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April Update

It's been an interesting month. Well not necessarily interesting but a busy month for sure. 

We had a birthday party, baby shower, another birthday party and a wedding all in the first 16 days of the month.  After that the month slowed down, but my summer planning increased.  I was able to book three trips, a trip a month starting in May.  Two of those trips will be just Leigham and I and the third is a family trip!!  I am so excited to be taking Adrian to California!!

Leigham has been to so many birthday parties and he has so many more to go to in the near future!!  He attended Mason's birthday party, it was a pirate theme!! Leigham hung around and watched what was happening, but Mason had a great time and that was the most important part!!

I attended Nicki's baby shower.  Got to visit with three of the JUGs girls outside of JUGs and it was fun.  JUGs is a weekend summer retreat that I go on every year with my friend Estelle.  Nicki's little girl is so cute and her sist…

How I met.....Lexus

As a tribute to my girl Lexus I am going to write this story in hot pink!;)

In 1996 I entered Grade 12, my friend Laleh started attending Carlton with me as well.  I was super excited because I had been at Carlton for grade 11 and had met some great people and wanted to introduce Laleh to these people too.  I will tell the story of Laleh next ;)

Laleh and I agreed to meet at Carlton on the first day of school.  We chose our lockers and compared our schedules.  Not sure that I had any classes with Laleh, but it was still exciting to be in the same hallways as her again.  I introduced her to Roxi, Angi, Correne and Jaymie, and also the guys we hung out with Tyler, Chad, Matt and Chris by default since Chris and I were no longer on speaking terms since our break up in the summer.  That is another story all together.

Grade twelve progressed, classes were attended (and skipped), dances were held and socialization occurred.  We expanded our group to include Athena, Angela and Calvin.  I also h…

How I met.... Jeni

A couple posts ago I told the story of how I met my friend Jay from California.  In this post I will retell the story of how I came to become friends with his wife Jeni.  

Jay and I emailed and talked on the phone occasionally after becoming reacquainted in 2005.  During this time Jay had a Myspace account and began dating a girl.  Jay didn't actually tell me about his new date, his aunt informed me.   Regardless, he began dating Jeni and when I asked him about his new date he told me he was incredibly happy and thought she was the one for him.  I decided to add Jeni as a friend on Myspace.  We sent messages back and forth but never actually met until 2008.

I was at Darlene's house, Jay's aunt's, when Jay and Jeni came over for Halloween.  Jeni had the biggest smile and most welcoming expression.  As I was in California because my father was in the ICU, it was nice to be around friendly people and not be put in a awkward situation because of past histories between two pe…

How did I meet....Roxann

Back in 1992 I got into hockey, I really started to enjoy watching hockey and I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Prince Albert Raider games. It was around this time that I also started to notice that boys were attractive and I desired to be noticed by these boys.  Now granted I was a little thirteen year old, awkward as all hell, but I thought I was the shizznit.  Hindsight being what it is, I know that I would not have interested the boys I desired but it was still a good time in my life.

My mother bought me tickets to Raider Games and I made a lot of friends at these games.  Other girls who were like minded.  We may have all been pathetic, but I didn't really think so I thought we were very cool.  In telling this story I realize that I must come to terms with some hard facts about my young self.  I was not the coolest kid in town, and some of my actions to admit to are actually mortifying, but I promise to be true to the tale.  LOL

One of the girls I met was Jodi.  She liv…

How did I meet....Jay

From the time I was 8, I had been making yearly trips to California to visit my father.  The first few trips were family trips where we drove down to California and I stayed with my dad for a few days.  My siblings and mom would stay with us too, except for one or two days where I would have my father to myself.  When I turned 11 I went to the states for the first time on my own.  It was an adventure. I then continued going to the states until I was 17.  

On my last trip to the States in my teen years I was a brat. I was spoiled and very self-centered.  I say this with hind sight, at the time I didn't think there was anything wrong with me or my behaviour.  I wanted to spend all my time with my friends and I did not want to spend a weekend away with my father in Lake Tahoe.  (It's ironic now, again hind sight, as I could think of no other place on earth that I would like to be)  I complained and argued with my dad, what did I care about going to a wedding of his friend Darlene.…

How did I meet.... Sharon

My various friends and I have met in different situations.  I have tons of friends on Facebook, but most of the people on Facebook, I have met in some regard or another.  So for my next few blogs I am going to try to recount how I met some of my many friends.  I am going to pay special attention to my readers (followers) and then to some other friends that I know who read as well.

I am going to start off this series with my oldest and dearest friend... Sharon.

How did I meet Miss Sharon, who is now a Mrs.  Well it all goes back to 1985.  I had just started a new school, after having moved to the small town of Wakaw.  Sharon was in my class, she rode the bus to school.  We had many adventures in school, my earliest memory of Sharon is in gym class.  We were paired together.  

Sharon will tell you, whether you ask or not, that her earliest memory of me is when I brought my baby brother to school for Show and Tell.  Yes I was a proud big sister!!

I can't tell you what cemented my friend…

A Tribute to those that Mean the Most

Where would we be if not for our friends??  You know those girls and guys that stand by when you make an ass of yourself, or more often than not are right there with you making an ass of themselves as well.

What is the measure of a real friend??  Do we measure our friendships by the length of time we have known someone or by the events and memories we share with them.

When do friendships begin and end??  Is it the first day of meeting or through some common interest learned later?  Do the end with a huge fight or with a gradual drifting??

Why do some friendships last while others end??  Is it through growing together that cements friendships or is it this growing that disintegrates them??

How do you know who will be a forever friend??  Is there some spark that tells you or is it more subtle.

Who are your forever friends, your surprising friends, your friends, and your lost friends??

I know that I am a lucky person to have so many friends in my life.  I have single friends, married fr…

Snotty Nose and Dirty Toes

Well he doesn't actually have dirty toes, but he does have a snotty nose. Poor lil man is sick, he has a cold. But on a positive note, aside from his snotty nose, he is in good spirits.  He jut ssounds so congested and HATES having his nose wiped or aspirated.  He cries and squirms and I feel like I am in a WWE wrestling match.  It's amazing how agile babies can be when they want to get away from a kleenex.

This cold has come at the absolute worse time, but I think that's just Murphy's law at work.  I was using this weekend to break lil man of his habit of waking up at 2 and 4 am every night.  He wasn't waking up because he was hungry but rather because he wanted to come and cuddle in our bed.  Which I will confess I let him do, because at times I was too tired to actually deal with getting up and soothing him back to sleep and bringing him into bed was just so much easier.  However, because of this cold he is still waking up, it's not because he wants to cuddl…