30 day challenge day 21

Your favorite subject to study

I have two favourite subjects, and I cannot differentiate between which is actually my favourite.  My first favourite is English, I love reading and writing and I just love everything there is to love about language.  I find so many small joys in books and I find that books are a way to reach so many different people at one time. 

My other favourite subject is History.  I love history and I love learning about the impacts of events on the lives of the citizens.  I think that Social Studies and Current events are also very interesting but I like to look back to see why things that happened thousands of years ago are still relevant today. 

To be perfectly honest I just love learning. If I won the lottery I would quit my job and I would become a full time student I would probably end up being a professor at a university or a guest lecturer on many subjects because I love learning then imparting that knowledge to other eager or not so eager learners.


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