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Rider Pride is World Wide

My sister and I went out for a quick trip to the liquor store before supper.  We were heading out to get a bottle of wine but we never expected to find the gem we discovered.  Walking to the back of the store where the white wines are kept in the cooler I saw a familiar symbol that made me take a second glance.  My jaw dropped, because I did not expect to see this symbol on a bottle of wine.  I called Courtney over and we both expressed our disbelief over this great find.  I convinced Courtney to buy a bottle and I am sure I will go back and buy a bottle.

So by the title of this post you can guess what symbol we saw on a bottle of wine.  It was the Rider S and you could even see a great picture of Mosaic Stadium.  The wine is from Chile, which further proves that Saskatchewan Roughrider Fans are found throughout the world.  Here are some pictures of this gem.

It's been a fun day!!

Today was a fun day!! We celebrated with all kinds of friends and family the first birthday of Little Man!! He did not nap all day until after his party so it was a precarious situation not knowing how he would react as the day got later and later.
To start off the day, we had a family breakfast together. Just the four of us.  As much as I would have loved to have had everyone over it was nice to just have the four of us at home.  Mr. (Uncle) Noodles then came over and Uncle Ty with his family which is when we left to head out to the birthday party.
We all went out to the Jungle Farm out by Innisfail, Alberta.  It is a U-Pick farm that has some extra activities to participate with. After paying for our entrances we all got on the tractor to head back to the activities. 
Upon arriving in the activities area we took Little Man to the animal feeding area.  Little Man really seemed to enjoy feeding the animals.  Then Little Man played in the bouncy ball pit.  He and his friend bounced on th…

Do you remember???

Well today is the 26th of October most of you are aware of this, but how many of you remember what you were doing on this day??  I remember, I remember every detail, every smell and every ache and poke I got on October 26th.  This year October 26th is a Tuesday, last year it was a Monday. 

Last year at 7:30 in the morning Adrian and I got Chan ready to head off to school on the bus for grade 6 and we headed to the hospital.  It was the day I was to be induced.  After checking in and getting all my wristbands AGAIN (on Friday I had been admitted because my blood pressure went through the roof) they took us to a room.  I had to share the room with another girl, we didn't talk to the girl, we actually had a good situation, I would be out of the room walking around and when I was in the room she would go out and walk around.

Yup this day last year started our final steps in the journey to having Little Man join our family.  No Little Man did not join us that day or the next and after t…

Passions in Life

Do you ever take the road that easier, rather than taking the road that you know you will love??  I have been doing some self reflecting lately and trying to determine what it is that I love to do in life.  In some cases the answers were surprising in others, well they weren't necessarily surprising but more an affirmation.

I began selling Fifth Avenue Jewellery early this year.  I really do enjoy their jewellery and it seemed like an easy system for making some money.  In no way is having your own home based business easy, at least not in the beginning when you are getting started.  Home based businesses take work, they are work, but they can become work that is very beneficial to the person doing the business.  I do want to carry on with Fifth Avenue and I will get it going again, but I am now wondering why I didn't go with my first instinct in Home based businesses. It truly would have been a better choice for me, not for the money aspect, but simply because it lends itself …

Little Man video

So this is a new video I just completed of Little Man!!! I can't believe it's almost been a year since he was born!!

What are the makings of a good friend??

What are the makings of a good friend??  This has been a topic of discussion amongst some people with whom I am friends and there are some contradictory beliefs.  It has got me to think about it and really question what I do and what I would want my friends to do in order to consider them good friends.

I don't know if everyone will agree with me, and as this is my opinion I hope that if you don't agree with me you will at least respect that this is my opinion.  But after some careful consideration I have come to realize that my view of what makes a good friend has changed a bit since I was 17 years old. 

My view of what made a good friend at 17 was something like this; a friend that was always there for you, stood by you no matter what, that trusted in you and was honest with you, a good friend did not back stab you or talk behind your back.  A good friend was someone you could count on in the middle of the night to bail you out of trouble or who would at least offer sage advic…

Who is responsible for Education?

Some of you may find it funny that I ask this question.  You know that I am a teacher in my daily life, so the answer that maybe you think I would expect seems obvious.  However, is the answer I expect actually the truth??  That's what I wonder every day.  When I got my education degree I saw the education field with rose coloured glasses and I knew I was going to go out and make a huge difference.  Then I had a wake up call.... and realized that things are not what they should be?  or what I thought they were.

Teachers are an integral part of education for students.  They build on the foundation of learning that children come into the school with.  It can be minimal or advanced depending on the family.  Teachers play many roles throughout the day.  They are the teacher, the confidant, the coach, the disciplinarian, social worker, the parental role and many more!  So why are teachers required to do all this work, yet, YET when it comes to final say teachers are constantly undermine…

Topics of Discussion Today

I was thinking of the changing world that we are living in, and is it ever changing.  There are so many new rules, laws, expectations that did not exist in mass amounts when I was growing up.  I then started contemplating why these changes have been occurring.  What is society is moving the pendulum so far from what I used to know.  I could only come up with one answer, stupidity and laziness.  I know that's two words but for arguments sake I believe in this topic they are one in the same.

When I grew up we were lucky to be in car seats.  I definitely did not ride in one after I was a year and a half and neither did my brother six years later or my sister in between us.  Our car seats did not have expiration dates either, my mother used the same car seat for all us kids.  It was a car seat made with metal reinforcement poles and a plastic seat, brown in colour.  I remember when seat belts became the law and not just a safety suggestion. My sister and I used to play house in the bac…

Just a recap of September

September freakin flew by!!! I am astounded that it is October already!!  But with September flying by I have a recap to give. 1) I got a job teaching up in Ponoka!!!  It's a half time position but I can still sub so I am working quite a bit right now, or enough for me!!!
2) Little man now has four teeth.  The last one finally broke through on the last day of September.  His teething made this month a very long month.
3) Little man began walking a bit.  He takes a few steps, but hasn't gone to that stage of walking by himself. Crawling is still easier for him so that's what he reverts to!

We have had some good times in the yard.  We have harvested my garden and now we are preparing for halloween and winter.  Oh yeah and Little Man's first birthday!!  Here are some of the more entertaining photos from September!!

Time is flying

Almost a year ago I was sitting in front of my computer contemplating what I was going to do with myself.  I had recently been engaged and knew I had a wedding to plan, but that was 23 months away.  I was 9 months pregnant and was going to have a little one to take care of but seriously what was I supposed to do to keep myself from going crazy.

I love to write so I thought I would start a blog.  Now with over 100 posts and a long break between my last posts I am sitting in front of a computer wondering where the hell all the time has gone.  I know friends have told me that the time would fly, yes Roxi you were right, and sometimes it did seem to fly but at other times t dragged on.  My expected baby is going to be one year old in less than a month.  My impending nuptials will take place in less than a year.  

I have started teaching again, leaving the social services field behind me.  I am enjoying my new job, and my new wage is much better than EI wages.  I am not broke for the first t…

What is Beauty??

What constitutes beauty?  Is it the physical appearance? Is it the spirit within?  Is Mr. Personality really the most beautiful person or is it Miss Universe?  What makes a person beautiful what characteristics must a person possess in order to be considered beautiful? The desire to be beautiful in society is a desire that everyone works towards but who really attains it?
The other day while listening to Cosmo Radio and the Wake Up with Taylor morning show some interesting points were brought up about the topic of beauty.  Taylor Strecker, the main host of Wake Up, was discussing a study she had recently come across where more than half the population believed they were above average in the beauty department.  She was flabbergasted that on a rating of 1-10 where 5 is average how can the laws of average be broken so drastically where more than half the population considers themselves above a 5.  It really is an interesting question.  How can beauty be measured yet be so skewed that aver…