose a partner from their group and the 6 vets were previous people who ended up playing the game together.  The partners broke down like this Keith and Porsche, Shelly and Cassi, Lawon and Kalia and Adam and Dominic for the newbies, then we had returning partners, Brendon and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan and Evel Dick and Daniele.  Right away I joined up with team Vets, I love all the vets, they were my favorites on their original seasons.  Yes even Brendon and Rachel, they provided all the drama I wanted in my life!!

Rachel then one the Head of Household.  After talking with the vets and forming a tight 6 alliance they worked out a deal on how to evict the Newbies.  Dick really worked out the deal because he is probably the best strategist in the house.  He came up with the plan to put up Porsche and Keith and vote out Keith because Keith seems strong and very eager to play.  There are probably other reasons but we were not privy to all of them, so if Evel Dick reads this and wants to comment, please feel free!!! Which brings us to this third episode!!  Oh yeah and 4 of the newbies created an alliance called the Regulators... I don't know if we will see much of them....... *spoiler alert*

Porsche is a little upset, she thought she had made a deal to keep her and Keith safe and they would just vote with the Vets on another couple in the house.  What she didn't know is that the Vets want to alienate each couple so that they have one of each couple on their side while the other is left with the Newbies.  Basically, they are siding with all the Newbies who are not in the four way alliance of the Regulators.

Then disaster strikes the house, Dick goes into the Diary room and goes missing for hours.  On the live feeds Daniele gets upset because no one is telling her what is going on. Dick, by his own admission, and by what Daniele and everyone else says about him lives, breathes and is Big Brother. His missing extends to he is not coming back, something happened in his personal life that forced him to decide to leave the game.  It was detrimental to the Vets' alliance.  Now they are down by 3 players and one of their players has a Golden Key so can't help them in competitions like HOH and POV, and really Daniele is a great competitor, she would have won her season if Dick hadn't. ( I know stating the obvious)  When the house learns of Dicks departure you get a good view of the division within the house.  The vets all go upstairs and comfort Daniele, and the Newbies all hang out downstairs.  Keith has a huge smile on his face and this upsets the Vets and some of the Newbies.  Loved the Jeff was the voice of reason when giving the Vets his pep talk!!! (1)

Paranoia is rampant in that house, especially for those who are on the block as they watch the other people in the house talking to the 'enemies'.  Keith decides he is going to call out Porsche and Kalia for talking to the Newbies.  He says he is going to be a "hero", seriously I don't think he has ever watched a season of Big Brother because if he had he would know that people that try to call out other people become person non gratis very quickly in the house.  The rest of the house begins to see Keith as a ticking time bomb and insane.  The Newbies try to calm him down but he is like a freight train.  So then that is putting a bit of dent in his Regulator alliance. (2)

During the POV, both Porsche and Keith decide to throw it, but they aren't telling the other, sadly they did better than Jeff and Jordan.  Jordan didn't want to do the puzzle but she wouldn't have been able to lift Jeff up to do it.  They were cute.  (Yes I have a Jeff and Jordan biases)  Rachel and Brendon ended up winning, but they are crazy good at competitions so I wasn't surprised.

So after winning Brendon and Rachel have to decide if they need to use the POV. They talk with all the house guests up in the HOH room, very godfather style as Kalia stated, and try to find out where they are at in their game playing.  They decide they don't know if they trust Cassi, but decide most of the others are on the up and up (HA).  Brendon told everyone the same thing, like they were going to hire a hit man if they didn't do what he was offering.  It is what it is... but it was funny... I don't think they should have talked to them as couples, they should have just spoken to 4 of the Newbies, the 4 they really "trust" or feel they could trust, but that's just my voyeuristic observation.  It ends that Brendon and Rachel decide not to use the POV and the funniest thing is that Keith and Porsche are both happy about it because they are sure they are staying.  LMAO let the drama begin!!

Now for what you didn't see, just some highlights I saw or read about!!!

Now what you didn't see on the show.  Brendon and Rachel had a fight and even talked about leaving the show as well. As things appeared to be stacked against them again, Brendon and Rachel were not sure if it was worth it.  Everyone in the house was concerned they might quit too, and Shelly even said that they would have been sad if they had left.  

Keith had a huge blow up in the house.  He told everyone that the game was a big scam and big scheme, and he attacked Kalia and Porsche for their loyalty.  Then Kalia said that Lawon was the one throwing Keith under the bus, and Keith called him out.  Keith then told Porsche that he was working out a deal with Brenchel for them to use the POV on them to save them both. Porsche then stirred the pot by telling Rachel, Keith says you are going to save him.  Implying that they were going to get rid of her, Rachel then approached Keith and called him on it, and Porsche denied what she said, saying Rachel misunderstood. It turned into a big thing, and it was the topic of conversation for much of the week. (or at least until the POV ceremony)

You also would have missed the Big Booty game that Dominic taught the house. (picture myself shooting myself in the head with my fingers, funny for 2 minutes then annoying)  You also would have missed the house guests drinking and playing with Franklin the Turtle.  I am glad to see that some of the house guests know how to use their imagination to pass the time without the television, books, or a computer!!!

Now for my predictions. 
 I predict that Keith will go home, he seems to be alienating himself from everyone.  He is going off on everyone, and trying to start fires amongst everyone.  He isn't just sitting back quietly trusting in his alliance.  
 Also I am predicting that the new Ryan Reynolds movie is going to be the movie they will get an opportunity to win a viewing of!!
Let's see what happens tonight, happy viewing!!!  Cross your fingers that Jeff or Jordan wins HOH!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Where's Franklin??? *live feeds entertainment* *no game spoiler*

When the House Guest first arrived in the Big Brother Home there were all kinds of things in the house for which they could use as props.  One of these props was a stuffed turtle, whom was named Franklin.  maybe creativity is not the house guests highest quality, but at least they gave the turtle a name.

They spent time playing with Franklin and entertaining themselves in a house that has them completely cut off from the world.  Brendon and Dominic even did a re-enactment of superheroes one night where they had to rescue Franklin. Now we need the real superheroes to come in a save the house guests because Franklin is missing.  Audible gasps are being heard around the world, because who would steal the house guests one form of entertainment.  Something that illustrated imagination and would help teach others to use their imagination for fun instead of turning on the television......oh maybe that's why Franklin has gone missing.

I would like to know what happened to Franklin, but I don't watch the live feeds all the time so I have no idea. I can hypothesize that one of the House Guests is trying to mean to the others, or that TPTB were upset with the display of imagination the turtle brought out and were scared viewership would decrease if the house guest kept playing imagination games.

So now Brendon is on a hunt for Franklin, he's been putting out PSA for help on finding him.  He is also  now conducting a Trial to find out what happened to Franklin.  It's the new game the the House Guests are playing to entertain themselves and the live feed viewers.  Tonight will be the the trial, so we will see what they determine. I am sure some one will update me, but I need to go to bed because I have things to do tomorrow which will require me to go to bed, but if any other BB fans out there know what's going on let me know so I can rest easily knowing Franklin is well taken care of.

So goodnight fellow bloggers and I will blog with you later!!!

Vandalism sucks

the rock in the yard.
the other rocks under the window.

I can't remember if I posted it here or not, but maybe it was on my tumblr blog .  Anyways some stupid kid through rocks at my front picture window.  so now my picture window has two holes in the outside panes of the windows.  Then I had an estimate done and tow get it fixed it will cost me $975.  hiphiphooray.  Oh can you see the sarcasm dripping off my typed words???  Yup I was not impressed but here is what my front window now looks like.  I mean it's going to look that way until after the wedding, and we have to say good bye to fixing our fence this summer after the wedding since that money is going to go to replacing these two windows.  gahhh.... so frustrating!!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Cat Person

I am totally a cat person. I love cats, they are so cuddly and cute and, most importantly, independent.  But Chandler is allergic to them so until he was at an age in which he could choose whether he wanted to live a life where he might have to take allergy medicine daily or not.  So we talked about it as he is 12 now and I asked if he wanted to have a cat.  Without pause, he said he did, Chandler, too, is a cat person.

So we went out and got ourselves a cat to add to our family.  And here he is, (we initially thought it might be a girl, but it wasn't it's a boy).  We named the cat Bast, which is the name of the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, but I think it will stay even if he is a boy. It's not like he will know really and Bast could be one of those Uni-sex names right??

Big Brother Recap Alliances??

So what did you think??  It was an interesting episode that's for sure, but not something I didn't expect to happen.  I mean who couldn't see the Vets joining up and the newbies joining up in large alliances.  It seemed rather predictable.

The Quest for the Golden Key, seems interesting, I mean it's like Brenchel said, The Golden Key are now the Floaters life vests.  And the newbies, are so excited about this golden key.... Lawon comparing it to Charlie and Chocolate Factory, so funny.  But it is true, and the vets are at an advantage, they know the game and how to work the game to their advantage, the newbies are at an advantage because they have the numbers if they can stick together. (hear ominous music that predicts a demise of the newbies).

Then there was Evel Dick, I mean he joins up with Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan.  The vets are banded together they know they have to stick together in order to have a chance to survive.  Evel Dick says they need to bring in one or two newbies to get the numbers.  It is a good idea especially if they can get the right newbie on their side.  Who would be the right newbie though?  Brendon agrees and says that they need to turn the newbies against each other, thanks for finally seeing how to play the game Brendon, hopefully you can keep it up until the final 8.

Then we have this other alliance developing, the Regulators, which is made up of Dominic, Lawon, Keith and Cassi.  Each of these are playing with someone else on their team. Dominic is with Adam, Lawon with Kalia, Keith with Porsche and Cassi is with Shelly.  Now it's a good thing that they will have three votes if one of them is on the block, but that's not enough to save them.  And their little handshake, thanks Cassi, was friggen stupid.  Dominic thinks he's the next Hayden, and he just doesn't have the charisma to do it.  And if Cassi thinks she is on top of the four she is just the next Brittney casualty.

They spent a lot of time talking to Porsche (seriously I hate her name) and then they talked to Adam.  Porsche is the better choice of who to pick out of Adam and Porsche, but I don't know if she is the best choice.  I personally think that picking Shelly would have been the better option.  I think Shelly has a better game head and she won't be as paranoid as anyone else in the house.  I mean I only know this from what I saw, but she strikes me as the type.

Now then Rachel, is HOH and has to make nominations.  They pegged Keith and Dominic as threats, people that would challenge their domination over the house.  Keith is very strong, but seems like a bit of loose cannon, and seems to know the game, but didn't pick his partner too wisely.  Dominic is smart and strong as well, so then, and seems to have a good social game.  This is definitely a 24/7 game, and you have to be careful what you say.  As we saw Rachel put up Portia and Keith.  It was probably the best idea, Keith was talking game right away.

The Haves and Have Nots competition was interesting. Keith was funniest thing to watch in this competition, seriously, he was like humping his partners.  He was just bouncing up and down on all of them.  It seemed to be a good idea, they came in second with the team of Vets coming in first.  It seemed like a close race at first but then the Vets just pulled ahead by a jug and won, the team that lost was like 2 jugs behind.  Not good.  Lawon's line was the best, he was "in a milky beautiful sandwich".  Adam's line about looking into Keith's big black eyes while he was on top was funny too.

But what do you think of their padded room.  That would be a nightmare to sleep in, the lights have to stay on and the walls are padded.  Shelly commented that during the competition she felt like she was in a 'women's prison fight' and that couldn't have been more apropos, considering the Have Not room is a cell and she was on the team that became have nots.  It would make me crazy.

Now that's all that really happened this episode, until the end.  The cliffhanger that we are left with is that  'what happens when one house guest threatens to leave'.... umm threatens??  Nope there was no threatening, Evel Dick did leave, for "personal reasons".  So what's the going to mean for the Vets alliance?  How will this play out with the rest of the house and what will the other house guests do in forming alliances? Can Keith and Porsche keep from freaking out and be able to campaign to stay in the house through the next week.  From what I have seen the drama is going to entertaining, and not without controversy.

Funniest season of the night was when Brenchel were in the HOH room talking about plastic surgery and botox.  Rachel believes in plastic surgery, Brendon thinks she is 'the most beautiful person on the planet inside and out'.  (gag)  And he said she paid good money for her teeth and she was so insulted because she said they were 100% real.  Brendon then said he would like to have 4 arms (are you ridiculous man) which was a stupid argument, and Rachel shut him down saying that would be fine.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Live Feeds for Big Brother *no spoilers*

So while Little Man naps I am using my time wisely to watch the live feeds. They are so boring.  Seriously, it's like watching a real life sims game.  Maybe that's why I like Big Brother so much???

Anyways lot's is happening and will be seen, at least the exciting parts, on the upcoming episodes.  Should be a good time.  My one complaint though, is why are you focusing 4, FOUR, cameras on Jordan doing her make up, with Jeff watching and they aren't talking, while there was a bunch of house-guests in the kitchen conversing.  That's at least a little more exciting then watching J & J sitting in the bathroom.  Whoever is in control of the cameras, PuhLease!!!

I also think that whoever is monitoring the cameras today is in LOVE with J & J.  They are following them around everywhere.  Nope scratch that it's Jordan they are in love with.  Why follow her into the storage room to watch her put bread away, when EVERYONE else is in the kitchen???

Oh well here is to a great summer of Big Brother viewing!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Big Brother 13 my guilty pleasure

So Big Brother has started again for another season and again I have the live feeds so that I can see what happens before it's shown on television.  But like my favourite Big Brother interviewer, Ross Matthews, I will not post spoilers on here.  What I do want to do is post so this is what they didn't show recaps after each episode.  Since cameras are going 24/7 there is a lot of footage that will hit the editing floor each week, but sometimes things get passed over that are important for the viewers.  It is something that Survivor editors are forgetting which makes my fall/ winter guilty pleasure a little unbearable.

So here is a run down on what happened on tonight's episode.

This is season 13, which I am going to call Dynamic Duo season.  The first twist of the season is that the 8 newbies had to each pick a partner to play the season with, or at least a portion of the season with.  This partner would be safe if you won HOH and you would be safe if they won.  Also they are not nominating separate people but partners for eviction, partners that would have to campaign against each other to stay in the house.  It wasn't said but I am guessing that if POV is won, and used, then a new partner would be put on the block, and not a separate person.

This is Adam, he is a "heavy metal teddy bear".  His favourite Big Brother player was Evil Dick.  He believes that he can win.  When he was doing his first shots he was rocking out to metal then drinking martinis with some girls, it was a little disconcerting.  If he can keep things toned down and win he could go far.

He partnered up with Dominic.  Dominic is a student from California.  He lives with his mom but is an adrenaline junkie.  Also he claims he is a virgin which means that though he's cute he's likelihood of having a showmance has diminished.  He is not really happy with being partnered up with Adam, pretty sure he may throw him under the bus.

Next we have Lawon.  He seems to be the token 'gay' guy of the season.  Very flamboyant and very into style.  He is wearing a bright jacket today.  Honestly I don't know much about him besides what I saw.  I tried not to watch too many videos because I don't want to come up with an opinion until I have seen them in action.  Because, honestly, they are all going to put their best smile forward so you like them in interviews.  It's how they behave and interact with the other house guests that interests me.  He paired up with Kalia, who was the last one left.  It totally felt like a school yard pick.

Kalia, which is not like Kahlua (duh) is a blogger!!! Yeah for her, she blogs on sex and relationships says she is the real Carrie Bradshaw.  Umm, maybe not quite, but in job description I can let it go.  I can't find her blog and she has closed all her other social media accounts to outside viewers, not like she could approve me anyways since she is confined to the house, but if I do find it I will post it here one day.  She is not impressed with being Lawon's partner, her diary session "thanks" eye roll.
Keith was an eager beaver tonight, when he was told to get a partner he jumped right up and almost pounced on Porsche to be his partner.  Keith is a youth minister and a Deacon at his church, but he is telling everyone he runs a match making firm with his twin brother.  He wanted to run a four way alliance with himself and three girls, calling themselves Keith's Angels, to make it through the game.  He says his game plan has been ruined but I don't see that.  So like I said Porsche is his partner.

Porsche, who has been named after the car, is a VIP cocktail waitress but is telling everyone that she is a student.  I hate when they start out lying about stupid things too.  Like it matters, but maybe it does.  She doesn't want to be considered like Jen (the girl who cried over her photo saying it was ugly *eye roll*).  She doesn't seem too vapid but I am not sure about her game play yet, we will see how it goes.
Shelley is a mother, wife and outdoors woman from the south.  She seems opinionated and outspoken, but from her interviews it seems like she has a head on her shoulder, so she could go far.  She partnered up with Cassi, and they seemed to click right away, it could be a good move.

Cassi is a model, but she is saying she does something else. She reminds me of Olivia Wilde, not sure what it is exactly but that's who she reminds me of.  Se claims she is a tomboy but I guess we will see what happens as the season goes on.

The second twist of the season was that three power couples came back into the game.  I am not sure how I feel about this, I mean I either loved or hated the power couples of seasons past so if it's someone I love then I may not really care about the newbies, because I want to see my favourites win.  So who came back.... Brenchel, yes Brendan and Rachel that disgustingly sappy couple from last year.  Apparently they are engaged now, I honestly think it's a ploy to say, "seeeee we stayed together."  Then my FAVOURITE couple of all times came back Jeff and Jordan.  They are so sweet and cute, love them!! I hope Jeff wins this season. (see I already don't really care about the 8 that came)  And finally there was Evel Dick and his daughter Daniele.  Apparently of the three super couples, Dick and Daniele aren't talking so that could work in the favour of the Newbies, but only if someone capitalizes on it.

So they had the first HOH competition and the house guest were in their partners riding bananas.  Can you say phallic reference? Anyway, surprise surprise, Rachel held onto her banana the longest, seems the game does imitate life.  As she has been holding onto Brendan's banana for a year now, even after he sent pictures of it to other women.  Daniele gave Rachel the HOH, I like Daniele not her father, so I hope it works out for her.

As for the final twist, of the couple that gets nominated, the person that stays gets a Golden Key, and is guaranteed a spot in the final 10.  Which means that whoever gets nominated is nominated for the person you want to see around in the end, not who actually goes home.  It will be the person who is going to most benefit your team in an individual game as opposed to the partner game.

Live feeds start at 10 pacific time, so I will start watching tomorrow to take notes for Sunday's episode.  That will just be a get to know them and see what kind of drama is unfolding.  I will see if I can find things that they don't show that can help clear up decisions that the HOH makes and the other houseguests.  Well happy viewing, and hope this has been entertaining and informative.

The Summer is stretching before us.

I look out at what's going to be happening this summer, and there is so much coming up that I don't even know how I will fit it all in.  The biggest event is obviously the wedding, but there are some precursory events that are coming up that I am really looking forward to.  But I have a lot of work to do to be prepared for all these events.  Things I must finish and organize so that I can be prepared for the big 'I DOs" and all that comes after it, not to mention I have to continue to apply for jobs and stuff.

Some of the things on my to do list include finishing favours, ordering m&ms, finding table clothes for the tables, order the cupcakes for the wedding, apply for jobs, apply for EI (gag me), and making all my other plans daily activities for Lil Man.  It seems like a long to do list, but really most of those things could be completed in a morning, and in all actuality I applied for jobs and applied to EI this morning.  Lil Man and I will be doing playdates and various free activities all summer but I need to start phoning people to arrange these things, as long as it is nice expect us to be outside.

Some of the things I am really excited for are the visitors from out of town coming for a visit.  I am going to have 4 visitors from the west coast coming for a visit.  My friend, Laleh, will be down for my Stagette, or that's the plan anyways, I am very excited to have her at this event.  Also Alex, James and Oscar are coming from California to visit around the time of my stagette.  Besides my father no one from California has come up to visit me and I am really looking forward to showing them around Alberta.  Then we may even be caravan-ing down to Cali with them or at least part of the way.

I also have a concert to go to this summer, in 6 days actually.  It's a NKOTBSB concert at the Stampede, very exciting.  I am not much for fairs anymore but I do enjoy the Stampede.  I will be going the concert with my friend Becky.  I am also hoping to meet up with my friend Tara who is going to the concert as well.

It is all going to fly by so fast and then I will be looking at September trying to decide what I want to do for the school year.  Do I want to just sub or do I want to attempt to get a contract somewhere?  What if it involves moving?  There are many things to consider, but I have faith that they will all work out.