The Traveling Curse

I am wondering if there is a traveling curse that has been put upon me.... or if God just has a cruel sense of humour that makes my trips always about sickness.  Yes I said it sickness.  

First, I was upset about leaving, I knew I would be having a great time in Vegas, but I was upset to leave my little man behind for the first time in 410 days.  It won't be the last time I leave him for a holiday I am sure but it was hard and sad all the same.  So the trip started out a little sad to say the least.  

Second, my sister woke me up an hour before I had the wake up call booked for. Why would she do this?  Was it because of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming five days???  If you thought, "yes that's what it must have been!" you would be wrong.  If you thought well she mentions sickness up in the first paragraph, maybe she wasn't feeling well, then you would have hit the mark on the head.  Yes my sister woke up feeling ill today, she had a sore throat, then she almost got airsick on the plane, and finally she had to call it in after lunch and she slept in the hotel room all afternoon.  She seems to have caught a mixture of bugs, a little sore throat bug and the G. I. bug that had infected my house Dec 22 and 23rd.  

So I have now spent the afternoon meandering around the hotel and looking for deals, trying to organize the trip from here on out because I am not wasting time.  This is going to turn into a great trip, but seriously I must be cursed.  This isn't the first time a sickness has interfered with my trips.  The first time was back in 2008 when my friend Pam and I went to California for Easter break.  It was a great trip but Pam got sick part way through the trip.  She was a trooper though and powered through so we didn't get to side tracked, just had to watch what we ate.  Then this summer when we were in California, I got sick, then Adrian got sick and then Chandler got sick, all with the same bug.  It affected our time in Tahoe and our Trip to Marine World, Africa USA theme park. Meaning I did not get to go, but Adrian went with James.  And now this, my sister is sick on our first day here.  

It's never usually me but it's always some one with whom I am traveling.  I will post some pictures later, the lights are on the strip is bright and I have energy to burn!!!


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