Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I have mixed feelings about New Year's resolutions. I mean on the one hand they can be great, but more often then not they are lofty and unattainable and you forget about them by January 15th.

So how does one go about making resolutions that are going to stick. And saying you aren't making any resolutions for the year is in fact making a resolution so that does not count.

I have done many goal setting activities in the past and they all tell you to make goals that are attainable (well if you work at them all goals are attainable generally) make goals specific (losing weight can be specific) make them measurable (starting out at day one of 2017 and where you end up at day 365 of 2017 is measurable) relevant (why would you make a goal that didn't relate to you??) and time sensitive (a year is a time frame), so even those lofty I'm going to eat better for 2017 goals could fit into the SMART acronym of goal setting.

So here are my 2017 goals and things that will appear on my Dream Board!!

1) I will continue to eat within my Macronutrient diet every six weeks re-evaluating my macros and progression until I am able to fit into my size 10 Banana Republic Jeans  (Does it fit the SMART rules?  It's specific to my macro diet, it's measurable since I am measuring my macros and aiming for a specific size of clothing, it is attainable, it is relevant {weight loss for me always seems to be} and it's time sensitive it's for 6 weeks)

2) I will finish my two novels on Wattpad, by dedicating 90 mins a week to writing in either novel.
(Does it fit the SMART rules?  It's specific to books I've started on Wattpad, it's measurable as two novels will be completed, it's attainable probably since one is half finished and the other is well on it's way, it's relevant, this is a dream of mine to be a published author and I did finish one novel on Wattpad this year!! It's time sensitive it's for the year dedicating 90 mins a week to the task of writing)

3) I am going to live on a cash diet of $600 a month, this will include my gas, my portion of food and any extras for myself, allowing me to save up to $150 a month to put into RRSPs.  (Does this fit the SMART rules?  Specific check, Measurable check, Attainable check, Relevant double check, Time sensitive maybe...)

Things I am adding to my dream board

Savings of $500 in my bank account at all times
Savings of $1200 in my TFSA
Parks Canada Trips (Since the Parks Canada passes are now Free for the year)
Trip to SFO
Student loans paid off!!

To be successful your desire for success must be larger than your fear of failure! BCosby

Thursday, 29 December 2016

I was a lingerie model

Months ago I posted about The Bra Lounge. The only place in town I could find bras to fit the sisters into.  When you are a 36 H buying at The Bay is never an option!!

So I was able to find two new bras from the Bra Lounge even though I was going in for surgery in two or so months. Then they had this post on twitter a call for models, women of every size who loved their body just the way it was so I immediately volunteered.

See when I was younger I always wanted to be a model or an actress, but I never really knew how to get past my insecurities to go out an pursue this venture.  So then modelling became a bucket list item.  And I know I could model my own products and stuff but what fun is that I wanted to do an event, something that either for a magazine or an event.

Now I didn't know if they'd call me back, because maybe I didn't fit their idea for a model, but I was willing to put myself out there.  And in the end, out there is where I put myself.

I was called to participate in an event The Bra Lounge was putting on as a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis and my friend Kelly who is very involved with CF Canada was there. I was beyond happy that I got to participate in this event with Kelly reaping the rewards.

We had hair and make up done for us then we walked the runway to six different sets. Modelling is a lot like giving birth, if you had any modesty when you went in, you left it all on the floor with your underwear at the end of the night. There is no time for modest changes, you get off the stage and as fast as you can you change your outfit for the next look!! What an eye opening experience and the other women I was modelling with, they were AMAZING, WONDERFUL women.  And the girls at the Bra Lounge are phenomenal.

Even though I will be getting my breast reduction and moving back into regular cup sizes I will still shop at the Bra Lounge because I love to shop local!!

Here are some pictures from that night!!!

 So ladies and gentleman, it's never to late to go out and live your dream!! Do something that scares you, you never know who may be watching and who will think you are the bravest soul around!! Be the role models you were meant to be!!

What have you done that scares you??

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Before and After

In July I decided I needed to take control of my health and fitness.  I've said this in the past but many times things come up and I put it aside, so in July I was keen I was going to do this part of it was because of my upcoming surgery (more about that in another blog) and part because it's the healthy choice.

I think I may have even posted a blog about it in August or something you can read the link there.

And I've stayed pretty true to everything. I really started out weighing 100 kg, or 220 pounds.  And though I could have had more amazing results I have had some incredible results with a little fluctuation.  I made it down to 215 lbs easily and I hovered in that area for at least 6 weeks, maybe losing a pound or two only to gain it back.

Then 30 days ago (I know what took me so long!!!) I purchased the Myfitnesspal app, so I could see my macro nutrient count, and I also purchased a new scale.  The Aria scale from Fitbit with my new Fitbit Charge 2.  Black Friday was an amazing time and totally supported my fitness goals.

I was still eating well and trying to work in my protiens and stuff but now I had something to keep me accountable, now I had something to weigh and calculate my body fat.  Now I was going to take my weight loss to a new level.

The first time I stepped on my Aria scale I almost cried!! I was way higher in weight then I had expected my old scale was obviously a liar!! It just didn't want me to throw it out! But since then I've been much happier with my scale.

So here are some before and afters and I can give you some measurement numbers!!

My hand placement in the before picture makes it hard to see what my stomach was like, but it has shrunk for sure!

This one shows the decrease much more but it's still not super drastic

But this one, well this one you can definitely see where some changes started to happen!! And I am more excited about these changes than any other changes I've noticed!! The back is a super hard area for me to lose weight so the fact that you can see such a great decrease in the back fat WINNING!!

Ok now for some numbers...
I am currently at 211 lbs which is pretty accurate and it's been a decrease of a pound a week which I am happy with as well.

Every two weeks I still take measurements and here are the numbers I will share with you on this point.

When I started I was measuring my neck at 14 inches, today I measured my neck at 12.5.  I started measuring my shoulders at 40.5 inches, today I measured them at 38.  I started with my chest at 37 inches and today my chest was 33.5 inches.  My breasts, which are going to be surgically reduced soon, were measuring at 41 inches and are now 38.5 inches.  My belly is down 3 inches, and my hips are down 4 inches.  My thighs have generally stayed, annoyingly, consistently the same but today they were measured at 21.5 inches.  also my calves dropped an inch too.  When I started I was 388 inches, today I am down 30 inches.  THIRTY INCHES!! That's amazing! 

I will share some of my information on Macros and why I chose macros and I will also share some of my food recipes and stuff soon.  Thanks for reading this lengthy post!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Thanks for reading!!!

I am the worst blogger, so if you come here from time to time and read my posts THANK YOU!!

I really should have known I'd be a terrible blogger, I mean I am a terribly diary/ journal keeper, but I do have like 16 of them around my house.

I have been really good in other areas of my life, I've been budgeting well, I've been writing other things and finished my first novel on Wattpad, check out the link if you'd like.  I've also been very focused on my career and I am LOVING my job so there is not always a lot to talk about.

I'm going to try getting into this blogging again, and hopefully this time it sticks.... but if not then hey I'm giving it a try, one year it will stick and it will be AMAZING!!

So here we are at it trying to give this a go!!

I have some blogs planned because there are big things on the horizon for me and I want to share them!! I also have some stories I'd like to share of my friends if they will allow it so I am asking now, hopefully we an help them and help others at the same time!!