Monday, 30 November 2009

My puppy

So last year I got it into my head that I wanted a dog. After much research and self debate i chose to get a Great Dane-mastiff crossed puppy that was for sale just north of Red Deer. The add for these *little* puppies had been in the paper for three weeks. I called the number and they had one little girl left so Adrian and I went up to take a look to see if I wanted this little puppy. Well they were adorable, they looked like little cows and she had some unique eyes. They asked if I wanted to hold her and I said ok and that was the end of that I was taking home the little cow to become my puppy.

So this is her, the little princess. She's sitting in the front seat of my car at this point.

But as all dogs grow, Sasha began to grow. She didn't grow really fast but she began to grow and as she grew I noticed other idiosyncrasies about her as well. She suffered from separation anxiety, she would whine and howl if I had to leave her at home by herself. As I had to work she had to be left outside, but she would whine and howl. I worked with her as much as I could and eventually she has sort of grown out of this. She still doesn't like to be away from her family, at least not by herself, and she does not appreciate having to be outside when everyone else is inside. She definitely believes she should be treated like a person and not a pet, but I watch the Dog Whisperer and I treat her like a pet, not a person.

Here she is about a month after I got her, she's still little and cute. Well she is still cute now, but she was really cute back then.

Now my dog is scared of everything new. It took Chandler fifteen minutes to coax her up to the slide and another five to convince her to go down. She then avoided Chandler for the rest of the walk. She has become a very large dog. But she is still a scaredy cat.

When Adrian was off work because of his accident he was home all day and my dog got very spoiled, and then stopped being my dog. Sasha is now Adrian's dog, she has switched her loyalties. She still listens to me and isn't troublesome at all, but she looks at Adrian with adoration in her eyes. She will sit by him before she sits by anyone else she becomes excited when it's time for him to come home, yes Sasha is Adrian's dog because Adrian spoiled her like a little princess while he was off work. A spoiling she embraced and now expects continually.

The other cute little thing about my *little* dog is that I can dress her up. Yes I have to put Adrian's clothes on her but she is comfortable wearing bunnyhugs or hoodies. Now that it's cold out I am considering sewing her a bunnyhug of her own so she can wear it while she is outside. She is not happy that the snow returned. When it melted I think she thought it was gone and would never return. She despises winter.

But that is my dog, who really isn't my dog anymore. Maybe it's time for me to get another new puppy. A little puppy that will be my lap dog. hahhaa

Sunday, 29 November 2009

my little man the first month

So for my baby shower I wanted to be able to share with everyone some of his photos from his first month of life. So I created a movie to play during the baby shower.

Having so much time free now I have discovered great programs that I can use on my computer, that previously I was unable to use because I had no time to figure out how to work them. Now that I know how to use them it is fun and it could be a new part-time job for me to make these little videos. They would be great for reunions, birthdays, yearly catch up videos for family far away. I am seriously loving this time off because I am learning new skills!!

So I am going to upload this video to share with you!

Hope you enjoy it!!!


Baby Shower

Just wanted to thank you to all the girls that came out to the baby shower. We had fun!!

Big thanks goes out to Tara and Stacey who did all the planning it was a lot of fun!!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Man do babies ever grow quickly....

Here are pictures of little man and the changes he's gone through in the past four weeks. He's four weeks old this week:(

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Burping babies

So one of the things new parents do with their new babies is burp them. So the new mom feeds the baby and then places the baby on their lap in a seated position, or laying across their lap or over their shoulder and begins to pat their little backs to get that gas bubble out of their stomach. Sometimes it takes FOREVER. you feel like by the time this child burps, you will be needing to feed them again. Our parents tell us their tricks for burping but they all seem the same, just some variation on what the nurses in the hospital tell us. There has got to be an easier way to burp these little guys!!!

I am about to let you in on a secret, I have found a way. It is an amazing little trick, but it works everytime. It's simple and easy and what's strange is I have no idea why it works. The secret is this.... lift the babies arm up. You can lift them alternately, or together. Usually the lifting of the arm brings the burp up, if the baby doesn't burp, pat their back and within three or four pats the little gaffer will burp. It's a pretty amazing thing. Leigham is well burped. lol

If you have a little baby that needs burping try this. It works!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Spreading Happiness

A few years ago, like a lot of years ago, the movie Pay it Forward came out. It was a little movie with a big message. I have always loved that movie, more for what it taught me then for the acting skills of the actors in the movie. The actors were fine, the story was fine but the theme of the movie really resonated with me.

For those of you who never saw the movie or read the book, here is a quick synopsis of what the movie was about from my memory. I have only seen the movie once and I read the book once but again this was years ago, so if my memory fails me with the details just bare with me. In the movie a teacher challenges his students to come up with a service project to help make the world a better place. (this is the detail I am not sure about) So Haley Joel Osment (the kid from the Sixth Sense) comes up with the idea for pay it forward. He decides to do three good deeds for random people, and all he asks that these people do is return his good deed to three other people. Thus creating a tree of good deeds that branches out indefinitely. I don't remember who he helped or how he helped them. I don't remember how the movie ended, but the whole idea of doing good deeds for people and asking them to pay it forward just seems like a great idea.

I believe that doing good deeds for other people spreads happiness and it's an easy way to help out the world. So I am going to challenge myself to help out three people this holiday season. My deadline is to have helped at least three people by Christmas, I will document what I have done and I will ask them to just pay it forward. Servus Credit Union has started a Pay it Forward campaign this past month. They would give you ten dollars for you to share with someone else, and you were not expected to do anything in return. Whether you weren't expected to do anything though I am not entirely sure, but that's what their radio advertisements claimed.

I am going to extend this challenge to everyone else out there. What can you do for other people to brighten their day, to make their life easier?

If you do anything share it with me, I would like to see how many people I can reach, if you help someone, let them know about my blog so they can post what they did to help someone else. They say a smile is contagious, so a good deed has to be as well. How far can one good deed go to making this world a much brighter place.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Extracurricular activities

So Chandlerman is in soccer. He really enjoys playing indoor soccer and he's not bad at it. He has played all positions. He does well at seeker, and he did pretty well at defense. He is a very positional player. If he is told to play right wing, he sticks to the right wing, if he's told to play defense he stays in his predetermined position.

Last year he had an excellent coach. His coach was well versed in soccer and really knew what was going on. He was able to communicate to the children the positions he needed them to play. Sometimes he would use sayings like "touch tight", some parents would voice that the children didn't understand that. But, the kids did understand and they followed his instructions. The reason, he explained what he was saying so the kids knew that when he called out instructions they would know what to do. He celebrated the children's accomplishments and congratulated the children when they did what they could even if they lost. He was a great coach all around.

This year is a different story. Chandler is on a team with coaches that have not coached before. They are parent volunteers who have been forced into this position. They are parents much like I would be because I didn't play soccer so I don't know much about the game. The coaches offer praise and encouragement, but their skill development is not there. It's unfortunate for Chandler who is becoming frustrated with his team because they don't play positions well. Sometimes I feel like the players are keystone cops all congregating around the ball but then they have no one to pass to. I have seen improvements, and I know that instead of continuing to be frustrated by this situation, I am going to do something about it. I am going to take a coaching clinic for soccer then I will coach his team next year and solve this situation.

So now I will leave you to go and watch Chandler's soccer game. Hopefully he will do well. As long as he is having fun I am ok with everything else!!! Having fun and being active is why we put our children in extracurricular activities!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Personalities of Children

When you have children you wonder what will they be like when they are older, you wonder what they will desire to do with their life and you wonder if you will be able to protect them and teach them to be responsible, contributing members of society. Well those are some of the things I contemplate as I hold me babies.

As Chandler grew I noticed interesting personalities quirks that he developed. He showed from a young age that he cared about animals and bugs. Sometimes his caring got a little carried away. Once he was concerned his fish were cold in the water so he scooped the fish out with his bare hands and put them in the register to warm up. But it was the thought, he didn't understand at 2 that his fish were cold blooded and needed to be in water to survive. I saw at a very young age that he was spiritual. I am Catholic, but I have not really raised my son to be religious. But at 2 and 3 Chandler was already inquiring about Jesus and God and how people got to heaven. It came out of left field the first time he asked me. When I asked him where he heard of these things he told me he had just thought it up. I also noticed in Chandler that he was a bit of a comedian. His sense of humour was different then mine but it was there. As Chandler has grown I have found that he is a great little person and is growing into a great member of society. How much of this is nurture and how much is nature I don't know, but maybe through my next son I can answer these questions a bit more.

Leigham is just over two weeks old. He is a very content baby unless he's hungry. He likes to look around when he's awake and he will follow people. I wonder how similar he will be to his brother and how similar he will be to his father. He is already a momma's boy, he will cry and only stop when I have picked him up. Not even Dad picking him up calms him. But each day I see in him a great possibility of a wonderful person that will grow up all to fast.

I do believe that by the time babies are three months old they really begin to look like themselves and by six months you see aspects of their personalities. Like are they quick tempered, patient, inquisitive, or goofy. There just are some personality traits that people are born with and others they have to acquire as they grow older.

What have you noticed about the children around you?? What insights have they given you at one year, six months, two years old about their personalities and who they are going to become in the future.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Olympics torch relay

I am loving the Olympic torch relay. I have loved the idea behind how they chose the people to run with the torch, I love the ideals the Olympics stand for and I love that Olympics bring people together.

I never applied to carry the torch. I did not feel like I would have qualified to carry the torch. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I work out, I eat healthy, I don't smoke or do drugs so I could have possibly been a contender but I did not apply. I am not doing much to help with the environment. I mean to, I recycle my paper and cardboard and my bottles, but I have not done anything over and above.

I would like to send out a thank you and big CONGRATULATIONS to all those that are doing things to be healthier and make our world healthier!!! Since I have a year to be at home with my little man, I plan to do more to help create a more beautiful world for my family to live in!!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

What's important

I have gone through life wanting things, desiring more than I had, and wanting to keep up with those around me. I have sometimes forgotten to appreciate the things I have and done. I get caught up in life, the media promoting images that tell you will make you happy and without those things you will not be happy. I am guilty of keeping up with Joneses, guilty of trying to fill a hollow in my life with material things. I am not always this way but I have found that there are times in my life where those material things matter more than the important things.

I know what's important in life. I value those close to me and foster those relationships that deserve to be fostered, loved and grown. I love my family, my friends. I care for people, I want to help make the world a better place, I want to show respect for everything and everyone. I try to live by my values everyday, showing respect and love for everyone. I get better everyday and have a better understanding everyday of the really important things in life. I know that what's important to me may not be important to everyone, but so long as it is important to me, those things must influence my goals and desires in life.

When I put aside those desire for those material objects it becomes apparent what the sweetest things in life are. The sweetest things in my life are my babies cries, my eldest sons hugs, my friends well wishes, my Adrian's kisses and help from my family. Things that are given freely without strings and only because it is felt that they are deserved of the recipient.

It is those things that I reciprocate and offer to my loved ones. I know that people need these things to survive in life. If needing a ear to talk to is something you need, call me. If you need to vent in an email, email me. If you need a shoulder to cry on, my shoulders are wide for resting heads on. I may not be a millionaire, I may not have connections in high places, but I will be there for you if you need it. That is my promise to my friends, family and those that need me. I can only offer myself and that is important to me. As long as I can give of myself, then I should and will.

So in helping to make this world a better place I shall offer what I can of myself. :D

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Parenting tips applied to the world

So when I first decided to start writing this blog I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the blog to entail. It stemmed from my belief in the teaching field and my beliefs in parenting. These beliefs include rewarding children for positive behaviour and not spending much time on negative behaviour, basically the scale should be more time spent rewarding good behaviour and less time penalizing bad behaviour. Children should not be punished but taught how to be disciples of positive behaviour. We can't expect children to know how to behave unless we teach them how to behave properly in various situations. It is the foundation to having a well run classroom, and having well behaved children. I think that if we took this philosophy and applied it to the world at large the world could be changed into a better place. I wanted a place to blog about those positive stories, those stories that show the world to be a great place, and that's what I am going to be working on, hopefully, most of the time.

After all they say love makes the world go round!

So if we take the philosophy that and apply it to the world, could there be a change. If the media started presenting more positive stories would people change. Children are said to misbehave more if their behaviour elicits a reaction, so if bad behaviour gets them more attention they act out, but if they are reinforced for their positive behaviour they behave in a more appropriate manner. Can this strategy be carried out to the world in general?? If criminals were not given all the media hype would they continue to commit crimes?? I am not delusional in thinking this would cure all crimes but it could help decrease them. If reports were more sensationalized for those heroes that saved lives in burning buildings, or help a child reach a dream wouldn't more people try to emulate those behaviours because those were the behaviours gaining recognition?? It's a thought and that's what I am going to focus on. Changing the world a little at a time, especially my little world. I want those feel good stories to reach people, those stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things for others.

My thoughts are why shouldn't the people doing good get as much recognition, or more so than, the people doing evil. So I am going to applying parenting skills to the world and hope that I can make a small change in my world that may ripple out and effect the greater world!!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Motherhood V. 2.0

Motherhood is always a new experience with each child. Not only do you have to balance your life in accordance to the child that first arrived but you have to make allowances for the new babe in your life. Being a first time mom is different from being a second or third time mom, but in ways that are very different then I ever expected.

With my first child, all eleven years ago, I was experiencing all the new joys of motherhood for the first time. First feedings, diapers, smiles, and noises babies make were all new wondrous moments for me to experience. Also developing a routine with this miraculous little babe that was in my care was sort of challenging. You wonder if you will ever sleep again, if you will ever be able to be able have a relaxing bath again, if you will ever get your hair back under control, but even if you don't it's all worth it because that little babe in your arms is the most amazing thing you have ever created.

I do not necessarily believe that I am the guru of motherhood, but I have been through this before and I know what to expect. Except I didn't. I don't know if its because I forgot many things, or if maybe my first little guy was an exceptionally well behaved baby that ruined babies for me.

My hormones are in piles around my feet. The strangest things will make me cry. My worry scale is off the charts. Seriously, I worry a lot, especially about those that I love, but I now my imagination runs rampant and then my hormones get involved and well the tears flow and I can't even always explain it. I understand that it's partially postpartum, which I can understand, and lack of sleep will also impair resiliency, but sometimes I think it's getting ridiculous.

My newest addition is an absolute joy, I am totally in love with him and so happy to have him in my arms all day long. I am very content to just snuggle and cuddle in bed with him all day long, and pajama days are the best way to spend days with that little snuggle bug. He is a pretty content baby. Likes to spend his time eating and sleeping. Very typical for a new born. But I am finding that things are different this time. I have found that his eating routine is drastically different from his brothers. He likes to eat every two hours maybe three hours at tops in between. His brother ate every three hours except at night when he slept for six hours right from the time I brought him home. That's at least the way I remember it. I do know that he started sleeping eight hours 7 weeks after he was born so I don't think I was that delusional in my memories but who knows. My first was an excellent eater, rarely spit up, burped well, and had normal bowel movements. This new bundle likes to have bowel movements, many of them, more than normal I would think, and he has taken to spitting up. It racks my nerves, but as I have called Health Link, I am told this can be normal and that I should try burping him before he eats and in between his feedings so he doesn't spit up what he eats. It's these little things that cause me worries, that make me wonder if maybe things are not perfect, but I am sure it's just my imagination trying to work overtime. He's a perfect little man and I am so glad he's mine, I just have to get my hormones under control.

So if anyone has any helpful hints to deal with little things that make you nervous being a new mom speak up, I am looking for all the advice I can get!!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Weird News Stories

OK so I am not a big news watcher.... not even a little bit, but my mom, well she watches the news and always feels the need to share weird stories with me. Most of the time these stories are humourous, but sometimes they are a little disturbing. So I feel the need to share this outrageous story with you guys... I do not know what some people are thinking sometimes they just seem absolutely crazy.

So apparently some guy was sentenced in the states to three years in prison. Three years in prison for having... wait for it... sex with a HORSE!!! Not just once but he was caught doing it twice. The lady who owned the horse thought he was doing it, caught him, he was charged, and she figured he was still doing it so she set up a video recorder and caught him on video doing it AGAIN!!!! What the heck is wrong with people!?!?!?!?!

Yes so a word to the wise you can go to jail for beastiality..... especially if the beast you are fornicating with is not your own. Seriously, it is just disgusting.... what some people get off on.