Anticipation and Apprehension

So how is this for a conundrum: I am anticipating a fabulous holiday in Vegas with my sister, a GROWN UP holiday, yet I am super apprehensive about leaving.  Not because I have any fears of flying or any fears of anything bad happening while I am down there.  Nope super apprehensive about leaving Little Man alone for five days with his dad.  I have never spent the night away from Little Man his entire life.  I have wanted to, but it's just never happened and now that it is, I am upset about it!!  It's all silly.  It's all those irrational fears coming up and it is driving me crazy.  

Here are some of the irrational fears I am dealing with.  Sometimes  think I am just nuts, but whatever.  So one fear is that maybe he will think I have abandoned him in the night and that I won't return.  I put him to bed tonight but I won't be there in the morning when he wakes up and that is definitely something out of the norm for him.  Or maybe he will forget about me when I am gone for so long, I am not really sure how long babies memories are, I hope I have made a bigger impression on him then someone he has only seen a few times but who knows.  Or that he will start talking or doing something else as a first and I will have missed it.  

I am excited about my trip and I know I will have fun, I just have to talk myself out of these irrational fears.  I wonder though am I the only one this happens to?


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